Episode 7

October 23, 2023


S1 Ep7: Alive

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Hallowed Haven Studios
S1 Ep7: Alive
Apotheosis : A Scion RPG Actual Play
S1 Ep7: Alive

Oct 23 2023 | 03:44:24


Show Notes

Following the events of the night before, The Band gets some much needed downtime. They talk to two new Scions about what it means to be Scion, they discuss their enemies, and begin to formulate a plan - all while celebrating that they are still, somehow miraculously, all alive.

Coda Massaquoi - Sticker
Kris Strom - Damien Gerard
Oliver Bright - Gary
Sarah Baxter - Cyan

Karim - Jazzy
Bastet - Legacy

Storyteller - Bloodied Porcelain

Opening Theme: Black Sun by C.K. Martin

Character Art Commissioned From: https://www.instagram.com/lufelufa29/

Listener Discretion Advised. This show is intended for a mature audience.

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:31] Speaker A: Hello. I'm sticker. I'm playing coda. Massacoy the scion of Bastet. [00:00:39] Speaker B: Hi. My name is Damien Jarrad. I'm playing Chris Throne, the scion of Artemis. [00:00:45] Speaker C: Hello, I'm Gary. I'll be playing Oliver Bright, scion of OGMA. [00:00:51] Speaker D: I'm Sian and I'm playing Sarah Baxter, the scion of Vidar. Hi. [00:01:01] Speaker E: My name is Jazzy and I'll be playing the SCP Kareem, the Scion of Thrausha. [00:01:09] Speaker F: And I am Legacy, and I will. [00:01:12] Speaker D: Be playing bestET and I'm bloody Porcelain. I will be your storyteller this evening. Good evening, players. [00:01:23] Speaker A: Hello. [00:01:24] Speaker D: Hi. During our last episode, a lot happened. You guys got up to some stuff, met some cool people and went on a car chase through a small city. So that was fun. You all met Damon, the scion of Dionysus, and his small cadre of Dryads, some of whom spent the evening with a few of you. Coda finally got her hands on some good cush, some good cush that actually works for Scions. Chris was confronted with the knowledge that not only does he have a half brother out there somewhere, but that that half brother seems to be commanding the Fenris wolves that you all have been dealing with and he has a bit of a bit of a hate boner going for the AC or Pantheon. And then you all met up with Net and Kareem, delivered the apples that you retrieved from Damon and went on a mission where you all had the opportunity to rescue a couple of as yet unawakened scions, which went incredibly well, as it turns out. When you all work as a team, you're incredibly effective. Unfortunately, while things went really well for you all and basically went off without much of a hitch, things did not go nearly as well for Kareem. And Net was caught in a trap set up by Stefan Varger curse's brother and was essentially blown up and in such terrible shape that it required multiple of the apples from hera's garden, one of which is supposed to be enough to pull somebody back from the brink of death. But it took four to five in order to stabilize her until she was even able to wake up. And she still wasn't in amazing shape, but she's at least able to operate and speak. Following that, you all packed up and went to stay in a four star hotel not far from was it Coca Cola World, I believe, courtesy of the Iranian government and Kareem's connections there. So we will be picking up with the next morning. I would like to know. [00:05:03] Speaker A: Hoda, did. [00:05:04] Speaker D: You spend the evening with Net or did you get your own room or stay with Sarah like you normally do? [00:05:12] Speaker A: If the group didn't want to have a group conversation or anything, like for us to talk about what we just went through, then, yeah, she would have stayed with Net. [00:05:25] Speaker D: My plan is for you all to have an opportunity to have that discussion in the morning. It was pretty late. Everybody was pretty strung out. And Net was in really rough shape when you guys got in. My assumption was that people kind of went straight to bed and figured, we will deal with the rest of it in the morning. Unless anybody has a protest that they would like to lodge formally. [00:05:56] Speaker A: No. [00:05:56] Speaker D: Okay. So we are picking up in the morning. Net and Coda shared a room, which means that Sarah could have one of her own or could be sharing with the twins. And I assume Oliver and Chris are in their own room. Are in a room like normal. [00:06:25] Speaker C: Much. But I imagine by nighttime when we got in, probably wanted to post someone with the twins just in case, for safety reasons. [00:06:34] Speaker D: Well, that's part of why I potentially pitched Sarah as being the one to keep an eye on the twins. Yeah, she would have done that. Okay. Very cool. It is in the morning when folks start to wake up, I'm going to assume that Oliver is the first one up, as he usually is. [00:06:57] Speaker C: Yes, but he's not the first one to leave the room this time. [00:07:02] Speaker D: Oh, so you're going to wait for Chris to get up and leave his room? [00:07:08] Speaker C: No, he basically wakes up and proceeds to start doing push ups. [00:07:14] Speaker D: Wow. Okay. Oliver wakes up and immediately gets down to working out. That's unusual. Sarah, I'm guessing you would be the next one up. I think that's the usual order. Yeah. She would check in with the twins and try to find something to eat. Help them find something to eat. When you wake up, the twins are already awake and they are sitting together with their heads close and whispering to each other in what sounds like Spanish. They seem a little freaked out, but less like they're going to run screaming from you at any moment. And more like, what the fuck happened? What's going on? Who are these people? They were so strung out last night that they just sort of came in. And as soon as they got settled, especially Lily, and she climbed into bed, she was just out, but she's had time to sleep now and she's awake and she's thinking a little bit more clearly, and it's a lot. So when you wake up, they sort of look over at you and they look a little nervous. And Lily's like, so can we go now? I mean, this isn't a prison, but that wouldn't be wise. Are you hungry? We could go find something to eat. I'm starving. And Lucas kind of nods same. I think that the guy that smiles too much said that he'd make sure that there was breakfast ordered for the morning or that we were going to go somewhere. I don't remember exactly what he said. I know he talked about food on the way. The guy that smiles too much, you're pretty sure he's talking about Kareem? You've seen Kareem without a smile on his face exactly once, and that was when he first pulled up with Net, like, dying in the backseat. And as soon as she was awake, he smiled again. Okay. Then after a moment of contemplation, she's just, ah, yes. We could head down, and we'll probably find the others down there. [00:09:49] Speaker A: Okay. [00:09:52] Speaker D: Kareem, are you, like, an early riser, or are you the type who sleeps in when you can? [00:09:58] Speaker E: No, I'm up before dawn. [00:10:02] Speaker D: Okay, so you've been up? [00:10:05] Speaker E: I've been ordering servants around, trying to get breakfast arranged, trying to cover up things. [00:10:12] Speaker D: Gotcha, gotcha, gotcha. You've been making arrangements to try and cover up for the fact that a building exploded yesterday. Got it. [00:10:19] Speaker E: Yes, exactly. Also probably blaming that on Iran. [00:10:25] Speaker D: Makes sense. So you're already up. And do you have, like, epic perception at all? [00:10:39] Speaker E: I do have epic perception. Epic perception. Two, I think. [00:10:46] Speaker D: Do you have any of the ones that make your hearing particularly good? [00:10:52] Speaker E: I don't know. [00:10:56] Speaker D: It would be listed under your NAX. Open your sheet. Let me see. [00:11:02] Speaker E: Unfailing recognition. [00:11:04] Speaker D: And it's not unfailing recognition that just allows you to see people who are tied to you. Let me see. [00:11:19] Speaker E: Predatory focus. [00:11:21] Speaker D: No. [00:11:22] Speaker C: Okay. [00:11:25] Speaker D: So you don't hear specific words, but you kind of got all of the rooms really close together for a reason. So as you're working, there's this moment where you have blessed silence, where everybody's kind of left your room, and you have a moment where you could just breathe a little bit before you have to worry about the next call or the next time somebody texts you and needs information about this cover up job that they're doing. And you can hear voices through one of the nearby walls, and you know that that particular wall connects to the room where Sarah and the twins are. [00:12:14] Speaker E: Got it. Is there any reason why I would interrupt them? [00:12:21] Speaker D: I'm just letting you know that now you know that they're awake. [00:12:24] Speaker E: Okay. [00:12:29] Speaker A: Oliver is up. [00:12:31] Speaker D: I'm going to say that Chris probably wakes up at about this time just because it's kind of hard to continue to sleep through somebody waking up or working out, I should say. [00:12:43] Speaker B: I kind of sit up in bed and look over at him. You okay, buddy? [00:12:51] Speaker C: So Chris would probably see Oliver on the ground doing push ups shirtless, and it looks kind of pathetic, but he's trying his best. Yeah, doing great. [00:13:03] Speaker B: Let me give you a few tips here. And I'll get out of bed, and I'll kind of help him do better push ups. [00:13:14] Speaker D: Yeah, you help him work on his hand placement and where his feet are situated and kind of teach him how to keep his spine straight. Like, that was probably his biggest failure, was the fact that he kept curving his back, which could get him hurt if he did it too. Um, it's just little things like that. But Oliver, with the competence that Chris brings to bear in teaching you how to do stuff like this, you very quickly find that while you're still not what one would expect from somebody who works out first thing in the morning. It does get easier once you've got somebody who's kind of like teaching you proper form and things like that, and you have the sneaking suspicion that you are far less likely to hurt yourself now than you were before. So that's nice. Um, and do you two want to have a discussion. [00:14:29] Speaker C: At least right now with the current set going on? Oliver is very out of breath at the moment. We'll respond when spoken to, but right now having a conversation isn't at the focus of my mind. [00:14:43] Speaker B: I mean, I'm going to make some coffee. We're in, like, a decent hotel. We've probably got coffee making facilities in the room, so I'm going to go sit over by the window, make some coffee and small talk, if anything, I guess, at the moment. [00:14:59] Speaker D: Yeah, that makes sense. There's definitely a coffee maker and even a little mini bar in the room. It's a four star hotel. It's really nice. It may not be the Ritz, but it's pretty fucking good. And you're able to make your coffee while Oliver continues to breathlessly try to force himself through push ups to get them gains. And last, but certainly not least, Coda. You wake up beside Net, who kind of came in the night before. [00:15:48] Speaker A: Ate. [00:15:48] Speaker D: Another apple to get rid of the last of the actual burns. She looked like she had a nasty sunburn by the time she finished that last apple and then sort of showered. And when she came back out, Kareem had made sure that the hotel service had made sure that there was a very simple outfit provided for her. But when she came out, her hair is basically gone. It looked like she had gone in and shaved off what was left of her hair because it was in such bad shape. She's got eyebrows, but they're like just little wisps that look like they're only just starting to grow back. They're barely there. They're like the eyebrows that you see on newborn babies where there's almost nothing there. But she's whole. And the worst injury she's sporting now is like her flesh is a little pink and she's got some cuts and bruises. Like, she's got a nasty bruise on her forearm that, you know, having seen her last night, you're pretty sure it was like a crushing injury when it first happened. [00:17:17] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:17:18] Speaker D: So you wake up next to her and she's clean and she smells good and but she's yeah, she was pretty exhausted. She just sort of, like, fell into bed and curled up with you and was just out. [00:17:32] Speaker A: Yeah, I'd say. Coda, who normally sleeps in as much as she can, woke up not entirely early, but a little bit earlier and has just kind of been sitting there looking at her a bit. Not like weird but just kind of like I cannot believe you are back in here. And in one piece mostly. So she's just kind of been looking at her a bit. [00:17:59] Speaker D: Kind of in a little bit of awe. [00:18:05] Speaker A: Like holy crap, that did just almost happened. And then she's just like just thinking to herself but she's watching her and maybe laughs here and there. If she sees she does something weird in her sleep or something. But she's just watching, chilling, thinking. [00:18:23] Speaker D: So through the night there were moments where she was restless and you're pretty sure she was dreaming, but you didn't ever like the one time you kind of started to move to try and wake her up thinking that she was having a nightmare. She snapped awake so hard and so fast and her hand reached for her weapons which are next to the bed. And you kind of figured out that you should probably not try to wake her up. Throughout the rest of the night she has some dreams, has some things that you think might be nightmares, but they're never so bad that it's impossible for you to stay close to her. So after a while of you kind of chilling out and watching her and just kind of being kind of marveling at the fact that she survived what she did and is here and alive and with you, her eyes sort of flutter open and kind of like look at you. Please tell me that there is coffee. [00:19:37] Speaker A: There is. I don't think Kareem would let there ever not be coffee. Especially after the night that you had. Well, all of us had, but you know do you want me to get you a cup? [00:19:54] Speaker D: Please. [00:19:57] Speaker A: She'll get up and if there's some already made in the room, she'll grab that. But if it needs to be made, then she'll make it in the room. [00:20:04] Speaker D: You'd have to make it. But there's a little private coffee maker kind of off to the side so it's not hard to get cool. [00:20:11] Speaker A: She'll start making it and then like wad's brewing. She'll kind of lean on wherever it's sitting and then be like so how are you feeling? [00:20:20] Speaker D: Better. Still sore. But better. A lot better. [00:20:33] Speaker A: That's good. That's definitely good. I don't want to say what happened because I know what happened, but what happened? Why were you with why were you with him instead of with Kareem or something? [00:21:00] Speaker D: I was with Kareem, but then I saw him and I told you before we left that I was going to kill him. I saw him and I went after him. I didn't know that he was going to I didn't think about the fact that he might have a trap waiting. I should have thought of that. He's a fucking sign of Loki. Of course there's going to be a trap. But I didn't think about I just just wanted to kill him. And I was so close. Cody, you don't understand. I was so close. I had him. I had him. [00:21:38] Speaker A: Yeah, you were so close to. [00:21:45] Speaker D: More, one more, one more hit and I could have killed him. This all could have been over. She looks angry at herself for having, at least in her eyes, failed. The one thing she said she was setting out to do. [00:22:08] Speaker A: Hopefully the coffee is done brewing by now, but if not, it is. [00:22:12] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:22:12] Speaker A: So she'll pour something out or pour a cup for Net, not really for herself, and come over and sit in front of her and go, yeah. You were very close to getting him to dying, to a lot of things. And I mean, it sucks that obviously he got away or he pulled some tricks or some stuff, but you almost died, right? So if you had taken him out and you died, I guess you were like, oh, well, then at least 6 million other people could be okay, or whatever. [00:22:58] Speaker D: But I wasn't thinking about whether or not I was going to die. If I'm being honest, the only thing I could think about was him being dead. [00:23:08] Speaker A: See, and that's where the problem is, because you can die. I know I should be the last one to talk because I'm very much throw my well, no, I'm very much throw myself into a situation, but I'm also all about surviving. If something's going to happen, I'm making sure I'm getting out of there. So can you take a little bit of that from me with you every time you decide to go headfirst into something that you. [00:23:46] Speaker D: I didn't set out to try and get myself killed. I just didn't didn't see the trap coming. I just I saw him and we fought and it was I realized that I could win and that's all I was focused on. And I wasn't paying attention to everything else. I was only focused on my target. And normally that's enough. The sky is obviously different. [00:24:23] Speaker A: Yes, tunnel vision. That's what my therapist says it's called when you just focus on one thing and you forget about everything else. [00:24:35] Speaker D: Yeah, that's basically what happened. But you know how there are stories where people will talk about getting angry and seeing red? Yeah, I didn't see red, I went cold. And all I could think about was how much he needed to die. All I could think about was feeling Moira need me and knowing that I couldn't go back to save her because I had a mission and I couldn't stop myself. It's just like my body moved on its own and I was just focused on him and what needed to happen. But I don't know how to describe this because without knowing what it feels like to be a guardian for somebody, to have that mark on somebody's soul and to be tied to them like that, I felt the moment she died because I felt the danger that she was in and I felt how scared she was. And then I didn't feel anything. She was just gone. And I have never not shown up when somebody needed me. It's my it's that's been my purpose for the past six years of my life is to show up because people need me and I wasn't allowed to. And I failed her yesterday because I didn't do what I was there to do. [00:26:31] Speaker A: I didn't really get to know her that well. But you think she would if she was around. Or maybe she still is. I'm not entirely sure how our worlds work, but you think she'd really be saying this to you? That you failed her? That you? [00:26:49] Speaker D: I know, but it's Myra. She's too kind. She doesn't think too hard on yourself right now. I have a purpose and a mission, and I failed that twice. Because I failed to protect her and I failed to avenge her. [00:27:14] Speaker A: But you made that mission the avenging her. She didn't ask for that. [00:27:19] Speaker D: It's just part of being somebody's guardian. If I can't protect them, I'm damn sure going to avenge them. [00:27:29] Speaker A: Okay. She's going to put the coffee to the side and take her hands. If you live another day, we have more than enough time to adventure. I hope for you to want this too. That when you avenge her. You avenge her and keep living another know. Do you think Mora wants you to go out in a blaze of glory, but at least you killed the person that killed her? Or what's the cause that killed her. You may be her guardian, or you may have been her guardian, and in some way I'm not sure if you're still my guardian or whatsoever, but. [00:28:26] Speaker F: It'S. [00:28:26] Speaker A: A little bit too late if you died. But okay. I made it. That feels terrible. I'd feel terrible. I'm sure she'd feel terrible. And I know you feel terrible right now, but listen, we're going to help you avenger well, I mean, I could talk to the group, but I'm sure they feel this too. We want to avenge her. We want to avenge Teddy. We want to avenge I can't remember the kids names right now because a lot happened yesterday, but the two kids out there, we want to avenge them and the kids to come, but we need to live another day after revenge. There's more to life than revenge. We need to set the scales. We need to balance the scales. We need to get rid of this asshole Stefan, or Stephen or wherever the fuck his name is. We're going to get rid of him, but we need to live another day after that because that's how we keep making the next day better. By living the next day after. To keep living and keep making the days better. But if we just die and then someone else can come after the season, we still fought that Meg woman, or sorry, excuse me. We still fought that woman the other day. She could be the next one. There's always going to be more after. So if you just die, then what's the point of us even living to begin with? I may be selfish, but if I kicked the bucket and you were here saying, oh, I failed a mission, I would be rolling in my fake graves, or what are they called, sarcophagus for Egyptians? I don't know. Whatever I get buried in. Yeah, or whatever I get put into when I kick the bucket. I would be rolling over ten times. If you decided to go and kill yourself because you felt like you failed. [00:30:18] Speaker D: I didn't set out to kill myself. [00:30:21] Speaker A: I know you didn't set out, but just the feeling of being like, God damn it, she feels terrible. And then she went out there, and now she ends up dying because things went cold. She got tunnel vision. I don't know. I may just be speaking selfishly, but if you're going out for revenge, let there be revenge. But please let there be another day after try. Please. I know you're saying, all right, but actually, please. [00:30:51] Speaker D: I said I'll try. I can't promise that I'm going to survive. That's not how this life works. [00:31:02] Speaker A: Promise that you'll think about the next day, that you'll take the extra second to go. Is this maybe a trap I'm running into? Because that's what I'm trying to learn now. I'm thinking maybe I don't leave people behind. Maybe I don't just run into things. Maybe I'm not trash. I take the extra time to think a little bit more before I do what I'm doing. Am I good at it? [00:31:26] Speaker D: She actually frowns when you imply that you might be trash out of everything that you've said. She's looked guilty at times, but when you say that, that obviously visibly bothers her. You know you're not. That right. I don't know who told you or when they told you that you're trash and not worth anything, but it's not fucking true. It's a lie. You're fucking brilliant. I mean, you're stubborn and hard headed, but most of us are. You kind of have to be to survive all this. But you're smart and funny and fearsome and gorgeous. She looks awkward and sort of, like, rubs at the back of her neck when she says that, like she's not really looking at you. [00:32:58] Speaker A: Well, I get it from my mom. You get it. [00:33:04] Speaker D: I've heard. But don't ever call yourself trash. And anybody who tries to call you trash, I'll put my fist through their face. [00:33:23] Speaker A: Well, luckily she already kicked the bucket, so it's fine. Oh, he shouldn't say that. It's literally my grandmother, but you know what I mean. [00:33:33] Speaker D: Well, fuck her and whatever horse she rode in on, because she was wrong. [00:33:42] Speaker A: Okay? This is not about cheering me up. Can you please remember that I need you in my life? Please. And we all do. And I would like to continue being a Scion and having you by my side. I mean, my team too, but here's your coffee. [00:34:06] Speaker D: She's just kind of smiling to herself. I'm going to do my best to be less fly off the handle in the future. [00:34:22] Speaker A: As will I. She'll give her a kiss on the cheek? [00:34:32] Speaker D: Yeah, she does it. You go to kiss her on the cheek, and she just turns her head and catches you with her lips? [00:34:40] Speaker A: Yes. [00:34:42] Speaker D: And then we'll sort of break the kiss and rest her forehead against yours. So can you be okay with a girlfriend who doesn't have any hair? [00:34:58] Speaker A: Actually kind of hot. [00:35:01] Speaker D: Yeah. She'll cut a rub at her head. [00:35:06] Speaker A: I'm able to see it's kind of weird when I look at the moon, I'm able to see the areas around me. I think with the whole cue ball thing, I think if I looked hard enough, I'd be able to. [00:35:27] Speaker D: Are you saying that my bald head is reflective? You brat. And she sort of puts the coffee aside and just sort of, like, tackles you. And there are several moments of a lot of giggling and wrestling and whatever. Like, she doesn't apply full strength. But for a minute, for just a minute, it's obvious that you two sort of forget that you're Scions and you just get to be young people who have found somebody that they really like and are teasing and messing with each other. And it is about that time that as you two are wrestling, you both sort of topple off of the bed and onto the floor with a really loud thunk know, which is plenty loud enough for Kareem to recognize that more people are awake. Like, you can hear sound coming from all of the rooms around you. And that one is from Coda and Net's room specifically, which is probably what you were waiting. [00:36:52] Speaker E: Should I should I go in there? [00:36:55] Speaker D: I might want to gather people for breakfast. You said you were making arrangements. [00:36:59] Speaker E: Oh, right. Let's see. I send hotel staff to everybody's room to knock on their doors and tell them that breakfast is ready in the top level suite. [00:37:18] Speaker A: Perfect. [00:37:20] Speaker D: Okay, so hotel attendants show up at people's doors, kind of let them know that breakfast is ready, and once everybody is dressed and ready to go, they will lead them up into this large, kind of opulent dining room that's in a suite towards the top level of the hotel, where a rather extensive breakfast has been laid out. It's got a little bit of everything, and there's a little menu for ala carte if people want something specific that isn't out there's. Everything from Belgian waffles and French toast to eggs Benedict. There's all kinds of stuff available in a spread of teas and coffees and juices and everything else. [00:38:21] Speaker A: Question. Yes? Are there any toaster strudels here? [00:38:25] Speaker D: There are not toaster strudels. There are pastries. Okay, so the things that toaster strudels are attempting to be but failing at miserably. There are plenty of those. [00:38:40] Speaker A: Noted. [00:38:46] Speaker E: So welcome, everyone, to the one room in this whole complex that doesn't have any Coca Cola products in it. Coca Cola? The anatola's greatest invention to undermine the great Satan. [00:39:09] Speaker C: I'll take your word on that one. Actually, wait. No. Can you can you break that down, actually? [00:39:19] Speaker E: Well, it's obvious, isn't it? High fructose corn syrup, the use of death squads. Predatory, like you can't tell if he's joking or not. [00:39:31] Speaker C: Right. Okay, sure. Yes. [00:39:36] Speaker D: He goes on about a lot of stuff like this. I've never really understood it either, so good. [00:39:42] Speaker A: I thought it was just me. [00:39:44] Speaker E: Coda. Thank God you're finally awake. Or the gods, I suppose. [00:39:53] Speaker A: I haven't been yeah, no, I would gladly I haven't been asleep that long. [00:40:07] Speaker E: How have you he's? I'm trying not to look at your. [00:40:14] Speaker C: Face. [00:40:18] Speaker D: While I'm in one piece so you can look at me. It's not like I'm missing an eye. No offense. She'll kind of immediately realize what she said. Look over at Oliver with, like, this cringe, like I'm sorry. [00:40:29] Speaker C: Oh, none taken. I've heard everything. [00:40:32] Speaker E: I know. But as I've told you in the past, suicide is a luxury that we don't have. [00:40:42] Speaker D: I wasn't trying to kill myself. [00:40:44] Speaker E: No, but you nearly did. And it could have been prevented trying to kill him. [00:40:51] Speaker D: And if one more person lectures me about not realizing that it was a trap. [00:41:03] Speaker E: Very well. I'm sure you've heard enough of this from Coda already. [00:41:10] Speaker A: We've agreed that we won't be reckless. [00:41:14] Speaker D: Agreed that I'll try. [00:41:16] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:41:19] Speaker E: Good. Coda, I hope you can give Net a reason to rein in her more reckless tendencies. [00:41:30] Speaker A: I would say it's a two way street. She'll look at Net because I can't say that I'm not a reckless. [00:41:40] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:41:41] Speaker A: We'Ll give each other a reason, right? [00:41:46] Speaker D: Yep. And as you look over at Net and she kind of agrees she has loaded a couple of blueberries onto a spoon and has taken aim and nails Kareem in the forehead with them. [00:42:00] Speaker A: Nice. [00:42:03] Speaker E: Kareem still starts laughing and says, all right. Excellent. Well, so I suppose everybody should eat. Where are the twins? Are they here? [00:42:16] Speaker A: Yeah, they're here. [00:42:17] Speaker D: They're sitting with Sarah. [00:42:19] Speaker E: And have they gotten how much do they understand about their situation? [00:42:27] Speaker D: Next to nothing. And you can tell they're kind of staring at everybody really wide eyed, like the fuck is going on. But also tucking into food, which is important. And you can kind of tell from the way that they're eating that they don't get to eat, well, like this. Hardly ever. [00:42:49] Speaker E: I see. I suppose I should have a word with them soon. Sarah, have you filled them in with anything yet? Have you gotten to know them at all? [00:43:10] Speaker D: I was sworn to silence until their parents made contact, so I've been trying to just keep them calm. [00:43:25] Speaker A: Shit. [00:43:25] Speaker D: Yeah. Hey, Coda, can I use your phone? I think mine not. Sure where my phone is. [00:43:38] Speaker A: Go ahead. Mid, like, scooping food into her mouth. She'll just pass her phone over to. [00:43:44] Speaker D: Her, and she'll dial a number and put the phone up to her ear. And for those of you who are too young to know this, most phones, even cell phones, you can call them and get to your voicemail from another phone. So she's obviously checking her voicemail messages and sort of nods, like, to nobody in particular. She's listening to some message on the other line. Eventually, she'll hang up and pass the phone back. Okay, somebody's coming forth and should be here soon, so I guess we can kind of start to fill them in. But we should probably be gentle because they haven't had their proper visitations yet. All right. Did they have an awakening while they were with you guys? [00:44:45] Speaker C: Not that we noticed, but think about it. I feel like it would be a good idea to have, like, an orientation video or something like that. You can just sort of play and explain everything. [00:44:56] Speaker D: Yeah, because putting all of this on tape where anybody could find it would be a great idea. [00:45:03] Speaker C: True. But it would also be a matter of how many people are going to believe it. [00:45:09] Speaker D: Enough that it could cause problems. [00:45:12] Speaker E: Yeah. We don't want to publish any of this information. [00:45:17] Speaker C: That's fair. [00:45:20] Speaker A: Okay. [00:45:22] Speaker D: Do you guys kind of want to start? You guys just went through this most recently. Maybe you could talk to them from the perspective of people who kind of got thrust into this life and didn't have the gentle introductions that Kareem and I did. [00:45:43] Speaker C: Yeah, sure, we can give it a shot. I'd say. [00:45:51] Speaker D: The twins are still eating, but they're glancing at everybody like, the fuck is everybody talking about? [00:45:58] Speaker A: Koda will come over and sit by them with food and stuff and hold her hand out to them and go, coda massacloy. Nice to meet you guys. [00:46:14] Speaker D: Lily and, like, I'm sure some of you have already noticed, they're obviously, like, central or, like, from Central or South America somewhere. They don't have, like, thick, thick accents, but they have all of the physical features. But they have the whitest of white names, but they don't seem to kind of register that very much. [00:46:49] Speaker A: So actually, the rest of the group can also introduce themselves and then we can maybe talk about what the fuck is actually going on here, as I'm sure you guys would like to know. [00:47:07] Speaker C: Yes, I introduced myself yesterday, but it was in a far more stressful environment. But I'm Oliver Bright. Lovely to meet both of you. [00:47:20] Speaker D: Nice to meet you, too. [00:47:22] Speaker B: I don't think I did introduce myself, but hey, I'm Chris Strom. I'm the guy who kind of leapt. [00:47:28] Speaker D: Off of the balcony, carried us around like sacks of potatoes. Yeah, you're crazy strong. [00:47:38] Speaker B: Yeah, right. [00:47:40] Speaker D: And Lily's, like, visibly blushing as she says that we already met. Miss Sarah. Sarah's, like, mid chew of a croissant and she'll give like a half wave. So who's going to explain what you guys are not saying? [00:48:03] Speaker A: It'll be a team effort. So I heard you guys recently got out of the system. She's going to look at the group and go show a hand. How many of you were also foster kids? [00:48:24] Speaker C: I'll raise my hand, Sarah will raise. [00:48:26] Speaker E: Her hand, kareem raises his hand. [00:48:29] Speaker B: I don't obviously. [00:48:30] Speaker A: Yeah. Net also does not cool a show of hands. Who here has different parents than they thought they did? [00:48:40] Speaker D: They originally had every fucking hand goes up and it was just sort of Blake. So are you guys some sort of like orphan superhero group or something? [00:48:55] Speaker A: Yes. [00:48:59] Speaker D: So you're like the second coming of the beige squad? Is that what's happening? [00:49:05] Speaker C: Well, you guys know the beige squad. [00:49:07] Speaker E: Second coming kids. What is your current god? [00:49:13] Speaker D: What do you mean? [00:49:14] Speaker E: What religion do you practice or you. [00:49:17] Speaker D: Cannot practice any I mean, I wouldn't call us religious, but we went to church sometimes, like Christian church. [00:49:30] Speaker E: Kareem keeps smiling but like looks up. [00:49:37] Speaker D: That looks a little uncomfortable. [00:49:43] Speaker E: Okay, if you're not too strongly attached, there is more to the world than you learned in church. [00:49:54] Speaker D: Okay. And they're kind of looking at Coda and Sarah and Oliver and Chris for like somebody going to fill in the blanks here. Yes. [00:50:08] Speaker C: What Kareem is trying to say is that notice how most of us have very ambiguous parentage. And that is in part due to the fact that your parents and all of our parents are a very powerful being, referred to typically as gods from various different mythologies, greek, Egyptian, Norse, many different pantheons. And I know it's a lot to take in, but it explains a lot of what you've seen, what Chris was able to do, what a lot of us were able to do. Last night. And perhaps even throughout your life, you've had OD occurrences that you couldn't really explain but chose to ignore for your own mental well being. But as time goes on, you'll see that it's very much true. [00:51:08] Speaker D: AHA. [00:51:13] Speaker F: So. [00:51:16] Speaker D: We got chased it by car and truck size wolves and our parents are gods is what you're saying? [00:51:31] Speaker A: Pretty much. Now it's going to sound like a drug trip because it is already feels like one. Yeah. Speaking of, do you guys feel any body pains or crazy headaches or back aches, feet? Do you feel like warm suddenly but cold, in pain, anything like that since yesterday? [00:52:04] Speaker D: Lucas looks confused when you say, do you feel warm? Lily sort of glances at Chris and then immediately goes beat red and shakes her head and looks away. [00:52:20] Speaker C: Well, that's probably because they are awakening different than us. We sort of got forced into it prematurely. But you will have something known as a visitation where your godly parent will visit you and bestow gifts upon you to help kind of harness that divine ickar that's in your blood as you are a child of a god. We don't know which yet, but you'll learn eventually. [00:52:51] Speaker D: Net sort of shifts at her chair, basically. Coda asked about pain because they had what's called an awakening, which is that they got into some trouble with those big ass wolves and the wolves nearly killed them. And their power kicked in to save their lives. But they got to you and kept you safe, so that didn't happen to you. So you'll get your visitation during which you'll have the moment where your blood flares and everything. But it's a lot less painful because your parents there to help you bear it. And Lily just looks a little wide eyed. And Lucas kind of tugs at his ear like he looks thoughtful. And then the two of them kind of confer again in Spanish, Oliver, because you can speak because you can understand all languages. They are muttering something about dreams that Lucas has had, maybe that they've both had. Like they're talking really fast. It's hard for you to keep up, but they're also being quiet. And then it looks like they argue for a second. And then Lily kind of elbows Lucas hard in the side and he okay. Okay, I'll ask, could this have anything to do with the weird dreams we keep having? [00:54:36] Speaker C: Possibly. What type of dreams were they? Do you remember? [00:54:44] Speaker D: And Lily chimes in with well, ever since we were dreams, we have this one dream where we're standing on standing in front of a mirror. But it's like the same mirror, but doubled. And the backs are together. And so we're facing each other with the mirror between us so we can't see each other. But the mirror is, like, black. Like, the glass is black. And there's this weird, foggy, misty stuff in front of it. Sometimes we can kind of see stuff and then it goes away. And then we wake up usually. [00:55:35] Speaker C: What kind of stuff, if you can recall? [00:55:38] Speaker D: I don't know. We can't see details. It's usually, like, figures maybe, like people walking around in the mist. But we've never really seen anything definite before. [00:55:54] Speaker C: That does sound unusual and on par for the sort of caliber things we tend to deal with. And I'll sort of look at Ned and Kareem for confirmation. [00:56:11] Speaker E: These dreams together at the same time. [00:56:14] Speaker D: Usually, or at least on the same night. Yeah. [00:56:18] Speaker E: And you're both present in the same dream? He takes a sip of a Diet Pepsi. Is there any do you hear any voices or is anything spoken to you? [00:56:42] Speaker D: I don't nothing specific. We sometimes hear it might be whispering and stuff like that, but I've never been able to make anything out specifically. [00:56:55] Speaker E: And do you see yourself reflected in the mirrors? [00:56:59] Speaker D: No. Never? [00:57:01] Speaker E: Never. Very interesting. [00:57:10] Speaker D: Let me look at a thing. A thing? [00:57:21] Speaker E: We should say that dreams of this sort aren't unusual for people like us. We often get messages in dreams. It's sort of a side effect of divine parentage. [00:57:44] Speaker D: Given their histories, I will allow Oliver and Chris to make int and occult roles to try and determine or to maybe get some insight into what the twins are talking about. [00:58:01] Speaker B: Okay, I got two, I get six. [00:58:13] Speaker D: Okay, Chris. You're not sure. The dreams certainly sound magical. Oliver, you think about it long and hard and you're not positive what the name is because this isn't an area that you spent a lot of time studying. But you remember there being stories about black smoking mirrors in a lot of, um, central central to South American, like folklore. And, you know, it has an association with with some sort of like divine being or powerful creature, but you don't remember exactly who or what. [00:59:12] Speaker C: Sort of scratch my chin a little bit. From what I can recall, black smoking mirrors, it's associated with folklore of south and Central America. So if I were to put a wager on it, your pantheon is likely involved in that demographic. [00:59:35] Speaker D: And Kareem, at that point, you would know that you have had not a ton of dealings. But there is a still active pantheon called the Etslanti, which are the Aztec gods. They tend to keep them to themselves more than other pantheons do. They're a lot like the Loa in that they have their area and they sort of don't deal with the others as much unless they have to. But they are still around and active. [01:00:12] Speaker E: I see. Well, I haven't had many dealings, at least not personally with any south or Central American pantheons. But I do know that the aslanti the Aztec pantheon is still active, though the specifics of their culture and their workings are obscure to me. [01:00:46] Speaker D: The twins both look very interested, but also look like they've probably never been particularly educated in in that particular aspect of things, probably from growing up in the system and going to shitty American public school. Is there anything else you guys want to talk to them about? They're willing to kind of sit and take in what little bits and pieces they're fed or we can skip ahead. [01:01:25] Speaker A: Coda is going to non jokingly look at them and go, listen, yesterday was already a lot, and I'm sure you too had maybe had a difficult time even before all of this supernatural nonsense. But from here on, things are going to get much tougher, but also simpler, but also significantly much tougher. And this is the time I would say that it's important to remember your connections and those you value. And she's going to look at the both of them and kind of gesture like each other, but also know unless she's going to look around and go unless any one of us decides to suddenly be evil and start dancing with dogs in the dark. Know that you have a support group here because now you're in a new family. Well, I guess now you're in a family, you're going to join a whole separate family that's going to be like, oh, here's your sword and your rocks and your whatever, but just know within that family, you now have another family, and it's us here. We're Scion. Oh, wait, am I allowed to say that term? Coda kind of looks around, but then shrugs and goes, I don't care. You're now Scion, and you're part of the Scion family especially. I guess you can say we're like the new little baby Scions. So look out for each other and know that we're out here looking out for you too. All right. [01:03:06] Speaker D: Lily and Lucas kind of glance at each other before they sort of look back at you and give, like, a slow nod before Net speaks up. It's worth noting that usually the Pantheons don't play as nice together as they are right now. It's not uncommon when there isn't a big crisis that brings everybody together like there is right now. It's not uncommon for the gods to she'll just sort of roll her eyes and shake her head a little bit, play against each other. And their Scions usually end up being pawns in their little power struggles, but nobody has to do that or has to put up with being used like that. So it's great for us all to think of each other as family right now, but just be aware of the fact that the political landscape is probably going to change when this is over. I don't know. Moira is always better at talking about this stuff than me. Oh, also, since you're Christian, if you ever see anything, any of you I don't know if I've warned the rest of you about this, but if you ever see anything that looks like an angel, run. Don't try to fight it. Don't try and slow it down. Just run. Not a fight any of us can win. Not even me. [01:05:06] Speaker C: That's mildly concerning. [01:05:07] Speaker A: Yes. Please elaborate. And she's going to look at the twins and go, see, this is what I mean. [01:05:14] Speaker E: There's nothing more that you need to know right now. [01:05:19] Speaker A: Excuse me. To be entirely straightforward but polite, I feel like we need to constantly know everything because we're constantly being thrown into everything. [01:05:35] Speaker E: I suppose that's fair enough. [01:05:38] Speaker D: It is. [01:05:40] Speaker E: Angels are bad, or things that appear to be angelic are bad. They are creatures of. [01:05:50] Speaker D: Autumn yes. [01:05:52] Speaker E: Of aten a rogue Egyptian god. [01:05:57] Speaker D: He's a titan. [01:05:58] Speaker C: Yeah. [01:05:58] Speaker E: Titan who has sort of laid claim to soul divinity. And I know that to monotheists that might sound fairly reasonable, but that's not the reality that we're living in. If you want to think of him as a demiurge or a false messiah, you can do that. [01:06:24] Speaker D: Yeah, basically. Okay, so the official story for our side of things from the scion and the collective divinity perspective is that there was no monotheism ever until Aten, who is the Titan of light decided that he was going to prop himself up as like the one true God. And he created the idea of monotheism. And basically the story is that he essentially created the Judeo Christian mythos. Now there is a school of thought that those gods do exist, but they're not involved in anything. They've kind of left the world to everybody else and are off doing their own thing. And Aten has just filled the space. Nobody can really know because nobody's ever met or seen them as far as we are aware. We do know that Aten is real. We do know that he directly feeds on a lot of the worship that goes into the monotheistic faiths. And we do know that his particular titan spot, at least some of them, look like angels. And that a lot of Scions have made the mistake of not recognizing that they were dangerous because they look like angels and they were from stories that scions grew up with. But they're extremely powerful and very dangerous for us, and they will just kill us on site. So. [01:08:18] Speaker A: Cool. [01:08:21] Speaker D: Are we talking like Hollywood angels or like the angels with 40 eyes and twelve wings or just a skull? [01:08:29] Speaker E: Both, actually. Aten kind of has a hierarchy of angelic seeming servants. [01:08:43] Speaker D: He also tends to change which ones he sends out actively and which ones he gives the most powerful power to, based on what mortals expect angels to look like. So most of what you're going to run into these days is going to look like the Hollywood version. They're going to be big. They're usually going to be silver or gold. They're going to have massive wings, impossibly beautiful, that sort of thing. But you might also occasionally run into a biblically accurate one. And those are gross. I'd rather deal with the 100 armed giant again than have to meet one of those. Okay, but are you certain we shouldn't fight them? Because it kind of sounds okay. Not because I don't think that you would absolutely want to, but because I couldn't take one. And if I can't take one, no offense, right now, you guys aren't ready. Maybe in the future, but not now. [01:09:47] Speaker A: And you said this was from they were Egyptian. [01:09:53] Speaker D: Aten is one of the Egyptian titans. [01:09:56] Speaker A: Yes. Understood. [01:10:00] Speaker D: It's kind of the Egyptian titan, really. Most of the pantheons have like, one primary titan. Some of them, like the Greeks, have several. But for the most part, each pantheon has like, one predominant titan. And aten is yours. [01:10:21] Speaker A: I really need to talk to my mom when's this pele coming back. Okay, cool. This is all very interesting, but actually. [01:10:31] Speaker D: Though yeah, just all I'm saying is be careful. You should still be safe to go into most churches and whatever, but in the event that you ever see anything that looks like angel of any kind, just run. Just run. It's not worth it. Just run. Run as fast and as hard as you can and don't stop until you are sure that it's not anywhere near you anymore. [01:11:03] Speaker B: Good to know. [01:11:05] Speaker C: Yes, indeed. [01:11:09] Speaker D: Um, okay, so in the message that I got, someone is coming to see the twins soon, said that they'd be here. And she kind of glances at a clock on the wall, probably in the next 15 to 20 minutes to pick them up and take them elsewhere. And we'll get kareem will get a call if we need to take them anywhere else or let us know that they're good, that they're going to stay with their folks or go somewhere that their folks have picked. I don't know who their parent is, though. I just know that they're sending somebody to collect them. [01:12:06] Speaker E: All right, then. [01:12:10] Speaker A: No, never mind. Nothing. I'll ask later. [01:12:13] Speaker D: If you have questions, ask them. [01:12:16] Speaker A: It's more about the Stefan guy that we had to deal with. But I think I can wait till the kiddos get picked up. Sorry. Until yeah. [01:12:26] Speaker D: Lily's looking at you like, I'm almost your age. [01:12:32] Speaker A: Right. It just feels so different because you're going through this. But anyways, until they get picked up, maybe. [01:12:44] Speaker D: Yeah. So we'll skip forward a little bit. You guys are able to hop up from your breakfast briefly to walk the twins down out of the main lobby and out front, where you guys see a very sleek, obviously custom built, like, Jaguar car sitting. It's a sedan so that it does seat more than two people, but it is incredibly sleek, very high end. When the door opens, you could see that the interior is all really, well, finely made, probably hand stitched leather, that kind of thing. And a young woman steps out of the front seat or yeah, steps out of the driver's seat and walks around to open the door for them to the backseat and sort of stands by to give everybody a moment to say goodbye. [01:14:07] Speaker C: Well, as has been said a few times, this is a lot that you're going through. But if it means anything, it went far better than it did for us. So I'm decently confident to say you're going to be all right. And hopefully if the stars align, you'll be seeing us again, and we'll be seeing you in all your glory. [01:14:38] Speaker D: Lily kind of smiles at that. Thank you for, you know, saving us. [01:14:53] Speaker C: Of course. It's it's what we do. [01:14:59] Speaker B: Well, it's what we do now anyway. [01:15:05] Speaker A: Remember each other. And she'll kind of like not like a hard punch, but like a punch to both of their shoulders and then put both of their hands together and go, remember each other. And obviously us, too, but we can't be there all the time. [01:15:22] Speaker D: The twins will kind of lace fingers with each other, and they turn to the woman, who immediately bows very deeply before standing. And she's speaking to them, but she speaks loud enough that the rest of you can hear her my name is Chimalma. I have been sent to be your guardian and guide and to take you to meet your father. And the twins kind of look at each other and then look at her. And then Lily asks, who's our father? And Shamalma kind of gives her a little smile, but, like, bows her head. I am not permitted to say. He wants to introduce himself personally. And the twins will kind of nod, kind of glance back at all of you, give an awkward little wave goodbye, and Shamalma will hold the door open while they climb into the backseat before she closes the door and looks at the rest of you. Once the door is shut, not it's. [01:16:44] Speaker A: Not. [01:16:47] Speaker D: Immediate, it's not obvious to anybody else. But those of you who have at least one dot in epic perception, you are keenly aware that the second that door shuts, they can't hear anything that is said outside the door, and you can't hear anything from inside. And Shamalma sort of looks at the rest of you and gives another very low bow. I have been asked to send Tidings and thanks from the Lord of the Smoking Mirror for your rescue of his children. [01:17:47] Speaker C: It was our pleasure. [01:17:51] Speaker E: Yeah, well, you owe us, you know. [01:17:57] Speaker D: Net sort of nudges kareem in the ribs for that. That was rude. But the woman sort of nods a little bit. He also said that should you have anything that he can provide, find a servant of Tetskat Lepoca and he will do what he can for you. [01:18:29] Speaker C: We'll keep that in mind. Thank you. We're honored by his generosity. And thanks. [01:18:43] Speaker D: And then she sort of turns and makes her way back around to the driver's side door. Coda, can you please make me perception and awareness, please? Plus one four there. As the car starts up, there is a moment where you are certain that you see the little jaguar that's on the front hood of the car that always looks like it's in that pouncing pose. You are certain that you see the little statuette turn its head towards you for just a moment before it takes off and pulls into traffic. [01:19:51] Speaker A: Hmm. Well, is it every cat she can see me through? I saw the cat on the I mean, the Jaguar on the car move and look at me. But. [01:20:15] Speaker D: Cat stuff might not have had anything to do with your mom. I think Tess cat lapoka is a god of jaguars or something like. [01:20:25] Speaker A: Custom. [01:20:26] Speaker D: There is more than one cat god. [01:20:29] Speaker A: Oh, I knew I liked them for a reason. Well, I mean, besides them just being pretty nice individuals, I guess. But cats? Cats. Anyways. [01:20:40] Speaker D: I'm still hungry. Let's get back inside. [01:20:42] Speaker C: Yes, well, I was just going to say as I turned look at Koda and reach into my jacket pocket, I believe after the performance of yesterday and your very clever trick against the wolf coda, you deserve this. And I'll hand her Damon's card. [01:21:03] Speaker A: Damon's card? [01:21:05] Speaker C: Yes, since I was one that took it last. [01:21:07] Speaker D: He tried to give you his business card and Oliver snatched it. [01:21:12] Speaker A: Oh, yes. I'm going to make okay. Thank you. [01:21:19] Speaker C: Don't let me regret it. [01:21:22] Speaker D: Net sort of looks over your shoulder and spots the card and her eyebrows go up. Why wouldn't you want her to have the business card for one of the wealthiest scions in the world? [01:21:34] Speaker A: I will admit I did partake in. [01:21:37] Speaker D: The goods and was well, of course you did. Fuck it. Everybody should, right? [01:21:43] Speaker A: Okay. [01:21:43] Speaker D: I mean, if you're not going to partake in the product, you at least spend some time with the ladies. I'm just saying. [01:21:52] Speaker A: They sure did. [01:21:55] Speaker D: Hot shit. Oliver, too. Really? [01:22:00] Speaker C: Not exactly, but this is besides the point. [01:22:05] Speaker D: Oh, you're so lame. And she just walks inside. Yeah, it's too bad there's no Godly Yelp. Five stars. [01:22:19] Speaker A: Should make. [01:22:22] Speaker C: God yelp. [01:22:23] Speaker A: Oliver. [01:22:24] Speaker C: Yes, of course. Probably wasn't right for me to take in the first place, but call it, I hesitate to say, parental concern because that's not what's going on here. [01:22:36] Speaker D: Busy body is what you hear from Net as she's walking inside. [01:22:40] Speaker C: Thank you, Net. [01:22:44] Speaker A: It's fine. Thank you for looking out for me. [01:22:47] Speaker D: Come on, I'm hungry. [01:22:48] Speaker A: Let's go. Jill, go after you should probably tend to yeah, yeah, of course. [01:22:56] Speaker F: And she'll speed up. [01:23:01] Speaker D: Okay. You all end up going back inside. Net seems to be feeling better and better by the minute. All of you realize like she was a little out of it and moved a little bit. Like she was still sore and tender when she first came to breakfast. But the more that she's eaten, gotten to spend time around people, you can see that the pink tone to her skin has started to fade. She's moving a little bit easier. She's obviously healing much faster than a normal human would. Her hair is not grown back, but the rest of her seems to be in pretty good shape. [01:23:57] Speaker A: So this might be too soon to ask, but what are we going to do about Stefan? [01:24:07] Speaker D: I mean, I've already made my feelings on that matter. Yes. [01:24:14] Speaker B: I think he's an asshole. [01:24:18] Speaker A: Yeah, I agree. I've been wondering. I know we don't get hurt super. [01:24:30] Speaker D: Easily, but some of us get hurt easier than others. No offense to Oliver, but I have the feeling that if a particularly strong wind hit him, he might fall over. [01:24:46] Speaker C: Actually, I feel a bit sturdier today than. [01:24:52] Speaker D: Um, but something tells me that Chris could get hit pretty hard and it would still take a lot to put him down. Same with Sarah. [01:24:59] Speaker C: Oh, yes, I have everyone here. I'm definitely on the lowest rung of the ladder. [01:25:06] Speaker A: So I was wondering if this guy's also a scion, is there something that poisons us? Because I'm assuming that what can take us out can take him out. So is there something that can poison us can't we allure him somewhere and then I don't know. [01:25:27] Speaker D: I mean, it depends. Poison can kind of work on any of us. It's more potent for some than others. If your gifts lean towards making you physically very hearty, a poison is going to be harder, is going to have a harder time taking you out. I know some scions where poison just doesn't work at all just because of the nature of their gifts. They're able to do stuff like eat, like, I don't know, they could get trapped in a cave where the only thing that they have that is biodegradable matter is paper, and they could survive off of paper for months. But I know some scions who just a little nudge, and they'll topple over and could break something interesting. [01:26:27] Speaker A: So there's no magical scion juice or not scion juice. What are they called? There's no titan basilisk poison that could instantly take us out or something. [01:26:48] Speaker C: Actually, it would be venom if it's from a basilisk. [01:26:50] Speaker A: Oh, venom. That can take out one of us. Because I'm thinking this guy, if he's able to know what we're doing next, he can see what we're doing then sure, let's bring him somewhere then. Let's bring him somewhere. Let's bring the fight to our own grounds and wreck his shit. [01:27:12] Speaker C: Thinking about it, I might be able to actually track him with and I'll just kind of open my jack a little bit and tap the book. Assuming there's no magic barriers, like in Anvord or daemon's place or places like that, I can sort of summon the threat of fate that's connecting me to him since I have seen him before at this point through a vision, and use that to find out where he is. [01:27:43] Speaker D: You might have a faith. Fate threads are weird, and fate is weird and hard to deal with. [01:27:50] Speaker C: That's my theory on how it works. All I know is sort of intuitively that I can attempt to track him. [01:27:57] Speaker D: If you're fate bound to him, the question is whether or not you are, because my understanding is that most of the time you become fate bound to somebody because they're tied into your legend, to the stories that are going to be told about you in the future. And a lot of that tends to be directly influenced by who you've used your divine powers for or on. Like, I know that Moira said that there is a fate thread between me and Coda and me and you, Oliver, because I've specifically used my gifts for you. [01:28:54] Speaker C: For me. Use it for me. [01:28:59] Speaker D: No offense, but you're kind of the weakest person here, right? [01:29:08] Speaker C: Yes. Well, I don't think I'm still wearing all. [01:29:12] Speaker D: It's not quite as potent as what I did for Coda, but I can kind of temporarily give you a little boost if we're near each other to help you survive a particularly nasty hit. I can only do it once, but it might be enough. To save you. [01:29:29] Speaker C: Appreciate it. [01:29:30] Speaker D: In a tight spot. [01:29:33] Speaker C: Yes, thank you. [01:29:36] Speaker D: You two are badasses. So I haven't really done a whole lot for you two. Specifically just looking at Chris and Sarah. [01:29:46] Speaker C: That I won't refute, but still I don't know how all this works quite yet, but I'm trying my best to learn. But if it has to be fate bound, and if our job or our quest or journey or what have you is to find this man and kill him or stop him, would that apply? [01:30:06] Speaker D: Maybe. I don't know yet. I'm not a fate expert. I just know what Moira told me. She says usually a lot of fate bonds happen because we do something with our divine gifts for somebody else, and then that creates a fate bond. And it's a small one at first, but the more you do it, the more potent it becomes. But the problem is that the stronger your fate tied to somebody, the more wrapped up in your story they are. Oh, my goodness. I know a scion of Thor who has a guardian mark on a scion of SIF, and I swear to God, has to rescue her, like, every other week because some sort of nasty Titan spawn tries to kidnap her or something. [01:31:08] Speaker C: Quite classic. [01:31:10] Speaker A: I don't know what that means. [01:31:14] Speaker D: So in Norse mythology, SIF and Thor are, like, a thing. They're married. And the scion of Thor is kind of a badass, and the scion of Thor is kind of not, or the scion of the stiff is kind of not. And her fate is apparently to continually get kidnapped or messed with by Titan spawn and her boyfriend's, fate is to have to rescue her all the time. [01:31:43] Speaker A: That sounds shitty. [01:31:47] Speaker D: It is tedious. My understanding, though, is that it always leads to great sex, so he doesn't seem to mind very much. [01:31:53] Speaker A: Okay. Speaking of Thorpes, she's going to look to Sarah and go, so that lady that fought us the first time, she called out your name. So could I assume that she's fate bound to you? [01:32:20] Speaker D: I feel like you know just about as much as I do when it comes to this fate stuff. Do you have any about her that. [01:32:32] Speaker C: Or have you known her previously? [01:32:36] Speaker D: Not that I can recollect, but I have come across like many people just in general. [01:32:51] Speaker C: This does seem relevant, though, from what we've learned so far, that this is all tied to an Azier Titan. Assumingly. And Stefan is a scion of Loki who's thrown us a lot in with the Titan spawn, so we can assume that other woman has as well. And you being a sideon of the Azir, it's probably related. [01:33:20] Speaker D: Um, so you're you guys are saying that you fought some lady during a wolf attack? [01:33:33] Speaker C: Yes. Has Kodak told her? Have we mentioned it yet to them? [01:33:39] Speaker A: I spoke briefly about intact. [01:33:41] Speaker D: Yeah, you've mentioned it in passing, but not a lot of detail. Do you guys want to fill us in? [01:33:46] Speaker C: Yes, sure. Certainly. So when we stopped for the night at a motel, we got attacked by the wolves once again and sort of leading and commanding them was this woman. She used daggers and did something to Chris. We fought them off and they fled eventually, but it was certainly new for us at the time. [01:34:14] Speaker D: What can you tell us about her? Did she do anything particular? [01:34:19] Speaker B: She kind of made me not want to fight her. Like, I just wanted to stand down and let her get on with it. [01:34:33] Speaker A: She was blonde, and I think you all said something about her shining a knife at her face or something. [01:34:44] Speaker B: She had a couple of couple of daggers that she kind of chopped my arrow out of the air in front of her. I don't know. It's kind of crazy. [01:34:55] Speaker D: Pick something out of a movie. [01:34:57] Speaker B: Yeah, right. [01:34:59] Speaker D: I can do that, but I have to think. I don't do it often because I could just move. [01:35:11] Speaker A: Wasn't she, like, half zombie or something. [01:35:13] Speaker D: But, like, only in a knife half zombie? What? [01:35:17] Speaker B: I don't remember that. [01:35:21] Speaker D: Yeah, but she could also control the wolves, or at least looked like she could call them off. [01:35:30] Speaker C: No, I think Koda is on something. And yes, Sarah is correct. When she used whatever she used to do what she did, chris, her reflection in the knife, part of it was ghoulish in. [01:35:48] Speaker D: So before we move on to that, like, we should probably redouble and make it very clear not all scions are good. Not all scions continue to work for the gods even after their visitations. [01:36:14] Speaker C: That's been pretty clear. Now, after both her and Stefan, it. [01:36:20] Speaker D: Sounds, from what you guys have described about Stefan, is that he was said he's a Loki scion. [01:36:26] Speaker B: Yeah. [01:36:29] Speaker D: Okay. So I don't know if anybody told you this, either of you, since you're both kind of connected to the Acer. Loki scions are pretty rare, not because Loki never makes them, but because even when he was still alive, the Acer had a habit of tracking them down and slaughtering them before they could really come into their own power. Nice, because Loki scions are supposed to be kind of partly responsible for kicking off Ragnarok, so getting rid of them is supposed to be a measure against the apocalypse. So it sounds to me like your brother didn't get lucky the way that you did. Nobody stepped up to claim him. And without your dad around to do his visitation and give him his gifts and give him a fighting chance, he signed on with the other team in order to survive. Not all scions that are bad are necessarily pro Titan, but some of them do end up crossing the line and fighting for the other side. Some of them are just incredibly self interested and don't give a fuck about any of this and just basically use their powers for greedy purposes or to enact whatever weird prophecy or fate thing they've heard about that they've decided that they believe in and are ready to destroy the world in order to enact. Just kind of depends. [01:38:42] Speaker A: Um, so now we just kill them again and let the cycle continue? [01:38:53] Speaker D: Unless you've got a better option to stop. [01:38:57] Speaker A: No, no. I'm fully not against this. [01:39:01] Speaker D: But there's every chance that whoever this lady is might not be in exactly the same position he was. Because she doesn't sound like a Loki scion. She might be, but she doesn't sound like one. I've never heard of Loki scions looking like they're zombies, even in a reflection. [01:39:26] Speaker A: Wait, what? I just remember. Didn't we get information about well, I mean, you wasn't there, net. She's going to look to Sarah now and go. Remember we were talking about how to bring back Teddy? Weren't we told about another family or what are the words? Pantheon that has stuff more to do. [01:39:52] Speaker D: With the dead and like, yeah, the. [01:39:56] Speaker B: Lower the voodoo baron? [01:40:00] Speaker D: Samadhi yes. [01:40:04] Speaker A: We don't think. [01:40:10] Speaker C: Could are you asking. [01:40:13] Speaker D: If she could be a scion of the Baron? [01:40:18] Speaker A: Maybe? [01:40:20] Speaker D: Doubtful. I've never met the Baron face to face, but I've met a few of his kids, and they're a very tight knit family. [01:40:36] Speaker A: Darn. Well. [01:40:42] Speaker D: If she is, she's in much bigger trouble than you guys. [01:40:49] Speaker C: I was also thinking it would be unlikely since we seem to be dealing with acer scions and Titan spawn, so for her to sort of align with an acer titan as a different pantheon would be rather strange. Whoa. I think I said silen and it thought I said something else it thought I said just so it doesn't activate again, my bad. [01:41:18] Speaker D: That's fine. Happens. Okay, so one can guess there's at least two of them, and chances are she's working as some sort of lieutenant. That's what I would guess. Sounds like that. Your brother likes to be in charge, so I doubt that he'd put her on the same level as him in the power structure. But she sounds like a lieutenant that we're probably going to have to deal with before this is all over. Also, promise me that if you guys do go to talk to the Baron, that you're careful. [01:42:11] Speaker B: I mean, I don't want to go. [01:42:18] Speaker D: He's powerful, and all the rumors suggest that if anybody could bring someone back and could do it, well, it's him. But they're a very insular pantheon. They don't branch out to the rest of us often. Although the Baron does more often than the rest of them do. My understanding is that he and your dad used to hang out a lot before he disappeared. Sarah, it might be worth reaching out to your dad. He might be able to help you find some information on whoever this lady is. He does a lot of security stuff. Shoot him an email. Vidar has emails? That's amazing. [01:43:21] Speaker A: Okay. [01:43:28] Speaker D: Anything else? You guys want to talk about that? We need to know. [01:43:36] Speaker C: That'S about the crux of it that I can think of. I can't speak for the other three. [01:43:42] Speaker A: Yeah, I think I need to think about some stuff. Not the projections, the premonitions that the civil told us. So I'm trying to connect whatever I can. So I think I just need to think. [01:44:04] Speaker D: It is about that moment, Coda, that you feel something around your feet. [01:44:12] Speaker A: She'll look at her feet. [01:44:15] Speaker D: Pele is weaving his way, like, through your feet, between your ankles in a figure eight. [01:44:26] Speaker A: She's going to go pick him up and hold him to her chest and go, oh, I missed you so much. Give him little kisses on the head. [01:44:35] Speaker D: You scoop him up, and he gives that kind of half indignant meow that every cat gives when they get scooped up. But he's also purring even while you're kissing the top of his head and everything, and he's looking at the rest of the table like, I'll kill any of you if anyone says a word. It's not something he says out loud or even says to you, but that's what the look on his face is. I could slaughter any of you. Coda is cuddling with Mr. Cat or Pele as she has taken to naming him, and it is about this time that the door to the suite swings open and an absolutely gorgeous woman walks in. Bestette, why don't you tell them what you're wearing today? [01:45:37] Speaker F: Okay, well, today Bestette is wearing actually fairly normal looking street clothes. She's wearing the black, long, kind of, like, falls to the knees dress with all of the gold jewelry and the embellishments that she was wearing when she first met Coda. She's got beads in her hair and. [01:46:13] Speaker D: Very. [01:46:16] Speaker F: Almost business casual, but with a bit more of that flair to it. She's got gold belts, blue necklaces, and golden rings with big gold chunky bracelets, and she's carrying this gorgeous bag kind of on her side. Following around her are a bunch of cats of different sizes. You've got a typical house cat. You've got something maybe a little bit bigger, but on her shoulders is a beautiful Persian cat who's kind of eyeing all of them as as she kind of steps forward. She eventually shoes the cat off of her shoulder, but they all kind of stay right behind her as she approaches the group. [01:47:18] Speaker D: The big thing that you guys all notice on top of how impeccably she's dressed and all the cats surrounding her is that her eyes are this really bright, intense green and have slitted pupils like a cat's. And Net kind of sees her and immediately stands up and bows very low. She's a little stiff about it, like she's trying to be respectful, but is also very awkward because she's just been faced with her new girlfriend's mom. [01:48:00] Speaker F: She's going to look at Net and her eyes are going to kind of lower, like how a cat would when they're kind of like sizing up not a prey, but a potential rival. Not even a potential rival, just somebody that they need to be more in the alert of and just kind of look her up and down and then very quickly turn and smile to the rest of the group. [01:48:33] Speaker D: Hello. [01:48:35] Speaker F: It is very nice to meet all of you. [01:48:43] Speaker C: Greetings, Miss Bestette. It is a pleasure to meet you as well. [01:48:51] Speaker B: Hey there, how you doing? [01:48:54] Speaker D: Nice to meet you. Hello. [01:48:59] Speaker F: Goda peril sent for me. Is everything okay? [01:49:16] Speaker A: Is everything okay? [01:49:20] Speaker D: That sort of clears her throat a little bit. We have some calls we have to make about everything that happened yesterday, so we'll leave you guys to it. [01:49:35] Speaker E: Yeah, we'll see you all around soon enough. [01:49:43] Speaker A: All right. She'll look to the two at them, but then look at Net and kind of give like a small wave. [01:49:53] Speaker D: Net will go to wave back and then hesitate and then sort of glance at Bestette and then just lay down and kiss coda on the cheek and then turn and leave. Decided at the last minute she was going to be brave. [01:50:11] Speaker A: Right. I really just called for you because we went to see would you like to have a seat? You can sit with us if you want. Eggs, sausage, bacon. [01:50:33] Speaker F: I am all set. Although if you are offering food, I think I have some guests who might be more interested. And then she's going to kind of turn back to the cats and with one very simple finger gesture, she's going to beckon them to get in front of her. [01:50:58] Speaker D: The cats will congregate, except for Pele, who is not so subtly stealing food off of koda's plate. [01:51:08] Speaker A: Cool. Well, sure. She'll kind of be like, all right, well, they can eat whatever they want. And she's going to kind of actually look at the group awkwardly and then go, well, so we've been going through a lot. Obviously there was well, not obviously, but I figured since you're a god, you kind of just know what's happening, but I guess not. So we have been facing this scion of Loki, and that was a big issue we had. And I also was told by a sybil that something you once fought is rising from the sands and I have to put it back to sleep. So I figured, you know what, might as well ask the OG if she has any idea of what's going on. So I reached out to you and also it's just nice to have maybe some godly advice, whether you're my mom or not. And I'm sure the group might have other questions and stuff. So I'm reaching out to you for help. [01:52:28] Speaker F: You don't have to sound so uncomfortable with asking me for help. I told you when we first met, anything that you need. So you met a seer and they told you that something was going to come out of the sand. Something that I had contact with? [01:52:57] Speaker A: Yeah. Something you once fought in your past or something like that. Okay. [01:53:12] Speaker F: Well, as you can probably tell, being as old as I am and I've fought many, many things, I think I might have an inkling of a suspicion of what your seer might be talking about. And if that is the case oh, boy. [01:53:41] Speaker D: Okay. [01:53:43] Speaker F: Unfortunately, I am not. Anything that a Seer might prophesize for you is entirely your legacy. What is set on the path for you, I can give you a little bit of insight as to what it might be, but if it isn't what I think it is, then I don't know how to help you. That's fine. [01:54:23] Speaker A: We just need a blues clue somewhere and then we can move on from there. [01:54:29] Speaker D: Okay. [01:54:31] Speaker F: Well, this might be a good time to brush up on your Egyptian history, I guess. And then she's going to look directly at the professor and give a bit of a coy smile. Mr. Bright, is it? [01:54:54] Speaker C: That is my name. [01:54:57] Speaker F: I know that you are a teacher of sorts. Are you at all familiar with anything called the sphinx? [01:55:10] Speaker C: I'm aware of the sphinx, yes. From various different stories. Egyptian and Greek as well. [01:55:19] Speaker F: Beautiful. [01:55:22] Speaker A: Oh, the cat with the wig. [01:55:35] Speaker F: Sure. Yes. Cat with the wig. [01:55:37] Speaker C: That you know, I'll give a more in depth explanation later. Don't worry. [01:55:42] Speaker F: Thank you. So there are things in this world that are bound by faith. Things in this world that, if completely destroyed, will bring chaos and wreckage into the into the world as we know it. But if left alone to their own devices, will also bring wreckage incarnates into the world as we know it. What I believe you might have to come in contact with is one of those things. There are these statues in Egypt, we call them sphinx. And obviously there are ties to Greek sphinx and Egyptian sphinx. Obviously, you're going to be dealing with Egyptian sphinx. [01:57:05] Speaker D: Just to throw it out there. You are aware that all of the sphinxes are linked together. They all come from the same place regardless of where in the world they are. Yes. [01:57:22] Speaker F: Basically, there are three types of them. They are all connected somehow. They all share an intelligence. They're all independent creatures, but they know anything and everything that one of them knows. They're all very like a hive mind, kind of. [01:57:55] Speaker D: Yes. [01:57:57] Speaker B: Um. [01:58:01] Speaker F: They are child or children of a titan called Cess chess. [01:58:20] Speaker A: Fish. Can you spell that for me? [01:58:31] Speaker D: S-E-S-H-E-P-S. [01:58:35] Speaker A: Okay. [01:58:40] Speaker D: And Seshups is not herself a titan. She was created by the Titans in order to create more sphinxes like her. [01:58:59] Speaker F: Basically. What happens when she is able to do as she pleases? She is every six months or so, able to create more of these sphinxes. Like I said, they kind of share an intelligence. They are very dangerous mostly because we kind of bound them to protect. [01:59:33] Speaker D: And. [01:59:34] Speaker F: Kind of watch over all of the lands to kind of go more in depth when we put her down to the ground. We kind of built a limestone, almost like rock to kind of keep her under because we can't technically kill her because if we do, bad things will happen, things that I can't really get into. And the reason that we can't kill her, but we can't keep her up in this world are things that are best kept secret. So if there is a prophecy that this entity is coming back up after maybe thousands of years it's been. [02:00:44] Speaker D: You. [02:00:45] Speaker F: Need to find a way to put her back underground. But I highly suggest, even as tempting as it might be, do not kill her. All right, I don't want to get into why it is important that you do not kill her, but let's just say if she dies, that could be the end of well, it's a little bit hard to decipher if it's the project as a whole or all of mankind, but it's one of the two. So either your friend in my dearest Coda dies or everybody dies. If somebody dares to be as stupid as to kill something as powerful as this entity. [02:02:09] Speaker A: Okay, well, while I am one for gambling sometimes I'm not going to take that bet. [02:02:22] Speaker C: Don't seem ideal. [02:02:24] Speaker A: Yeah. [02:02:25] Speaker F: But with the Sphinx, they can be very useful sources of information. There is something to be said that if you are to awaken a Sphinx and you're able to answer its riddles, you can ask it any question about anything that goes on in the world as long as it doesn't superimpose on fate or the Underworld or the higher realms or the Titans. But you could ask it anything. These things are very knowledgeable, very powerful, and if you are good with your mind, I know you're smart. I know all of you are smart in your own way. There is no saying when it'll happen, but if your prophecy lies true, it is bound to happen soon. [02:03:47] Speaker D: Shit. [02:03:48] Speaker A: Okay, cool. [02:04:01] Speaker F: Of all you need to know is that if you kill these things, fate will have its hands on you, and it will have its hands in a tight grip. [02:04:19] Speaker A: Okay? [02:04:21] Speaker F: And she kind of looks at all of you with the look of concern as both historical god, but looks at Coda with concern as a parent. Do not kill the Sphinx. Do not kill their mother. Because if you kill their mother. [02:05:06] Speaker D: That. [02:05:06] Speaker F: Is when all hell breaks loose. So they say. [02:05:16] Speaker A: It. [02:05:17] Speaker F: Are you all safe from yesterday? [02:05:25] Speaker C: Can you. [02:05:28] Speaker D: As much as we can be, I think. Yes. [02:05:30] Speaker C: My works exactly. [02:05:32] Speaker B: All right. [02:05:38] Speaker C: Good. [02:05:43] Speaker F: Your little friend. Your friend told me everything. She looks down at peril pele pele and kind of gestures him to kind of come on her lap. [02:06:01] Speaker D: He looks reluctant, mostly because he's eating, but he'll hop up onto the table and kind of very gingerly walk across it, stop long enough to grab a piece of sausage and then move over to climb into your lap. And then when everybody looks at him, coda just hears in her head what traveling to other worlds is hard. I'm hungry. [02:06:32] Speaker A: Right. [02:06:37] Speaker D: Which is, incidentally, best at exactly what he had to do. He had to travel between the world and the overworld to come get you. It's easier for him because of the gifts that you have given him, but it is overall, still not an easy trip. [02:06:55] Speaker F: Yes. She's going to reach into her bag and just pull out another mouse and kind of dangle it in front of him for all your hard work. [02:07:06] Speaker D: He will sink his claws into it and sort of like, scoop it close to him, almost like it's a little hand and it's purring the whole time. [02:07:24] Speaker A: So I know you mentioned you're not too involved with all the stuff that happens with other pantheons. How much do you know about Loki and stuff? [02:07:47] Speaker D: Bestet you know, quite a bit. A lot of it, though, is because your pantheon was old when the Acer were born. You were walking the deserts before Odin was even thought of. So you know a good deal. You may not understand all of the intricacies, but you know the broad strokes better than most would. If she wants something more specific or she wants someone who can really get into nitty gritty from your pantheon, she probably is better off talking to Tote than you, though, because he's your storyteller. He writes, like, basically every story that's ever happened. Supposedly Tote has written in a book somewhere. [02:08:51] Speaker F: Let's just say I know enough to give you maybe a general understanding of Loki. Our lineage are quite are quite old. We were there for the for the for the creation of the oh, what did they call themselves? The. [02:09:24] Speaker A: Ace. [02:09:25] Speaker F: The Acer. Acer. So I can probably give you anything general things that I have seen in my times on this Earth, on my times in the higher realm. But if you're looking for anything specific, I can set you up with my storyteller. [02:09:57] Speaker D: He's like a distant nephewish. [02:10:02] Speaker F: His name is Tote. I can get you in contact, but it might take a little bit. Why? What is it that you need to know about him. [02:10:19] Speaker A: At this point? She's going to look to the group because Coda is there anything specifically we may want to ask her? We're a little bit stuck in what to do now that this scion is kind of working with the Titan spawn to kind of get at us and we need to off them. But then we also have what you want to call it a zombie face esque, but not what's her name? Well, we don't know her name yet, but pretty much there's two people that's controlling Fenris wolves that's fighting us. One is Loki one is of we have no clue. And we're kind of wondering what's the next step to take them out. Because one apparently knows every single thing, every single step that we're taking. And I don't know how that works, but that's a thing that's happening. And the other was really good of knives, but was apparently kind of half dead, but not dead, but able to make us, or at least Chris here, not want to fight her. So I guess I just want to know whatever information you can give us. But if my group has any other specific questions, I'd gladly hear it because I'm not too much of a thinker in this capacity. [02:11:49] Speaker C: Admittedly, I'm in a similar boat. I'm finding myself bit stumped here. We have pieces of what we need, but lack some critical ones on what we should do next. [02:12:05] Speaker D: Well, we have a very basic understanding of what might be a command structure, but otherwise we're seemingly against an army of wolves who could probably kill us by breathing on us hard enough. [02:12:23] Speaker C: I think we deserve a little bit more credit than that at this point. [02:12:27] Speaker A: Yeah, we did escape them and then Y'all did blow them up. And then Sarah did kind of command them to literally told one to sit. And well, she didn't say sit, she said stay. But, you know, it's pretty much the same shit training dogs left and right over here, but still. [02:12:46] Speaker D: Well, at least from where I'm standing, we lack strategy when it comes to facing them, because last time we made it because we ran. But we may not have that option next time. [02:13:03] Speaker A: True. [02:13:07] Speaker F: Well, fennec wolves, unfortunately, dogs are not my preferred animal. But this person that is following you, you said it was a child of Loki, one of the few left. Interesting. I do not know if you are all aware. Many times Sion will switch out and go fight for the Titans due to lack of their own personal structure. Structure. Many times they do it because they either don't have the proper guidance, we're never given a visitation, but not everybody is as lucky as I assume all of you have had your visitation by now. [02:14:38] Speaker D: Sarah will nod. [02:14:39] Speaker C: Yeah, indeed. [02:14:47] Speaker F: Sometimes when they aren't given the same benefit and they are awakened from one thing or another, they will turn to whatever means they have to gain some form of control or power or at least a step in any direction. And sometimes when they are left to their own devices to figure out. [02:15:23] Speaker E: What. [02:15:23] Speaker F: They need to do on their own, they don't have their full potential, which might be a good thing for all of you. It means that you're able to play to the weaknesses that if he doesn't have any guidance or have any, shall I say, structure, you might be able to use that to your advantage. He might say that he is able to track your movements and all of what and know what your next moves is or what your next moves are. But if you are able to find a way to counter that and trace him and figure out what his next moves are, you might be able to get the advantage. I do not know. And she looks to not her kid to everybody who's not her kid. I do not know what gifts you have been bestowed upon, but it is also a good thing to remember that when you work as a team and are coherent in our understanding of what one another brings to the table, it's easier for you to plan versus somebody who has the need to take control of whatever it may be. [02:17:43] Speaker C: All right, I see. [02:17:51] Speaker A: I think that's doable track them down in a way that we can lead him to a place that we set. [02:18:09] Speaker F: And hit him when he least expects it. There are ways to lure people in with a false sense of compellingness or willingness to work with them. You need to have the right type of manipulation to get an upper hand. Think like a cat. Cats are really good at getting what they want when they want, and they're good at acting like they want something, and then the moment that it's right, they can turn around and attack it's. Going to look at Coda directly. Think like a cat and then give her the you'll figure it out soon enough look. [02:19:37] Speaker A: Thank you, mom. [02:19:48] Speaker F: And it one more thing, just as a general little notice to all of you. I am always watching. If things are bad enough, I will know and I will try to help, but I am always watching. Then she gives a slightly unsettling smile before leaning back. If there is anything else that I can do, though, please say no. [02:20:56] Speaker C: Nothing of particular note comes to my mind. [02:21:02] Speaker A: Yeah, no. [02:21:12] Speaker F: I can dig in and see if I can get you any more information on this child of Loki and child of. [02:21:21] Speaker A: Yeah, we have no clue what she's a child of. Figure it out. [02:21:29] Speaker F: I've got the libraries upon libraries of different stories, of different walks of life, and I am sure that I can find some sort of information. And if I can spy is good at hiding. [02:21:46] Speaker D: Comes from pale. [02:21:57] Speaker F: I've got my ways. [02:22:00] Speaker D: You. [02:22:03] Speaker F: But if there's nothing else that I can do for you and this time, she's going to actually reach into her bag and pull out a card and hand it over to Dakota. Here's a more direct way to get a hold of me. There's a lot of work on our little friend here to come and fetch me every time you need something. If I am down here managing my businesses and you need me in a pinch, give me a call. [02:22:48] Speaker A: Okay? [02:22:52] Speaker F: Just going to pick up the cat and put it back on the table. [02:22:59] Speaker D: Indignant meow. [02:23:04] Speaker F: It was a very pleasure to meet. All of you, and I do wish you luck on the rest of your tasks. I must be going, though. Business calls, and a lady like me never takes a break. [02:23:33] Speaker A: Right? [02:23:34] Speaker C: Thank you for your time. [02:23:37] Speaker B: Thanks. [02:23:39] Speaker A: Yes. [02:23:39] Speaker D: Thank you. [02:23:41] Speaker F: She's going to kind of walk up to Coda and just rest a hand on her shoulder, give it a tight squeeze. She's just going to lean in and whisper in here, by the way, Net's a good girl, but if she does hurt you, I will rip her in half. [02:24:06] Speaker A: You don't. Thank you. [02:24:11] Speaker F: And then with another squeeze at the shoulder, she'll let out a little small, little whistle, and all of the cats will just kind of begin to congregate around her again. And the Persian cat will kind of hop back up on her shoulder, and as she leaves, it's just going to kind of, like, turn its head around to look at the group and just stare at them as they walk out. As just a small reminder. Dakota, I have eyes in the back of my head. [02:24:55] Speaker A: Well, that was my mom. [02:25:00] Speaker B: Yet again, someone else is watching us all the time. Yay. [02:25:04] Speaker A: Yeah. [02:25:06] Speaker C: She makes quite an entrance and exit. [02:25:11] Speaker A: I think I have an idea, though. [02:25:14] Speaker C: Yes. [02:25:18] Speaker A: So I'm not sure how much this Stefan guy would fall for this, but since she's gonna look to Chris, let's say, man, Artemis just isn't doing it, and you're like, I think I gonna go to Loki. Man, if only there was someone who would understand my strife, because fuck that group I've been with. I need someone who can really help me out. She's going to kind of, like, make a face that's like are you guys following what I'm saying? [02:25:57] Speaker B: I am. Yeah. I'm not the world's best liar, though. [02:26:05] Speaker A: It's true. No offense. [02:26:09] Speaker B: None taken. [02:26:11] Speaker C: It's a good plan for the drawing board, but I think it would be best if we come up with as many ideas as possible and narrow it down from there to figure out what might be the most ideal. Perhaps we could play on his pride somehow. [02:26:31] Speaker D: I could help with that. I assume that the feelings of, well, general distaste that I get whenever I hear the name Loki's goes both ways. Maybe I would be a more interesting piece of bait. And I'm not horrible at, unfortunately. Coda, you hear in your head pele's voice. Go. Didn't the sybil say that Chris would have to make a choice? What if it's less about him saying that it's not working out with Artemis and broaching it as wanting to figure out what his other options are? It is his brother. [02:27:28] Speaker A: See, that's what I'm talking about. She says that out loud, but then realizes that no one else heard. [02:27:34] Speaker D: Kitty cat, you just hear a heavy sigh in your head like, no one else can understand me. [02:27:41] Speaker A: Coda, she'll look to Sarah and then look to Chris and kind of be like, we can do a double whammy. Sarah, obviously, I'm sure they despise you for some long history nonsense shenanigans, so you could be the oh, we want to take you down. ERG and Chris can be looking into what the heck Loki's got to offer. And maybe they might be like, oh, well, prove to me that you're actually, I don't know, some dumb oh, they could just be like, prove to me that you're not that this isn't some ploy and I don't know, chris can do a little he doesn't have to beat you up, but y'all can have a battle, a showdown. Homeboy can think that he's got the upper hand and then we swoop in and kick his ass, respectively. [02:28:51] Speaker D: That's a really good idea, actually. [02:28:54] Speaker C: And if Chris has an inn and garners some trust, he could help orchestrate some things from the inside, get on Stefan's good side. Have any of you read Othella? [02:29:09] Speaker A: Yes, I remember that one with Desdemona or Ophelia, I can't remember, but it was a sad lady inside of it that died. [02:29:18] Speaker C: It was desdemona ophelia's Hamlet. But anyway, point being is Chris would be our metaphorical Iago and Stefan would be the Othello of this plan. [02:29:33] Speaker B: Guys, I'm not an actor, I'm a musician. [02:29:36] Speaker A: True. This is very true. [02:29:48] Speaker C: Maybe you don't need to lie. Perhaps you just leave out certain parts of the truth. [02:29:56] Speaker D: Technically, that still counts as lying. [02:29:59] Speaker B: Yeah, Sarah would know. [02:30:14] Speaker D: There are a few techniques I know that could help. If you were to meet this Stefan while out of breath, say if I were to chase or all of us were in some kind of showdown, she'll give some air quotes, then it would be harder to tell. [02:30:35] Speaker B: Last time I met him, though, we didn't kind of leave on the friendliest of terms. So what's going to make him believe that I've suddenly turned against all of you guys? [02:30:45] Speaker D: He won't have to. He will just believe that he suddenly has the upper hand. [02:30:49] Speaker A: Because you're being chased by us hunting a child of Loki. [02:30:55] Speaker C: Exactly. Does he know that we know you? If he doesn't, then perhaps we can go based on the story that we found out and earned against you. [02:31:17] Speaker B: Go ahead. [02:31:19] Speaker D: But then behind us is probably a lot of weapons that do explosive damage. [02:31:27] Speaker A: Much like his own plan that almost took out Net. What were you saying, Chris? [02:31:34] Speaker B: I can say that Chris just looks very unhappy at all of this. [02:31:43] Speaker A: How do we make this? [02:31:47] Speaker C: I'll say we're not going to force you to do this plan if you aren't for it, Chris. We're just sort of workshopping at this point to see what we could potentially do. If it's something you're adamantly against, we can find another option. [02:32:05] Speaker B: Yeah, only as much as he's going to see right through me instantly because I'm not a good liar. So it's not a matter of omitting the truth. I'm just no good at this shit. [02:32:19] Speaker C: I'm not so sure, since we're playing on his resentment at this point. He resents the other pantheons, or at least the ace here, at the very least, for his treatment as a scion of Loki by pulling on those emotional threads within him, by saying, we turned on you because we found out he may be too angry to notice your lies and maybe the best hope. [02:32:47] Speaker A: We all have different abilities. If we do enough things that can possibly lower his attention or whatever would make him see through our lie or your possible lies, if we do enough things to kind of whittle him down, maybe it give you a little bit more well, whittle him down, buff up your lies. You know what I mean? [02:33:17] Speaker D: I think you all are overcomplicating this. It's Pale. [02:33:22] Speaker A: Pale. Okay. Pale says we're overcomplicating this. [02:33:29] Speaker D: Why did he reach out to Chris and nobody. [02:33:40] Speaker A: Chris, why did he only reach out to you? [02:33:46] Speaker B: Probably because I was the only other sign of Loki, and he wanted to appeal to that. [02:33:53] Speaker D: Because you're family. [02:33:58] Speaker B: Yeah, I pretty much told him to fuck off, though. [02:34:04] Speaker D: That doesn't necessarily mean anything. If he's living the kind of existence that one would expect from a scion who knows that they're a scion and whose divine Iker is activated but was never claimed and is having to live among people who aren't even people. [02:34:26] Speaker A: Buddha's relaying this, but in the most roundabout way possible. [02:34:33] Speaker D: When you are kind of dancing around it and not being straightforward and just repeating what he says. He, like, nips your arm and looks annoyed, like he's trying to make a very specific point, and you are making it difficult. [02:34:49] Speaker A: I think Paley's saying, well, Stefan is reaching out to you because he's lonely. Because he's lonely, I guess. So maybe you have an upper hand that in mind. [02:35:12] Speaker C: Sounds like he may be desperate. He may not even care that you're lying. He wants that connection so badly. [02:35:20] Speaker D: I think he at least might be open to speaking to Chris again because he knows that Chris is probably one of the only living connections he has in the world. I mean, the Fenris wolves are technically family to any scion of Loki, but it's not the same. [02:35:45] Speaker C: In that case, we might not even need to trick Stefan. We just more or less say that you want to talk to him again. You get to pick the location. And he walks right into a trap we have set up. [02:36:04] Speaker D: Pele sort of reaches out with the paw and just sort of touches Oliver's arm, like, just this little moment of approval, like, finally, somebody gets it. [02:36:13] Speaker C: Thank you. [02:36:18] Speaker D: There's a purr, and then he will drop what's left of his mouse on your plate. [02:36:22] Speaker C: Oh, that's all right. You can have the rest. We'll just slide it back over. It's a very nice gesture, though. [02:36:43] Speaker A: It yeah, well, it's something we can put on the list, but let's also think about some backups to our backups to our backups to our backups backups, because we can deal with this guy. But what if what's her name, he brings an army? Yeah, or the lady's waiting in the background. We don't know if she has this weakness. Well, she probably doesn't. [02:37:17] Speaker C: Regardless, the merit of this revised plan is that you wouldn't have to lie to him at all. You just say you want to see him again, and that is very true. We do want to see him again. [02:37:43] Speaker A: At the very least, I'm pretty sure he wants to get rid of Sarah. [02:37:52] Speaker B: Yeah, he does. [02:37:54] Speaker D: Cool. Good to know. [02:37:57] Speaker A: Yeah. [02:37:58] Speaker B: You, more than anyone else. [02:38:05] Speaker A: I hate to say this, but two baits so we can work on the bait part. As we're working on this, we also got to think of where to bring them and how to get it ready to explode. Although I'm not really a fan of buildings exploding, because not only is that obviously sure, we're getting rid of this guy, but now that's ruining the neighborhood and possibly others around us could get hurt. And I get it that we're taking out this big bad, but also there's still the humans that are living their everyday lives that could be fucked up because of this nonsense going on. So maybe we shouldn't ruin the lives of people who have no idea of what's going on. Just saying. [02:38:53] Speaker C: Agree. [02:38:54] Speaker A: That could be, like, the home of some homeless people or some people that. [02:38:58] Speaker D: You could also talk to. Net and Kareem. I'm sure one of them knows an expert in explosives who could probably set up a controlled explosion. [02:39:09] Speaker A: This is true, right? You guys didn't hear that? We could probably reach out to Kareem and Ned about that. So I guess we just gotta figure out what's our next steps now. I think we have something like it. [02:39:35] Speaker C: If something's taking form. But then we also have to consider how these Sphinx come into play. Apparently, they're tied to our prophecy somehow. [02:39:47] Speaker A: And we have to answer a riddle. I think that's the hardest part in all of this. She says this, but she's also, like, joking, obviously. Angels and sphinxes and wolves and sad brothers. Goodness. [02:40:03] Speaker D: Oh, my pele sort of looks among all of you before Coda hears the sphinxes. While part of your prophecy may not have anything to do with the Fenris wolves, I'm sure all of you heard things that were specific to you. Not all of those things are necessarily associated with what is happening right now. It is just things that will have meaning for you at some point. I find it difficult to believe that sphinxes would be tied up with the wolves. [02:40:52] Speaker A: Yeah. I should just keep it in, though, because right again, Pale was saying that sphinxes may not immediately be a problem because technically we all did get some spiel told to us. But I would still keep it in mind because literally anything could be after us. All right, so we learn. [02:41:32] Speaker C: Next step, let's assume we're doing this plan. What's our next step? Find a way to contact him. Organize it. That's even if we're truly going to go through with this. Like I said, Chris, if it's not something you want to do, since you would be a key part of the plan, we're not going to force you. We can find something else that could work. [02:42:07] Speaker B: Well, as I said, he only got to speak to me for, like, 30 seconds and realize I'm lying. [02:42:18] Speaker A: Did he give you his phone number? [02:42:22] Speaker B: Yeah. He also texted me the other day, and I didn't give him my number, so I think he already got us our numbers. Anyway. [02:42:33] Speaker C: Like I said, you wouldn't really need to lie to him. You would just say that you want to meet, and then once he gets into the proper location, we spring it on. Not much conversation would be needed. [02:42:53] Speaker B: Well, if it's something you want me to do, I'll do it. [02:42:56] Speaker A: Hmm. Well, I guess before we get there well, either person who would be the bait, we got to know what his plans are. So maybe that's what we focus on now, is figuring out where he is and what he's doing. [02:43:35] Speaker C: We can also run our thoughts by Ned and Kareem and see if they can give us any other additional insight. [02:43:40] Speaker A: Yes, and see if maybe Kareem knows anyone that can backwards hack a phone, because then we can maybe I mean, I'm sure I don't think he'd be dumb enough to keep the same phone on him, because that's how you get caught. So I feel like he should have a burner phone, but if he doesn't have a burner phone, maybe we can work backwards, see where he was or last was, and work from there. [02:44:12] Speaker C: Well, assuming he's expecting or at least hoping to hear from Chris, switching phone numbers would not be the best way to go about that. [02:44:24] Speaker A: That's true. So he probably still has the same phone number, so we could probably work backwards, and at least that can help us find where he is. And I'm not sure how your fate thing works. [02:44:38] Speaker C: I'm not sure either. [02:44:40] Speaker A: Yeah, that's true. Right, because we did literally just figure this get into this. But maybe we can figure out if any one of us is fate bound to him. And maybe we can work backwards that way to see a little bit more into what he's doing. [02:45:04] Speaker C: Most likely candidate for someone who's fate bound to him would be Chris. But I'm not sure if I can work off of his threads. I think it has to be based off mine. Possibly. Again, I'm not totally sure on this. And I may already have some loose connection to him. I might not. We may all have a connection to him if we're destined to go toe to toe with him. So because of this. I can attempt to track him, but there's no guarantees. [02:45:36] Speaker D: Would you like to attempt to see if you can figure out if one of you has a tie to him already? [02:45:43] Speaker C: If I can try, then I'll certainly give it a shot. [02:45:47] Speaker A: Doesn't hurt to try. [02:45:50] Speaker D: Let me open your sheet. Um, well, you have unlimited eye. [02:45:59] Speaker A: Yes. [02:46:01] Speaker C: Yes. [02:46:06] Speaker D: Does it cost you Legend to activate that? [02:46:09] Speaker C: It cost me willpower. [02:46:11] Speaker D: Okay. So I would activate unleaded eye to start with. [02:46:23] Speaker C: All right, you can give that a shot as I'll pull out the book, flip through it, finding the right page, and sort of just activating this magic to look at myself and all my compatriots. Sort of see these magic and fate resonating from them. [02:46:41] Speaker D: Okay, I'm just double checking rules of the spell just to make sure that I remember. Okay, so the first thing that you see are the threads that tie the four of you together. You each have threads leading from, like, you know, Oliver has a thread that leads from him to each of his friends. Like each friend has their own thread. These are thicker than normal. They're not crazy thick, but they're thicker than most of the ones that you see. And then there are as you kind of focus past those to others, you notice that there is a different I shouldn't say a different the thread that runs between Chris and Chris and Sarah has a little something extra woven into it. Like it's it's a slightly it's like it's when it was braided. Like it like it's a like it's a braided piece of rope. And when it was braided, part of what made it is slightly different than all of the other fate threads. You can tell that Chris has a new one that you have not seen before. One could assume it might be tied to his brother because they've met now and had direct interaction and it was not there yesterday. The last time you looked at him in this sort of context, which was before the big fight and before meeting Stefan. [02:49:04] Speaker C: Well, I can say certainly has an additional threat due to that. I can assume, based on context goes, that it likely leads to Stefan. But there's no guarantee. It's not like I can see him here. There's also a strange sort of the thread's, a bit different, connecting Chris and Sarah together. Like braided almost. It's different than the other ones I'm seeing. [02:49:37] Speaker D: What? Why? [02:49:39] Speaker C: I don't know. I'm not knowledgeable enough with this make. [02:49:44] Speaker D: An int occult roll. Let's see if you can figure out more about it. [02:50:01] Speaker C: Successes. [02:50:04] Speaker D: You're reasonably certain that it's because Chris was born a scion of Loki and Sarah was born a scion of Adar. This is not to say that she's like, faded to kill him or anything like that, but they have that inherent tie just because of who their parents are. You have to remember that Vidar is not only the one who is supposed to kill the fenris wolf, but he's supposed to be part of one of the main forces that kills most of Loki's children and potentially even Loki himself. Vidar is responsible for a lot. And so this is probably just because of that close tie in the legends. Less so than them personally. [02:51:03] Speaker C: Well best guess is it's sort of like a bit of discord due to your parentages, but it doesn't really mean anything in regards to YouTube specifically. It's sort of just a heritage thing are my best. [02:51:34] Speaker D: The kind of implication is that fate may try to pull them down a very particularly dark path. It is such a minor part of the overall fate thread that it's probably not going to be a powerful enough pull if they don't want it to happen, that it won't. You know what I mean? But there is the chance and there is the likelihood that fate will at least try to nudge them in that direction. [02:52:03] Speaker C: I will give a warning, however, if at some point in the future you start to feel the need or obligation or desire to kill each other, don't. [02:52:17] Speaker D: Just don't. Okay. [02:52:24] Speaker A: Or at least let us know. [02:52:27] Speaker D: I will. [02:52:31] Speaker C: Yes. Anyway, main points there is an additional thread connecting Chris to someone or something and I assume it is Stefan. So out of all is here he is very, very likely to have a connection to him. What we do with that now is something we need to work out. [02:53:02] Speaker F: Yeah. [02:53:07] Speaker A: So we have a way to see somewhat which again that's really cool I must say. So we have that we could ask Net and Kareem about well, explosives and a place to do it. We're working on a way to have decent bait that works for all of us. And then I guess the other thing we have to think about is the wolves and our surprise. You said there was saying this to Sarah now you said there is probably like a hierarchy in their rankings and such. [02:54:04] Speaker D: I mean probably just an educated guess. [02:54:08] Speaker A: Gotcha. So then then we also have this other possible scion to deal with. They may not be as I don't want to say foolish, but you know what I mean. They may not be as easy to. [02:54:24] Speaker C: Fool with our maybe or maybe not. We don't know a whole lot about her, but from what we do know she was quite frigger happy. So we could use that against her. Similar to how Stefan used it against Net. [02:54:45] Speaker A: That's true. So we get them in the same place, which we could be a little well, we can ask Net to see how did he fight because it looks like he just fought with tricks, but we don't know how physically he oliver. [02:55:02] Speaker D: Saw how he fight, how he fought, how he fight. [02:55:08] Speaker A: Oliver make me. [02:55:17] Speaker D: Let's do int and any fighting skill. [02:55:22] Speaker C: Int and any fighting skill while it drives. [02:55:29] Speaker D: Um, and your I'm looking at your sheet. Hold on. [02:55:44] Speaker C: That's six. But if there's something else I need. [02:55:46] Speaker D: To add I will allow you to use intellect if you would like. Your virtue. [02:55:55] Speaker C: Yes, virtue, sure. Just make sure that's the right number. Yes, I was correct. All right. [02:56:14] Speaker D: That's a lot of tens. [02:56:16] Speaker C: Nine, I think. [02:56:18] Speaker D: 2468. And how many epic it do you have? 2246, 811 or ten? Yes, ten. [02:56:35] Speaker A: You. [02:56:38] Speaker D: He fought with Daggers, I believe. Just double check his sheet. Goodness, I've got so many things open. I apologize, guys. Yeah, he fought with daggers and he used a lot of fire. The trickery came in towards the end. Like he he drew her in before he set off the explosives. But before that, he had his blades catch on fire and would do stuff like he didn't seem hurt by the fire at all. And anytime something small caught on fire, it seemed like he could make it stronger or dampen its effects. Once or twice you even saw him kind of get close to one little fire and then reappear up against another one. Like he was teleporting from one fire to the next. [02:58:01] Speaker B: Right? [02:58:02] Speaker D: Well, from he was nowhere near the stronger combatant, but he had some tricks that Net didn't have. Net mostly kept up because she's fast in terms of actually being in physical combat with him all the time. [02:58:23] Speaker C: So from what I saw in my vision, used Daggers. He had a sort of affinity for flame. He had some kind of measure of control over it. And compared to Nat, he seemed like the weaker combatant, but had his trickery on his side. But thinking about it, I think the bait or using Sarah as a bait in regards to him is not the ideal one. I feel as if he has a certain level of competency to not get swayed by that. And Chris would be the stronger choice. However, the other woman spoke to Sarah directly. She seemed particularly bloodthirsty towards Sarah. So using Sarah as bait against her, however, might be far more substantial in effectiveness. [02:59:20] Speaker D: I kind of just want to know what I did. [02:59:25] Speaker C: I don't know if you did anything. I think you just simply exist in regards to her. She hates you just for existing. [02:59:47] Speaker D: Sarah just, like, starts rubbing her temples. [02:59:55] Speaker C: My best assumption is it has something to do with both you being an Azer, which they seem to be quite angry towards for being rejected by them effectively or neglected. It's a better term. But also with you being a scion of Vidar, the person who is meant to survive and I guess as a sort of way to prove that wrong, they want to get rid of you. They don't think it's fair that you get to survive, so they want to stop it. [03:00:30] Speaker D: Coda hears into her head. It is not uncommon for grudges against the parents to fall upon the children in this life. [03:00:49] Speaker A: That'S some dumb shit. Pretty much. Pele was saying it's not common or it's not uncommon for the kids to kind know, hate the pretty much they carry on whatever their parents hated each other for. The kids do it too. Kind of like what Net was maybe even a little bit like what Net was talking about was like the guy and the girl and then every time she's always getting chased by Titans bonds and he's always saving her and then they're in a couple. Seems to have something to do with this state, just makes things happen kind of situation. So I guess hopefully it doesn't happen where you one day want to kill Chris. But I guess we don't have to think about that right now. [03:01:53] Speaker D: Chris is no longer a scion of Loki. Well, he never was because Loki is not here to claim him. So I do not believe that it will ever come to that unless he turns his back on his new parentage. [03:02:14] Speaker A: All right, well. [03:02:18] Speaker C: Point being for the here and now, she has a grudge against you, Sarah. And we can use that to our advantage. [03:02:29] Speaker D: Well, speaking of that, following that pattern, who's usually the one that defeats Loki? [03:02:38] Speaker C: Bring to story ragnarok. Turn that over to Chris. He would likely know. [03:02:48] Speaker A: That was Vidar. That does that. [03:02:50] Speaker D: No, it's it's heimdall out of character. I think Damien might be might be dealing with the fact that he's not feeling super well, but Pale lakota will hear the sigh in her head. Heimdall kills Loki. Vidar kills most of Loki's children. [03:03:20] Speaker A: Paley says hogging dogs. [03:03:24] Speaker D: Heimdall heim doll. I mean, I didn't think lactose intolerance would get a god, but the possibility was always there. [03:03:37] Speaker A: Listen, we're not all invincible, but yes. [03:03:42] Speaker D: If a cat could heavy sigh. You're all sure that Pele is doing it? [03:03:49] Speaker A: Hindall. And I believe he said Loki. Just hold on. I'm so sorry. My cat has been trying to hop on my chair this entire time. Yeah, but I think it's just Loki who just kind of got or not Loki. Vidar just kind of got rid of Loki's kids pretty much. And eventually, hopefully, maybe loki. But it's the other guy that got. [03:04:26] Speaker D: Rid of. [03:04:29] Speaker A: Loki, supposedly. [03:04:33] Speaker C: Still point still stands. They don't like you because of your father, and that gives you an advantage against them. [03:04:49] Speaker D: Well, I guess we've kind of figured out how to rope in Scion guy. But what about the rest of the wolves? [03:05:02] Speaker C: That is a concern. If they were to bring all those wolves with them, maybe the explosion would help take care of them. But if not, that's still an army we have to deal with. [03:05:18] Speaker D: Fire seemed to work well last time, and I am, I will say it again, hobby lobbies are mostly abandoned. [03:05:30] Speaker A: This makes me wonder can other and she's asking this to the group? Yeah, no, she's just asking it to group. I'll probably ask Net too, but can other Scions tell if other Scions are other people are Scions sometimes, because maybe he's the reason why lately, Titans or Titans or the Titan spawns have been able to find other Scions or a little baby science. So that could slow down this whole thing that's been happening lately at the same time. Well, no. The Sphinx, maybe that's a far reach. Maybe that's just a far reach. So I won't say that one, but. [03:06:28] Speaker C: Maybe but you might be onto something. My stone, at the very least, lets me know if other Scions are in the same pantheon as I am. But knowing just if someone is a Scion at all, that's likely a skill that some may have. [03:06:47] Speaker D: You have been told a few times now that it was believed to be impossible that someone could tell apart an awakened or visited Scion and one who was not or you know what I mean? It was believed to be impossible that somebody could tell that someone was destined to be a Scion or had the potential to be a Scion until recently. This is very new, and none of the gods understand how it's happening. [03:07:22] Speaker A: Yes. [03:07:26] Speaker D: And that part of why gods leave their children rather than raising them is because it is actually safer to have that child go out into the world and live as a normal part of mortal society, away from any sort of divine influence. Because you guys have seen what can happen if things get dangerous and dicey. You guys have lived through that. Yeah. They said that it was not only unusual, it was completely unheard of, that somebody could find could figure out who was meant to be a Scion before they became a Scion. [03:08:19] Speaker C: Feels as if we have too many blank spaces in our knowledge. Makes it hard to know what we should do next. We have this plant. I'm coming together, but the next step that we actually take, I'm not sure. [03:08:47] Speaker A: Well, at the very least, our next step could be just talking to Net and Green, because at the very least, we know what we roughly want to do. So if we just let them know because they've been doing this for a while now, then they can start talk, finding explosives, finding a place where we can lure Stefan, and maybe having more experienced brains can help us whittle out or fill in some of the cracks that we don't have filled in yet. And also, my mom feels weird saying that. My mom did say that Sarah should probably also reach out to her, to Vidar as well, because he may know a little bit something about getting rid of pesky dogs. So that might help too. We might have a little bit of guidance there, and maybe your dad too. Maybe we all reach out to our parents. [03:09:59] Speaker C: I was not given a way to contact OGMA, I'm afraid, but should he have any vital information to tell us, I'm sure. He'll make himself known. [03:10:15] Speaker A: This is true. [03:10:18] Speaker D: You may not have a direct tie to OGMA, but you do know a very easy way to get a hold of your, shall we say, auntie. The scariest auntie to ever auntie. [03:10:40] Speaker C: I could potentially use the book to contact my contact, the Morgan, or, like. [03:10:49] Speaker D: Any corvid, really, especially crows. [03:10:55] Speaker C: Or if I find a particular bird, I could do it as well. So let's start with the easiest, at least scary of the options, which is tell Ned and Cream about this, and then, depending on what we learn from there, reach out to our respective divine patrons and get as much information as we can. [03:11:24] Speaker D: As Oliver says, that Sarah will actually whip out her super awesome mystical phone and pull out the business card she was given and shoot off an email to Vidar. Okay, I assume that between sessions you will let me know what the email says, or you can say it now if you know exactly what it's going to say. Just very short in business format. Hello, I hope you're having a good day. Comma. Enter. Get the chance. I have a few questions and would like to speak, period. Enter. Enter. Very respectfully, Sarah Baxter. And send. Good lord, Sarah is so boring sometimes. Okay, cool. You send off your email assuming that it will end up with your father at some point. [03:12:23] Speaker C: I look over his shoulder. Oh, yes. Very good email. Nice professional structure to it. [03:12:29] Speaker A: It's not a straight emoji in it. [03:12:35] Speaker D: Oh, my God. [03:12:36] Speaker C: In a professional email? No, you don't do that. [03:12:38] Speaker A: You sure can. I've seen it before. Come on. [03:12:41] Speaker D: You're not supposed to at the times. [03:12:43] Speaker A: Says who? [03:12:44] Speaker C: Says just business etiquette. [03:12:48] Speaker A: Right. [03:12:50] Speaker D: As a general reminder, I'm not sure if Sticker remembers this, but you did get a call from Kareem last session, so you have his number. [03:12:59] Speaker A: Oh, I did not remember that. [03:13:02] Speaker D: Doesn't have her phone, but Kareem has his. [03:13:05] Speaker A: Cool. So then she's going to text Kareem and go, hey, my mom's gone, so you guys can come back now. We have a few questions and possibly question mark. Question mark, question mark. Some ideas and or plans, and we'd like your input. Heart emoji. Cool. See you soon. Bye. [03:13:26] Speaker D: Good Lord, Kareem. [03:13:29] Speaker E: Kareem texts her back in all caps. Excellent. Well, I'll be right over with six exclamation points, like an X date. [03:13:40] Speaker D: Oh, my God. [03:13:41] Speaker A: This person knows how to text. [03:13:45] Speaker D: Kareem texts like an old man. It takes about 1015 minutes before Kareem and Net show back up. Net is in clothes that are obviously hers and not just clothes that were bought or provided by the hotel. She went out and found, like, a head wrap type thing that's around her head now and has utilized some makeup to do things like fill in her eyebrows so that she doesn't look like a naked mole rat anymore. [03:14:30] Speaker E: Well, covering up explosions and fenris chases is exhausting, but I got the Dixie Mafia to take the blame this time, so that'll be fun. So what's your question? [03:14:50] Speaker D: Well, we don't ask questions when he says things like that. We just accept it and move on. Safer for everybody. [03:14:56] Speaker C: Yes. Effectively, we are putting a bit of a plan together on how to lure in these scions working for the Titans and want some feedback on it. [03:15:11] Speaker E: Okay, so where and how are you planning to lure in these Titans? I mean, these Scions that serve Titans. [03:15:25] Speaker C: That'S still being workshop. But effectively the plan is to use Chris as baits for Stefan and Sarah as bait for the other woman, to get them into an ideal location and potentially do what Stefan did and blow them up. [03:15:49] Speaker E: Well, that sounds like a very easy way to get yourselves in trouble. [03:16:00] Speaker C: Would be. [03:16:05] Speaker E: Is that your whole plan? [03:16:08] Speaker C: Not exactly. That's just sort of the Cliff Notes version. [03:16:12] Speaker A: Yeah, that's the skeleton of it. Now we need the guts and the skin and the clothing. [03:16:22] Speaker D: This got really morbid. So what do you guys need from us? [03:16:32] Speaker A: A safe way to do an explosion. That's not the dumb thing that Stefan did. Because while, yes, we're Scions and we're saving other scions, there's also everyday people that are living their everyday lives that I'd like for us to not fully interrupt and or harm. [03:16:46] Speaker D: And two, need someone who can set up controlled explosions. [03:16:51] Speaker A: Yes, and two, a good place to do this. [03:16:59] Speaker C: There's plenty of other more steps we're going to need to work out, but without either of those, the plane doesn't really have legs to stand on at all. [03:17:07] Speaker E: I mean, I can't think of a good place to set up an explosion or to lure in a rogue Scion. But I guess the best place would probably be an ambush in the wildwoods. [03:17:24] Speaker D: Right? [03:17:25] Speaker E: Far from civilization. [03:17:29] Speaker D: Or if you want to risk if we're using explosives though, and you do it in the woods, you're risking forest. [03:17:38] Speaker A: Fires, impossible animals being hurt. [03:17:43] Speaker D: Abandoned places and cities are always a thing. There's always some derelict building or warehouse. We just have to take the time to make sure that there's no squatters. [03:18:00] Speaker A: Yeah. Is there any places that are scheduled to be torn down anyway? So then we're just kind of I. [03:18:08] Speaker D: Mean, there's always places like that. It just depends on what city you want and things like that. My concern is how do we make sure that you guys don't get caught in the explosion? [03:18:29] Speaker C: I was thinking the same thing. Since the plan is to lure Stefan in with basically Chris claiming that he wants to talk to him, and then lure the other woman in just by saying Sarah's really there since she seems to have a grudge. But then if we're going to ignite the explosion, we need to make sure the two of them are not in the radius. [03:18:52] Speaker D: And how do you guys keep them in one place? Well, long enough to actually kill them. Also, how are you guys going to handle the fact that fire doesn't hurt him? [03:19:08] Speaker C: Right? There is also that. [03:19:13] Speaker A: Fire doesn't hurt him. [03:19:15] Speaker C: No, he has control over it, but I saw that that's sloppy on my part. [03:19:21] Speaker D: He's got more than control on it. He can teleport from one fire to the other. He could be out of there before the building comes down. [03:19:30] Speaker A: So fire may not hurt him. We could use fire to lead him to a place that he can't escape from, and then we just, I don't know, crush him. [03:19:45] Speaker E: Or shrapnel and wire might be able to hurt him, depending. [03:19:50] Speaker D: Yeah. I'm not saying that the rest of the explosion can't hurt him, but if there's fire around, he's going to be able to get away. [03:19:56] Speaker A: Yeah. So we use controlled fire. So I've seen this in a couple of movies where they'll have a trail of gasoline or something like that. If he thinks, wow, look at this fire that I'm going to follow, I'm going to use this to get out. Wow, those kids are so stupid. Little does he know we're leading him to the actual trap. So a trap within a trap within a trap. So he goes to this place where he thinks, oh, I'm going to escape out the back door. Bam. Locks him in, and we crush him. Or another explosion or something triggers water, dumps out of a bucket or something. He gets trapped, and you got to play with your prey. So he thinks that he knows what's going on, but all that's actually happening is that we're just leading him into another trap. [03:20:42] Speaker E: Okay, I love that you're having fun with this, but this is not what if we used gas? What if we trapped him somewhere in an enclosed location? [03:21:00] Speaker D: No fire at all, just toxicity. [03:21:05] Speaker E: Yes. [03:21:11] Speaker D: Not a bad thought, but we don't know if he's tough enough to handle poisons. That's one of the biggest flaws with fighting one of us, is you never know what someone is truly capable of, especially from a physical perspective, because you can access those physical parts of your gifts without even having relics. [03:21:42] Speaker C: We also know that at least compared to net, he's not as good of a combatant. So if we find a way to negate any way for him to move about, hinder his mobility so snuff out all fires, we could just fight him the old fashioned way. [03:22:01] Speaker D: You could trap him? Yeah, one on one. I could take him, but then that means leaving somebody to deal with the wolves. If we flip the script, though, you guys fight him. [03:22:20] Speaker E: I don't love the idea of luring a scion of Loki into a trap. In general, though, I mean, there's always the risk. Know a god of lies and tricks would know passed on the ability to sort of anticipate whatever we would be planning. We'd never. [03:22:52] Speaker D: Mean that's. Kind of the whole thing, right? There's always going to be a level of uncertainty. This isn't one of those things. We can go in knowing exactly every angle, unfortunately, if only because this is a scion of Loki and he's an unclaimed scion. So we don't know the full extent of everything he can do. We don't know. I know what he's capable of in close combat because I've fought him, but we don't know what he's going to have planned or what he would necessarily have anticipate or figure out. But I will say this. From what I know of what I know of the Acer, and honestly, most pantheons, is that the biggest downfall of any god is the fact that they are, at their core, people. You need to target the thing that makes him a person, not just a scion. Yes, target the thing that's closest to his heart, whatever that is. If he seems really attached to the wolves, use the wolves against him. I don't know if it's a pride thing. You could try and play on his pride, though. I wouldn't hang my hat on that, because the things that he's proud of may not be anything that you would think about. [03:24:37] Speaker C: What he wants is a connection with Chris. [03:24:44] Speaker D: I guess that makes sense. I mean, he ended up with the Fenris wolves of all the Titan spawn. They're direct descendants of Loki themselves. They're effectively his, like, nieces and nephews. Sounds like his downfall is family. At least that's where his interest seems to be. If he reached out to Chris specifically and wanted that connection, I'd guess that it has to do with family. [03:25:23] Speaker C: I agree. [03:25:29] Speaker E: But how are we aside from using Chris's bait? [03:25:34] Speaker C: Yes, I had a thought to threaten him, but I don't enjoy the thought of that at all. I don't want to say, do what we want or I'll kill my friend. I don't think you'd even believe a bluff like that. Nor do I want to pose. [03:25:49] Speaker D: Maybe not from you. [03:25:53] Speaker C: But potentially from Sarah. [03:25:56] Speaker D: She's looking at Kareem. [03:26:00] Speaker C: Or kareem never. [03:26:02] Speaker D: Known anyone who could sell anything the way that Kareem can. And if he thinks that we're after Chris, he's a lot more likely to be scared for him. [03:26:17] Speaker E: Yeah. [03:26:18] Speaker D: And it means that the rest of you can stick together. [03:26:25] Speaker E: So you'd want me to parlay or to threaten? [03:26:29] Speaker D: Make the threat. Yeah. Yes. I can help say that I found out about their family connection. I'm not much of a liar, but I'm always with you, so it would stand a reason that we'd be working together. [03:26:46] Speaker C: Well, the worry is that Chris doesn't find himself to be much of a liar either and feels he might give it away. [03:26:53] Speaker D: Chris doesn't have to well, I mean, he might have to lie in text message, but it's a lot easier to lie in a text message than it is to lie in person or on a phone call. [03:27:09] Speaker E: Chris not going to be lying. We're going to be economical with the truth. [03:27:16] Speaker B: No, that's lying. [03:27:17] Speaker C: Yeah, we've already been through that. [03:27:21] Speaker E: Well, it was worth a try. [03:27:25] Speaker C: I more or less tried the same argument, but he's firm on the matter, and I agree to an extent. [03:27:35] Speaker D: Are you entirely against us doing the lying for you? [03:27:42] Speaker B: I don't mind lying, full stop. I just can't do it myself. [03:27:47] Speaker D: Then we do the lying. You send him a text message, we can tell you exactly what to say, and then from there on, all the lies come from Kareem. You guys stick together. Which I think would be less suspicious than you suddenly all turning on one of your own. Make us the bad guys. We've proven we can handle the army. [03:28:24] Speaker E: And we have a history with Stefan as. He'd remember us. He'd remember Net? Certainly. [03:28:35] Speaker D: Oh, he would. [03:28:37] Speaker C: And it would be reasonable if net, you said that you wanted to harm Chris to get back at Stefan in some way. [03:28:48] Speaker D: Yeah, drop the news that Kareem and I found out about Chris's true heritage and the family connection, and I snapped, and now I'm hunting you. [03:29:05] Speaker E: We could make it a whole family thing. We'll hurt your kin to avenge our kin. [03:29:12] Speaker C: We're also waiting to hear back from Vidar to see if he has any tips or aid he can provide in this. And I need to go find a bird at some point. [03:29:23] Speaker D: A bird? [03:29:24] Speaker C: A crow, or even Odin. [03:29:28] Speaker D: Thought you were Irish. [03:29:30] Speaker C: I am. I need to speak with the. [03:29:32] Speaker D: Oh, right, right. She's scary. I try not to think about her. [03:29:38] Speaker C: She's intimidating, but I enjoy her. Press. Puts things into. [03:29:46] Speaker D: You'Re. Weird. [03:29:48] Speaker C: Um, so I've been told. [03:29:53] Speaker D: Net looks deeply uncomfortable at just the mention of the Morgan. It's easy to assume that if they haven't met, she has maybe met one of the Morrigan's kids and was deeply put off. [03:30:07] Speaker E: Kareem is the opposite. For what it's worth, I really respect the Morrigan. You know, she's one of the few deities who really understands the power of truth and lies. [03:30:23] Speaker D: You're weird, too. [03:30:24] Speaker C: Tell her you said that. [03:30:32] Speaker D: Okay, so we do the lying. [03:30:38] Speaker A: Pitch. [03:30:39] Speaker D: It that we've turned on you guys, or at least on Chris, and you guys, by default, set up a time and a place. Are we going with the explosion or not going with the explosion idea? [03:30:59] Speaker C: Knowing with Stefan's skill set, it might not be ideal. It would be good against this lieutenant of his and the wolves, but if it gives him an edge, gives him an out, it's not the best idea. We can do a concussive blast instead. [03:31:17] Speaker E: Yeah, I was going to say, would non incendiary bombs have the same? He wouldn't be immune to them. [03:31:27] Speaker D: Probably not. I mean, they probably wouldn't you wouldn't be immune to them if there wasn't fire involved, so you could probably do concussive stuff. Sure. So you need a place where we could pull this off okay, well, if we're not using fire, I may know who we can call. [03:32:06] Speaker A: All right. [03:32:09] Speaker D: I'm going to have to owe him a few favors, but I think he'll let us utilize one of his places. [03:32:21] Speaker C: Is this another sion? [03:32:23] Speaker D: Damon? Damon owns a lot of properties, and not all of them are worked all the so all right, he could probably loan us one of his places that isn't currently in use. He just bought a few parcels of land kind of all over the place just in case he ever needs to move. So just means I have to ask him to give one of them up. But as long as we're not anywhere he's growing, it shouldn't be a problem. [03:33:08] Speaker A: Oh, we should have given him some of the blueberry moonshine from the sybil. [03:33:16] Speaker D: That sounds yummy. [03:33:17] Speaker A: Would I like that? [03:33:18] Speaker C: Yeah, could be a bargaining chip, but still, even though we're switching to a concussive blast, it's still a matter of how do we keep us outside of that blast, or at least be protected from it when it goes off to catch the others. [03:33:38] Speaker D: If you know where it's coming from and how powerful it is, you know what kind of distance you need to keep. So you just have to get the specs from whoever the designer is and make sure that whoever is using it has really good aim. [03:33:59] Speaker C: Well, my concern is not so much the range itself, but it's finding the method for us to be out of it, but they to be within it without catching on. [03:34:13] Speaker D: I mean, I assumed you would set it off after the fight had already started. [03:34:24] Speaker C: That could work. [03:34:29] Speaker A: Oh, I see. Yeah, that would make sense. And at the very least. [03:34:37] Speaker D: We could. [03:34:37] Speaker A: Always figure out remote activation. Or at least one of us is pretty or sorry, at least two of us are pretty good with long distant shooting and stuff, so if anything backsfires, they can always set it off with a. [03:35:01] Speaker D: Okay. Um, I'll make some calls and see if Damon can give up some space or know somebody who could give up some space Fareem. Do you have some connections that could hook us up with the proper explosives? Sure. [03:35:20] Speaker E: I'll call my wife. [03:35:23] Speaker D: Perfect. Tell her I said hi. [03:35:30] Speaker E: Of course. [03:35:37] Speaker A: Is your wife Asia? [03:35:40] Speaker E: No, but she's trustworthy. [03:35:42] Speaker C: Okay, so I was taken back by the information a little bit. Not that I'm surprised you have a wife. It's just she's also surprising to me. [03:35:52] Speaker D: But in a really fun way. [03:35:58] Speaker C: I don't know what that means, but in a sense, I feel like that carries your point across, because I find that scary. [03:36:06] Speaker D: There aren't very many mortals that would make me think twice. She's one of them. [03:36:16] Speaker E: Yeah, she's a special woman. [03:36:21] Speaker A: Wait, so the Scions also have scion kids? [03:36:27] Speaker D: Okay, that's a big question. So here's the thing about Scion heritage. In theory, Scions can have children who carry the potential for divinity themselves, but the further they get away from the source, so to speak, the thinner the blood gets in, the less likely. But there's also the reality that some scions go on to become gods themselves. And if that happens and they had a kid before they were a god, they can go to that kid and perform a visitation and make them a scion if they choose to. [03:37:19] Speaker A: Okay. [03:37:22] Speaker D: It's not completely unheard of that a god shows up to their grandchild and is like, hey, your dad was a scion, and you've got enough of my blood in you that I could make you a scion too. It's not impossible. It's not something that happens a lot, though. [03:37:47] Speaker A: The more you know. [03:37:49] Speaker C: Indeed. [03:37:51] Speaker E: So your kids are likely to be safer or to live safer lives than you if you have kids. [03:37:59] Speaker D: Yes. [03:38:00] Speaker A: Right? [03:38:05] Speaker D: Yeah. But the fact that there's still a chance still bothers me. [03:38:10] Speaker C: A chance and fact they're involved in our very dangerous lives is still a target on their backs, and that's been disconcerting. [03:38:22] Speaker A: Well, let's stop thinking about our children to come and let's think about us that who need to live for another day before we can even think about having children. [03:38:32] Speaker C: Right. So those arrangements, you guys will handle those. I'm going to go find a bird, and we'll go from there, I suppose. [03:38:48] Speaker A: Team break. [03:38:51] Speaker D: Okay. Before we wrap up for the evening, we will have Oliver go find a bird. Oliver, how would you like to go about this? [03:39:07] Speaker C: I am going to hope, for the moment, just sort of walk around, hope to find a court of some kind. But if I can't do that, and it makes sense if I potentially can't maybe see there's like a zoo nearby or something where corvids might be located. [03:39:24] Speaker D: Well, so corvids are ridiculously common. Right. It doesn't take a lot. You find your way to an open park, and you eventually find you're not sure if they're ravens or crows, but they're definitely core feds. [03:39:49] Speaker C: I will walk up to them hoping they don't immediately fly away from me. [03:39:55] Speaker D: Most of them do, but one of them that you notice as the others are kind of lifting off away from it is bigger, and its wings are just a little bit more they have a little bit more of that blue sheen that a lot of really dark black wings get or feathers get. So they're a little bit more blue and a little bit shinier. And overall, this bird is much bigger than the others, and it seems unusually calm when you walk up, and it just sort of regards you. [03:40:37] Speaker C: I'll sort of crouch down and reach into my jack and kind of pull out like a breakfast bar. I grab from the hotel and break off a piece and give it to the bird. Right. So assuming this works, if you could I would like it if you could carry a message to the Morgan whenever you can that Oliver Bright would like to speak of her whenever she has the opportunity. [03:41:05] Speaker D: There's a moment where the bird just seems to be interested in the breakfast bar and not you, and you almost think that maybe you should just get up and walk away. And then this weird, like, half croaked voice answers. Do you wish to speak with her or with your father? [03:41:34] Speaker C: Seeing as we're making some battle plans here, my father would probably be ideal, but I'll take either one. [03:41:51] Speaker D: There's another long pause, and the bird doesn't seem to be paying you much mind before it kind of ruffles its feather and looks at you again. [03:42:06] Speaker C: Um. [03:42:09] Speaker D: Your father insists that specifics should be answered with specific questions, or specific questions should be answered specifically. [03:42:25] Speaker C: I would prefer OGMA. [03:42:33] Speaker D: It kind of ruffles its feathers again, and then it kind of walks around you in the grass to where your pocket is and pecks at your pocket, like your pant leg pocket. [03:42:46] Speaker C: Sort of reach in there and see if there's anything in there. [03:42:49] Speaker D: You've got some change and stuff, and the second you pull it out, it steals, like, the biggest, shiniest quarter you've got and flies away. [03:42:59] Speaker C: I thought the bar was going to be payment enough, but Porter works as well. I'll put the rest of my change back. [03:43:11] Speaker D: Okay, well, it's been a very interesting and role play heavy session, and this is about where we will wrap it up unless anybody else has anything that they wish to do before we call it for the night. [03:43:33] Speaker A: No? [03:43:33] Speaker D: Okay, well, thank you for joining us tonight, everybody. We look forward to seeing you next week when we see what other kind of trouble our scions can get up to. Have a nice night. Bye.

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