Episode 6

October 20, 2023


S1 Ep6: Carry On Wayward Son

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Hallowed Haven Studios
S1 Ep6: Carry On Wayward Son
Apotheosis : A Scion RPG Actual Play
S1 Ep6: Carry On Wayward Son

Oct 20 2023 | 03:52:30


Show Notes

The Band meets a Scion of Dionysus and gets to experience the mellow side of divinity before meeting up with Nett and Karim to help rescue a couple of unawakened Scions from the Fenris Wolf Army. Kris meets a previously unknown relative.

Coda Massaquoi - Sticker
Kris Strom - Damien Gerard
Oliver Bright - Gary
Sarah Baxter - Cyan

Karim - Jazzy
Stefan Vargr - Good Old Heretic

Storyteller - Bloodied Porcelain

Opening Theme: Black Sun by C.K. Martin

Character Art Commissioned From: https://www.instagram.com/lufelufa29/

Listener Discretion Advised. This show is intended for a mature audience.

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:30] Speaker A: Hello. This is Sticker, and I'm playing Coda Massacoi, the scion of Bastet. [00:00:36] Speaker B: Hi there. [00:00:37] Speaker C: My name is Damien Gerard, and I'll be playing Chris Strom, the scion of Artemis. [00:00:42] Speaker D: Hello, I'm Gary, and I'll be playing Oliver Bright, the scion of OGMA. [00:00:49] Speaker E: Hello, I'm Cyan, and I'm playing Sarah Baxter, the scion of Vidahar. [00:00:56] Speaker F: And I'm bloodied porcelain. I will be your storyteller for the evening. Hello, players. It's been a little bit. Welcome back. Good to be back. [00:01:09] Speaker D: This good to be back. [00:01:10] Speaker F: In our last episode, you guys went and met a seer, a sybil, to be exact, who gave you all personal portents as well as an overall group prophecy talking about ancients wanting to break free from their prisons and wanting to rule again. You left there, and as soon as you were outside of the cave, you got the news that your friends net and Moira and Kareem had been on a mission to protect several unawakened scions and they were on a mission to protect several unawakened scions and were jumped, ambushed. Moira turned back to buy Net and Kareem time to get the new scions to safety, but unfortunately did not make it out alive. You found this out at the same time that you found out that you had lost five days in that cave. What had only felt like hours to you had been days outside. Net requested that she was going to get an address to you and that you go and you meet up with a friend of hers to retrieve some supplies that that friend was keeping for her because she was going to need you to help her and Kareem finish another mission now that they were a man down. You visited a museum to see an Egyptian display there, and you met up with Artemis, who bought you authentic Greek food and had a discussion with all of you about your last fight and the things that you had learned from your trip to the civil. You also had the opportunity to meet Hermes, who delivered the address to this friend of Nets. And I believe that that's where we left off. I don't think I left anything out, but it's been two weeks, and I was a little high on cold medication at the time, so if I'm missing anything, please feel free to fill me in. [00:04:26] Speaker D: We visited that museum, didn't we? [00:04:29] Speaker F: Yes, I did mention the museum. [00:04:31] Speaker D: You did? [00:04:32] Speaker F: Yes. [00:04:35] Speaker A: Oh, yeah. The eyeball opened. [00:04:38] Speaker F: Yes. And Mr. Cat was sent off to make contact with Bastet on Coda's behalf. Following all of this, you all had an evening, I believe it was late afternoon, around the time you guys left the museum. You all now have an address to someone that you need to go see or not left the museum, but left meeting Artemis. You all now have an address that you need to go to to pick up some things for Net. And you know that you have a mission, so to speak. Coming up. So what do you guys want to do first? Do you want to take the evening to rest or see the city? Do you want to go get the stuff now? [00:05:53] Speaker D: That's a good question. Probably best we confer as a group. It might be wise to get the stuff we need to get now so that will we get it quickly and nothing happens to it, just in case if we wait too long and something does happen to it. On the other hand, though, arrest might be nice, sort of responsibility versus leisure here. [00:06:22] Speaker A: Yeah, I think we just get the stuff now because otherwise I feel like we're going to sit here like, oh, what if something happens to it? And I don't know. [00:06:32] Speaker E: Also, every time we stop to rest, something terrible seems to happen. [00:06:37] Speaker D: So that is a pattern and yes, I agree. Let's go get these supplies or the package or whatever it is we need to get first. [00:06:53] Speaker A: Ah, well, who's driving? [00:07:03] Speaker B: I think I got the keys, so I'll drive. [00:07:08] Speaker F: Okay, so you all are going to pick up the package, is that my understanding? Yes. All right, you all look into the address that you are given, and the address is outside of the city, kind of in a remote area. It's probably going to be about an hour and a half out there, maybe an hour and a half back. It looks like it might be some sort of a farmhouse. [00:07:47] Speaker D: Right. [00:07:49] Speaker F: The drive there doesn't seem like it's going to be particularly difficult, but it is lengthy. [00:07:56] Speaker A: Yeah. Think it'd be nice to rest on a farm. [00:08:01] Speaker E: I don't like that it's in the middle of nowhere, like the motel. [00:08:05] Speaker D: Bad things tend to happen in the middle of nowhere. But rest on a farm. Do you propose we stay there? [00:08:11] Speaker A: No, we should just get the stuff and go somewhere else. But maybe it's good it's kind of in the middle of nowhere because that means no one else could possibly get hurt. [00:08:26] Speaker D: That is true. And seeing as it'll take us a while to get there hear me out. H e. Wells, the island of Dr. Moreau. [00:08:46] Speaker E: You listen to whatever you want. I found my AirPods. [00:08:50] Speaker F: They were at the bottom of my back. [00:08:54] Speaker D: You wounded. [00:08:54] Speaker A: Why not? [00:08:56] Speaker D: Thank you, Chris. Any objections? Any objections? [00:09:12] Speaker B: No, none. [00:09:13] Speaker D: All right. I want to know. Dr. Moreau. It is. [00:09:18] Speaker F: All right. With the latest book chosen by Oliver queued up on the radio or on the car's sound system and Sarah's AirPods firmly in her ears to save her from having to listen to yet another audiobook. You all set out. It's a relatively peaceful drive. Not a whole lot happens. You get to see some beautiful Georgia scenery and eventually you pull up to a rather nondescript looking piece of farmland. It is big. There is quite a bit of tree cover as you come in, like the front end of the farm is mostly just trees. Looks more like a forest than an orchard. But as you get further in, you find yourself on what turns out to be a relatively sprawling piece of land, and you could see a number of people out in a field. They don't look like they're like laborers. They look like they're just sort of tending to things in general, but they don't look like they have to work particularly hard at it. They're more walking among the plants and occasionally stopping to touch a leaf or bend to pick a weed or something like that, but that's about it. The farmhouse itself is one of those technically three story farmhouses, but it's really like two with, like, an attic, like a big attic over the top. It looks well kept, but not super up to date. It looks like somebody had has basically just been taking care of it and maybe occasionally doing small updates, but nothing like huge. There's no big overhaul of anything, so it's got that very historical feel to it. As you pull up along this long, kind of winding driveway, the people in the fields kind of like their heads kind of pop up and turn to look at you for a moment, and then they go back to what they're doing. [00:12:05] Speaker D: So does the address say where we're supposed to pick it up, who we're supposed to talk to, or just that we should be here? [00:12:21] Speaker B: I don't know. Here, you have a look at the paper. Hunting, driving. [00:12:25] Speaker D: All right, I'll look at it and assume it's just the address. [00:12:29] Speaker F: It's just the address. It doesn't specifically say, but the only buildings you can see are, like, there's some barns and the house, and it looks like there might be another smaller house off in the distance, but it's a ways off. [00:12:48] Speaker D: Well, I guess we should check out that farmhouse then. [00:12:54] Speaker A: Question what's the moon like right now? [00:13:01] Speaker F: Pretty normal. Not full, if that's what you're asking. [00:13:08] Speaker A: Okay, cool. [00:13:09] Speaker F: Yeah. You guys aren't getting any particularly bad vibes or anything like that? This is just a farm. Seems like, anyway. [00:13:19] Speaker A: Cool. So then I'll hold off before I do my scout out the area deal. Actually, you know what? Coda's going to ask the group, do you guys think I should do my moon thing and scout out the area before we get too close? [00:13:36] Speaker B: Yeah, why not? [00:13:38] Speaker D: Practice couldn't hurt. [00:13:39] Speaker B: Yeah, go for it. [00:13:41] Speaker A: All right. She's going to roll down the window a little bit and kind of stick her head out and look for the moon. And then I will do title interference or no, not title interference. [00:13:53] Speaker F: I was going to say that's not what that does. [00:13:55] Speaker A: Yeah, I'm at Smoking Moon, and I just spend a legend to do that. [00:14:02] Speaker F: So you look up at the moon and focus on it, and as you do, your eyes kind of go this kind of shimmering, silvery white like a moon at the same time that you find your vision. Looking down on the farm, what you could see is sprawling fields of what you coda immediately realize once you have a better look at it, is almost all weed. And the people walking among it is a handful of women, but they do not like with a better look at them. They do not look like normal people. For one, they are too pretty. Two, it takes you a moment, but you realize that occasionally you will catch glimpses of skin that looks like it might actually give way to, like, bark or leaves and their hair looks like it might be made out of, like, leaves and has like flowers in it. [00:15:27] Speaker A: Okay. [00:15:31] Speaker F: Other than that, there isn't a whole lot else to, you know, barns and fields. [00:15:39] Speaker A: Okay. No giant dogs though. [00:15:41] Speaker F: No giant dogs. [00:15:42] Speaker A: Okay, cool. Coda is going to snicker. [00:15:47] Speaker F: You do spot a few cats, but that's pretty normal on a. [00:15:55] Speaker A: Coda'S. Going to kind of be chuckling to herself and then stick her head back in and go, okay, so there's definitely something weird here. Well, maybe I shouldn't say weird now that we're entering a world where anyway so this farm is entirely. [00:16:12] Speaker D: No. [00:16:13] Speaker A: Yeah, it's kind of awesome. Pretty sick. There's a lot out there. Unfortunately, we can't really feel the effects. [00:16:18] Speaker F: But anyways but the ladies out there. [00:16:21] Speaker A: That'S doing most of the farming not normal at all. They kind of have like barkish, leavey skin and like flowery hair and they kind of look almost like what was that lady that helped us at one point? No, her parent was whatever. Most of them just look kind of super attractive. And I mean, yes, women are attractive in general, but they look like too attractive. [00:16:55] Speaker D: Sound like dryads, maybe. Dryads? They're a kind of nature spirits. They sort of embody a certain type of plant normally. [00:17:07] Speaker F: Like trees. [00:17:10] Speaker D: Typically. No, at least I can't remember any myths or fables where they murder, at least not in Greek mythology, although there might be some I can't say for sure. [00:17:22] Speaker A: So they decided to embody weed. [00:17:25] Speaker F: That's sick. I guess so how do I get that ability? [00:17:30] Speaker A: But yeah, that's all I see out there for now. I don't see any giant wolves or women with blonde hair. Well, besides what I just said. [00:17:45] Speaker D: All right, then. I imagine it's safe to approach, least on the surface. [00:17:54] Speaker A: Yep. [00:17:58] Speaker F: Are you pulling up, Chris? [00:18:09] Speaker B: I'm going to go to the barn. [00:18:11] Speaker C: First, I think because it's on the way. [00:18:13] Speaker D: Right. [00:18:14] Speaker F: There is a barn. It's kind of like basically you'd be pulling up between the barn and the house. [00:18:21] Speaker B: Oh, okay, then I'll go to the house. [00:18:24] Speaker F: Okay. You guys pull up, cut off the car. You see the women that were out in the field kind of pause again and kind of look back at you and one of them starts wandering in your direction at the same time. The front door of the house opens and a light flicks on on the porch. And standing there is a man who looks like he's probably in his late 20s, early 30s, messy blonde hair, a T shirt, and kind of like ill fitting baggy jeans. And he's got like, really scruffy facial hair. Not a bad looking guy, but definitely a guy who looks like he might have just, like rolled out of bed or just hasn't really bothered to do much with himself today. And he sort of walks over with a blunt kind of, like, hanging from his lips, like, not even trying to hide it. [00:19:49] Speaker D: Are we still in the car? Have we gone out at this point? [00:19:51] Speaker F: That's up to you. [00:19:56] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:19:56] Speaker C: Pull up, turn the engine off, get. [00:19:58] Speaker F: Out. [00:20:02] Speaker D: Climb on out. And I'll sort of give a wave hello. We were given an address to come here and pick something up. [00:20:15] Speaker F: Net's friends. I take. [00:20:17] Speaker D: Yes. [00:20:21] Speaker F: Cool. Nice to meet you. Do you have names? Nets Friends. [00:20:29] Speaker D: Should I just chris. [00:20:33] Speaker E: Zara. [00:20:34] Speaker F: Coda. [00:20:35] Speaker A: Nice farm you got. [00:20:38] Speaker F: Ah, thanks. I've been working on it for the past few months. It's coming along pretty good. [00:20:44] Speaker A: It's pretty. [00:20:48] Speaker F: Oliver chris sarah Coda. Damon. And he'll kind of know do that hand on his chest thing. Oh, God. I've just realized that they haven't been able to hear a thing I've been saying on the stream. I apologize, guys. Oliver Chris sarah Coda. Damon. Says the scruffy blonde haired guy with the weird facial hair or the scruffy facial hair and the kind of ill fitting clothes. My name's Damon. Yeah, I got the stuff inside. Are you guys hungry? If you had dinner? [00:21:44] Speaker D: We ate a few hours ago, but guess it's been a while. [00:21:49] Speaker A: We could eat. [00:21:51] Speaker F: Cool. Come on in. Come on in. Mikasa is sukasa, and he kind of turns and heads back towards the house. I'm Sion of Dionysus, by the way. [00:22:05] Speaker A: I was going to ask that. [00:22:07] Speaker F: Adds yeah, let's yeah. And he'll he'll sort of head inside and you realize that while the outside of this house is is very much like dated and and kind of historical, the inside is a little bit more up to date. There's like a big screen TV that dominates one wall, a really nice couch, like all of the latest and greatest gaming systems and what looks like a gaming PC that is dedicated just to this TV. You could see that there's like a VR headset in the corner and all that and what he leads you through this kind of large living room. He leads you into like, a kitchen. And the kitchen is pretty up to date too. And big. It's definitely like a big family style kitchen. But what might be the most surprising thing is that you would expect a stoner den to be kind of kind of grungy and not terribly well cleaned. While this place isn't spotless, it's very clean. Everything looks very well taken care of. [00:23:46] Speaker D: Yes. Ditto yeah. [00:23:49] Speaker B: Nice. [00:23:53] Speaker A: So does what you grow work for Scion? [00:24:04] Speaker F: Kind of, yeah, most of it. [00:24:09] Speaker A: It. [00:24:13] Speaker F: Kind of only works because of the girls, though. Like, if it were just me, it would be really hard to get it to be strong enough for most of us. Interesting. [00:24:28] Speaker E: If that's the case, what does it do to regular people? [00:24:34] Speaker F: Oh, I don't sell that stuff to the reg to the to the to the shops. The shops get the stuff that's out on the back half. That's normal. [00:24:46] Speaker A: How much do you sell for or what? Sell for? [00:24:51] Speaker F: I make a pretty penny. [00:25:01] Speaker A: Right. We have missions. [00:25:04] Speaker D: Well, that and I was also going to say our funds are immense but finite, so let's keep it focused on stuff for the mission. [00:25:15] Speaker F: I mean, if you guys are friends of Nets, I can send you away with a couple of blunts. It's not going to do not going to hurt me any. [00:25:22] Speaker A: That would be absolutely great. [00:25:25] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:25:25] Speaker F: Stop being a narc. [00:25:29] Speaker D: If that never mind. [00:25:35] Speaker F: I'll get it to you before you leave. As for the package. And he'll kind of pause in the middle of what he's doing. And it's obvious that he has a certain level of add because he was, like, in the middle of putting a big pot of water on the stove and pulling stuff out of cabinets and out of the fridge and all this other stuff. And the second he talks about the package, he just stops everything and leaves the room. The water is still running in the sink. The pot is like, on the stove, but not on the eye that he turned on. But eventually he comes back with what looks like one of those old wooden crate boxes that produce used to come in, and then there's another smaller box on top of it that's made out of just cardboard. [00:26:43] Speaker D: Do we get to know what it is exactly? [00:26:50] Speaker F: Yeah, but you got to promise not to eat them because Net sounded like she was pretty hard up and we're a little low. We got to make another run, and it's going to be a hot minute, I think, before she feels up to making that particular trip again. Hundred armed monsters aren't exactly easy to fight, you know. [00:27:11] Speaker E: I'm sorry, can you repeat that? [00:27:14] Speaker F: What. [00:27:17] Speaker E: Did you just say? Hundred armed monsters? [00:27:21] Speaker D: Yeah, it's another Greek thing. I don't remember the name of them, but they are like a monster in Greek mythology. [00:27:34] Speaker F: Okay. [00:27:37] Speaker D: I think they made really good tools, maybe. Anyway. Yeah, we won't eat any. [00:27:50] Speaker F: They're apples from hera's garden, and he'll kind of like take the little box off the top and open up the top of it. And there are these apples that look perfectly formed and perfectly round and red. But like, as you look at them, the light hits them in a way where occasionally they look just this side of gold, but then they'll go back to being red when you blink. So one of these you get into a nasty fight and you're banged up like a bite from one of these. Could probably heal most, like, minor stuff. [00:28:42] Speaker A: Wow. [00:28:44] Speaker F: And this to heal Pat, the little box is the latest round for her vape that I made. [00:28:52] Speaker A: So you make her stuff? [00:28:54] Speaker F: I make the inserts, and only because I got taught how to. I'm not really a fighter. Definitely more of a lover. But I'm pretty good with chemistry. [00:29:12] Speaker A: You're going to make a good friend with Bastette's daughter. That's me. Because looks like you make good product. But we can talk about this later. [00:29:22] Speaker F: Welcome, little cat lady. And then he'll kind of close the box and put the little box back on top of it. You guys notice that both boxes are emblazoned or stamped with what looks like a cornucopia, but instead of like, fruit and vegetables pouring out of it, it's a weed, just pot leaves coming out of it instead. And he'll sit down for a minute at, like, the island before he realizes that there is food that looks like he has started but he hasn't finished. And he'll go, oh, shit. Right? And he'll make his way back over and turn the light off, or turn not turn the light off turn the water off and return to what he was doing. So how's things? You guys are new, right? [00:30:37] Speaker B: Yes, very. [00:30:43] Speaker F: Mentioned that you were new to the game. I'm sorry, I interrupted you. What were you saying? [00:30:55] Speaker E: Oh, I was just saying that we got our stuff, so not as new, but I'm not familiar with the timelines of these kinds of things, so she'll just shrug. [00:31:07] Speaker D: Well, less than a month new. [00:31:11] Speaker F: Oh, shit. Yeah. You guys are babies. Well, welcome, you. And he'll kind of point at Chris. I think Net said something about Artemis, right? [00:31:29] Speaker B: Yeah, that's right. [00:31:30] Speaker F: She's pretty cool. [00:31:33] Speaker B: Yeah, she sings it. [00:31:34] Speaker F: She's a badass. I dig her. And her music's really good. She doesn't super approve of the operation, but that's fine. We all have our calling. We all have our calling. [00:31:55] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:31:56] Speaker F: I protect the girls and they make me money. Great. [00:32:02] Speaker B: So you like their pimp? [00:32:05] Speaker F: No, they keep the plants growing. I don't get into okay. That's what they were born to do and couldn't stop them. But we got them off of the off of the fucking islands and away from the giant with the too many hands. [00:32:33] Speaker B: A little bit handsy, Woody. [00:32:35] Speaker F: A little bit. You know what was really funny was we went because I wanted soil, because I thought that there was something in the soil that made the apples grow the way that they do and made them as strong as that they are. No, soil is just dirt. They grow like that because nymphs. [00:33:04] Speaker B: Well, fair enough. [00:33:08] Speaker D: That was the term. [00:33:12] Speaker F: I mean, there's a couple terms for them I use. [00:33:14] Speaker D: Dryad. [00:33:15] Speaker F: Dryad is also correct. Nymph dryad. Basically, the same thing. There's like, I don't know, 20 different kinds of nymphs or something like that. [00:33:27] Speaker G: Right? [00:33:27] Speaker D: Like, the nymph would be like, the umbrella term, but dry would be like a subsection of said term. [00:33:34] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:33:35] Speaker F: And then even that it even gets more specific from there. There's Amalthea, which is Anna Perenna and Arathusa and Calypso and Creusia and Echo and Egeria and Harmonia. And he kind of rattles off this incredibly long list of names that nobody who is as high as he seems to be should be able to remember, but he does. [00:34:02] Speaker D: I recognize some of those names. Those were specific dryads, right? [00:34:06] Speaker F: Some of them. Some of them is just a name of the type of dryad or type of nymph, I should say. There's a lot. The family tree is complicated. [00:34:22] Speaker D: That seems to be the norm these days for us. [00:34:25] Speaker F: And it's about this time when the back door opens and three women walk in and they are otherworldly. They've got the bark like skin and the leafy hair, but they also look very human like, not uncanny valley like. Something about the way that they are put together. It's perfect, despite how weird they look at the same time, if that makes sense. It is one of those things that is you're like, this shouldn't be beautiful, but it is. It's fucking gorgeous. It's like somebody plucked everything that is good out of nature and formed it into a person. And they look very happy to see everybody. One of them, without missing a beat, kind of makes her way over and throws an arm around Chris's shoulder and slides her way into his. [00:35:41] Speaker B: Hey. Hey. How you doing? [00:35:43] Speaker F: I'm pretty good. How are you? [00:35:45] Speaker B: The day's looking up. [00:35:47] Speaker F: Are you here for dinner? [00:35:51] Speaker B: I am now. [00:35:53] Speaker F: Perfect. One of the others walks over and kind of sidles up next to Oliver so that the side of her body is pressed against him, but she doesn't put an arm around. Hi. [00:36:12] Speaker D: Hello. [00:36:13] Speaker F: How are you? [00:36:15] Speaker D: I'm doing all right. How about yourself? [00:36:19] Speaker F: Pretty good. You're cute. [00:36:22] Speaker D: I just start rapidly blinking. [00:36:27] Speaker F: You've got this whole smart TV teacher vibe going, and I dig it. [00:36:40] Speaker D: Thank you. [00:36:44] Speaker F: Welcome. And the third wood walks over and just throws her arms around Sarah and Coda's shoulders. Sorry for my sisters. They can be a lot. [00:37:02] Speaker E: Well, I don't think I've ever seen Oliver turn that shade of red. It's endearing almost. [00:37:08] Speaker D: I'm looking around the table for help. [00:37:12] Speaker F: She does not seem to notice that anybody else is talking about you and her. She is all focused on you, Oliver, and the dryad and Chris's Lap is the same. Yeah, we do. I am. And I'm looking for my fucking list because I found names for them. My apologies. I'm Fetis. That's Astorope and that's Hygia. There are a few more outside, but they're busy. [00:38:30] Speaker A: Well, nice to meet you and your sisters. [00:38:35] Speaker F: Nice to meet you too. [00:38:39] Speaker A: So you're eating with us too? Or what makes the I'm coda. [00:38:47] Speaker F: Hi, coda. She's got like a big grin on her face, all flirt. [00:38:58] Speaker A: So what makes the weed special when you guys do it? Is it like your magic or essence? [00:39:12] Speaker F: Kind of. I mean okay, so I don't understand the technical side of things, but basically we are concentrated nature, essentially. So everything that we touch, if it can grow and thrive, will we can rein it back a little bit, but I can't completely stop it. There's always flowers everywhere that I go, but I can keep it from becoming completely over, like completely overrunning. The back of the house has some vines that grow up it, but I've managed to keep them from going through the walls. [00:40:07] Speaker E: That's likely helpful. [00:40:11] Speaker F: I never really had to worry about it before until we moved here. But I like this house and I don't want it to get messed up. And Damon's like I also like my house and would like it to not get messed up. And he kind of turns and sees the girls all over everybody and he's just like, oh, maybe girls, you should give them some breathing room. [00:40:41] Speaker A: No, this is fine. [00:40:44] Speaker B: I'm good. Thanks. Good too. [00:40:53] Speaker F: The one that is the one that is hanging out with Oliver is completely ignoring him. Like just does not care about the implication that she should give him space or leave him alone. She is enjoying how flustered Oliver is. [00:41:22] Speaker D: Apples. Right? We we are picking those up and taking them back. And then what are we doing? [00:41:36] Speaker F: I don't know, but you should hang out here for a while. [00:41:43] Speaker A: Yeah, we got the night and then we just head out to Net afterwards. [00:41:50] Speaker D: I don't know if we can stay the night. There's probably not enough guest rooms, right? [00:41:55] Speaker B: We can share. Everything's fine, man. [00:42:11] Speaker D: Sure. Is it really hot in here for anyone else? [00:42:14] Speaker E: No, not really. [00:42:17] Speaker F: No. [00:42:19] Speaker D: Great. [00:42:26] Speaker A: Yeah. Do you have extra room here, Damon? [00:42:32] Speaker F: Oh, yeah, we got a few. This place is meant for a lot more people. The girls don't really sleep, not the way that we do. So they don't really need rooms. They have like one room where they keep their clothes and stuff. [00:42:51] Speaker A: They don't sleep. Okay. [00:42:53] Speaker F: Not the normal way, not the way that people do. They turn into plants and stuff. [00:43:01] Speaker A: Oh, I see. [00:43:09] Speaker F: The one that is in Chris's lap kind of leans in and like stage whispers. Between you and me, we don't even normally wear that much clothes. But he made us get dressed because he knew you were coming. [00:43:23] Speaker B: God damn. Okay. No, I understand. Hey, that reminds me. Hey, Ollie, you hot. Why don't you take your coat off, man? Relax a little bit. [00:43:38] Speaker D: No, I think I. [00:43:42] Speaker B: Loosen your tie, man. Come on. [00:43:46] Speaker D: I don't wear a tie, but if I was, I would be tightening it right now. [00:43:51] Speaker F: The Nymph that is next oliver is like gently trying to peel the coat off of his shoulders. [00:43:58] Speaker D: Now there's, like, some hesitant resistance, but ultimately, it's just like, you need to relax. [00:44:07] Speaker F: We're going to have a great time. [00:44:10] Speaker D: I'm normally very relaxed. [00:44:17] Speaker B: Yeah, real relaxed. [00:44:20] Speaker D: I am most relaxed when I am reading a nice book. [00:44:24] Speaker B: You're one of the most relaxed people I've ever met, Holly. Come on. [00:44:29] Speaker A: You should share an audiobook with what's the name of the nymph that's with Oliver again? Estheroposterope Asteropay. [00:44:53] Speaker F: Yeah. [00:44:53] Speaker A: Yeah. You should share one of your audiobooks with her and relax further. [00:45:04] Speaker F: That sounds like fun. And I could give you a shoulder rub. [00:45:09] Speaker B: Yeah, he needs that. [00:45:11] Speaker F: Oh, I can tell. He's very tense. [00:45:14] Speaker B: Yeah, that stick. [00:45:17] Speaker D: Stick. Okay. I and I just kind of look like I'm short circuiting at this point. [00:45:33] Speaker F: Um, it's about this point when another woman walks in, but from the opposite side of the house, the same side that you guys came through another Nymph. You guys realize as she gets into the room that all of them are wearing cut off jeans and T shirts emblazoned with that same logo, but in different colors. They have chosen colors that kind of complement, like, the flowers in their hair and such. And she sort of walks in and kind of looks between her sisters and just kind of gives a little shake of her head and looks amused before making her way over to Sarah and just sort of standing next to her and leaning her elbows on the bar. Well, looks like there's a party in here. We don't normally get so many scions on the farm. [00:46:44] Speaker E: Does that cause any issue, some kind of danger in all of us being here at once? [00:46:50] Speaker F: I mean, there's always danger when there's scions around. That's what makes it fun. I'll take your word for it. [00:47:04] Speaker E: Sarah. And she'll offer her hand. [00:47:07] Speaker F: She will shake it anthea. [00:47:15] Speaker E: She's gonna gesture over to Oliver with, like, a mischievous grin. [00:47:21] Speaker F: Oh, yeah. My sister likes the shy ones. [00:47:28] Speaker E: It's just funny to see the English teacher failing English. [00:47:36] Speaker F: Is that what he is? [00:47:39] Speaker E: I think so, last time I checked. [00:47:41] Speaker A: Yeah, he is all the books he. [00:47:45] Speaker E: Makes reader on the public school reading list for 2006. [00:47:54] Speaker D: What I have you all listen to for the sake of enjoyment and entertainment during law and car rides are classics and very good books, in my opinion. [00:48:07] Speaker F: Oh, my God. [00:48:08] Speaker E: Oliver, was that almost a hint of rage? [00:48:14] Speaker D: No, I am just like I said, it's very hot in here, and I'm out of breath for reasons I don't really understand right now. [00:48:28] Speaker A: Wait, you don't understand? [00:48:36] Speaker D: Forget I said anything. [00:48:37] Speaker F: I could give you a lesson, teacher. [00:48:40] Speaker D: Oh, that's all right. I think I'll stick to peer reviewed essays. [00:48:50] Speaker F: I mean, that could be arranged, too, but I was going to start you off small. [00:48:57] Speaker E: Well, I mean, what they say is, those who can't do, teach. [00:49:08] Speaker F: Have you ever played G-H-B-A-P-I don't know. Is. [00:49:15] Speaker D: That an uh huh. [00:49:19] Speaker F: For and she reaches behind you and gets a pinch of your butt. Grab his booty and pinch. [00:49:32] Speaker D: Okay. [00:49:35] Speaker E: Sarah is, like, actively covering her mouth to hide her just storm of laughter that's behind it. [00:49:42] Speaker F: Hoda's. [00:49:43] Speaker A: Fully laughing out loud. [00:49:45] Speaker D: We don't need to do that again. [00:49:49] Speaker F: Are you sure? We could peer review it. We have more sisters. [00:49:58] Speaker D: I think I'm all right. I think I'll be just fine on my own, thank you very much. [00:50:08] Speaker A: Goodness the best of people. Damon, how do you know Net? [00:50:18] Speaker F: We met when I got my visitation, which, as it turns out, was around the same time she got hers. [00:50:40] Speaker A: So were you, like, in a team together? [00:50:44] Speaker F: No, we were never really part of the same band, but we traveled in similar circles. Before she met Moira, it was just her and Kareem for a you know, I had a dream of having my own farm and doing my own thing. Well, we go to the thing thinking that we need soil, and it's about that time that the nymph that's hanging out with Sarah kind of giggles and hip BUP Sarah, he really thought that it was dirt that makes the apple's magic. I mean, it's so cute. Not dirt. [00:51:43] Speaker A: US. You. [00:51:51] Speaker F: Again. [00:51:51] Speaker E: I'll just take your word for it. I'm not too familiar with husbandry. [00:51:59] Speaker F: She sort of holds her hand out, and a little flower, like, grows in her palm, and then she reaches up and tucks it into Sarah's hair. Oh, thank you. [00:52:09] Speaker A: That's lovely. [00:52:11] Speaker F: So are you. [00:52:14] Speaker E: Oh, now it's Sarah's turn to go fool blush. [00:52:18] Speaker F: Pretty girls should wear pretty things. [00:52:23] Speaker A: Mm hmm. [00:52:28] Speaker F: Damon, by the way, does not seem to have really noticed how overt the behavior has gotten. He suggested they give you guys breathing room, but has not really seemed to put two and two together. He's more focused on the cooking, and you occasionally see him, like, shimmy his hips as he's, like, singing to himself, but eventually in the middle I'm sorry, Coda, you were going to say something in the middle of you guys, like, hanging out and shooting the shit and having small talk and whatever he actually puts on the table. A rather heaping helping for everybody, including the nymphs of chicken broccoli Alfredo. It's nothing special, but it's fast, and I had everything I needed. [00:53:36] Speaker D: I am going to immediately start devouring, because in my mind, the more food I have in my mouth, the less I can talk. [00:53:45] Speaker F: The nymphs take up eating in the most distracting way possible. [00:53:57] Speaker E: Can you elaborate on that? [00:54:01] Speaker F: I was going to let people fill that in with their imaginations, but it's stuff like eating breadsticks, where they're obviously taking time to put it into their mouth before they bite it slow and steady with the pasta, that sort of thing. [00:54:25] Speaker D: I'm going to close my good eye. [00:54:27] Speaker F: And they're all, like, making eyes and winking at the person that they have chosen to flirt with. Oh, my goodness. Chris's friend has not left his lap. [00:54:44] Speaker B: Excellent. [00:54:48] Speaker F: I kind of figured. And it's in the middle of eating that one of the girls looks up and goes, are you guys staying or are you going back tonight? You should stay. [00:55:06] Speaker B: Yeah, I think that's that's a great idea. [00:55:09] Speaker D: Well, I don't know about that. We have a lot of things we need to do and a lot of places to go. [00:55:14] Speaker B: What do you think? [00:55:15] Speaker E: I think we should stay. [00:55:17] Speaker A: Yeah, we picked up the stuff and we can relax a little, rest our heads and then head off. [00:55:25] Speaker B: Seems like it's. Agreed. [00:55:27] Speaker A: Get a little information while we're here. Immersive situation. Right. [00:55:33] Speaker F: It can be very educational to immerse yourself or Oliver. I could feel Oliver just short circuiting from yep. All right. Does anybody have anything that they want to talk to Damon or the Nymphs about before you go your separate ways for the evening? [00:56:08] Speaker A: No, maybe just joint stuff. I think you already said he would give some when we're heading out. [00:56:19] Speaker F: Oh, yeah, no, he also provides that after dinner is over. [00:56:23] Speaker A: Okay, perfect. [00:56:24] Speaker F: It's not a ton. He gives you a couple of joints from his personal stash, but it's enough to get you through a bit. And he does warn you that it's very strong. Like, this is not don't plan to smoke the whole thing in one go. [00:56:40] Speaker A: Oh, no, she won't. [00:56:43] Speaker F: This is you have a couple of puffs and you're going to be good for a while. [00:56:49] Speaker A: You just made a best friend. [00:56:57] Speaker F: Okay, I have a very important question, and I know that this doesn't seem like an important question. This seems like I'm just giving you shit. I need to know who is spending the evening with a nymph. [00:57:11] Speaker B: Yep. [00:57:14] Speaker F: That's a yes from Chris. [00:57:16] Speaker A: Yes. [00:57:18] Speaker F: Yes from Sarah. [00:57:20] Speaker A: She considers it, but then she's going to text Net instead and see how she's doing. [00:57:27] Speaker F: Net is okay. She's dealing, is basically the answer that you get. [00:57:39] Speaker A: Okay. [00:57:40] Speaker F: And they have started heading back towards Georgia. Perfect. Are you taking a nymph to bed? [00:57:54] Speaker A: Me? No. I think after that she just goes to sleep. Like, smokes a little. Goes to sleep. [00:57:59] Speaker F: Okay. Oliver. [00:58:03] Speaker D: Okay. How aggressive does the flirtation continue post in her? [00:58:10] Speaker F: Aggressive is the wrong term. [00:58:12] Speaker D: Yes. [00:58:14] Speaker F: She is never going to do anything that makes you feel like she is trying to force your hand, but the interest is obvious. [00:58:28] Speaker B: Hey, Ollie, how about a bit of hand to gland combat? [00:58:35] Speaker F: That's getting fucking clipped. [00:58:39] Speaker D: Sometimes I feel like you all hate me. [00:58:43] Speaker B: What, no lead opposite man? Come on. [00:58:53] Speaker E: It's more like the situation where the teacher becomes the teachid. [00:58:59] Speaker F: Student. [00:59:01] Speaker D: Just a moment, please, and I will take her name was Astropia. [00:59:11] Speaker F: Astrobe. [00:59:12] Speaker D: Astrobe. My bad. I'll take her aside where none of the others can hear for a private discussion. So I would just like to say you are very beautiful. I very much appreciate the intention, the attention. I never thought that would ever happen to me. But that's besides the case. It's just how to put this? [00:59:43] Speaker F: Inexperienced. [00:59:45] Speaker D: Yes. [00:59:47] Speaker F: That's okay. I'm not going to hurt you. [00:59:53] Speaker D: I didn't imagine that you would. It's just I've really considered the notion before, or at least in a very long time. [01:00:05] Speaker F: You're very handsome. [01:00:10] Speaker D: Thank you. Sometimes one pictures when they do it for the first time that it would be with someone special. And I know it's a new day and age, and that's not always the case, but I'm just very conflicted on the matter. [01:00:31] Speaker F: We don't have to do anything. We could just talk. [01:00:35] Speaker D: Talking is nice. [01:00:37] Speaker F: Okay, we'll talk and maybe cuddle, but nothing else. If you don't feel okay with it, all right. [01:00:46] Speaker D: I'm afraid I do talk a lot about books. [01:00:50] Speaker F: I kind of figured. [01:00:53] Speaker D: Yes, I imagine. [01:00:56] Speaker F: Come on. And she'll take your hand and lead you out of the room and upstairs. [01:01:02] Speaker D: All right. [01:01:06] Speaker F: Okay. For those of you who go to bed with an imp, if you have any spent willpower, you regain two points. It. [01:01:20] Speaker B: Excellent. [01:01:23] Speaker F: You also trying to think of the word uno momento, please, because my brain is short circuiting. If anybody has endurance as a virtue or something similar you also get a temporary dot of endurance which will last you for one day. [01:02:05] Speaker D: Do I count on this or no? [01:02:08] Speaker F: You do. [01:02:09] Speaker D: Okay. You said two willpower or one? [01:02:12] Speaker F: Two willpower. The temporary willpower, not a mex. [01:02:18] Speaker D: Gotcha. [01:02:36] Speaker B: It. [01:02:37] Speaker F: Remind me what your virtues are. [01:02:41] Speaker A: Conviction, duty, harmony and valor. [01:02:44] Speaker F: You get a temporary dot of harmony after getting your puff on. [01:02:50] Speaker A: Nice. Let's go. [01:02:56] Speaker F: Something about this stuff makes you kind of want to just mellow the world out come morning. Those of you who had fun the night before wake up a little sore, but overall feeling rejuvenated. Have you guys gone and had a proper full on deep tissue massage? Yes. Where afterwards you ache all over, but you also feel, like, ten times better. That's what it feels like after a night with an imp. You do wake up alone. However, both of you are, all three of you who went to bed with a nymph in your room, at least wake up with a little bouquet of flowers and bits of fruit and such on your bedside table. And there is a potted plant in the corner that wasn't there the night before. And there is the sound of bacon and pancakes and eggs coming from downstairs. [01:04:25] Speaker E: Wait, what was the stuff that was, like, left in our rooms again? [01:04:29] Speaker F: On your bedside table is a little bouquet of flour and a bunch of fruit and stuff like little bouquet of flowers and a bunch of fruit and stuff like that. And there is a potted plant, like, in the corner of your room that was not there before. [01:04:43] Speaker E: Okay. Yeah, then then Sarah's going to take all that fruit and the flowers with. [01:04:47] Speaker D: Her I will take the potted plants and just kind of move it and put it on the windowsill because I think they might appreciate oh, that's very sweet. And then, yeah, I'll head down to breakfast. [01:05:04] Speaker B: Head straight down. [01:05:06] Speaker F: You guys get into the kitchen, and Damon is there, along with two other nymphs. He looks about how you feel, Chris and Sarah. But there is a huge spread for, you know, pancakes and waffles and sausage and bacon and eggs made in, like, three different ways. Like, this is a big, big breakfast, and Damon sort of waves you in. Morning. [01:05:49] Speaker B: Hey, there. How you doing? [01:05:51] Speaker F: Pretty good. Hear the girls treated you. [01:05:58] Speaker B: Yeah. [01:06:05] Speaker F: He sort of looks over at Oliver. You okay? She didn't break you, did she? [01:06:10] Speaker D: Oh, I'm fine. [01:06:13] Speaker F: As an aside, Oliver, she ended up having you read to her while she played with your hair and gave you a shoulder else. Nothing untoward. She was very content to just spend time with you. [01:06:29] Speaker D: Yes. No, I'm fine. Is there any coffee? [01:06:35] Speaker F: There is. And he'll sort of point at, like, a really nice high end coffee maker off to the side. Help yourself. [01:06:43] Speaker D: Yeah, I'll take it. And for the record, I do look far more relaxed. [01:06:53] Speaker F: I apologize for all the coughing. I'm still getting everybody's sick. So you guys are able to have your breakfast. And at some point during the food, damon sort of looks at the rest of you. So Net called me this morning to make sure that you made the pickup. I let her know that you're here. She said that they'll probably be around in Atlanta in, I don't know, a few hours. It's getting later today. [01:07:36] Speaker D: All right, that's good to know. Thank you. [01:07:46] Speaker A: Am I awake too, and with the group? Oh, yeah. [01:07:48] Speaker F: No, you're absolutely welcome to wake up. I assume that you had woken up with everybody else. My bad. [01:07:53] Speaker A: Copy. [01:07:56] Speaker F: You still feel just a little buzzed when you wake up? [01:08:00] Speaker A: Yeah, I think she's also just, like, super chill and is, like, eating. She nods and says to everybody, yeah, cool. [01:08:12] Speaker F: When he sees you and sees how mellow you are, he just kind of smiles. Treated you well, did it? You look like you feel better. [01:08:25] Speaker A: I do feel better. Yeah. This stuff is, like, crazy that we've been going through. We totally took out a Titan spawn and lost time in a cave or something. So I think it's like, oh, shit. [01:08:44] Speaker F: You went to see the Civil? Yeah, it's crazy. [01:08:47] Speaker A: So I think this hit the spot. And I just love being with these guys so much. They're, like, so nice. [01:08:54] Speaker D: Odin, are you still high? [01:08:56] Speaker A: What? No. [01:09:00] Speaker F: Damon is nodding at Oliver like, oh, yeah, I figured. Like I told you, my shit hits the spot. [01:09:08] Speaker D: I work at a public school. I don't partake, but I can identify it. [01:09:14] Speaker A: This is great. I'm so focused. Not I don't really need to be all angry and everything. [01:09:20] Speaker F: Now. [01:09:20] Speaker A: So then we're going to go find Net, and then we're going to meet up, and we're going to fight stuff together with her, and it's going to be great. And I get to make sure she's doing okay because I've been worried about her. So I think it'd be great that we're all finally together again. So that'd be cool. Keep asking. The bacon. [01:09:43] Speaker F: Yeah, help yourself. Which he'll pass over. He'll push this big ass plate of bacon into the middle of the table. [01:09:55] Speaker A: She's going to eat very slowly and savoring each piece of bacon that she eats. Very mellow. [01:10:12] Speaker D: So how long will it persist for exactly? [01:10:17] Speaker F: It depends on her. I mean, it looks like she's over, like, the biggest part of it. She's just in the mellow and happy place now. [01:10:30] Speaker D: All right. [01:10:31] Speaker F: She's not on the moon anymore is what I'm trying to say. [01:10:34] Speaker D: Right. Well, so long as she can function in case anything on board happens, it's all right. [01:10:41] Speaker F: Scions have a way of kicking through this shit. [01:10:47] Speaker D: Right. Very good. That case, let's have a nice breakfast then. Back to business, I suppose. [01:10:57] Speaker B: Yeah. [01:11:03] Speaker F: So do you guys have, like, stuff? Because you kind of came in with nothing and you're all still wearing yesterday's clothes. It's about this time that you guys realize that you totally opted out of going back to your hotel. So all of your clothes had shutter back at the hotel. Oh, no. [01:11:22] Speaker D: If only someone had considered this. [01:11:26] Speaker F: We did get a bit distracted. I mean, we've got, like, spare shirts and stuff, but shirt? Yeah, it's just not going to be as, like, fancy as y'all's stuff. [01:11:40] Speaker B: I'm going to sniff my armpits. No, I'm good. [01:11:45] Speaker F: I think there's some Febreze and baby. [01:11:47] Speaker E: Wipes in the car. [01:11:48] Speaker B: Yeah, that'll do. [01:11:50] Speaker A: Okay. [01:11:54] Speaker D: Admittedly, I have some sweat stains, but I'll manage until we get her clothes back. [01:11:59] Speaker F: Don't want a T shirt? I could give you a T shirt. [01:12:03] Speaker D: I like what I have. [01:12:07] Speaker F: All right. [01:12:09] Speaker D: I appreciate the gesture, though. It's very kind of you. [01:12:11] Speaker F: Yes. Well, I don't want to keep you guys too much longer. I know you've got stuff to do. Got to go meet up with McGirl. Net, give her my best. Don't die. [01:12:33] Speaker B: You too, for your help. [01:12:36] Speaker F: No problem. [01:12:39] Speaker A: Take care, Damon. [01:12:41] Speaker F: I will do my best. You guys need some more stuff, you give me a call. And he'll kind of hand over, like, an actual business card. [01:12:56] Speaker D: I will hold on to that for oh. [01:12:58] Speaker F: He tries to hand it to Koda. Oliver, like, reaches out and plucks it out of his hands. [01:13:03] Speaker D: Put it into the jacket pockets. Just for the time being. [01:13:11] Speaker A: No, I'll definitely be reaching out. We're going to have a great partnership. [01:13:18] Speaker F: Word. All right, well, you all should probably get going if you want to have time to go get your stuff before you have to meet up with Net, because I don't know where she's going to want you to go to meet her. I assume somewhere around Atlanta. [01:13:35] Speaker B: Okay. Ramblers. Let's get rambling. [01:13:38] Speaker F: You guys sure you don't want T shirts? We've got a bunch of extra from our last what are they called and what are the girls goes conventions. And he goes, Right, one of those. [01:13:50] Speaker A: I'll take one. [01:13:52] Speaker B: Yeah, I'll take. Got a base squad T shirt. [01:13:56] Speaker F: I mean, I do, but it's my personal one I was talking about. And he'll kind of pull out T shirts. Like, he'll just reach into, like, a box in the corner of the living room and pull out, like, a handful of T shirts and just all the colors of the fucking rainbow. And they're all emblazoned with his business logo. [01:14:17] Speaker A: Definitely taking one. [01:14:20] Speaker E: Sarah's gonna find one that's like the hottest pink that's there oh, yeah. [01:14:24] Speaker F: There's like a neon fucking pink that he will give you. [01:14:27] Speaker E: Perfect. [01:14:28] Speaker B: Does he have a black one? [01:14:29] Speaker F: He does. [01:14:31] Speaker B: Perfect. [01:14:31] Speaker D: Is there a tan one? [01:14:34] Speaker F: There is one that is like a slightly yeah, there's probably, like, a really pale yellow light tan kind. [01:14:41] Speaker D: I'll tentatively take it. [01:14:44] Speaker F: He will hand it over looking vaguely impressed. [01:14:49] Speaker D: I didn't want to feel left out. [01:14:51] Speaker B: Thanks, man. [01:14:52] Speaker F: What color is Koda's shirt? Orange. [01:14:55] Speaker A: Yeah, orange or honestly, she'll take whatever is handed to her. [01:14:59] Speaker F: He will give you a rust orange color that looks just fucking gorgeous against your skin. [01:15:07] Speaker A: Let's go. She actually does say that, and she'll start, like, sliding it on on top of her current shirt. [01:15:14] Speaker F: All right, you crazy kids. You have fun. Do me a favor. If you're going to come by, call first so that I can take down the barrier so that you can actually find the place. [01:15:27] Speaker B: Yes, sir. Thank you again. [01:15:33] Speaker F: No problem. [01:15:35] Speaker D: Thank you very much. [01:15:37] Speaker E: Sarah will give a two finger salute before hopping in the back of the car. [01:15:43] Speaker F: As you guys are walking outside. Chris, one of the nymphs that you not the one that you went to bed with, but one of the nymphs that was hanging out with him in the morning, making breakfast, kind of just slaps your ass as you walk by. [01:15:55] Speaker B: I'll turn and grin at her. [01:15:58] Speaker F: She will smile back and do the flirty little wave. [01:16:01] Speaker B: I'll see you when I come back. [01:16:08] Speaker F: I'm going to make you keep your word. [01:16:11] Speaker B: Hell, you bet. [01:16:13] Speaker F: And you guys all load into the car and head out. I will give you guys a couple of minutes to role play, and then we're going to jump forward to when you're in Atlanta. [01:16:24] Speaker C: So as we're walking towards the car, I'm going to put out the car keys and kind of jangle and say. [01:16:28] Speaker B: Okay, so who wants to drive? [01:16:31] Speaker D: Well, nose goes and Sarah will put. [01:16:33] Speaker E: A finger on her nose. [01:16:36] Speaker D: I think that already sells it because for one, coda's high, and two, I don't think she has a license. [01:16:41] Speaker A: I can't drive. I've said this so many times. [01:16:44] Speaker B: Looks like it's you, Oliver? [01:16:46] Speaker D: Yeah, I'll take it. You know, technically I'm not supposed to be allowed to drive either, but exceptions were made. [01:16:53] Speaker B: Wait, what? [01:16:54] Speaker D: Oh, yeah, I'm technically, legally blind. You know, they let like, 90 year. [01:17:00] Speaker E: Olds drive on the road. [01:17:04] Speaker D: Well, the thing is, again, technically, legally blind, I'm not supposed to be able to drive. My father pulled some strings and I got a license and not terrible, I just pulled strings. Yes. [01:17:18] Speaker B: Damn. [01:17:22] Speaker D: In any case, I can drive. Yes. I'll do it. [01:17:25] Speaker B: Okay. [01:17:29] Speaker D: I've done it before. As we start driving, though, I do go significantly slower than any of the other two would go. [01:17:40] Speaker C: I will sit wherever I am, passenger seat or in the back or whatever, and I've got the t shirt. And I'm going to kind of like use my teeth to worry the seams at the shoulders and pull the sleeves off of the t shirt before whipping mine off and putting this one on. [01:17:55] Speaker F: Love it, love it, love it, love it, love it. Yeah, it works just fine. It's just a normal t shirt. So it comes apart just the way you need it to and you end up with a sleeveless pot farm T shirt. [01:18:08] Speaker B: Excellent. [01:18:13] Speaker A: Nice. [01:18:15] Speaker F: Any other roleplay moments that you guys want before we move on? [01:18:20] Speaker D: While I'm driving, I'll just turn to say to whoever, can someone plug in the Aux for me and play A Tale of Two Cities? [01:18:31] Speaker E: Sarah already has her headphones in just staring at the window. [01:18:35] Speaker A: Koda will do it. And put on yeah, she'll put on something else that's not that book, but it's like a murder mystery, like a romantic murder mystery instead. [01:18:52] Speaker F: Wow, a romantic murder mystery. That's an interesting. [01:18:58] Speaker A: And she's like, oh, this is it. Let's listen to this. [01:19:02] Speaker F: Instead of puts on a romance murder mystery like podcast, one of those stories told in episodes kind of thing. [01:19:14] Speaker A: Yeah, she's not like giving up the phone. [01:19:21] Speaker D: Ah, kind of working my jaw a little bit, but eventually just sigh and all right, good enough. [01:19:32] Speaker A: It's a book. [01:19:34] Speaker D: It's a podcast. [01:19:39] Speaker A: Aren't audiobooks podcasts nowadays? [01:19:44] Speaker D: Not always. I will 100% agree that podcast in a literary perspective is now part of the general pantheon of literature, as some very interesting, innovative ways to tell stories are being done through the podcast format. But it's still different. [01:20:08] Speaker A: Well, whatever we're going to see with our I think this will teach us how to do investigative work because isn't that what we're doing right now? So we listen to this. This can help subconsciously or unconsciously I don't know what the word is figure out what exactly we're doing. So by the time we find Net, we have the skills that she's going to tap her head to pay the bills, you know what I mean? [01:20:35] Speaker D: True. But at the same time, I don't think our current investigation involves quote unquote sexy middle aged photographers, as the podcast puts it. [01:20:45] Speaker B: But it could be who knows? [01:20:51] Speaker D: Who knows, indeed. [01:20:53] Speaker A: She's going to lay back listening and definitely at some point fall asleep. [01:21:01] Speaker B: Tell me more about these sexy middle aged photographers. [01:21:05] Speaker D: Just listen. It's the podcast that's playing. [01:21:12] Speaker F: Okay, you guys eventually reach Atlanta and make your way towards your hotel. On your way there, coda got a couple of updates from Net, just generally letting her know that they're still on their way. They're not sure how long exactly it's going to be, but just checking in, basically, and making sure that you guys are okay. Um, when you get to the hotel, you realize that you are technically a little bit past checkout time and the city is busy. There's a lot of people here. In fact, the place that you parked before when you stayed overnight, that particular parking lot is completely full. [01:22:23] Speaker D: As we pull up, though, and kind of looking for a parking spot, I'll just be shaking my head. There's no way that Arnold is the murderer, right? Because he was at the flower shop at 11:59 P.m., and the murder took place at 1218. [01:22:37] Speaker A: Yeah, but he could have dressed differently and changed his outfit. So it may have seemed like he was there, but he could have just changed his outfit and made someone else dress to look like him. So it's definitely. [01:22:57] Speaker D: No, it couldn't be. Wait, what? He his twin brother Matthew was in town at the right? [01:23:05] Speaker F: Mm hmm. [01:23:06] Speaker D: So what if he's being framed? [01:23:11] Speaker F: Oh. [01:23:13] Speaker D: Right. [01:23:14] Speaker E: I mean, none of this evidence is anything more than circumstantial, so it wouldn't even hold up in court. [01:23:20] Speaker A: See, but they also bribed the judge, so does it even matter if they even took it to court? [01:23:28] Speaker D: No, because the bailiff's wife was the one who was there at the scene at the time, and because of that, later got murdered as the second victim. [01:23:40] Speaker F: Look, y'all. [01:23:44] Speaker E: There'S just too much we. [01:23:45] Speaker D: Don'T know when's the next episode come out. [01:23:49] Speaker H: A month. [01:23:50] Speaker A: A month? It's on hiatus. [01:23:53] Speaker F: Oh, hate when that I love everything about this. Okay, you guys are in the city. The city is packed. Apparently there's some sort of event going on, and it is almost impossible to find parking. So you may be in a situation where somebody has to stay with the car and drive around until the rest of you are back with your stuff. [01:24:22] Speaker B: I'll stay with the car if we need to. As long as someone can come get my kit from my room. [01:24:29] Speaker D: We're sharing the room. I can get your kid. [01:24:33] Speaker B: Thanks, man. [01:24:34] Speaker D: No problem. [01:24:38] Speaker F: Okay, so I'm going to assume that Sarah, Koda, and Oliver head up to get their stuff while Chris stays with the car. [01:24:46] Speaker E: Yeah, if Oliver needs help carrying stuff, sarah will also offer to help out. [01:24:52] Speaker A: Yeah, cool. [01:24:54] Speaker F: While you guys are inside, Chris, you have kind of pulled over to, like, a temporary place where as long as you don't get out of the car. [01:25:06] Speaker B: You should be find? [01:25:09] Speaker C: Yeah, I'll find somewhere that I can pull over in the shade and just sit in the car. Keep my eye out for traffic officers, police, traffic wardens, that sort of stuff. [01:25:18] Speaker A: Cool. [01:25:20] Speaker F: It is about this time that there is a knock on the window of your car. [01:25:30] Speaker C: I'll partially wind the window down, like. [01:25:33] Speaker B: An inch or two. Yeah. [01:25:41] Speaker F: Hold on one moment. There is a man standing outside the car heretic. [01:25:55] Speaker G: Hello. [01:25:57] Speaker F: Would you like to describe yourself? [01:26:01] Speaker G: Yes, the man standing in front of you is wearing a jacket with the sleeves rolled up. His hair seems to be blonde or dyed blonde. He has a few very prominent tattoos across his forearms and he just he seems very relaxed. [01:26:32] Speaker B: Hey, there. What can I do for you? [01:26:38] Speaker G: Hi. I'm here looking to see if you know do you know a Chris Strom by chance? [01:26:48] Speaker B: Name rings a bell. [01:26:51] Speaker G: Yep, thought it would. You have time to talk? [01:27:00] Speaker B: Yeah, sure. Who are you first? [01:27:05] Speaker G: My name's Stefan. You could say we're related. [01:27:17] Speaker B: Okay. What can I do for you, Stefan? [01:27:24] Speaker G: Well, I've been meaning to talk to you for a bit, but you kind of been getting caught up in a lot of messes. [01:27:34] Speaker B: Yeah, that kind of happens. I've noticed around these people. [01:27:39] Speaker G: Yeah, some of them are good people. [01:27:43] Speaker B: Some of them are good people. Some of them are fuckheads. [01:27:48] Speaker G: You'd be right about that. [01:27:52] Speaker B: Let's not dance around conversation. What is it you need from me, Stefan? [01:27:59] Speaker G: I wanted to talk to you. Chris. You and me got the same daddy. [01:28:06] Speaker B: Is that right? [01:28:09] Speaker G: Yep. However, I heard you got yourself an adoptive parent. [01:28:18] Speaker B: Yeah, I reckon I do. Kind of looks that way, don't it? [01:28:22] Speaker G: Yes. Still smell of the amber and electricity, though. [01:28:28] Speaker B: So you do not, I take it then, do you? [01:28:32] Speaker G: Oh, no, I didn't find an adoptive parent. [01:28:37] Speaker B: Okay. [01:28:39] Speaker G: Or will. You know, I didn't have people around me that would upset the balance. [01:28:46] Speaker B: Yeah. BP. [01:28:49] Speaker C: Is there any way that I could get the phone out of my pocket and then just dial Oliver? [01:28:55] Speaker F: Are you trying to be sneaky about? Yes. [01:28:57] Speaker C: Yes, I am. [01:28:59] Speaker F: You can certainly attempt to without getting caught. We're going to make that a Dex and larceny or stealth. And, Stefan, you would roll perception and awareness. [01:29:23] Speaker B: I'm going to use a willpower point. [01:29:24] Speaker F: Okay. [01:29:34] Speaker B: Five. [01:29:39] Speaker G: I think that's nine. [01:29:43] Speaker F: Jesus. Okay. [01:29:49] Speaker G: No, sorry, ten. [01:29:50] Speaker F: Is it six or seven? That's the minimum in the system. Oh, my God. I'm sorry. [01:29:58] Speaker B: Seven. [01:29:59] Speaker F: Seven. Okay. Oh, yeah, because you've got automatics I was just like, how do you have that? Got it? [01:30:07] Speaker G: Yep. [01:30:08] Speaker F: Okay, so you see Chris going for something in his pocket? [01:30:18] Speaker G: All nadoom. Go ahead. [01:30:24] Speaker C: Seeing that he's seen me do it, I'm just going to get my phone out and look at it and then put it back down again. But if I can dial Oliver, I will. But if I'm going to be seen. [01:30:37] Speaker B: Then I won't he's already kind of. [01:30:41] Speaker F: Spotted you, but that doesn't necessarily mean that he knows who you're calling. [01:30:48] Speaker C: Yeah, I'll leave it for the time being. I'm going to put my phone down to my side so that it's accessible, but I won't call for the moment. I'll just put it out like I was looking at the phone, like I was looking at a notification or something. [01:31:04] Speaker G: Well, I'm glad that you're taking the time to talk to me. Not many do these days. [01:31:13] Speaker B: Yeah, so I heard. That's why I was told to have a different mommy, shall we say. [01:31:21] Speaker G: Yeah, well, I just kind of came to see how you're holding up. Wolves haven't been too kind on you. [01:31:33] Speaker B: No, but we slotted one of them. [01:31:37] Speaker G: That's a big deal. It's hard. [01:31:44] Speaker B: Yeah. [01:31:47] Speaker G: So assume you all are heading out somewhere soon. [01:31:56] Speaker B: Once we get the location, yeah. [01:32:01] Speaker G: Assume that's. What that? Well, you didn't get a text, but I assume that's why you pulled out your phone. [01:32:08] Speaker B: Yeah. [01:32:12] Speaker G: I just wanted to I hope you're doing better with the old whatever picked you up. [01:32:24] Speaker B: You know, it's early days, but me, too. We'll see. Right. [01:32:29] Speaker G: Which one did it, by the way? [01:32:33] Speaker B: What? Which one decided to take me on? [01:32:36] Speaker G: Yeah, I want to know. [01:32:39] Speaker B: Artemis. [01:32:42] Speaker G: Makes sense. Always been an opportunist. [01:32:49] Speaker B: Yeah, well, let's see whether it works out. [01:32:53] Speaker G: Yeah. Just wanted to say a few things. If you're you know, I'm not expecting you to start swinging. [01:33:04] Speaker B: I'm not gonna, so I ain't got no intention of starting swinging at you, buddy. [01:33:12] Speaker G: Yeah. Sorry about Teddy. That one was on me. [01:33:19] Speaker B: Why? [01:33:22] Speaker G: Well, I didn't get you to the hospital fast enough. [01:33:29] Speaker B: Were you the truck driver then or something? [01:33:33] Speaker G: There's not many truck drivers who have balls big enough to drive away from wolves the size of, you know, tractor trailers. [01:33:47] Speaker B: Yeah, I would think that driving away is a whole lot easier than driving towards, though. [01:33:53] Speaker F: Nah. [01:33:58] Speaker G: They'Re a lot kinder than most scions I've met. [01:34:03] Speaker B: The wolves are a lot kinder than most scions you've met? [01:34:07] Speaker G: Yep. Didn't try and slaughter me when they saw me. [01:34:10] Speaker B: Well, shit. Well, they did us, so don't know what that says. [01:34:17] Speaker G: That was my fault. They were supposed to just kind of track you down and hold you in place, but you fuckers are a bit smarter than I assumed. [01:34:26] Speaker B: So you sent the wolves? [01:34:29] Speaker G: I sent all the wolves, brother. [01:34:31] Speaker B: You motherfucker. [01:34:34] Speaker G: Yeah. [01:34:36] Speaker B: And why did you want us to be held in place? For what reason? [01:34:41] Speaker G: So I could talk to you. [01:34:44] Speaker B: And then do what? [01:34:46] Speaker G: See if you wanted to join my side. Fill you in on the whole circus act the gods have going on. Now, this is a little bit of an interesting tidbit, but I thought you might want to know reason you weren't, well, I guess, slaughtered when they found you, the gods, is because you had mutual connections with a few of the other children. Let's say. Damn well even had a sign of Adar with you. Yeah, they would have been upset if you did that. Your friends, the gods would have killed you, so they had an opportunist come at you when you were weakest. [01:35:43] Speaker B: So what are you saying here? You're saying that the gods are the ones that sent you and those little doggies towards us? [01:35:51] Speaker G: No. If I give my choice, the entire ace your pantheon is going to fucking die. But, you know, rest of them all guess. [01:36:06] Speaker B: Okay, well, you know, as far as the world knows, I'm a sign of Artemis. [01:36:14] Speaker G: Yep. But the nose doesn't lie, brother. Neither do the eyes. [01:36:23] Speaker B: If that's the case, why bother? What's the fucking point of me being a sign of Artemis? Why not just let me be sign of Loki? [01:36:32] Speaker G: Well, that's what I'm trying to ask you, brother. I'm not asking you to give up on the fucking the witch with the bow, I'm just asking you to oh. [01:36:40] Speaker B: Man, fuck if I know. [01:36:43] Speaker G: None of us do. None of us do. I got found by some wolves, took me in, ripped a pack of fucking whatever the fuck scions of bumblefuck, acer gods and part in front of me. It was not a good experience. Okay, let's call it kinship as something you don't see every day or hear. [01:37:15] Speaker B: No, that's true. [01:37:16] Speaker G: Them wolves have some very deep family connections. [01:37:24] Speaker B: Well, I'm pretty sure those wolves trying to rip my fucking head off. So all about trying to keep until you turn up. Was that's a crock of shit? Because they were looking to rip my head off. [01:37:40] Speaker G: Yeah. Happens. Maybe I'm just a lucky one, I don't know. [01:37:49] Speaker B: Lucky? [01:37:50] Speaker G: Yeah, let's just remember that. Just try talking to them. They can speak. [01:37:59] Speaker B: I didn't seem real keen on talking though. [01:38:06] Speaker G: I mean, let's be very fair, y'all don't too much either. Well, you do. You're nice. I wouldn't put any fucking bets on the scion, though. Sarah, I think. [01:38:23] Speaker B: Well, who knows? Well, you know, let's see next time the wolves turn up, what they decide to do. If they come at us all fucking hell for leather, then they're going to get what they get. But they come cap in hand and looking to talk. Then maybe they'll get a different reception. [01:38:47] Speaker G: Brother. [01:38:48] Speaker B: Say again? [01:38:49] Speaker G: I said the biggest wolf's in front of you, holding his cap, seeing how you'll play. [01:39:01] Speaker B: I shoot straight, pretty much. Like I ain't going to fuck with you. If you don't fuck with me, but you fuck with me, then things going to get bad for one of us. Whether it be me, you, them, whoever. It's just the way I see it. Call it like a sid. [01:39:16] Speaker G: That makes sense. I'd rather not do this with your whole dance routine you got going, your friends. [01:39:27] Speaker B: Yeah, I'd rather you not do it too. How about that? [01:39:31] Speaker G: Yes, but we're all soldiers in a big old cog getting ground against each other. See what happens. [01:39:42] Speaker B: Yeah. Sometimes the boots on the ground rebel, though. Sometimes you get a shitty order. And if that shitty order goes against your morals or go against what you think is right, then fuck all that shit. [01:39:57] Speaker G: Yeah, it's a very difficult balance, but it's one you got to be careful of. Keeping that morality. [01:40:11] Speaker B: Well, thanks for chatting. It's been real. [01:40:17] Speaker G: Yeah, no problem. Take a shower. You smell like shit. And weed. [01:40:23] Speaker B: And pussy. [01:40:25] Speaker G: Sure. The weed kind of overpowers the nose and so does the amber. [01:40:34] Speaker B: Yeah, kind of does, doesn't it, that whole place. A lot of weed. A lot of weed, ma'am. [01:40:40] Speaker D: Fuck. [01:40:42] Speaker G: Indeed. You want my number, Chris? [01:40:49] Speaker B: Yeah, why? [01:40:54] Speaker G: Just put I've been doing this a bit longer than you have. I guess. Long enough. Whatever. [01:41:06] Speaker B: I would imagine you have. You got a card or are you going to tell it to me? [01:41:14] Speaker G: He'll explain it. Cards aren't very useful. Wolves don't got thumbs. [01:41:26] Speaker B: How do you hitchhike? [01:41:29] Speaker G: Oh, I drive. [01:41:33] Speaker B: Well, it's been real. It's been fun. [01:41:38] Speaker G: Yeah. Tell your friends who said hello. [01:41:41] Speaker B: Oh, be sure I will indeed. [01:41:48] Speaker G: If one of them starts getting uppity, let them know that if they look too hard, they might see some dogs, which I'd rather not. And not by the wolves, I mean, like actual dogs somewhere. [01:42:04] Speaker B: Okay, good, because that kind of sounded like a threat. [01:42:07] Speaker G: No, I do own dogs. If you see them, reach out. [01:42:14] Speaker B: Okay. [01:42:15] Speaker G: Thinking of fighting for a better team, maybe. Or not even that just getting out of the hands of the out of the divine. [01:42:26] Speaker B: Yeah, well, I'll take it on the revisement, dude, so thanks. [01:42:31] Speaker G: Yeah, no problem. [01:42:34] Speaker B: Go careful in traffic now, won't you? [01:42:38] Speaker G: No. Well, yeah, but we'll see how the next few weeks plays out. It was nice talking to you. [01:42:47] Speaker B: Yes, we will. Yeah. You know, it's been enlightening. Thank you. You all have yourself a good day. Grab yourself a can of Pedigree charm or something, you know, spoil yourself. [01:43:00] Speaker G: Indeed. Indeed. Y'all, make sure to lock your hotel doors. They're a bit too easy to get in when you leave for a bit. See you later. I'll be able to find you wherever you go, all right? [01:43:16] Speaker B: Oh, I don't doubt that for a moment. Fuck you very much. [01:43:20] Speaker G: You too, brother. [01:43:23] Speaker F: Stefan climbs back out of the car and heads off down the road and rather quickly and abruptly disappears into the crowd. It is a couple of minutes after Stefan leaves before Sarah, Oliver and Coda return to the car. [01:43:48] Speaker D: I am encumbered with all of Chris's stuff, but was very insistent upon carrying it all myself. [01:43:56] Speaker C: I'll get out, open the trunk. [01:44:01] Speaker B: Looking pensive. [01:44:05] Speaker D: All right, well, we are checked out and everything. I assume nothing bad happened to the car, seeing as it's still here. [01:44:13] Speaker B: Another car? The car is fine. But I do have something to need to talk to you all about. Let's get in the car. [01:44:20] Speaker D: All right. [01:44:24] Speaker B: So while I was waiting, I got a visit from a guy called Stefan, who is another scion of Loki and he is directly responsible for Teddy's death. He controls the wolves. He's the one who sent all of the wolves against us all the times that they were sent. He is the guy in control. [01:44:46] Speaker C: He's been trying to get me and. [01:44:47] Speaker B: Everyone else over onto his side. He said that he was going to use the walls to hold us in place so that he could talk to us personally. I think that's bullshit. Yeah, he was just here. He said that he's been into our rooms in the hotel and that he can find us wherever and wherever we go. Basically that we are an open book to him. He asked about all of you by. [01:45:19] Speaker C: Name and the items that you've got and everything. [01:45:21] Speaker B: He knows a metric fuck ton about. [01:45:23] Speaker E: All of us and us, nothing about him. [01:45:27] Speaker F: This is encouraging. [01:45:30] Speaker B: Right? [01:45:31] Speaker D: And then he says the wolves were meant to just hold us in place. Implying what? That he wanted us on his good side? [01:45:40] Speaker B: Right. I pretty much said the same thing to him. I mean, if he's looking at trying to talk to us, sending a whole pack of slathering fucking minivans was a really bad idea. [01:45:51] Speaker E: Well, what about just have been lying? [01:45:55] Speaker C: Exactly. [01:45:55] Speaker D: Because then there was that other woman as well, right? She was controlling, commanding wolves as well. And she most certainly did not seem very cordial and wanted to just be amiable with us. She already attacked us. [01:46:10] Speaker A: What did he look like? [01:46:13] Speaker B: I'll describe him? [01:46:14] Speaker C: I don't think you actually described him to me, did you? [01:46:17] Speaker B: BP in detail. [01:46:21] Speaker F: I had heretics describe himself, but for reference he looks like honestly, as Chris describes him. For a moment it sounds like Chris is describing know about Chris's height, kind of blondish, reddish brown hair, full beard, he's got tattoos on his arms. The biggest difference is that he has a scar that crosses from under one of his eyes over the top of his nose and onto his other cheek. [01:47:05] Speaker A: Okay. [01:47:06] Speaker F: And I'm going to put a picture of him into y'all's chat on. [01:47:12] Speaker A: I think listening to this coda's gonna text his description to net and be like, is this the guy you saw? [01:47:23] Speaker F: You do not get an immediate answer, but she did tell you that she was driving, so it may be oh. [01:47:29] Speaker B: God, he does look like Mead. [01:47:31] Speaker F: He does. He looks like he could be your well shit. [01:47:40] Speaker A: Huh. And he's a Scion that's siding with the Titan stone. [01:47:47] Speaker B: Yeah, he said he wanted to kill all of the acer, so Sarah, that kind of means well, all of us, but you especially. [01:47:56] Speaker E: Oh, that's unfortunate. [01:47:58] Speaker B: Yeah, right? [01:47:59] Speaker E: I've been faded not to die, so I wish him luck, I suppose. [01:48:07] Speaker B: He basically threatened us, me, everybody, as much as he could without outright saying it. The guy was a bit of a douchebag, to be quite honest. [01:48:19] Speaker D: I can imagine. My question is go on. [01:48:28] Speaker B: He had that air of try hard. The guy who's got to basically make all the insults without actually physically insulting anybody just because he's got a heart on for that sort of shit. [01:48:46] Speaker E: I mean, don't the Titans want to destroy the world or something? [01:48:51] Speaker F: You got to be a certain kind. [01:48:53] Speaker E: Of person to simp for them. [01:48:55] Speaker B: Yeah. [01:48:58] Speaker D: My question is how much of what he said is scare tactics and how much he said is true? He said he can find us wherever, knows everything about us, things like that. And as he said, he apparently already knows a lot about us. But is it truly to the extent that he claims, or is this some kind of psychological warfare? [01:49:23] Speaker B: A little from column a little from column B, I would expect. [01:49:28] Speaker D: Likely. [01:49:31] Speaker A: Okay. [01:49:36] Speaker D: I think in this case then, it's what we do with this information now that'll affect things in the future, how we handle him. [01:49:48] Speaker A: And I guess who we bring into our presence, I guess, because now they are possibly in danger. [01:49:57] Speaker D: Indeed. [01:50:00] Speaker B: Yeah. [01:50:01] Speaker A: Fuck him. And of course you rolled up when. [01:50:06] Speaker F: You were by yourself. [01:50:07] Speaker A: He couldn't just roll up when we were all together. Whatever. Let's get out of here. [01:50:14] Speaker B: All right, let's go. [01:50:21] Speaker F: Okay. Anything else you guys want to talk about before we jump forward? [01:50:27] Speaker B: Don't think so. Not for me. [01:50:29] Speaker A: No. [01:50:32] Speaker F: Anything anybody wants to do? Any stops you need to make or anything before you meet up with Net? [01:50:41] Speaker A: No? [01:50:43] Speaker F: Okay. Net ends up having you meet her about an hour outside of Atlanta, but in the opposite direction of Damon's Farm in a kind of not really middle of nowhere, but like a suburb, basically. Quiet, sleepy little suburb. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot going on here, you know, that you guys drive through a fairly typical American town, not like one lane or anything like that, but utterly forgettable in a way. And she has you meet her outside of a fast food place. [01:51:40] Speaker C: As we drive there, I would like to ask everybody, and I'd also like to look myself to make sure we're not being tailed. [01:51:47] Speaker F: Everybody can roll me. Perception and awareness. [01:52:04] Speaker B: Three. [01:52:08] Speaker E: One. [01:52:10] Speaker D: As well. [01:52:14] Speaker F: And two, three. [01:52:16] Speaker A: Yeah. [01:52:17] Speaker F: Okay. As far as you guys can tell, you're not being followed. There is a moment where Sarah thinks she might be, but it very quickly becomes obvious to everybody but everybody but her that she's kind of being paranoid. But that is sort of something that she has probably inherited a little bit from her father, even if she doesn't want to acknowledge it. [01:52:46] Speaker E: Paranoia if someone's actually out to get you. [01:52:50] Speaker F: It is paranoia if the person you are freaking out about isn't, though. It was a semi that was behind you guys, and it had like red and blue logo on the side. And then eventually that semi turned turned away. But the next time Sarah looked, there was a different semi with, like a black and blue logo, and it took like, ten minutes to convince her that they were not the same truck and that the guy behind the wheel wasn't the same dude, not even the same race. But eventually you guys meet Net under this small kind of like it's not part of a chain, but it's a fast food place, like a very local brand fast food place. And Net and Kareem are sitting in Net's car, and it looks like they are, [email protected] I don't know if Kareem would eat it, but Net is chowing down on what looks like a monster of a chicken sandwich. [01:54:10] Speaker D: Well, that does seem like them. [01:54:17] Speaker F: Kareem, are you joining in the, uh. [01:54:22] Speaker H: Kareem is politely abstaining. [01:54:26] Speaker F: Yeah, I kind of figured. [01:54:32] Speaker A: Okay. [01:54:35] Speaker F: As you guys pull up, net gives a little wave around like she's mid byte, but she gives a little wave with her free hand and reaches over and presses a button in the center console and the windows roll down, and then she kind of looks over. Hi. [01:54:59] Speaker H: Hey, everyone. Long time. [01:55:02] Speaker D: Eh, it's been a bit longer for you, apparently, due to the whole time dilation thing. [01:55:11] Speaker F: Keep reading that habit. [01:55:13] Speaker D: Yeah. [01:55:15] Speaker H: Oh, you know, time dilation. People come and go. [01:55:24] Speaker B: Okay. [01:55:26] Speaker F: There's kind of a moment when he says people come and go where Net's eyes go a little dark, but then she sort of blinks and looks back at you guys. Did you guys make the everything okay? Oh, Coda, I got your text message. Yeah, that sounds like the same motherfucker. Did you guys get attacked? [01:55:54] Speaker A: No, but the punk kind of went to talk to Chris when he was by himself in the car and tried to be, hey, you know, I was the one that sticked the people on you. You should be careful, blah, blah. I was trying to just a lot of BS. I mean, Chris could probably explain it better to me. You just sound like a punk trying to whatever. Chris can explain it better. [01:56:21] Speaker B: Yeah, a guy called Stefan says he is a Sino Loki. [01:56:26] Speaker F: A lot of is your brother. [01:56:31] Speaker B: Kind of looks a little bit like me as well, which is know, now that. [01:56:35] Speaker F: I think about it. Yeah, actually he does. He looks like he could be an older version of you or younger version of you, I'm not sure. [01:56:44] Speaker B: Oh, good. [01:56:45] Speaker F: You both have those faces that just get to a certain point and then you don't age anymore. [01:56:50] Speaker B: It's weird boyish good looks. Yeah, I know, right? But anyway, the motherfucker basically came threatened me and said he knew everything about us. Told us where been, asked about all of the others by name, all of the items that they've got. Said that he can follow us anywhere and everywhere, wherever we go. He'll know that sort of shit. Been in a hotel room. [01:57:16] Speaker H: Oh, hell, he tried to threaten you and invite you to the dark side at the same time? [01:57:23] Speaker B: Yeah, he wasn't very bright. [01:57:25] Speaker H: Shit, he could be like a Darth Vader. Luke, I am your father moment, except. [01:57:33] Speaker B: Just a little bit more shit. [01:57:36] Speaker H: Well, nobody's perfect. Not everyone can be Darth Vader. [01:57:43] Speaker B: He had a small dick energy going on. So totally unlike me, right? [01:57:49] Speaker A: Yeah. Right. [01:57:51] Speaker F: So just so we're clear, you're good with me killing your brother? Because that's on my to do list. [01:57:57] Speaker B: Well, you know, I didn't know he was my brother. I'm still not sure he is, but he sounds like a bit of a motherfucker to me, so I don't care. [01:58:07] Speaker F: Okay. [01:58:09] Speaker B: From the shit he was saying to me, it looks like if you don't do it, I might have to anyway. Or we might have to, if he's. [01:58:18] Speaker F: The one giving orders to the Fenris wolves, and it makes sense that he would be a sign of Loki, considering well, yeah. [01:58:27] Speaker B: You said he was responsible for the death of Teddy, too. [01:58:31] Speaker A: Yeah. [01:58:32] Speaker F: I mean, please don't take this personally, but I didn't know Teddy. I knew Moira. [01:58:38] Speaker B: Oh, I'm not taking it personally at all. [01:58:40] Speaker F: I didn't really know somebody's taking a fucking fall for that. And if I get we knew Teddy. [01:58:47] Speaker D: And seeing that we knew Teddy, I am personally quite all right if you want to kill. [01:58:54] Speaker F: So, um cool. And she'll climb out of her car and walk around so that she's on the same side of the car as the windows that you guys are talking through. Still eating. And she'll kind of like, hold out a big ass thing of fries if anybody wants some. [01:59:14] Speaker A: ODA will take some. [01:59:16] Speaker B: Yeah, me, too. [01:59:18] Speaker F: So here's the deal. There are a pair of twins in this town. They haven't had their visitations yet. We need to try and get them. Well, you guys are going to get them. Kareem and I are going to deal with the bulk of the fighting force if we can. Your job is to get them out of town. [01:59:47] Speaker D: So we're the new you guys? [01:59:52] Speaker F: Well, for the moment. [01:59:54] Speaker H: We're a little short on staff, so we're conscripting you guys. [02:00:03] Speaker F: Yeah, but the difference is that instead of three people doing this whole team, this whole thing it's me and Cream are going to handle half and you guys handle the other half. There might be some fighting on your part, but we'll do our best to keep the heavy hitters away from you. [02:00:21] Speaker H: It'll be a learning experience. [02:00:25] Speaker D: Right. So where are these twins then? Where do we need to get them and then get them to? [02:00:35] Speaker F: I am waiting on a message to give me an exact location. The gods are obviously not super into just telling you where their kids are. [02:00:49] Speaker A: Although they should, because we're the ones saving them. [02:00:52] Speaker F: Oh, yeah, no, they're going to tell us. I'm just saying they don't just spill that information easy. They bring it to us when it's time for us to have it. Because if we get kidnapped or somebody has some weird mind ready thing right. [02:01:09] Speaker A: I remember it happened with us too. [02:01:18] Speaker E: Do we have any information about these twins? We're not just going to kidnap children, are we? [02:01:26] Speaker F: Oh, no. They're like my understanding is that they're like, I don't know, 1819 and just got out of, like foster care. [02:01:41] Speaker A: Oh, okay. [02:01:49] Speaker F: But trust me, when when the big car to semi sized wolves start showing up, I think they'll go with you if you ask. [02:01:59] Speaker D: We did. [02:02:00] Speaker F: Fear has a way of propelling people forward. [02:02:03] Speaker E: Fair enough. [02:02:12] Speaker F: So can I have my stuff? [02:02:15] Speaker D: Yes, it's in the back. [02:02:19] Speaker F: I'm assuming somebody pops the trunk and she'll go and grab it. She looks over the apples, kind of diligently, counts them and nods a little bit and looks over at cream. [02:02:33] Speaker D: I'll help you with that, actually. And I'll get out and kind of help. And while we're back there, I know you got it, but I'll say this very quietly, so it's just the two of us hearing. I know you're going through a lot right now, Nets, and I'm very sorry for your loss, but if you need to talk about it and just let your emotions out, I have it on very good authority that Coda is a great listener. [02:03:08] Speaker F: Thanks. I'm fine, though. I think I just need to kill something. [02:03:15] Speaker D: You don't have to be fine. [02:03:17] Speaker F: Yeah, I do today I do tomorrow maybe I could not be fine, but today I have to be fine because there are more people who are depending on me today. [02:03:31] Speaker D: Right. Well, if you say you don't need any help with the crate, then I'll leave it to you. [02:03:37] Speaker F: Including you, kiddo. And she'll kind of grin and nudge you with her shoulder as she turns to carry the crate towards her car. [02:03:48] Speaker D: It's not in like half your age. [02:03:52] Speaker F: Well, no, she's older than that, but she's still pretty fucking young by comparison. [02:03:57] Speaker D: Yeah, I'll climb back in. She did not need help, actually. [02:04:04] Speaker A: Well, I could have told you that. She's pretty strong. [02:04:11] Speaker F: She takes the crate over and puts it into her car and looks over at Kareem. There aren't as many as I thought there would be. I knew we were low, but I didn't realize we were this low. [02:04:23] Speaker H: We'll have to make do. We have a job to do. [02:04:28] Speaker A: Yeah. [02:04:30] Speaker F: Okay. And she's going to pull out one of those fabric shopping bags and transfer some of the apples over into it and then hand it into the car to Oliver. Don't use these unless you have to. A bite will heal most, like superficial wounds. Half to three quarters should heal some pretty serious ones. If someone is on death store, give them the whole thing. [02:05:08] Speaker D: Right, got it. Thank you. [02:05:10] Speaker F: Don't use them if you don't have to because it's not an easy trip. [02:05:15] Speaker D: To get them to get more understood. [02:05:18] Speaker F: And I think that's all I've got. I think that's the last of my stash. [02:05:23] Speaker D: How many apples are in the bag that's given to us? [02:05:26] Speaker F: You are given five apples. [02:05:28] Speaker D: Five. Got it. [02:05:35] Speaker F: They're more effective in the overworld or in terra incognita, an obviously magical place, but here in the world, they're just really good at healing you. But this is all I've got for a while. And she'll sort of nod a little bit and head back to the car. And as she sets her bunch into the backseat, she kind of, like, writes again. And you guys, there's this moment where it looks like she's pulling out what looks like a backpack, but as she pulls not a backpack, but, like, a messenger bag. And as she pulls the strap, like, crossways over her body, you actually realize that it's more like a belt. And rather than a bag hanging off of her back, there is a long, wide, slightly curved sheath and a sword on her back. And next to the sword also sheathed, is what looks to be a very interesting, unusual, but large looking shotgun. [02:07:03] Speaker D: Look at Sarah. Would it be mean to say that it looks like you might be jealous of that? [02:07:12] Speaker E: Which part? [02:07:14] Speaker D: The shotgun? [02:07:18] Speaker F: I'm more of a pistol, kind of. [02:07:23] Speaker D: Hmm. Fair enough. [02:07:28] Speaker H: Oh, well. Kareem takes out his glock. This is what obviously, you know, net will be taking charge here, but I also have this. And Kareem takes out his handkerchief. Doesn't look like much, but not a gun. But this will serve us well enough. [02:08:06] Speaker A: Still cool. I've learned that the way things look don't entirely matter here. So it may look like a napkin or sorry, a hanker chef chief, but wait, what does it do? Are you not allowed to tell us that? [02:08:28] Speaker F: I don't know. Should I tell them you're allowed to? Yeah, yeah. [02:08:32] Speaker H: It's woven from the banner of cave. So basically, the in game effect is that it grants an extra I can spend a point of legend, and for the duration of the scene, all of my allies will be treating treated as having a valor of level three. [02:09:02] Speaker D: So you can get behind they get. [02:09:05] Speaker F: What, an extra dot? [02:09:08] Speaker D: Yes, so you can get behind him in his fancy handkerchief. But my rock is lame. [02:09:14] Speaker A: Okay, you have yet to tell me what your rock can do. I've just seen a rock on a necklace. [02:09:21] Speaker D: It sings and helps other people be smarter when they need to be. [02:09:30] Speaker A: Wow. That's so cool. [02:09:32] Speaker D: You're just pandering to me now. [02:09:35] Speaker A: No, it actually is. It's just in the moment, it sounds like I'm being panda ing, but no. Cool. We all have cool things. We all have cool things. [02:09:57] Speaker F: You laugh, but if I had someone around who could give me extra brains when I needed them, would have helped me in a lot of sticky situations. That's Net is saying that, by the way. [02:10:11] Speaker D: Thank you, Net. [02:10:12] Speaker H: Well, fortunately, you do this time. [02:10:16] Speaker F: Yes. That's why Kareem is here. Smarter than me by a lot. Okay, we probably shouldn't hang around each other too much. I will text you the address here in a few, but I would suggest you get to know the layout of the town. Maybe pop in, see some of the local shops, that sort of thing. Just familiarize yourself so that you know where you're going when you have to run. And Coda and Chris, you both have similar instincts to mine, which is that you want to run towards the worst of the danger to help people who need it. Yeah, I'm going to be there. That's not your job. Tonight, I need you to look after the babies, okay? As much as I want to make them my priority, I don't think I can. Not today. [02:11:27] Speaker D: I'll admit it feels a bit like telling the toddlers to wash the infants. [02:11:34] Speaker F: Listen, I'm going to find the biggest, nastiest motherfuckers and I'm going to focus on them to give you guys all the time that you need. I'll be all right. [02:11:46] Speaker A: But you're not going to. [02:11:50] Speaker F: Not that. [02:11:50] Speaker A: I'm saying you're not strong or anything, but you're not going to throw yourself at. [02:11:56] Speaker F: Am. But that's kind of my job. But I also won't be alone. Moira was alone. [02:12:01] Speaker H: This isn't a suicide mission. We need to take a strategic retreat. We will, once we're sure the mission is done. Once we're sure that you and the twins are out of harm. [02:12:15] Speaker A: Okay, cool. I was just checking because, I don't know, this might be like a going out in a blaze of glory kind of deal, and I just oh, no. [02:12:22] Speaker F: This is find the motherfucker and take his head kind of deal. [02:12:25] Speaker H: Okay, we don't do suicide missions. We're professionals. [02:12:31] Speaker A: Yeah, but professionals. Never mind. No, that's probably just me being me. Never mind. I trust you guys. We'll get our mission done. Okay? [02:12:46] Speaker F: Chris? [02:12:48] Speaker B: Yes. [02:12:51] Speaker F: Thank you. Got your word that you're not going to try and turn around and come back and save us. You're going to do what we need. Okay, good. Cool. All right. And she'll kind of like reach through to offer a fist to Sarah to fist bump. [02:13:11] Speaker E: She'll fist bump, do a little explosion, she's pulling away. [02:13:17] Speaker F: You guys stay safe. If this goes off without a hitch, I owe you a meal and pay for helping. [02:13:29] Speaker D: So we do get paid. [02:13:33] Speaker F: I mean, I'm willing to pay you. I get a cut of Damon's operation. [02:13:38] Speaker D: Oh, well, it's not necessary. I just didn't know if there was, like a union or something for Scions. No, we could probably arrange something. If you need payment again, it's all right if there was an actual ordinance for it, where we do these jobs and we get paid as sort of a celestial no. [02:14:03] Speaker F: Typically we get gifts. Sometimes they'll set us up with financial means, but for the most part it's kind of on us. Which is why I get a cut of things like Damon's operations, because I'm the reason why he has the Nymphs to make the magic weed in the first place. And I'm his protection. [02:14:27] Speaker D: Right, all right, in that case no, at least I'm speaking for myself. I don't need any sort of payment for this. [02:14:39] Speaker F: All right, we'll see you soon, hopefully. And she'll get in the car and they leave the parking lot. What are you guys going to do? [02:14:58] Speaker D: Well, seeing as what's being expected of us. In case you don't remember those vials I gave you, if you haven't already filled them up with your blood, I recommend doing it soon just in case we need to use them as a form of detraction if things get hairy. I've already filled mine, but I know you guys might not have because it's a sort of out there solution. [02:15:25] Speaker B: Also, though, do we really want to spread our blood around? Can people use it to kind of cast shit through, cast magic through it or some shit? [02:15:35] Speaker D: I'm not sure. My initial plan for it was like if we're running one way, we throw it the other way, it shatters and our sense lingers there. It might confuse whatever's chasing us. Assuming we have a far enough lead and they don't see us. [02:15:49] Speaker F: Yeah, it's a lot of if it is. [02:15:54] Speaker D: But it seemed to work somewhat back when we first got attacked. So this is a more refined method. I guess. [02:16:05] Speaker E: Wouldn't it also work if we were just wearing extra items of clothing that we could throw on the ground? [02:16:12] Speaker D: Maybe. I don't know how potent our regular scent is, but our blood has the Igor in it, right? The Godly Iker. And that might be something far more pungent to them. [02:16:24] Speaker E: Oh, right, that. [02:16:29] Speaker A: Yeah, I'm down for it. [02:16:33] Speaker D: Worst case scenario, I've already filled mine, and if we only need to use one, then we can use mine. [02:16:39] Speaker B: How did you fill it? Know I don't have anything other than a knife. [02:16:48] Speaker D: When we were back at Anvil, I borrowed one from the kitchen in the night and just sort of there's sort of a scar on my leg now, but it's huh. [02:17:00] Speaker B: Okay. [02:17:07] Speaker D: An arrowhead might work as well. [02:17:13] Speaker E: How big are these little vials? [02:17:15] Speaker D: They're just like small, kind of hobbyist type. [02:17:21] Speaker F: Yeah, they look like travel bottles for toiletries and stuff. They're not big at all. [02:17:30] Speaker D: And there's kind of like mini glass test tubes that throw would shatter really easily. [02:17:36] Speaker A: I can probably help you guys with getting the blood out and stuff. I mean, I've done stuff like this with animals, and humans aren't too well. I can help you guys out with that in the most safe and cleanliest way possible. We could do it while we're in the car. [02:18:00] Speaker B: What could go wrong while we're in a moving vehicle? [02:18:03] Speaker A: Yeah, I've been in worse situations. [02:18:06] Speaker D: Okay, it's just a thought. You don't have to. If you don't want to. [02:18:11] Speaker E: No, I'll do it. [02:18:14] Speaker A: I got you. I could distract you. [02:18:16] Speaker F: Okay, so you guys take the time. Whoever is going to fill vials fills vials. We'll say that you each have one. Anyone who fills one will have one, I should say. All that being said, I'm assuming that you guys are going to kind of drive around town, get a feel for the layout of the town and everything so that you know where you are. [02:18:45] Speaker D: Yes, I was going to suggest that next. [02:18:49] Speaker A: Okay. [02:18:50] Speaker F: It's a few hours later as it is starting to get as the moon is rising, that you guys get a text message from Net that goes to all of you with an address. You're about 10 miles away. It's just across town, but there isn't a lot of traffic or anything, so getting there won't take any time at all. And as you guys are on your way, chris's phone chimes with a text message. [02:19:29] Speaker B: Who's driving at the moment? [02:19:32] Speaker F: It's up to you guys. [02:19:33] Speaker E: Yeah, Sarah will take her turn the wheel. [02:19:37] Speaker B: Okay, then I'll look at my phone. [02:19:41] Speaker F: You get a message from have you put Stefan's number into your phone? [02:19:47] Speaker B: Yeah, I probably would. Yeah. [02:19:50] Speaker F: You get a message that the hunt is on and the sign off is you got this, little bro. [02:20:01] Speaker C: I'll just pass my phone over to whoever's next to me, assuming I'm in. [02:20:04] Speaker B: The back so they can see it. [02:20:08] Speaker D: Probably be me based on the rotation order. That's not menacing, right? Does that mean he's going to be inhibiting us or letting us do what we need to do? [02:20:22] Speaker B: I think he's going to be inhibiting us. So you guys in the front, he says the hunt is on. You got this, little bro. [02:20:33] Speaker A: I guess it is. We get it first. [02:20:37] Speaker B: I ain't going to respond, though. [02:20:39] Speaker A: Oh, yeah. [02:20:41] Speaker F: All right. [02:20:42] Speaker D: Do you have read receipts on? [02:20:46] Speaker F: Sorry, go ahead. [02:20:48] Speaker D: I was just asking. Does he have read receipts on? [02:20:51] Speaker B: No, I don't. I have that turned off. [02:20:53] Speaker D: Okay, so you didn't leave them on red. [02:20:55] Speaker B: Yeah. [02:20:57] Speaker F: Sarah, you drive the 10 miles to the address, and it is when you're about a block away that you guys coda feels at first because of her tie to the moon, specifically, the moon goes from being in a state of waning to full rather rapidly. And Coda, you feel this shift, like down to your marrow. The night goes somehow darker than it was before, and you guys all hear one lone howl, followed by another, and then another and another and another that are all, like, answering from different locations. They're distant, but you can definitely hear them. [02:22:02] Speaker D: Wow, that's familiar. All right, did we get names as part of the address of the Scions we're supposed to be picking up? [02:22:16] Speaker A: You did. [02:22:17] Speaker F: It is lily and Lucas. [02:22:24] Speaker D: Gotcha. [02:22:29] Speaker A: You. [02:22:29] Speaker F: Do not know who their parent is, but you know that they are twins. [02:22:39] Speaker A: Okay, well, let's go. Then. [02:22:51] Speaker E: Sarah would speed up, try to. [02:22:53] Speaker F: Get to where they're going. Okay, make me a let's go with decks and control. If you have cars listed. I do not. So just a Dex check then. Ah. [02:23:21] Speaker E: Would there be a virtue that could help with this? [02:23:24] Speaker A: I don't know. [02:23:25] Speaker F: What virtues do you have and how would you like to utilize them? [02:23:29] Speaker E: Courage, endurance, expression, and loyalty. She would have been head on a swivel this whole time. [02:23:37] Speaker F: I don't know that you are in enough danger for courage to apply, and the others are not really applicable yet. Okay, but you could maybe utilize them later when you're actually having to genuinely run from something. Right now, you're just trying to get there first. [02:23:55] Speaker E: Okay, then I will also use a willpower 12345. When willpower six and then epic decks seven. [02:24:12] Speaker F: Jesus. Okay, Sarah is on it. You guys have seen her drive before, but this is a new level of almost expert control. It feels like she puts her foot down on the gas, and you guys speed up rapidly. And Oliver, you have this moment where you grab the oh, shit bar just out of instinct, because you've gone from, like, 40 to 80 in a couple of seconds, only to realize after a moment that she has a level of control over this vehicle that you didn't think would necessarily be possible. As she continues to climb in speed. She whips it around a corner and then around another corner into a parking lot of an apartment complex and literally, like fish tails, she goes down a row, fish tails around the end of the row and then almost drifts to a stop in front of the building where the twins are twins supposedly live on the third. [02:25:36] Speaker D: Good driving, Sarah. [02:25:39] Speaker E: Yeah, no problem. [02:25:43] Speaker F: Morehouse. And they're closer, right? [02:25:46] Speaker D: How should we just three go get them? One stays in the car. Two and two, or should we all go get them? [02:25:50] Speaker E: I'll keep it on. [02:25:53] Speaker B: All right, let's go. [02:25:56] Speaker D: I will climb out and hustle up to the door. [02:26:01] Speaker A: Same. [02:26:04] Speaker F: Is it? Or Oliver Coda and Chris. [02:26:07] Speaker B: I'm going as well. Chris as well. [02:26:09] Speaker F: Okay, so the three of you climb out of the car and sprint up the stairs. The howls are getting closer and closer, and you can almost feel the charge in the air as the danger around you mounts. By the time you guys get up to the door. [02:26:35] Speaker D: I will frantically knock. [02:26:39] Speaker F: It takes a couple of seconds, probably a good, like, 30, 40 seconds before the door opens. And a young woman with dark stick, straight hair almost down to her waist and tanned skin. She looks like she might be from, like, her heritage might be, like, central or South American, maybe. It's hard to tell. Kind of looks at the three of you in confusion. Hello. [02:27:17] Speaker D: Are you lively by chance? [02:27:20] Speaker A: Yeah. [02:27:21] Speaker F: Who are you? [02:27:22] Speaker D: I'll get to that. Is your brother Lucas with you? [02:27:26] Speaker A: Yeah. [02:27:27] Speaker F: Lucas. Hi. [02:27:29] Speaker D: I'm Oliver Bright. Do you hear those wolves howling in the distance? Slowly getting closer and closer? [02:27:36] Speaker F: Yeah. [02:27:37] Speaker D: You're in danger. You need to come with us. [02:27:41] Speaker A: What? [02:27:43] Speaker D: Do you want to be attacked by giant wolves? [02:27:48] Speaker F: No. And a young man kind of comes around the corner, and he looks a lot like her, but his hair is short, spiky on the top. Hi. [02:28:00] Speaker B: How you doing? [02:28:02] Speaker F: Who the fuck are these people? [02:28:04] Speaker B: My name is Chris Strom. There's a lot of wolves out here. You can probably hear the noise in the background. And your life is in danger. Trust me about this. We need you to come with us. [02:28:19] Speaker D: Exactly as Chris said. I know you have no reason to trust us, but we've been the situation that you're about to be in very shortly, and it did not go so well for us, at least partially. If you wanted to go better for you two, I strongly advise you listen and come with us now. We do not. [02:28:36] Speaker B: If you want to live. [02:28:38] Speaker F: Okay, here's my question. Are you guys trying to scare them into coming with you or just convince them to come with you? [02:28:45] Speaker C: I actually want to use my inspirational figure epic charisma knack okay. To basically kind of inspire them. [02:28:55] Speaker F: Tell me what that does precisely. [02:28:59] Speaker C: So it gives hope and courage to not just one listener, but to a group of listeners. It actually raises their spirits. And as long as my words are intended to inspire them, then anybody who listens will listen. Spellbound. They gain a point of willpower, but they're inspired by what I have to say. [02:29:21] Speaker F: Basically, they're enthralled, essentially. Okay. I am going to consider that as giving you extra dice. For the purposes of this, I would like you to roll charisma, and you can either go command or empathy. [02:29:46] Speaker C: It's all much of a muchness I'll go with empathy. [02:29:49] Speaker F: Oliver can also roll to give you. [02:29:51] Speaker D: Extra dice the same roll charisma and command empathy. [02:29:56] Speaker A: Yes. [02:29:57] Speaker D: Okay, great. [02:29:58] Speaker C: So I'll let you roll first to give me extra dice. Is that right? [02:30:01] Speaker F: Yeah. Okay. [02:30:02] Speaker D: All right. I have a decent pool here. That's three extra dice for successes on my end. [02:30:18] Speaker F: Three successes, which I'm going to make. You have a total of four extra dice between Oliver and your ability. [02:30:27] Speaker D: Okay. [02:30:29] Speaker F: Give you two and two. Holy shit. [02:30:35] Speaker C: Okay, so that's five, because I have. [02:30:37] Speaker B: A dot in epic charisma. [02:30:39] Speaker F: Excellent. Okay. Yeah. They kind of hesitate for a moment, but they become fixated on Chris. And after a moment, Lily kind of yeah, yeah, we'll go with you. And Lucas kind of just looks a little bit spellbound. He's too dumbfounded to really say much of anything, but they grab wallets and keys off of a table near the door and a glance inside. You can tell that this place is very obviously like it almost looks like a crash pad. Like, everything that's in here is obviously second or third hand. It's old and thread, bare couch. Their table beside the door is like a TV tray, not even a real table. It looks like they have just kind of been, like, scrimping together whatever they can find because they're fresh out of the system and don't really have anything. [02:31:50] Speaker C: So like cinder block bookshelves, that sort. [02:31:52] Speaker F: Of yeah, for sure. [02:31:56] Speaker B: Okay. [02:31:57] Speaker F: But they follow you right this way. [02:32:01] Speaker D: Right this way to the car. [02:32:03] Speaker F: And it is about this time where you guys where Sarah sees the first wolf round a corner into the parking lot and in her rear view sees another one kind of leap over a fence at the back of the lot. [02:32:27] Speaker E: Yeah, actually, she'll pull out and get ready to just zoom away. [02:32:36] Speaker F: So you're kind of like, idling in the middle of the parking lot rather than in a parking space. [02:32:41] Speaker E: Yeah. [02:32:42] Speaker F: Okay, so here's what's going to happen. This does not necessarily have to be combat. If you guys don't want to actually get into combat and want to find clever ways to get around the combat and just run for it, that is absolutely an option. Or you can fight. [02:33:02] Speaker C: We were told not to get into combat, weren't we? [02:33:04] Speaker F: Well, you were told not to go and try and help Net and Kareem. [02:33:09] Speaker C: I think we should run. [02:33:10] Speaker F: Your focus is keeping the twins safe. [02:33:14] Speaker C: I think we should run because the longer we're in combat, there's more chance of them getting hurt. [02:33:18] Speaker B: That's my opinion. [02:33:20] Speaker D: There's two right now, but we don't know how many more might be coming. Yes. [02:33:24] Speaker B: 100%. [02:33:25] Speaker F: Okay. All right. Yes. [02:33:28] Speaker A: I was going to say, seeing the wolves, coda is going to light one of the joints in a box and tape down the lighter just so a box can fill with the fumes. And when we're ready to go, she's going toss it out the back of the car because they got high smell, so they'll see what that does. [02:33:48] Speaker F: All right, so we're going to treat this, at least for now, like a skill challenge. I'm not going to call for a specific number of successes or whatever, but however many successes you get on a given roll is going to tell you how much, is going to tell me how much ground you gain until I think you're out of the worst of it. Okay, so your first concern is getting the twins to the car and getting into the car while there are two wolves bearing down on you. Sarah, you could potentially make a role, but I'm going to say that it's going to have to be once they actually get closer to the car, to be able to help, unless you have something specific that you want to do that's not somehow going to put you further away from them. So, Chris, Oliver and Coda, you guys have options. You can choose what skills or what I think they're called abilities in the system. What abilities you guys want to roll with. I will tell you what attribute I think plays a role. And you are always welcome to say if you want to utilize a virtue and how you want to. [02:35:11] Speaker D: So how far are we from the car currently? [02:35:16] Speaker F: You guys are three stories up and about 20 to 30 yards. [02:35:22] Speaker D: I see. All right. And can we see downward from the stairwell or anything? [02:35:29] Speaker F: All of the doors are outer are facing outward. [02:35:32] Speaker D: Okay. And how close are the wolves in at this point? [02:35:37] Speaker F: There's probably 60, 70 yards between the wolf that just came in, came around the corner, and the wolf that jumped the fence is probably closer to 40 yards from the car. [02:35:54] Speaker D: All right. At this point can so very close. [02:35:58] Speaker F: For something that big that moves that fast. [02:36:01] Speaker D: Okay. Yeah. My next question is going to be how can we gauge how the rate of their movement but they move fast? [02:36:08] Speaker C: Got a question for you, BP. Can we actually look over the railing to the ground below us? [02:36:13] Speaker F: Yes, absolutely. [02:36:15] Speaker C: I know exactly what I want to do. Then I want to pick up both of those, the two kids, because I have the epic strength ability hang on, what's it called uplifting might, which means I can actually lift 3500 pounds, which is going to be enough to get one of them in each arm. I also have lightning sprinter, which means I can move stupid fast. And I have holy bound, which means I can jump and not 48 meters and not take damage. So I'm literally going to grab each one of them under my arm and leap off the balcony. [02:36:47] Speaker F: Okay, I forgot that you had all of that. Jesus Christ. Chris is an action movie hero. Okay, Oliver and Coda, how do you plan to get down there now considering that Chris is fucking bailing? I'm not even going to make Chris like roll for that. You've got the strength that they can't do anything, even if they might you might take an elbow to the back of the head by accident and they're screaming a lot. [02:37:22] Speaker D: Watch him turn to coda. I can't do. [02:37:29] Speaker A: Mean Coda was going to also just jump down from the center of the staircase, but try to do it carefully with cat's grace. Can I lift Oliver? [02:37:43] Speaker F: How strong are you? [02:37:44] Speaker A: I have four dots and an epic strength and then four in athletics. [02:37:54] Speaker F: Yeah. Okay. You can lift Oliver. The question is, can you lift Oliver and make the jump without hurting either of you, which is going to be a role. And I'm going to say it is stamina plus athletics. [02:38:10] Speaker D: Would I potentially seeing this begin to play out, add some help to this through like a command role or something kind of like pointing out the best place where she could jump to or work her way down from platform to platform maybe. [02:38:28] Speaker A: Because I also have cat's grace and I feel like, this is treacherous. [02:38:32] Speaker F: It is treacherous. Let's go with wits and command for Oliver to see if he can give you extra dice. [02:38:44] Speaker D: And could I use my warmaster side on this? [02:38:48] Speaker F: What does that do? [02:38:52] Speaker D: It basically lets me spend points of legend to up my roles that involve commands, but it stipulates for, like, combat oriented, and I don't know if this would count or not. [02:39:06] Speaker F: Yeah, I'll give it to you because we don't actually know that you're going to get into combat specifically. I think that this is close enough. [02:39:13] Speaker D: Great. I will spend two points for now on that. It brings me up to yeah, that's three successes. [02:39:35] Speaker F: Okay. So that gives Coda two extra dice. [02:39:39] Speaker A: Okay. Sets. Ten d ten. [02:39:46] Speaker F: Jesus. Okay. [02:39:48] Speaker A: Five, six, seven. And then I have an automatic of eight. So I got eight dice. [02:39:57] Speaker F: So Coda looks like she's about to jump, and then there's this moment of hesitation where she realizes that Oliver is still with her. As Oliver says, I can't do that. And Coda turns without a word and scoops him into the Princess Carrie. [02:40:16] Speaker D: I was about to ask, what kind of carry is this fireman bridal. [02:40:21] Speaker F: Bridal carry, which gives Oliver the opportunity to kind of in his head calculate angles and trajectories and whatever, and he calls out specifically where to put your foot as you jump. Where to catch your other arm on a railing so that you can swing safely around obstructions and things like that. So while you don't make it down nearly as fast as Chris does, you do make it to the ground. And you are running at a slightly different angle than Chris's because you used the stairwell. Sarah, you have seen both of these wolves, and then you saw Chris, like, superhero jump with two people over his shoulders. [02:41:11] Speaker E: Okay, so they're still quickly approaching. [02:41:14] Speaker F: Oh, yeah, they're charging. [02:41:16] Speaker A: Okay. [02:41:19] Speaker E: She's going to provide covering fire, draw her weapon, and just start firing in. [02:41:23] Speaker F: The direction of the wolves. Which one? Because there's one coming from in front of you and one from behind. The one from behind is closer. [02:41:32] Speaker E: The one from in front has the opportunity to do the most damage because. [02:41:36] Speaker F: Really we need the stuff in the trunk the least. [02:41:38] Speaker E: So she's going to go for the one that's coming out from the front. [02:41:43] Speaker F: Okay, make me an attack roll then. [02:41:47] Speaker E: Okay. [02:41:55] Speaker F: It not going to super worry about damage, because this seems like you are mostly trying to slow him down more than kill him. [02:42:02] Speaker E: Yeah. [02:42:04] Speaker F: Or her. It yeah, the threat. [02:42:18] Speaker E: One success. [02:42:24] Speaker F: One success. Okay. You managed to clip him, and he sort of, like, darts to the side slightly, but it doesn't really do much to slow them down. Which leaves Chris with the twins over his shoulders. You've got about 30 to 40 yards to close on the car. It's basically a straight shot, but there are cars between you and your car, so you might have to run between or jump over or something. [02:42:58] Speaker C: I'm just going to go over lightning sprinter and epic bound. I can jump 40 yards along, so that's what, 120 foot? [02:43:08] Speaker F: You could literally just jump from where you are and land outside the car. [02:43:14] Speaker C: So that's effectively what I'm going to do. But I'll probably have to take a bit of a run up first because it makes more sense that way. Narrative. [02:43:20] Speaker F: Yeah. Give me strength and athletics. This is not going to be difficult, but I'm going to make you roll just to see if you could do it without, like. [02:43:33] Speaker C: Only four. [02:43:35] Speaker F: Okay. So there's a moment of jostling where the twins are giving you some trouble, where they're so freaked out by the fact that they are upside down over your shoulders and they can both see these vehicle sized wolves charging in the direction of where you are taking them. Lily specifically is losing her mind. She is kicking, she is flailing, catches you in the back of the head. It's obvious that she doesn't mean to, but she does it anyway. And it sort of throws you a little bit as you are getting your running start and then leaping. But you do manage to make it just outside of the backseat. Coda, you have Oliver in your arms. [02:44:24] Speaker A: I'm running with them. [02:44:27] Speaker D: You could put me down at this point. [02:44:29] Speaker A: Can you run fast? [02:44:31] Speaker D: No. [02:44:32] Speaker A: Okay, hold on. [02:44:37] Speaker F: I love this. The strength and athletics, I guess. [02:44:42] Speaker A: Okay. [02:44:44] Speaker F: One, two, three. [02:44:54] Speaker A: Still got those bonus dikes or no? [02:44:56] Speaker F: No, not for this. [02:44:57] Speaker A: 1123. [02:45:03] Speaker F: Okay. You get there. It's a little awkward because you've got a dart between cars. You do not have the ability that Chris does to just leap over things. No. So there's a moment where you have to, like you know how when you were kids and you would have to kind of crab walk, so you were kind of, like moving sideways, but you're like doing that, but you're running and you've got him in this bridal carry and he's like, hugging really close to you. It's honestly one of the most comical mental images I've ever had while running a game. [02:45:38] Speaker D: Me too. [02:45:40] Speaker F: But you manage to close on the car. [02:45:45] Speaker A: Well, when we get to the close to the car, she's going to try to just chuck him in the car and she's instantly reaching for her joints. [02:45:53] Speaker F: Okay. [02:45:54] Speaker A: For her idea. [02:45:56] Speaker F: Very cool. It is about this time that the wolf that is behind the car starts to close. So if you would like to roll like to roll, I guess decks and throwing to see if you can nail the wolf that's closest. [02:46:25] Speaker A: Ducks and throwing. Yeah. Thrown. If I don't have a dot in. [02:46:31] Speaker F: Something, you just roll the attribute then. [02:46:35] Speaker A: All right, cool. [02:46:49] Speaker F: Yes. [02:46:51] Speaker A: How many epics do you have for Dexterity? I have two. [02:46:56] Speaker F: So that's five. [02:46:58] Speaker A: Five? Yeah. [02:47:00] Speaker F: Good lord. Okay, so this wolf gets close and you guys, those who are already in the car, which I assume is Oliver and the twins as Chris and Coda are still scrambling to climb in behind their passengers. Oliver and Coda are standing next to the car and everybody else is inside of the car and anybody who's inside of the car feels the front end of the car lift up off the ground as these massive paws come down on the back and it's like a teeter totter. But at the same moment, Coda hurls this box that is smoking at this wolf and manages to catch it because the wolf is so close, manages to get the box directly into the wolf's mouth. The box is hot because there is stuff that is on fire inside of it which makes the wolf kind of rear back and hack and cough. And those of you who know Coda have a feeling you know what just happened and what might be about to happen to this wolf as he inadvertently inhales very strong pot smoke. [02:48:28] Speaker A: I call it the Hot Box. [02:48:30] Speaker F: The Hot box. But the other wolf is still charging and is now close enough that it is also getting very close to the car. Sarah, is there anything that you would like to do? [02:48:48] Speaker E: Is this the one behind the car? [02:48:49] Speaker F: No, this is the one in front of the car. The one behind the car has already managed it reach the car but Coda just threw weed stuff into it into its mouth. [02:49:05] Speaker E: Can I just gun it and start driving forward towards it? [02:49:09] Speaker F: Coda and Chris are not in the car yet. [02:49:14] Speaker C: I'll shout go and I can run. [02:49:19] Speaker F: Okay, if you want to gun it towards the wolf, you absolutely can. Chris just gave you permission to potentially leave him behind. [02:49:30] Speaker E: Okay. Is there any possible way for me to hit this wolf to maybe knock it down for long enough for everyone to get the car or how bad. [02:49:40] Speaker F: Of an idea is that? The wolf is bigger than your car. [02:49:45] Speaker E: Oh, fair enough. [02:49:46] Speaker F: Okay, so while you could potentially do some damage, you would also probably damage the car. [02:49:53] Speaker E: Okay then. Yeah, she's just going to continue with the covering fire and keep her foot like hovering over the gas pedal. [02:50:02] Speaker F: Okay. Make me a attack roll and add two dice to it because it is close and you have your companions close to you. [02:50:19] Speaker E: Okay, 1235 successes. [02:50:29] Speaker F: That's pretty good. You manage to wink this thing in the side of its face, like not quite its eye but very close, which makes it kind of like jerk to the side and stumble into some of the other cars. Car alarms are going off and whatever, but it is for the moment not charging you anymore. Cool. I'm not going to make Coda and Chris roll to get in. Getting in is relatively easy now that the wolves have been at least temporarily dissuaded. So next role is going to be Sarah making another control roll. [02:51:08] Speaker A: Okay. [02:51:09] Speaker E: I'm going to use another willpower. [02:51:11] Speaker C: Is there anything we can do to assist her in that? [02:51:16] Speaker F: You guys are welcome to pitch. How you would do that? [02:51:22] Speaker D: Sure. I have an idea. Then I'm going to kind of set up situate myself in my seat and look around, and I will use my blessing of bravery. Shakespeare once said, we know what we are, but know not what we may be. Let's find that out right now. Yeah, and get the blessing. Bravery that way. And so everyone in the car has an extra point of willpower and two temporary points in valor. [02:51:56] Speaker F: Very nice. [02:51:57] Speaker A: Coda is going to get her phone out and start looking on Google maps to try to see a good place that we can take them for safety. So she's kind of like, getting the GPS ready for us to head somewhere. I'm not sure what role that would be. [02:52:16] Speaker F: I'm going to say that is a width. And do you have survival? [02:52:27] Speaker A: Yeah, I have two dots in survival. [02:52:29] Speaker F: Let's make that a width and survival. And I will give you two extra dice because you guys spent time familiarizing yourself before this. [02:52:36] Speaker C: Copy what I will do as well. She's doing that is much like police pursuit. Drivers actually have a spotter in the passenger seat, whereas the driver looks at the road immediately in front of them. The spotter looks way down the road at obstacles that are coming up. So I'm going to do effectively the same thing. I'm going to look down the road and give her information on what's kind of not in her immediate sort of purview so that she's got information for when we get there. [02:53:04] Speaker F: Okay. That is a perception and awareness. [02:53:08] Speaker D: While he's doing that, I know I already did something, but I don't know if this counts as, like, a reaction or not. Also, it's width, so it might not apply at all. But could I use my singing sound to help Coda out? [02:53:20] Speaker F: Yeah, I'll allow it. [02:53:22] Speaker D: In that case, Coda gets two extra die. [02:53:24] Speaker A: Six. [02:53:26] Speaker B: Seven. [02:53:27] Speaker D: See, the rock is useful. [02:53:29] Speaker F: It is very useful. Okay, so that's one extra. So how many do you have? [02:53:44] Speaker A: Six, I believe. [02:53:47] Speaker F: So Coda's got six. Chris has got seven. [02:53:50] Speaker B: Yeah. [02:53:51] Speaker A: What did Oliver's first thing that he did add to us? [02:53:56] Speaker D: You get two temporary points of valor and point of willpower. [02:54:01] Speaker A: Okay, perfect. Cool. So then yeah, still six. [02:54:05] Speaker F: Okay, Sarah, you have an extra six dice. Three from Chris helping you to figure out how to drive without hitting anything, and three from Coda kind of navigating for you from the backseat. You also have the willpower and Fowler that Oliver gave you. And this is a control roll. Dex and control. All right. See what happens. Okay. [02:54:57] Speaker E: 910 successes. [02:55:00] Speaker F: Holy crap. [02:55:01] Speaker A: Okay. [02:55:04] Speaker F: The second Coda is in the car. Coda and Chris are in the car. You slam on the gas and you whip the car around this first wolf that's in your way. You've got Chris calling out corners, calling out where cars are slightly not quite pulled in all the way. He's looking ahead. He's letting you know when you've got turns coming and how hard the angle is going to be. You guys have rapidly become as well oiled a machine as the car you are driving. Sarah, you've never felt quite so much like you were a part of something before and it's like you enter a whole different zone. You've heard of people talking about how weapons feel like a part of their arm, like an extension of their arm. The car feels like a part of you and you guys fly around corners, you're darting in and out of buildings. Chris manages to spot two or three wolves as they try to jump at you from like, side streets, which gives you the ability to dodge or swerve around them. You've never driven like this in your life. Like, earlier, you were impressed with yourself, but now you're very impressed with yourself. Lily and Lucas are losing their minds. They're screaming in the backseat, but they're safe for the moment. Okay, hold on 1 second. I'm so sorry. [02:56:56] Speaker A: Oop. [02:57:00] Speaker F: Big cough. Okay, I would like we're going to do at least one more round of ability checks, skill checks, whatever, to see how far you guys can get away. And that may be enough to get you guys out of harm's immediate way, or it may just be enough to get you slightly further. You guys very rapidly realize as Sarah is driving that there are a lot more wolves here than there were that came for you guys. Like, you guys are seeing them jump off of buildings, round corners. It's like there's an army and they're coming from all directions. So Sarah just went, which means that we have Chris, Oliver and Coda first. [02:58:09] Speaker C: So the same thing again, same dice roll. [02:58:12] Speaker F: If you would like to do the same thing or you can change that is up to you. [02:58:17] Speaker C: No, going to keep doing the same thing. [02:58:18] Speaker A: She's still doing the same thing. [02:58:20] Speaker F: Okay, make your dice rolls then. [02:58:24] Speaker A: Same amount. [02:58:25] Speaker F: Oliver, are you going to do the same thing for Coda this time? [02:58:30] Speaker D: If I can. It's like sort of a reactionary thing, but as my true main thing since last time I used Blessing of Bravery. I'll kind of do kind of what Chris is doing as well, helping point out things. But then also use Warm Master'sight to buff that command. [02:58:47] Speaker F: Okay, make your role. [02:58:51] Speaker B: I got five. [02:58:53] Speaker F: Okay. And Coda gets how many extra dice because you have your reaction with the stone? [02:59:00] Speaker D: Two. Then I will improve my command roll by two as well, spending two points of legend. [02:59:14] Speaker A: So just four success this time. [02:59:20] Speaker D: Three successes on my command roll. [02:59:22] Speaker F: And how many for Chris? Five. Okay. Sarah, you get doing math. I'm sorry. Three extra dice this time. Okay. No, I'm sorry. Four. I miscounted. That was my fault. [02:59:49] Speaker E: Then I will use another willpower to get those valor dice. [02:59:58] Speaker F: Okay. [02:59:59] Speaker E: You said four, right? [03:00:01] Speaker F: Yes. [03:00:02] Speaker E: Another nine. [03:00:07] Speaker F: Give me money. [03:00:10] Speaker E: Okay. Three this time. [03:00:12] Speaker A: Okay. It's not enough to get you guys. [03:00:15] Speaker F: Completely out of harm's way, but you manage not to crash into anything or to end up having to tangle directly with a particular wolf. But they are closing. It's almost like a noose that you guys can feel tightening around you. They are very much utilizing pack tactics idea. [03:00:38] Speaker D: Roll the windows down if we're going to use those vows, but I think we should do them now. Wait until I say, and then we'll disperse them at different points in different directions, hopefully confuse them in a wide net. Give us a chance to slip away. [03:00:50] Speaker A: Yes, sir. [03:00:52] Speaker B: All right. [03:00:53] Speaker D: And that's basically what I'll do this time. Kind of let Sarah drive as she's, like, winding, going through different paths. As I see, like, an alleyway coming up. I'll be like, now have someone throw one and then keep doing that in different locations. [03:01:05] Speaker F: So we're going to make this an intelligence and command role. I'm not going to make anybody else roll to do the throw. This is all 100% hinging on your ability to tell them when to do it when they need to, in that case. [03:01:19] Speaker D: So intelligence and command, you said? [03:01:21] Speaker F: Yes. [03:01:22] Speaker H: All right. [03:01:23] Speaker F: And because you are utilizing your epic intelligence right now, I'm not going to allow you to use a reaction. [03:01:29] Speaker D: Yeah, I don't think I can even use it all myself. [03:01:31] Speaker F: Well, no, I mean, if other people are doing intelligence based things got you. [03:01:38] Speaker D: Would my intellect virtue apply to this? [03:01:41] Speaker F: Which one? What do you have? [03:01:44] Speaker D: I just have a virtue that it's called intellect. Not four dots in it. [03:01:50] Speaker F: Yeah, we'll say so. [03:01:52] Speaker D: Okay. Am I extra die? Will that give me four, or is it oh, goodness, this is my bad. [03:02:00] Speaker F: No, it's okay. I have to remember how all of these things work. I believe it gives you four. Yes. [03:02:10] Speaker D: Okay. [03:02:12] Speaker F: Yeah. We'll say for the sake of tonight. Yes, because I don't want to look it up. [03:02:17] Speaker D: And I will spend another two legend points to give myself more. So I'm rolling a lot of dice here's. [03:02:32] Speaker F: Holy shit. [03:02:37] Speaker D: Eight successes. Actually, wait. Oh, no. Ten successes because automatic successes. [03:02:42] Speaker F: Jesus. Okay. Yeah. You guys listen to Oliver as he gives the directive. I'm going to say that somebody else probably throws for him because somebody else probably has a stronger throwing arm toss minder, Chris, and they nail exactly where Oliver wants them to. We will see how effective that is later. But they definitely end up where you want them to end up. And you're pretty sure that you have picked the ideal places. [03:03:18] Speaker D: Great. [03:03:20] Speaker F: Chris and Coda, what would you guys like to do? You're still doing the same thing. Yeah, right. We just did that. So it's 14 sarah got. How many successes. [03:03:39] Speaker E: Total between the two checks? [03:03:42] Speaker F: Between on the last check. [03:03:49] Speaker E: It was. [03:03:56] Speaker F: Okay. You guys manage to avoid most of the wolves. You are whipping around corners, you're going down side streets. Between Coda and Chris, they very rapidly realize that the straightest shot that they had is not going to work. There's too many wolves. It seems like they may have figured out the layout of this place too. They are coming from the places you would expect to go if you needed to make the fastest getaway. So you figure out relatively quickly that you're going to have to take side streets and whatever. And Coda makes very quick work out of mapping out this new route. And Chris is doing a fantastic job of guiding you. But what ends up kind of saving you in this particular stretch of the run is that you guys toss these vials. At a moment where a cloud passes over the moon and at a moment where a cloud passes over the moon and everything goes really dark is when Coda has Sarah whip around a corner and kill her lights, which casts you guys into darkness. And that's shortly after you guys threw the vials and you guys are given a few moments of blessed. I don't want to say peace because you can still hear them and you know that they're still out there. But definitely a big chance to pull ahead as they seem to get confused by the sudden influx of scent and the fact that they have lost sight of you as you fly down a side street in the dark. Oliver, I need you to make a roll for me, please. [03:06:17] Speaker D: That I shall do. [03:06:20] Speaker F: Perception and. [03:06:33] Speaker D: Two, your successes. [03:06:35] Speaker F: Okay. As soon as you realize that there is some distance between you and your pursuers, you feel yourself. You feel like something is pulling at you, but it's not physical. And you glance down and there is a fate thread and you've seen it come off of you, coming off of you before. It's not new, but it is extending off into the distance. And you know, this is like a very thin fate thread that ties you to Net. And you really try to stay present and cognizant so that you can help your friends, but you're just not able to stop it before your eyes roll back in your head and you suddenly are somewhere else. Um, heretic who low. Stefan, would you like to describe to him what he is seeing? [03:07:54] Speaker G: Indeed you are. Currently, it seems like you've transitioned deeper into the city to a more rundown, less populated area. However, this night it is populated by at least 30 wolves. And within the large sort of sea of fur and teeth are or well, is one very distinct figure. Nat cleaving her way through quite a few fendris wolves. However, you would also see a man that you've seen before with a quite interesting looking handkerchief, I assume trying to calm Nat down. [03:08:57] Speaker F: It's more that he is that Karima is shouting like battlefield commands. But Net does not seem to be doing a very good job of listening. [03:09:14] Speaker G: You would also see a man described to you through your friend Chris, who is both hurling rocks at the two scions below, as well as seemingly not very interested in the going on of this current battle. Can Oliver hear through the vision? [03:09:48] Speaker A: Yes. [03:09:49] Speaker G: All right. Oliver would hear the man yell to Net, seemingly beginning to apologize. It doesn't sound very genuine, but he is clearly trying to draw the attention of the scion. [03:10:20] Speaker F: It takes a moment. Ned is very intent on killing as many of these things as she can, and she is doing a very good job considering the size difference. She's taking off heads. She pulls out her she has this long it almost looks like a saber, but it's not quite as curved as a saber would be for those of you who are at home. It's a DA dao sword. It's a Chinese sword. It's long, and it's curved towards the end, and it looks really heavy. And that's in one hand and in the other hand is the shotgun. And occasionally, she will put the shotgun on the arm that's holding the sword, and she'll move it like she's cocking it, and you guys will hear a massive rumble of thunder. And then she'll take the gun and she'll point it into the maw of one of these wolves, and she'll pull the trigger, and there will be lightning that cracks at the same time. And she is a whirlwind. She's an absolute monster, but she is outnumbered. And when this man calls out to her, it takes a moment before her head kind of snaps up and she focuses on him and Oliver. You see her do the same thing that you saw Chris do outside of the apartment complex. But instead of kind of jumping forward, she's jumping upward towards him and is like, blade is up, gun is pointed, and just pure murder and rage in her eyes. Go ahead. Heretic. [03:12:17] Speaker G: Yeah. Seeing this, I think Stefan would back up into the building that he was or back away onto the roof of the building he was staying on, seeing as this battle has been drawn quite close, and he would, using flame, engage the woman known as Net, and he would not do very well. [03:12:52] Speaker F: It is a flurry of blade and gun. After a while, Net seems to kind of abandon the gun. Not so much that she drops it, but she, like, swings it towards her back, and it just ends up in the sheath in a very smooth motion while she's still attacking with the sword. And the two get locked into close combat. And for a moment, you're sure that you're about to watch Net murder somebody. He is outclassed by the woman who is closed on him and she is yelling at him in just pure rage and in a language that you understand, all languages. So at first you don't realize that she's not speaking English. But then you realize that she is shouting in Chinese, calling him a coward, laying the blame for Moira's death at his feet, and is just unleashing all hell. On him to the point where you could see that he is very wounded and very, very bloody and looks like there's no way that he can continue. [03:14:19] Speaker G: Oliver is smart and quite observant, I'd say, with his one eye. And he would pretty quickly realize that many of the Fenris wolves begin to clear the area away from this building. Of course, through a vision, it's clear to see your surroundings through bloodlust. And a winning battle it is not. And at the final stroke of what would be the end of this combat, the building very simply erupts into a massive fireball. [03:15:11] Speaker F: And you see flame engulf Net. You hear her scream, and then you're back in your body. [03:15:27] Speaker D: And I'll look up. [03:15:33] Speaker F: Sarah is still driving out of the city, but it seems like you guys are out of the worst of the danger. [03:15:42] Speaker D: I'll look to Coda. Coda, I saw something. [03:15:57] Speaker A: Yeah, I think we all just saw something. Like the crazy wolves and stuff. [03:16:02] Speaker D: No, I saw something. [03:16:11] Speaker F: I apologize. I should have mentioned this at the time. You guys all hear just before Oliver starts talking, you guys hear an explosion in the distance. [03:16:26] Speaker A: Gotcha. [03:16:31] Speaker F: And that's when Oliver says, I just saw something. [03:16:34] Speaker A: Okay, does that have anything to do with that explosion that is. [03:16:44] Speaker D: Blink and look to them all. I'm sorry. It's it was them. The others. The man Stefani played tricky, and the explosion went off. Best guess is they're out looking for us. Sarah, I advise you keep driving. [03:18:28] Speaker E: How are you two doing back there? She'll say to the twins. [03:18:34] Speaker F: What is going on? That's Lily. [03:18:39] Speaker D: We felt the same way you did. Once we get where we're supposed to get you, we can explain some things. You have a lot of questions. We had a lot of questions. We still have a lot of questions, but we know a good bit. Ah, I'm just gonna rub my forehead. [03:19:17] Speaker E: Sarah will keep driving on, and she'll probably turn the radio up to distract everyone once they get far enough away from all the noise. [03:19:33] Speaker F: Okay, you guys are a good 1520 minutes outside of the town when kareem, who would you call? [03:19:51] Speaker H: I guess I'd probably call Coda because she's, I don't know, closest to Net. [03:20:02] Speaker F: Hey, Coda, your phone rings, and it's Kareem's number. [03:20:10] Speaker A: Gonna look at it for a bit and kind of sigh and then pick up and go, yeah. [03:20:20] Speaker F: You can hear a car roaring in the distance, like a car engine. Go ahead. I'm sorry. [03:20:31] Speaker H: Kareem doesn't sound like he's smiling right now, which is very unusual. Koda, where are the rest of, um. [03:20:43] Speaker A: She'Ll kind of lean out and look at roughly, like, a street thing that we're on. And, um, we're safe. We're heading out of the area. [03:20:55] Speaker H: Are the twins with you? [03:20:56] Speaker A: Yeah, they are. [03:20:57] Speaker H: And the apples? [03:21:00] Speaker D: Yes. [03:21:01] Speaker H: All right, we'll be there in about two minutes. Don't go anywhere unless you're sure that you're being followed. [03:21:15] Speaker A: We. [03:21:21] Speaker H: Yes, Net and I, we had a bit of an explosion. Oh, you heard about that? Yes. [03:21:31] Speaker A: Yeah, Oliver saw it all. [03:21:33] Speaker F: She's okay, right? [03:21:34] Speaker A: She's not like. [03:21:39] Speaker H: Well, she's alive, but oh, my God. [03:21:45] Speaker A: Okay, cool. Okay. Yeah. [03:21:55] Speaker H: But we've spent all of the apples that she's kept on her, and she's in dire need of more, so we're on our way. [03:22:15] Speaker A: Okay, I'll let the group know. I'm sorry, this is really random. Where was the first place you guys took us? Just so I know this is not like, a guest sign or like a villain trying to who stole your body and is trying to corner us into a trap or something. [03:22:42] Speaker F: The first it was Net pass. [03:22:49] Speaker H: I listen, I'm obviously so I sound like I'm flustered and distracted caring for Net. Honestly, I can't think of anything else right now. I just lost my best friend, and I'm about to lose Net. If you don't get here really fast or if we don't come over there really fast. Honestly, I can't remember where it is the first place. That. [03:23:25] Speaker A: Okay. [03:23:27] Speaker H: It was in DC. Wasn't it? I think we met in DC. [03:23:35] Speaker A: Okay, cool. All right, we'll see you soon then. Take care. And she'll hang up. [03:23:46] Speaker H: All right. [03:23:49] Speaker F: Okay. [03:23:52] Speaker D: I'm going to just hearing Coda side of the conversation. Did she have it on speaker? [03:23:59] Speaker A: Yeah, she would put it on speaker. [03:24:01] Speaker D: All right, so what we know, based on what I saw, is that they were facing Chris's brother, someone we know to be a sign of Loki, the god of trickery. I don't know if that was actually. [03:24:25] Speaker A: Yeah, neither do I. Didn't we meet in Baltimore? [03:24:36] Speaker D: We met in Baltimore. [03:24:37] Speaker B: Why don't you phone Kareem back? [03:24:46] Speaker F: Would anyone like to try to make, like, I don't know, an empathy role to see if they could figure out if he sounded genuine? [03:24:54] Speaker A: Yeah, I mean, I don't got much in that. [03:25:00] Speaker D: I'm pretty good with empathy, so I can try it. [03:25:03] Speaker F: Wits and empathy. [03:25:04] Speaker A: I'll give it a try. [03:25:16] Speaker D: That's six for me. [03:25:18] Speaker E: Six for me as well. [03:25:19] Speaker B: Five, two. [03:25:24] Speaker F: Coda is not sure. Koda is like, this is suss as shit. But those of you who got five and six, it was Kareem. He sounded like a man who is doing too many things at once and facing, potentially using, potentially losing yet another person who means the world to him. He just has too much on his mind to be able to keep all of the details straight of where he met people that he's met and spoken to, like, three times. [03:26:13] Speaker D: You it's a gamble, but there was a certain level of desperation there that I don't know if one could fake. [03:26:23] Speaker E: And don't forget, adrenaline is a hell of a drug. [03:26:26] Speaker D: Right. [03:26:27] Speaker A: It is. I know. I'm just being sure. [03:26:29] Speaker D: No, you did. [03:26:30] Speaker F: He also knew about the apples. [03:26:33] Speaker D: Yes. I was concerned that maybe Stefan wanted the apples for some nefarious reason, but that's a good point. [03:26:42] Speaker F: That was out of sorry, that was me as the GM. [03:26:48] Speaker D: That voice comes from nowhere and says, also, assuming what Stefan said was true, that he knows where we are at all times, it wouldn't really matter too much, would it, if even was him? But that being said, assuming we get there first, I think it would still be wise to take some precautionary measures just in case whoever does arrive isn't actually grim. And Nets, I'm willing to take a gambit that it is, but still safety first. [03:27:27] Speaker E: Well, I could probably tell by saying that they're lying. I mean, it would not be the kindest thing to do, but at least we would know the truth. [03:27:44] Speaker D: We would. And I'm sure they can understand if we're a bit hesitant, especially after I saw Net get engulfed in a fiery inferno that I assume would have killed her on the spot. But Scions are tough, and they fed. [03:28:02] Speaker A: Her the apples, and she just needs more. [03:28:07] Speaker D: Right. [03:28:08] Speaker A: Well, they'll be here soon, hopefully. [03:28:13] Speaker F: It doesn't take long for Net's car to whip around a corner. You guys see Kareem in the driver's seat, which, from what you guys have known of Net, would never happen if Net could drive. [03:28:31] Speaker H: Splendid. Y'all are here. Okay, so Net is in a really bad way in the backseat. Kareem sort of looks in the window of the backseat of your car and sees the twins just absolutely losing their minds. [03:28:59] Speaker F: They're a little wide eyed and shell shocked. [03:29:02] Speaker D: Yeah. [03:29:03] Speaker H: And he just he tries to calm himself down and resume his usual perpetual smile and saying, hi, kids, things aren't usually this bad. You caught us on a busy night. And he resumes his seriousness and tells Coda, net's in the backseat, if you want to see her, get her the apples. If you can wake her up. [03:29:36] Speaker D: I have the apples. I believe they're handed to me, so I will go with Coda. [03:29:42] Speaker F: Oliver and Coda, get to the car. Net is laying under what you very quickly realize is Kareem's jacket. You don't see much left of her clothing. Her skin looks like it looks like somebody who has gotten, like, second degree burns, but it looks like it's still actively healing. And you very quickly coda, can you make me, like, a medicine check or something? Do you have medicine? [03:30:20] Speaker A: Funnily enough, she does have medicine. She just has, like, dots and science and animals. [03:30:27] Speaker F: Let's go with science. Science is good enough. Okay. Int and science. And if Oliver would like to help you, he is welcome to One Dot in Medicine, science, and no, no, I mean by using your epic intelligence? [03:30:45] Speaker D: Yeah, I'll use the same stone giver to auto successes. [03:30:50] Speaker H: I have a dot in medicine as well. [03:30:53] Speaker F: Yeah, but you've used your dot to keep her alive. You're the reason she's still breathing. I'm trying to give Coda a chance to see just how bad this is. [03:31:01] Speaker D: Got it. [03:31:03] Speaker F: This isn't can Coda give her the apples? She can give her the apples. Does Coda realize how bad this is? So that's two four plus two autos. [03:31:17] Speaker D: No. Sorry, I was mistaken. It's not two autos. She gets an additional two die to the pool. That's my bet. Okay. [03:31:24] Speaker F: Do you need to roll two more dice? [03:31:27] Speaker A: That's including the two that I okay. [03:31:29] Speaker F: So you have four. Do you have any epic intelligence? [03:31:32] Speaker A: No. [03:31:33] Speaker F: Okay. [03:31:34] Speaker A: Yes. [03:31:36] Speaker F: With four. It looks like she's been healing for a while. This is somebody who got some nasty burns but is on their way to getting better. But you can hear her breathing is raspy and labored. She is unconscious. And considering how long ago the explosion was, which was not long at all, you're guessing that the apples are the only reason she's alive right now. And Kareem did say that he went through all of the ones that she kept. She gave you guys the bulk of what she had. She only had three for herself. She told you guys that three would be enough to pull somebody back from the brink. He's had to use or one full one would be enough to pull somebody back from the brink. He gave her three, and she's still not even awake. [03:32:41] Speaker D: Right. She's unconscious. I don't know how we're going to get her to ingest this unless we can mash it up and kind of applesauce can. [03:32:56] Speaker A: Yeah, I can figure something out. [03:32:58] Speaker F: That's kind of what Kareem was doing was, like, feeding her the juices and basically the pulped mess that he could create with it. [03:33:10] Speaker D: I imagine. We don't have, like, a pestle mortar around, but. [03:33:16] Speaker F: Very strong. [03:33:17] Speaker D: Yeah, you can probably crush over bare hands. But I was going to suggest we really want to refine it is maybe if you have it's part of those kits for your marijuana where you can grind it, right? [03:33:29] Speaker A: I have a grinder, yes. [03:33:30] Speaker D: Yeah, we put small slices in that and maybe really refine it down so we can get her as much as possible, juices included. [03:33:38] Speaker A: I'll do that. And she's very carefully doing it in looking at her, but then also trying to focus on this. And her hands are shaking a little bit while doing this, but yeah, she does it for sure. [03:33:54] Speaker D: I'll just sort of be there as a sort of calming and inspiring presence, kind of help her stay steady, but like a hand on her shoulder winds need to give a few words, just anything to help her kind of remain calm in the situation. [03:34:12] Speaker A: Okay. [03:34:14] Speaker F: In the other car, Lily is at the point where the initial shock has started to wear off and is just, like, sobbing uncontrollably into a combination of her brother's shoulder and Chris's shoulder. Her brother has that look on his face like he is only calm because she's not. But it takes a while for you guys to grind down, and it takes two more apples before Net's eyes kind of flutter. Her hair is mostly gone. What's left is badly singed. There's not a lot left of it, but her eyes kind of flutter open and she sort of blinks up at Coda. Oh, fuck. Did you die, too? [03:35:17] Speaker A: No. But in a way, yes. [03:35:19] Speaker F: Are you in the underworld? I swear to God I'm going to kick your ass. [03:35:23] Speaker A: I'm not in the underworld. We brought you back. Well, kareem and kareem. [03:35:29] Speaker F: Kareem. Is he alive? Is he okay? [03:35:32] Speaker A: Yeah, he brought you to us, and we've kind of been mashing and making applesauce for you to bring you back. Well, I thought you said you would have be going out in flames of glory or something like that. [03:35:52] Speaker F: I didn't mean to. That was a fucking trap. [03:35:57] Speaker D: While this is happening, I'm going to slowly fade out of the conversation so that I am no longer there and giving them privacy. [03:36:04] Speaker F: Okay. The twins, the babies, they're okay. [03:36:15] Speaker A: Kareem is putting on the hi. Welcome to the end and the beginning of your new lives. [03:36:25] Speaker F: Okay. [03:36:27] Speaker A: But they're fine. Raz, but fine. [03:36:32] Speaker F: How are you? I'm alive. [03:36:35] Speaker A: You are? [03:36:37] Speaker F: Motherfucker. MMM. [03:36:46] Speaker A: I don't know if this is the time to say it, but we're looking kind of hot. Get it? [03:36:57] Speaker F: Smart ass, us. [03:37:02] Speaker A: But so, you know, you should I was I mean, like, I haven't known you on, but, like, you know, I was, like, upset and well, not like upset, but, like, you you scared me. I thought this was it. And, like I mean, wow, like, I just met you. You like and so as you are. [03:37:33] Speaker F: Babbling, she reaches up and puts a hand on the back of your neck and pulls you down and kisses you. [03:37:41] Speaker A: She'll do it. She'll kiss. [03:37:46] Speaker F: And after a moment, she'll kind of let you go. Okay. It's good to be alive. Next time, I'll buy you dinner and do this the right way. Less explosions, hopefully. [03:38:10] Speaker A: I hope it's not McDonald's like your parent took you out for. [03:38:16] Speaker F: Hey, I was 13. McDonald's was the best place he could have taken me. [03:38:21] Speaker A: You're right. [03:38:24] Speaker F: And she kind of, like, sits up and there's this moment where she kind of awkwardly shifts Kareem's jacket around so that it wraps up around her so that she's got some. [03:38:35] Speaker A: Right. [03:38:36] Speaker F: Um no, it's fine. You don't actually see anything. Like, you catch, like, some side boob, but that's about and she just sort of, like, wraps it around herself and zips it up really fast. Ow. Getting blown up hurts. [03:38:55] Speaker A: Yeah, I can imagine Oliver saw all of it. Or most of it at the very least. I guess it was pretty badass, but I'm not really a fan of well, there's not many people I care about, but I'm not really a fan of people I care about. Kind of go, like, dying and stuff, so maybe, like, ease up on that. [03:39:27] Speaker F: Sorry, mom didn't do it on purpose. I got him in my sights and couldn't see anything else. All I could see was Moira's body. [03:39:47] Speaker A: Well, while I get that, maybe the next time you feel that way, see me instead. And see you. See you eating burgers and smoking from your vape and being with Damon and saving other scared kiddos that's out there. See the living. [03:40:13] Speaker F: Yeah, that sounds nice. Cool. [03:40:20] Speaker A: And she'll just sit with her. [03:40:25] Speaker F: You guys have a nice, quiet moment in the backseat of this car while she's starting to recover. She ends up kind of fishing her vape out of the front seat, where it got tossed with the rest of her birthrights that Kareem scooped up when he saved her as the building was collapsing around them. And she ends up taking long drags and just sort of sitting there with her head on your shoulders. Do the rest of you want to talk about anything before we wrap it up? [03:41:00] Speaker D: As I step back over to the car, and I imagine I would have noticed this in the car previously as well. Does my stone sing at all when in the presence of the twins? [03:41:10] Speaker A: No. [03:41:11] Speaker D: Okay, that crosses that off the list, but, yeah, I'll step back over. [03:41:17] Speaker F: Does anybody here have the thing that lets them smell other no. Does Kareem have that? [03:41:33] Speaker H: I'm just checking. I have awareness and prophecy. [03:41:40] Speaker F: No, that's not the same thing. There's a specific knack that allows you to do it. [03:41:45] Speaker H: The NAC. [03:41:46] Speaker F: Okay, that's fine. Yeah. None of you have any idea what pantheon they're from, right? [03:41:54] Speaker D: So as I step back over she's doing far better. We fed her the apple. She and Koda are conversing. Coda is the closest thing we have to a doctor, so I'll let her tend to or. I'm going to turn to Kareem on this one. Should we start informing them now or wait. [03:42:18] Speaker F: Kareem, they have not had their visitations yet, so it is probably best not to give them the whole they are. You could give them some idea that those wolves were after them because of some family drama, and that's kind of the best they can do. [03:42:42] Speaker H: I think that these kids have had enough for tonight. We'll fill them in later on. Once they have their visitation, they'll be in a better place to sort of understand what's gone on these past few nights, it's important that they recognize that they're in danger and that we're here to help, but that's all they need to know for now. [03:43:19] Speaker F: You do know that they are probably going to get their visitations very soon, because it's kind of the only way to give them a fighting chance. But until they have it. You probably shouldn't indulge too much information. [03:43:35] Speaker A: Tonight. [03:43:35] Speaker H: I think we can. We've all had a long night. No. [03:43:43] Speaker D: That we certainly have. [03:43:50] Speaker H: For one thing, I lost my suit, and I nearly lost my best friend again. [03:44:01] Speaker D: Well, at least one disaster was avoided. [03:44:06] Speaker B: So being that that motherfucker said that he can find us wherever we go, where do you suggest we go this evening? [03:44:16] Speaker F: Kareem. There are places that are magically protected from scrying and things like that. You personally don't know of how he could potentially be finding somebody anywhere they go, but it's possible. There's a lot of stuff out there that, even with your experience, you don't know enough about. [03:44:39] Speaker H: Do I know a place nearby where everybody would be relatively safe? [03:44:47] Speaker F: Well, Damon's place is an option, though. It is, like, 3 hours away. There are some places that you know of that have terra incognita tied to them, but they'll be safe from anyone in this reality, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the reality that you're going to is the safest place. [03:45:13] Speaker H: Well, guys, we have a few options. We could keep going, venturing on. I know that there are some places nearby that will be sheltered from the dangers that you've just experienced, but they might be present where you're going anyway. Or we could go back to Damon's growth. [03:45:41] Speaker F: It's less that the dangers will follow or be the same and more know. Tara incognita could either be completely mundane and have very little in the way of threats, or they could be extremely dangerous, and it's kind of a toss up. [03:46:00] Speaker H: Right? I'm just thinking that if they just came from Damon's place and go back to it, then that former Sanctuary might be compromised. [03:46:17] Speaker F: Potentially. You can't be sure. You do know that Net and several other scions were paid very well by Damon to make that place extremely hard to find unless he wants you to. [03:46:32] Speaker H: Find it, but I do know that there are specific. Like the threat that was made was that Stefan could find that in theory. [03:46:45] Speaker F: He could find you wherever. You don't personally know of any gifts that would allow for that, but that doesn't necessarily mean it doesn't necessarily mean that they don't exist is kind of my point. Like, you don't personally have that knowledge, but you know enough to know that you don't know everything. [03:47:02] Speaker D: See, thinking about it. [03:47:07] Speaker F: There is also the possibility of just going into the heart of Atlanta because it's really hard to pull off the kind of assault that he would need to take on all of you in the middle of one of the biggest cities in the US. Like, if you guys are downtown in Atlanta in a hotel, he would be very hard pressed to actually wage an actual attack. [03:47:29] Speaker H: Oh, that'll be probably what you know, I'll have sort of mundane criminal and spy contact in a major metropolitan area. [03:47:45] Speaker A: Oh. [03:47:45] Speaker H: Have you guys ever. Been to coca cola world? [03:47:49] Speaker D: No, I can't say I have. [03:47:53] Speaker H: Well, we're going know the atlantis trip. We're going downtown. You guys are going to rest in a four star hotel courtesy of the iranian government. [03:48:06] Speaker D: If it's safe. [03:48:09] Speaker H: It'S. [03:48:12] Speaker F: Safer than most other options. [03:48:14] Speaker H: It's the best we can hope for for right now. [03:48:19] Speaker D: All right then. [03:48:23] Speaker F: All right, you all pile into respective cars. I'm going to assume that coda hangs out with net and kareem in car. Ned is not driving because even though she is awake and cognizant, she is still in a lot of pain and kind of in and out. Did you throw away all of your okay that she is probably going to ask for a couple of hits which will help mellow her out and help with the pain as she just sort of like cuddles against you. And you all follow kareem to coca cola world and a very nice hotel. [03:49:13] Speaker D: As we're driving, I do want to sort of give a light kind of like punch on sarah's shoulder. Nice driving back there did. Great job. [03:49:27] Speaker F: Thanks. [03:49:28] Speaker E: I don't think I have ever felt my heart actually jump out of my throat before, but that was it. [03:49:36] Speaker F: I have is what you get from lily in the backseat. She still sounds freaked out. [03:49:42] Speaker D: You're right. I'm sorry, lily. It's a lot to take in. It was a lot taken for us. But we'll get you up to speed eventually. If it makes you feel any better, your situation went far better for you than it did for us. [03:49:59] Speaker B: I mean, apart from me jumping off the balcony with you. I'm sorry about that. [03:50:04] Speaker D: Even that went very well. [03:50:07] Speaker F: I mean, we did die and nobody broke anything, so I guess it could have been worse. [03:50:13] Speaker D: Yeah, one better than us. [03:50:16] Speaker F: How the hell are you so strong? [03:50:21] Speaker B: I drink iron brew. [03:50:24] Speaker F: I don't know what that is. [03:50:26] Speaker B: It's made in scotland from oh, okay. [03:50:32] Speaker F: I'm not old enough to drink. Not that that has ever stopped us. [03:50:42] Speaker E: Oh, I was about to say, well, there ain't no laws when you're drinking. [03:50:46] Speaker D: Oh, I've had students say that to me a million times. [03:50:52] Speaker F: You all follow along having this conversation. The twins are freaked out, but eventually lily and Lucas kind of start to drift off. They're clinging to each other in the backseat, but after the worst of the adrenaline is gone and they realize that they're not going to be eaten by a truck sized monster wolf, they kind of pass out. You guys arrive at this hotel, it's very nice, very upscale. Several rooms are purchased. Kareem seems to have some sort of political connections and then you guys are able to get your rooms for the night and that is where we are going to call it. Thank you for joining us, everybody. We hope to see you again next week as we continue our story. Have a love, lovely evening.

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