Episode 3

October 13, 2023


S1 Ep 3: White Rabbit

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Hallowed Haven Studios
S1 Ep 3: White Rabbit
Apotheosis : A Scion RPG Actual Play
S1 Ep 3: White Rabbit

Oct 13 2023 | 03:37:50


Show Notes

The Band reaches Maine and meets the dwarves, Oliver meets his dad, and a few Goddesses make guest appearances. An old friend shows up to talk to the Scions of The Band.

Coda Massaquoi - Sticker
Kris Strom - Damien Gerard
Oliver Bright - Gary
Sarah Baxter - Cyan

Teddy Abernathy - Swifty
Dolgrom Reginson - Alereg
Ogma - Dyvir

Storyteller - Bloodied Porcelain

Opening Theme: Black Sun by C.K. Martin

Character Art Commissioned From: https://www.instagram.com/lufelufa29/

Listener Discretion Advised. This show is intended for a mature audience.

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:31] Speaker A: Hello. I'm Sticker, and I'll be playing coda massacoy, the scion of bestET. [00:00:39] Speaker B: Hello, I'm Damon Gerard. I'll be playing Chris Strom, the Scion of Artemis. [00:00:45] Speaker C: Hello, I'm Gary. I'll be playing Oliver Bright, scion of OGMA. [00:00:52] Speaker D: And I am Cyan. And I'll be playing Sarah Baxter, the Scion of Vidar. [00:01:00] Speaker E: I'm bloodied porcelain. I will be your storyteller this evening. Good evening, players. When last we left off, you had all spent a day learning who your divine parents were, getting a very quick and rough rundown of what it is to be a scion and the sorts of things you can expect from this life. You all received at least one gift from your divine parent. Sarah met Vidar in a smoky biker bar. Coda met Bastet in a hookah lounge in a not so legal hookah lounge. Oliver did not get a chance to meet OGMA, but found out that OGMA is in Maine and will meet him when the rest of you get there or when you all go there to get the rest of your gifts. And Chris, last but certainly not least, got to meet his divine parent, the enigmatic Artemis from the Greek pantheon, who offered to adopt him in light of the missing status of his birth father, Loki. It is the next morning. Chris was the first one up, having woken up from his dream visitation and has been up for a bit. Chris, would you have gone back to bed or have you just stayed up knowing that you have a long drive ahead of you? [00:02:44] Speaker B: No, I've just stayed up drinking lots of coffee. [00:02:47] Speaker E: Hey, well, you had the ability to hang out with Moira throughout the morning. She kind of gave you your space because you seemed like you wanted it. But if you had had any questions, she was certainly around and willing to talk. [00:03:02] Speaker B: Yeah, I would probably be keeping myself to myself at the moment. I'm outside smoking a lot of cigarettes, drinking a lot of coffee, kind of just staring at the darkness, watching the dawn and gathering the thought. [00:03:14] Speaker E: Okay, well, that being said, I apologize. I'm having some there we go. You got to spend quite a few hours alone and kind of gathering yourself, maybe jotting down some of those song lyrics that were coming to you in the pre dawn light before others began to wake up. [00:03:56] Speaker B: Okay. [00:03:57] Speaker E: Who would have woken up first? [00:04:02] Speaker C: I would imagine it could potentially be Oliver, as he's used to. Being up quite early in order to get to his work and prepare a class for the day. [00:04:12] Speaker E: Seems likely, yes. [00:04:15] Speaker C: So imagine I'll get up and probably quickly make my way to the kitchen and give myself a cup of coffee. [00:04:25] Speaker E: Chris is sitting there and looks like he's been there for a bit. There are several rings from the coffee mug on the table. To say the least, it looks like he's probably been up for a while. The smell of coffee is certainly quite strong, like it's been probably brewing off and on for a while. But you two have a moment to talk to each other, if you would like. [00:04:55] Speaker B: There's also probably quite a few cigarette butts in the ashtray in front of me as well. [00:04:59] Speaker E: Oh, definitely. [00:05:01] Speaker C: Morning, Mr. Shrompt. I didn't expect you to be up this early. [00:05:06] Speaker B: Well, what can I say? I'm an early riser. [00:05:11] Speaker C: You and I both. [00:05:14] Speaker B: Did you sleep well? [00:05:18] Speaker C: That's a complicated term, but I got at least 6 hours, so let's go with that. [00:05:25] Speaker B: Okay. [00:05:26] Speaker C: How about yourself? I see that you've had quite a lot of additives, if you want to. [00:05:36] Speaker A: Put it that way. [00:05:37] Speaker B: Yeah, I've been up for, I don't know, 3 hours, maybe. [00:05:42] Speaker C: 3 hours? Check my watch. That was like, what, 430? [00:05:49] Speaker B: Oh, make it four and a half then. [00:05:54] Speaker C: All right, then. Wait, that's worse. [00:06:00] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:06:01] Speaker C: How much sleep did you get? [00:06:06] Speaker B: Some I don't know. Not much. I've been living on caffeine, I think. Caffeine and cigarettes. There's a song in that. [00:06:17] Speaker F: Post. [00:06:17] Speaker C: There is. You're a musician, right? [00:06:21] Speaker B: Yes, sir. [00:06:24] Speaker C: I don't listen to a lot of music these days, but I will well, I guess I suppose I could just ask. Do you find yourselves to be quite good? [00:06:41] Speaker B: That's an interesting question right there. I mean, yeah, I do consider myself to be quite good, but my preferred genre of music is death metal. So there's a lot of people out there who don't think the death metal in its entirety is any good. So I take the rough with a smooth. I can scream up there with the best of them. [00:07:08] Speaker C: I'll take your word for it. There's no need to demonstrate now, as I think the others might still be asleep. [00:07:12] Speaker B: Oh, trust me. Unless you're paying me, I ain't going to demonstrate. [00:07:18] Speaker C: I don't think I could afford to pay you. [00:07:27] Speaker E: It is around this time that Sarah's constant early mornings to be in court catch up with her and she rolls out of bed. [00:07:44] Speaker D: After getting dressed and doing all the rest of her morning things, she'd walk out, light a cigarette, and also get a cup of coffee. Morning. [00:07:54] Speaker C: Morning, Ms. Baxter. [00:07:56] Speaker B: Hey there. How you doing? [00:07:58] Speaker D: I actually slept decently well, I think. [00:08:03] Speaker E: Good. [00:08:04] Speaker B: I had a shitty night's sleep, so I'm glad someone got some sleep. [00:08:08] Speaker C: As we were just talking about that, actually. Is there any particular reason you didn't sleep particularly well, Mr. Strong? [00:08:20] Speaker B: Yeah. I mean, yeah, just everything. [00:08:27] Speaker C: Well, I won't force you to talk about it if you don't wish to, but we're here if you need us. [00:08:33] Speaker B: Thank you. I appreciate that. [00:08:36] Speaker C: Of course. [00:08:41] Speaker E: ODA. You were woken up by a heavy thunk against your door, and your cat, who slept curled up on your pillow above your head, wakes up and you feel the pin pricks of tiny claws in your scalp for just a moment as he is also startled awake. [00:09:07] Speaker A: The fuck she's going to be like, Mr. Cat. Release. Release. [00:09:14] Speaker E: Sorry, there's someone at the door. [00:09:19] Speaker A: Okay. She's going to sit up and do that thing where your eyes are still closed, but then you're like, okay, let me go. She's going to get up and then open her door and be like, yeah. [00:09:31] Speaker E: Of the other three, I would like each of you to make a perception and awareness check. [00:09:39] Speaker C: Knew you would say that. I knew it. [00:09:42] Speaker E: This is not a hugely important role, so if you don't get it, it's fine. This is mostly for fun. [00:09:48] Speaker C: Still pains me every time. Oh, two. [00:09:55] Speaker E: Only have two dice and you frequently holy shit. Sarah. Jesus Christ. [00:10:01] Speaker D: Four, five, seven. [00:10:03] Speaker B: I got three. [00:10:07] Speaker E: So all of you hear this. I'm going to say, sarah, would you have drank at all before you went to bed the night before? [00:10:18] Speaker D: Like alcohol? [00:10:20] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:10:20] Speaker D: Oh, yeah, definitely. [00:10:22] Speaker E: Okay, so everybody hears this, but you are regretting having drank as much as you did the night before because you have a hangover and a headache and everything is so much louder to you than it is to everybody else. You all hear the bodily sunk that wakes Coda up. And if anybody goes to stick their head out into the hallway to look down the hallway at the doors, net looks like she's half asleep and practically, like, sleeping on her feet. And you all see the light come from the door that she's leaning against as it opens. And she, like, topples bodily into the bedroom that the door belongs to, which is around the same time that Coda, a half asleep, bubblegum pink haired scion, practically tumbles into you as she snaps back awake again. Sorry, wrong room. [00:11:29] Speaker A: Good morning. [00:11:31] Speaker E: Morning. Hi. I always have a really hard time getting up after sleeping for the first time in days. I'm sorry. Morning. [00:11:47] Speaker A: Good morning. I mean, I could smell the coffee from here. Maybe get a coffee or smoke your vape or something. [00:11:56] Speaker E: Yeah, coffee would be good. [00:11:59] Speaker A: Okay. She's going to turn her around and start leading her there, but then turn. [00:12:03] Speaker E: To Mr. Cat and go, he's like, It's food time. [00:12:08] Speaker A: Yes. She's just going to look behind her shoulder at him and kind of do like, a head nod, I guess. We're doing awake now. Let's start leading her into the kitchen. Morning, everyone. [00:12:23] Speaker D: Is it normal for you to do construction? [00:12:26] Speaker E: First wake up. [00:12:30] Speaker A: No, not me, maybe her. And then she's going to look at Net. Is it normal for you to do construction when you wake up in the morning? [00:12:41] Speaker E: What? Is there coffee? [00:12:45] Speaker B: Yeah, there is. Let me make a fresh pot. [00:12:51] Speaker A: Okay. [00:12:51] Speaker E: Thank you. [00:12:54] Speaker A: Coda is going to actively look at the pile of cigarettes, then just kind of go, okay, eat a toaster strudel instead. And she will turn away from them. Also, get a cup of coffee and start to eat a toaster Strudel. Slightly warm. [00:13:19] Speaker E: Net is half asleep and starts out with her, like, her temple on Coda's shoulder, and then Coda moves, and it's like she just sort of bounces from Coda to the next shoulder, who happens to be Sarah. Because Chris is also moving. [00:13:45] Speaker D: Sarah will try to guide Net to the closest. [00:13:52] Speaker E: Awake. I'm awake. I'm awake. Are you sure about that? [00:13:59] Speaker C: Ms. Mesquite? Did you cook fats, or is that just a raw toaster shruol. [00:14:04] Speaker A: It's just the raw one, but if you leave it out for long enough that's why I didn't put it in the freezer. You can eat them like this. I used to do that all the time. [00:14:12] Speaker C: Those are perishable. If you leave them out long enough, they will go bad. [00:14:16] Speaker A: Well, that's why I eat them before they go bad. Duh. Listen, I'm alive now, and I've eaten these like this all the time. It's not like there's like raw egg in them or something. It's really just like the fruit stuff that's cold and it's like apple cinnamon fruit stuff. Anyways, she's going to make a whistle and be like, all right, come on, Kitty, I mean, Mr. Cat. And then put a bowl on the table where everyone else is too of cat food for him because she's like, I'm not going to put him on the floor. [00:14:46] Speaker E: Cat jumps up onto the table, kind of does that walk that cats do, where he's just like, it's about damn time someone got me my breakfast. Settles in next to the still half asleep Net and begins to eat Net over time as she has brought coffee, a lukewarm toaster strudel, and a lukewarm toaster strudel begins for a minute. [00:15:15] Speaker C: It'll be better. [00:15:18] Speaker D: I've already noted that we're going to need some extra stops at bathrooms on our trip. [00:15:28] Speaker E: She starts to kind of surface from her sleep. And when Oliver continues to seem aghast at them eating lukewarm toaster strudels, she'll just kind of shrug. I had to live for, like a week off of nothing but notebook paper once. It's fine. [00:15:43] Speaker C: Oh, my God. [00:15:47] Speaker E: What? [00:15:49] Speaker A: No, that's cool. That's so crafty. [00:15:53] Speaker C: I wouldn't quite say crafty. It's not much nutritional value there. Although I understand. I went to college. I had to live off just ramen for no, it's eight years. [00:16:05] Speaker E: You're not supposed to eat food in the Greek underworld. Otherwise it's really hard to leave. So we just ate what we had. That was biodegradable and notebook paper was what I had. So that's what I ate. [00:16:16] Speaker C: Been to the Greek under? [00:16:18] Speaker A: Damn, that's a place you can go. [00:16:22] Speaker E: Did you forget the whole we did a favor for moira's Uncle Hades thing? Right. [00:16:29] Speaker A: So is there like a scion airport system or like train, subway, uber? [00:16:40] Speaker E: No? Okay, so there are places and items that if you go to them and you have enough effect on fate and all of that, you can use them to travel to other worlds. I'm 90% sure that if Adar was in that bar because I didn't see him leave. Either he just hung out there for a few hours and then left normally, or he left through some sort of method in the bar itself. [00:17:26] Speaker A: She's going to look to Sarah. Did the dar leave? [00:17:32] Speaker D: She's like, at the freezer putting a bunch of ice in a what. [00:17:41] Speaker A: Did Vidar leave when you were there? Or did he just kind of chill there with peanuts or whatever? [00:17:48] Speaker D: No, he just kind of like, walked through a door and then disappeared. [00:17:57] Speaker A: And she's going to look back to Net. Is that what you mean? [00:18:01] Speaker E: I mean, it could be a door. It could be something on the other side of the door. Yeah. I am not smart enough to understand how all that stuff works, if I'm being honest. [00:18:11] Speaker A: I have a second question for you, Net. I know it's really early. You keep talking about this fate thing, and I know fate as the word fate, but you keep saying fate as if it's something we can acquire. How do we get fate? [00:18:33] Speaker E: It's not so much as you acquire fate, as fate acquires you. [00:18:37] Speaker A: Okay? [00:18:39] Speaker E: So think of fate like a tide, right? Or no, think of fate like the moon, and you guys are on the ocean, and the bigger you get, the more affected by fate you are. So the stronger you get, the more power you get, the more fate pulls and pushes on you. [00:19:12] Speaker A: So that's good and bad, because large waves can also destroy a lot. [00:19:20] Speaker E: Yeah. On the one hand, it kind of depends on how you look at it, right? Like, I've been doing this long enough that I mostly just look at it as a good thing. Because once you go through your visitation or your awakening or whatever they want to call it, you're kind of in this. Right? There's no getting out of this life once you're in it because it's in your blood. You can't run from it. It's going to follow you. It's not always going to be gloom and doom and things trying to kill you, but that's a big component. So you can look at it as, man, my life sucks now because I'm a demigod and everything hates me, and there are monsters that want to kill me. Or you can look at it as I'm a fucking badass now who can leap over literal fucking buildings and fight monsters the size of semi trucks without breaking a sweat. And the more I do that, the more stories get told about me, and that's fucking cool. [00:20:38] Speaker A: Okay, so to get more fate, I need to become or we need to become more powerful. And then you said we don't. [00:20:48] Speaker E: Okay, so here's the thing is you don't actually want to get fate. It just sort of happens. And I say you don't want to get fate because the gods are the most impacted by fate, and fate kind of dictates how they behave in a lot of ways, like our personalities, right. Now are still changeable. We're still a little bit more fluid because there aren't that many stories told of us. There isn't a big perception of who we're supposed to be. But the gods have been around since time before, like, since time was time. And humans, like millions upon millions upon billions of humans have heard of the gods and they've heard these stories, so they have an expectation of how the gods are going to be. And fate, listens to that. Zeus is never going to be able to keep his dick in his pants. It's just never going to fucking happen. And that's going to forever cause problems for his pantheon. [00:21:47] Speaker C: And what if we don't want stories being told about us? [00:21:55] Speaker E: I mean, it's a little hard to avoid. On the bright side, if you're a scion these days, the stories are less likely to be known by most normal people, I think. Like I said, we're new, so it's hard to know what the long term effects are going to be. But like, the god, what do they call them? And she's looking at Chris and sort of like snapping her finger. The Norse storyteller people, what are they called? They sing and they tell stories and they travel around. [00:22:34] Speaker C: Thanks. [00:22:36] Speaker E: What? [00:22:37] Speaker C: Wait, no, that's something else. [00:22:43] Speaker B: Scouts. [00:22:45] Speaker E: Yeah, them. So they're like actual scalds for the different pantheons. They'll probably tell your story. Yeah, like bards. So they'll probably be the ones who tell your stories if you get popular enough. I suspect they're already telling the story if you guys survive it because you're the first ones to do it, so that's pretty impressive. [00:23:12] Speaker C: All right, I see. [00:23:15] Speaker A: Interesting. Oh, I forgot to mention this group that I'm now tied to. This is Mr. Cat. Well, I don't have a name for him yet, but I'm calling him Mr. Cat. He can talk, but only to me. But I'm sure if you say something to him, maybe he'll understand you and he could tell me, I don't know. And she's going to look at that Mr. Cat and go, that's how that could like, can they say something to you and you would know it, and then you can come to me and tell it. Like, you could be like a messenger. [00:23:48] Speaker E: He is not talking back because he is eating. [00:23:51] Speaker A: Okay. He will respond in due time. He is also still a cat, so you know how that is. Anyway. [00:24:10] Speaker E: He is purring, however, because net has reached over and has begun to just scratch at his back a little bit, so he's purring while he eats. [00:24:23] Speaker A: So we don't want fate. [00:24:28] Speaker E: Fate is going to impact you, the more powerful you get. [00:24:31] Speaker A: Yeah, okay, cool. [00:24:40] Speaker E: And live long enough, get powerful enough, eventually you might become gods, and then you'll really be fate's bitch. But you also get to become gods, which means that you're really hard to kill and you get to make your own scions. You never have to carry special items in order to get your to use your powers and things like that, because you won't have to borrow them from Mum and dad anymore. And you can kind of come into your own and become gods of whatever works for you. [00:25:22] Speaker A: Kind of like that. That's going to take a while. [00:25:29] Speaker E: Yeah, it takes time. Like I said, I've been at this for six years, and I know I'm a lot stronger than you, but I'm still nowhere near as strong as, like, my dad. [00:25:41] Speaker C: And you said that your father used to be a Scion as well, right? [00:25:48] Speaker E: A lot of the gods of my pantheon started out as heroes. Scions, like us. [00:25:58] Speaker C: Interesting. Which pantheon did you say that was? [00:26:01] Speaker E: Chinese, right? On the celestial bureaucracy. I don't get to see my family very much because there's too much paperwork involved. [00:26:15] Speaker A: Paperwork? [00:26:17] Speaker E: Oh, yeah. I mean, most of the pantheons, from my understanding, from talking to Kareem and Moira, aren't like this. But if I want to visit an aunt or uncle or whatever, or talk to my dad outside of the time that he decides to come see me, I have to fill out a few thousand pages of paperwork in triplicate, in blue, pink, blue pen. And if I make a mistake, I have to start all over again, and then there's a waiting list, so it's a lot. [00:26:48] Speaker C: You did say it was a bureaucracy, correct? [00:26:51] Speaker E: That's a divine bureaucracy. It's the worst kind of bureaucracy. [00:26:55] Speaker A: Wow. [00:26:56] Speaker E: Very literal. [00:26:57] Speaker A: I'm an Egyptian. [00:27:02] Speaker E: Have you not gotten your visitation yet? Just looking over at Chris. [00:27:09] Speaker B: Yeah, I kind of did overnight. [00:27:14] Speaker E: Really? [00:27:16] Speaker B: I think so, yeah. I had this dream meeting with Artemis. [00:27:26] Speaker E: Well, shit, you should have led with that. That's way more interesting than talking about fate. I heard she's hot. Is she hot? [00:27:36] Speaker B: I mean yeah, I'd fuck her. [00:27:38] Speaker A: Isn't she your mom? [00:27:41] Speaker C: Think of the same thing. [00:27:44] Speaker B: I mean, is she my mom? I mean, no, not really my mom's my mom, but she's kind of my mom. [00:27:59] Speaker E: All right. Artemis doesn't have kids, so you were welcome to the club. [00:28:09] Speaker A: Nice. [00:28:16] Speaker B: Sure. [00:28:17] Speaker C: I guess that means we all know what we're about. [00:28:24] Speaker A: Did she give you anything? [00:28:27] Speaker B: Yeah, I got this fox pendant here. [00:28:34] Speaker A: Foxes? [00:28:37] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:28:38] Speaker A: I wonder if you get a pet fox. [00:28:41] Speaker B: No. She says I've got to be a hunter, though, so that's fun. [00:28:48] Speaker A: Hunter. That's even more interesting. I wonder what you when are we going to Anvil? I want to know what we all get. She's saying there's more to net. [00:29:06] Speaker E: I don't know. All I know is that a lot of the big wigs are there a lot of the smart. Oh, right. Okay, so I have to do a thing. Which one of you is the most likely to get into trouble that you can't handle? [00:29:29] Speaker D: Sarah looks at Coda. [00:29:31] Speaker A: Dakota looks at Oliver. [00:29:33] Speaker C: What? Why me? [00:29:39] Speaker A: You threw a book last time. It was smart. But you know why is it me? [00:29:43] Speaker E: She's going to look at Sarah, no reason. [00:29:47] Speaker D: And she'll just go back to sipping her bowl of water. [00:29:52] Speaker A: Okay, I guess it's me. [00:29:56] Speaker C: I don't feel inclined to point any fingers at anyone. [00:30:00] Speaker E: Come here. [00:30:03] Speaker A: Come over. [00:30:04] Speaker E: She's, like, standing up, and it almost looks like she's squaring up to you, which is hilarious because if I remember correctly, she's many inches shorter than you, and she sort of kind of looks up at you and cracks her knuckles for a moment and adjusts, like, a ring on the middle finger of her right hand. Gives it a little kiss and then grabs you by the shoulders so that you're and yanks you down with the kind of strength that no one her size should should have so that you're on eye level with her and then pecks you on the forehead. And there is this little, like. [00:30:49] Speaker A: You. [00:30:49] Speaker E: Know how if you wear socks on carpet, you build up static shock, and then the next time you touch somebody, it shocks you. It's like that, but the most powerful static shock you've ever gotten, and it's on your forehead. And as you pull back, there is a little everybody else can just for a moment see the glowing outline of what looks like an ox's head before it fades and goes away. Okay, cool. [00:31:33] Speaker A: Did you just do your guardian thing on me? Yeah. [00:31:37] Speaker E: So here's the thing. I put a mark on you, and essentially what it does is if you get into trouble, I can disappear from wherever I am and come to you. I get a choice in that, though. And if I'm busy and I can't make it to you, then I'm not necessarily going to show up. But it's a good oh, shit button. [00:31:58] Speaker A: Okay. [00:31:59] Speaker E: Try not to get yourself into too much trouble, because I do have to stay here. There are still wolves in the area as far as we can tell. I've still got to deal with that, but if you get in trouble on the way to Anvil or afterwards, I may be able to step in if I need to. [00:32:20] Speaker A: Oh, so are you not taking us to Anvil? [00:32:24] Speaker E: No, I've got to stay here. We have a car for you, and I've got to make sure that they don't follow you. That's my job today. The original plan was I was going to go with you, but then we realized that they were still in the area, so I've got to stay here. [00:32:45] Speaker A: All right, well, thank you. [00:32:49] Speaker C: Indeed. It's been a pleasure, Ms. Net. [00:32:54] Speaker E: Yeah. You guys should make sure that you're all packed up. Car is out parked next to Baby. Baby? Listen, I might be Chinese, but I can't pronounce the real name. Asha's. Not one of those gifts I inherited. I struggle with the pronunciation. And I kept getting weird side eye from my family when I mispronounced it, so I just renamed her to Baby. [00:33:31] Speaker A: I'm not saying anything this is Mr. Cat, so whatever. And she's going to go start packing her stuff. [00:33:42] Speaker B: Yeah. Same. [00:33:45] Speaker D: After consuming enough water to drown a horse, sarah will also go back. [00:33:48] Speaker C: Well, before I go look Sarah and think miss Baxter, are you all right? You just drank a lot of water out of a bowl, of all things. You seem a bit well under the weather. [00:33:59] Speaker E: I guess I had a moment. [00:34:05] Speaker D: It may have involved a couple bottles of vodka that I saw and may not exist. [00:34:11] Speaker C: Ah, well, in that case, them. Good job staying hydrated. [00:34:20] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:34:24] Speaker A: She'll head off. [00:34:25] Speaker C: I'm going to go pack as well. [00:34:31] Speaker A: Okay. [00:34:32] Speaker E: You all are able to get your stuff packed. You've got about an hour before you're really going to start getting, like, nudge that you've got to go. In that time, Moira shows up and there is as you guys are packing up the car. She hands Chris a little box wrapped in happy Birthday wrapping paper. [00:35:03] Speaker B: Thank you. I appreciate that. [00:35:05] Speaker E: You're very welcome. [00:35:06] Speaker B: I'll unwrap it. [00:35:08] Speaker E: Oh. Inside is a CD of a metal band that you have heard of but haven't really thought about in a while. They were kind of one of those, like they had one hit that went big. Yeah. And then they went on, like, a single tour, and then they sort of dropped off the face of the earth and nobody's heard from them since. But they were really, really good at the time. Your mother was in that band. Thought you might. [00:35:46] Speaker B: Oh, damn. I've heard of this band. I remember that track just a few years back now. [00:35:54] Speaker E: Indeed. I thought you might like to give it a listen, start getting in touch with your new family. [00:36:04] Speaker B: I appreciate that. Thank you. [00:36:06] Speaker C: Of course. [00:36:07] Speaker E: Happy birthday. Thanks. Well, she'll kind of turn to the rest of you now. Karim wanted me to apologize on his behalf. He could not make it. He is in the process of working with some other scions that we brought in from out of town to help us figure out exactly where these wolves are so that we know who and what to throw Net at. Net, meanwhile, is much more awake than she was before. She is puffing on her vape, fully dressed. She's not in her PJs anymore and looks almost giddy, like she's bouncing in place and looking kind of excited. Or maybe she's just maybe she's just psyching herself up. It's hard to tell with her. So take the most direct route out of the city that you can. The car's already gassed up. You should be fine. I also took the liberty of putting some extra water in there. And she kind of looks at Sarah and a couple bottles of aspirin in case you need it. Don't stop to get food or anything until you are well outside of city limits. [00:37:39] Speaker A: Understood. [00:37:42] Speaker E: I also keyed in the location of the nearest town to Anvil into the GPS. Anvil is obviously not on the GPS itself, but you'll know how to get there once you get closer. Trust me. You'll feel it. [00:37:57] Speaker C: You'll feel it? [00:38:01] Speaker E: It's difficult to explain. [00:38:04] Speaker C: I presume it has something to do with the whole scion thing. Divine ichar, all that. [00:38:11] Speaker E: Yes, of course. [00:38:12] Speaker C: Right. [00:38:22] Speaker E: All right, darlings. Drive safe. As I said, don't stop in the city for any reason, and hopefully the next time I see you, you'll all still be alive. [00:38:39] Speaker C: Yes. [00:38:40] Speaker E: Don't worry about me. I'm not going out there to be a part of that fight. It's not what I'm good at. [00:38:50] Speaker A: Coda will go over to Net and hold out a hand and kind of be like, so, take care of yourself. That's kind of obvious that you should take care of yourself. But I'm hoping once I get into understand all this stuff, I don't know, maybe we can fight or something, because I think that'd be cool. Hell, yeah. [00:39:12] Speaker E: I'll train you up. Go get your presence, figure out what you can do. Come see me. [00:39:18] Speaker A: Yeah. Cool. Stay safe, obviously. Cool. [00:39:24] Speaker E: I mean, not really, that's not my job, but you should stay safe because I can't be in three places at once. [00:39:31] Speaker A: This is true. Yeah, but, I mean, I guess you would, like, notice if something's wrong with me because of the whole head thing. But anyways, stay safe. Goodbye. And she will hold out an arm for Mr. Cat to jump into. [00:39:47] Speaker E: Oh, that's getting clipped. Mr. Cat will jump up into your arms and then immediately climb his way up onto your shoulder, because once again, he is a tiny god. [00:40:02] Speaker A: Cool. And she'll make her way out. [00:40:06] Speaker E: Moira is going to look over at all of her. [00:40:08] Speaker C: Yeah. I was going to, in fact, look to her and go ahead. Well, thank you for all the aid that you've given us, and give my regards to Mr. Cream, as course, of course. [00:40:25] Speaker E: Oliver? [00:40:27] Speaker C: Yes? [00:40:31] Speaker E: Would you just step over here with me, please? And she'll kind of, like, pull you away from the others. [00:40:39] Speaker C: All right. [00:40:43] Speaker E: I haven't been present for a lot of the conversations that have gone on, but I have heard from others that you have a habit of talking yourself down. [00:40:59] Speaker C: I wouldn't necessarily say that. Look, I'm aptly aware of my capabilities. I know where my strengths lie. I know what I'm good at, and I'm proud of those things that I'm good at. I simply don't believe I warrant more attention than anyone else. I think there are some people out there who are truly spectacular, and they deserve all that they deserve. And I deserve what I deserve. Nothing more, nothing less. [00:41:31] Speaker E: Like it or not, you are the child of a god. You may not necessarily deserve all that is coming to you, good and bad, but it is coming. And you need to accept that, or it's going to get you and your friends killed. From what I can tell, you may be. The smartest among this bunch, certainly the wisest. You need to apply that because at the end of the day, what keeps our group safe? Is it Net's ability to fight things and take a hit? What keeps our group safe is Kareem's ability to think around a problem and my ability to navigate muddy waters. Net steps in when she's needed, and she is incredibly good at her job, but she's only keeping us safe when everything else has failed. She is our last line of defense. You need to be there first. Do you understand? [00:42:32] Speaker C: I understand. But I'll look over my shoulder, make sure no one's really around. What if I'm not smart enough? What if I can't think my way out of a problem? It'll come eventually. I know that. And then what happens? [00:42:52] Speaker E: Then happens when your friends step in? [00:42:55] Speaker C: And what if me not having those smarts that I need gets one of them killed? Wow. [00:43:04] Speaker E: There is always a chance that one of us dies. There's always that chance. That is the life that we lead. But it will not be because you weren't smart enough. It'll be because it was their time and because they weren't strong enough to face the challenges that you couldn't out think. You are part of a unit, and that unit will never operate the way it is supposed to until all of its parts begin to function the way they are meant to. Getting your gifts is a very small part of that, but the most important part is accepting what you are and who you are and what that means you can do. You would not have survived running from the wolves if you were not meant to, if you were not strong enough to do what needs to be done. Don't second guess yourself. Trust your instincts and your knowledge. And when that fails, look to your companions that's their job is to step in when you can't. [00:44:27] Speaker C: Right. Don't worry, I got plenty up here. I'm going to tap my own head. Lots of quotes from Ray, Bradbury, Harper, Lee, Margaret atwood all things that I'm sure will be useful. [00:44:45] Speaker E: My understanding is that you faced off against the wolves with nothing but Shakespeare on your side. You'll be fine. [00:44:59] Speaker C: Thank you. Perhaps I just need to hear that. [00:45:06] Speaker E: I have the utmost faith in you. And she'll sort of just give your cheek a little kiss and then she will very gently take your shoulders, turn you to face your friends and kind of nudge you towards them. [00:45:26] Speaker C: I'm a bit stunned by that, but I will kind of nod and walk over, rubbing my hands together. Right. [00:45:33] Speaker E: Well, you get the feeling the stunned and not knowing how to handle being kissed by the most beautiful woman you've ever seen is a normal reaction that she gets. She was just like, I'm just going to move him, otherwise we'll be here all day. [00:45:50] Speaker C: I'll approach everyone, hands rubbing together. Well, looks like we have a bit of a road trip ahead of us. [00:46:01] Speaker E: Net is already in her car. She has rolled up the two garage doors. Both of the cars are on and running and waiting for everyone to pile in. Net sort of sticks her head out of the window. Come on, let's go. I get to go play distraction. Come on. [00:46:21] Speaker C: Do we have a driver or is one of us expected to drive? [00:46:25] Speaker E: One of you is expected to drive. You were the only people there. [00:46:29] Speaker C: So should we figure out car positions? Driver, copilot, whoever messes with the stereo and then people in the back. [00:46:40] Speaker B: I don't mind taking the first driving stent. [00:46:43] Speaker A: I can't drive. [00:46:46] Speaker D: I'll need a bit. [00:46:50] Speaker B: Looks like it's me and you, Oliver. [00:46:52] Speaker C: Looks like it is. I'll try my best to play non terrible music. [00:47:00] Speaker A: Why don't we just listen to Chris's? [00:47:03] Speaker C: Oh, yes. You got an album? [00:47:05] Speaker B: I did, yeah. Hey, it's here. Let's try it. [00:47:11] Speaker C: Pop it in. [00:47:12] Speaker A: All right. [00:47:12] Speaker E: So you guys climb in. Chris slides the disc for the band Godhind into the CD player, and as you all pull out, the sounds of not death metal, but still heavy metal begin to fill the car. Mr. Cat looks slightly offended when the place that he had chosen to curl up in the back window turned out to be directly on top of a speaker. And he ends up moving to curl up in Coda's lap instead because it is the safest place from all the noise, but is rather quickly asleep. As you guys pull out, Net does the same and she kind of paces you for a while and all of you get this kind of shiver through you and it feels like a wave of you're not sure if it's like, energy or electricity or whatever kind of passes over you for a moment as you're driving. And then when you get to a point where you guys are about to pull out onto the interstate, she kind of gives you a salute and then peels off in the opposite direction, going back into the city. And it is just in time for all of you to hear howl and snarls. And you don't see it at first, but as you are waiting for the light to turn so that you can pull out of the city, you see two or three massive, car sized black wolves go darting into the city in the direction that she went. [00:49:03] Speaker B: Godspeed. [00:49:07] Speaker A: Yeah. Let's get out of here. [00:49:10] Speaker C: I second that. [00:49:14] Speaker E: Eventually the light turns green and you all are able to pull out and onto the ramp out onto the interstate. The first leg of your journey is relatively uneventful. There's a lot of Sarah recovering from her hangover and the Cat taking a nap and music probably Coda eating more toaster strudels. Lukewarm toaster strudels. You guys could probably stop about an hour or two outside of the city to get, like, a proper breakfast once you're well and truly away from Baltimore. Sorry, what did you say? [00:50:14] Speaker B: No. [00:50:17] Speaker E: You guys where would you stop? Would you stop somewhere that you could actually get out and stretch your legs or are you going through somewhere I. [00:50:27] Speaker C: Can stretch my legs. Where are we going for breakfast? What do you all think? [00:50:31] Speaker B: Let's find somewhere big and anonymous. [00:50:36] Speaker E: You guys are able to find what is effectively an IHOP pretty easily. We don't really have, like, Waffle House and Denny's as much here, but we have IHOPs like, fucking everywhere. So you're able to stop off at an IHOP just north of just north of the city and you have a moment to get out and have a nibble for breakfast. If anybody like to role play, this is a good time. [00:51:15] Speaker C: Ms. Masculine, you are going to leave the box of Toaster Strudel in the car when we eat, right? [00:51:21] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:51:22] Speaker A: I guess I'm just not used to all this just recklessly spending money kind of thing. I'm happy with just my Toaster Strudels. [00:51:33] Speaker C: But I mean, cover your breakfast if you would like. [00:51:37] Speaker A: Well, all of our parents are apparently now super rich, so I guess we don't really have to worry about that. But I don't know, it's just kind of weird just spending so much money just like nothing. [00:51:51] Speaker C: It is rather OD, I'll admit. But who are we to complain about more affordable. [00:52:05] Speaker A: Yeah, yeah, I'll leave the I mean, and I'm sure Mr. Cat or Reed or Riff Tempo, whatever, I don't know what to name him. I'm sure he would want something more than just like, the cat food tin. So maybe I'll get him like a salmon or something. You'd like a salmon, right? And she looks at him on her shoulder. [00:52:27] Speaker E: I like fish. [00:52:29] Speaker C: Does I help have fish? [00:52:33] Speaker D: None that I'd recommend actually eating. [00:52:36] Speaker C: I was thinking the same thing. [00:52:39] Speaker E: You're actually in Maryland, so most of the seafood here is actually locally sourced, so it's not that bad. [00:52:44] Speaker A: Yeah, and it's know they have a dinner menu at IHOP so I could just get like a whole salmon and just give it to them. Right. That's okay. [00:52:55] Speaker C: Maybe they might not serve. [00:52:56] Speaker E: It takes some convincing from the waitress to agree to give you raw fish. But when you explain that there is a cat kind of waiting for his breakfast, she finally relents and goes and fights that battle for you in the kitchens to keep them from cooking it. And you guys get extra sides that you can divvy among yourself. [00:53:27] Speaker A: Perfect. [00:53:29] Speaker C: While we're kind of sitting there eating, eventually I'll sort of lean back, scratch my chin a little bit. You know, I've been thinking a lot about truth and reality because of all this, and something in particular actually came to mind was the book Pale Fire by Navakov and all. To put it simply, it's a book about a poem that a man writes who gets murdered and then his friend writes the commentary on it. And it's interesting because the way you read it changes your perspective of the story being told. It changes what you think is actually going on and what's real and what's not. About what this commentator is providing for you if you read the way he tells you to, if you read your own way, no matter what way that might be, and so on. So I've thinking a lot about the situation we're in in relation to that, and I wonder what is truth and what is reality about all of this business with the scions and the gods that are our parents and fates divine, Iker, all of that. [00:54:42] Speaker A: Hmm. [00:54:45] Speaker D: I've sort of been wondering the same thing, especially how well, we've all been adjusting rather quickly. Only a couple of days ago, the only god I knew was just one. [00:55:02] Speaker A: Not that I actually believed that was exactly what I was going to say, too. [00:55:08] Speaker C: Precisely knew of you. But we couldn't confirm anything. And now you three have met some, and I've seen a ghost. So this really spells out reality for us, right? Because we're being told this reality that we're being given about Scion ship and all that is true. But we also could just be going mad together, and we're all in a white padded room jabbering away, feeding each other's insanity while men and lab coats ride on clipboards. But doesn't matter because this is real to us. So even if it's not real to anyone else, it's still true. [00:55:59] Speaker B: See, this reminds me of an old story, the Volsunga Saga. There is a quote, fruity into dordin for dino gangstimura, soto hinga canond coma. Then it translates to, Fear not death, for the hour of your doom is set, and none may escape it. [00:56:24] Speaker D: That's encouraging. [00:56:26] Speaker A: Yeah. I kind of also want to bring up a book, but the only thing that's coming to mind is One Fish, Two Fish, Redfish Bluefish. I don't know how that relates, but ms. [00:56:41] Speaker C: Mascot, did you read a single novel I assigned you? [00:56:44] Speaker A: I read multiple books, but I don't know everything. You guys are saying this doesn't feel real, but it's so real. And I'm kind of like, let's just embrace it because there's nothing else we can really do, right? [00:57:01] Speaker E: I suppose if it's a dream, then. [00:57:04] Speaker D: It'S definitely an interesting one. [00:57:07] Speaker A: I literally saw someone die. [00:57:09] Speaker C: But to continue drawing from the Pale Fire example, there's this running storyline within the book about the commentator, Cambodi, saying that he is the exiled king of a country called Zembla. Depending on how you read it, you can either fully believe this or we can cast doubt on him due to some of his mannerisms as an unreliable narrator. And so I'm wondering because in the book, you can choose to believe if Zemba is real within its own universe, or if it's being made up completely, or if it is real and Cambodia is not actually the exiled king and is making that up. And I wonder if all this world we're being thrust into with the gods is our Zembala and if we are the kings in this. Or perhaps we're going mad and it is real, but we're not part of it. Or maybe none of it's real at all. It's definitely a lot to think about, but I think, as we've already established, it's true to us in this moment, so it's best that we regard it as such. [00:58:21] Speaker A: Yeah, I don't being a kid or I guess I'm an adult now, but being an adult that's lived through a lot, I've learned to just roll with the punches. I tried to take not too long to think of, though. Oh, why me? Why did this happen to me? I mean, sometimes it comes up because I'm human. Well, I guess I'm not human. I'm a demigod anyways. Humanesque. Yeah. It doesn't make sense to think and talk and question the why me? Because when you spend time thinking why me? You're wasting the time that you could be using to, I guess, grow with the situation and what am I looking to say? [00:59:14] Speaker C: I think you're making your point very well, Ms. Masakoi. Mostly because well, I don't mean to speak for everyone, but it seems that we all can relate to that experience you just said, perhaps due to our nature or fate or what have you, and I just kind of wink with my bad eye. [00:59:39] Speaker A: Goodness. So do you guys like your parents, at the very least, from what you've briefly seen, I think well, I don't fully forgive mine yet because obviously abandoned for 21, 22. I don't remember how old I am, years, but she seems pretty solid. [01:00:03] Speaker D: Well, before yesterday, I was fairly certain that both of my birth parents were dead. [01:00:16] Speaker B: Well, before yesterday, I was pretty sure I knew who both of my birth parents? [01:00:24] Speaker C: Yes. You believe they were actually your parents? And maybe they still are. I'm still foggy on how this all works exactly, but sure, you're going through quite a lot right now, Mr. Strom. [01:00:39] Speaker B: I'm pretty sure that my parents are both my actual parents. I don't what this is, but I don't think it's actual parentage like blood. I think it's more spiritual soul, maybe. [01:00:58] Speaker C: An eloquent way of putting it. [01:01:03] Speaker D: Well, I'm definitely certain that the people that raised me are my parents. Anyone else involved in my birth are just donors. [01:01:18] Speaker C: I'll have to circle back to this topic once I actually converse with my father. But my parents, as I'm in agreement with you, Miss Baxter, are my parents. They have their faults and all that, but they were still my parents. [01:01:45] Speaker D: There is one thing that does kind of bother me a bit. Just all of these different groups of gods, all coexisting. Shouldn't there be more grife? [01:02:01] Speaker A: I was actually wondering that. [01:02:05] Speaker C: Perhaps there is, but they're, for the most part, bandaged together by these Titans and Titan spawn, as there are more prevalent threats. But on the lower levels, perhaps there's some sort of strife between pantheons and then even lower than that, there's some strife within the pantheons themselves, between the gods. [01:02:28] Speaker D: So even gods follow the rules of the end of me, of my enemy is my friend. Interesting thought. [01:02:35] Speaker C: It's an optimistic outlook. At the very least, I would rather us not go into some dangerous mission against Titan spawn than have someone turn on another because their god has a grudge against another. [01:02:51] Speaker A: But it's a good thing to keep in mind, because as much as we're looking out for these Titan spawns or whatever, and that's the crazy thing, because we saw a good or maybe not good, but we saw a Titan spawn that was just doing their own thing. So we now know that there's at least good Titan spawns too. So there's got to be bad or quote unquote, off bad scion. What if there's some that's like, oh, I don't like scions of Bethet or scions of Artemis, or we should keep an eye out for something like that too. I don't know. It feels weird, us just walking up into a meeting and we're the ones that survived and I don't know, I don't like any of this. But I'm also curious about it. [01:03:42] Speaker B: Problem we've got is we're trying to extrapolate information and we know maybe, I don't know, 1% of everything that's going on. [01:03:49] Speaker C: Also correct. We need to learn more. But if there are bad scions out there, if there are ones we can't trust, I know at the very least, I can trust the three of you. No matter what. You will have that trust from me. [01:04:06] Speaker B: Thank you. [01:04:07] Speaker A: Yeah. You're all right? The three of you. I'm kidding. Like, you're actually pretty decent human beings or signed beings. Demigods. [01:04:20] Speaker C: That's the nicest thing we've ever said. And we miss mascot. [01:04:24] Speaker A: Well, people change. Kinda. [01:04:30] Speaker C: That they do. [01:04:32] Speaker D: Especially once given power. [01:04:36] Speaker C: Well, based on what Net said, apparently once we gain more and more power and more renowned, we'll become more and more set in stone of who we are. And I'm not sure I like the I don't know if I like that. I revel in the fact that humanity is ever changing and ever flowing, that what we do wrong today can always be absolved tomorrow. The idea that we're locked into one facet of thinking for the rest of time is bit scary. [01:05:08] Speaker D: That's assuming we make it that far. [01:05:13] Speaker A: Very true. But I'll say if we're talking about trusting each other, my god or parent did mention something about us or people in our group pantheon being protectors. And I'll say you guys are kind of part of my group. So I'll make sure or I'll try my best. Because I'm still learning that if we're going down, I'm going down kicking and fighting. And if I can save any one of you, all I will. [01:05:51] Speaker C: Something I liked to do in my classes whenever I made students do group projects was I would have each group come up with a name for themselves to make it more fun, make them get more into it. So should we do the same? Should we come up with a name for ourselves, if we're a group? [01:06:09] Speaker A: Can it be dazed and confused? Or is that taken already? [01:06:13] Speaker B: How about beige and confused? [01:06:15] Speaker E: Beige and confused. [01:06:18] Speaker C: That one I think I like. [01:06:20] Speaker A: Perfect. [01:06:24] Speaker B: So, in the interest of putting all cards on the table here, I had a dream last night, and Artemis came to me in my dream, but what she actually told me was that I was the scion of Loki. But Loki went missing some time ago, so I was an orphan, which is why she took me under her wing. Now, most of the other gods, whatever, they don't like Loki, so that's not something that I need to be saying out. Um, so she know, keep that shit to yourself. But in the interests of forging some kind of bond, I want to put my cards on the table and tell you guys up front. [01:07:05] Speaker E: Sarah, when he mentions being a scion of Loki, you feel a little chill race down your spine. Wait, Loki? [01:07:19] Speaker D: Isn't that the one that fucked a horse? [01:07:21] Speaker C: Yes. [01:07:23] Speaker A: What what book was that in? You know, please continue. I'm going to listen and learn. [01:07:31] Speaker B: Yeah, he does a lot of shapeshifting, this Loki. He's Odin's brother? Blood brother. [01:07:43] Speaker A: Yeah. [01:07:46] Speaker D: That'S pretty much all I know about him. [01:07:48] Speaker B: He's a bit of a so he's. [01:07:53] Speaker C: The one that will initiate Ragnarok eventually, right? [01:07:58] Speaker B: Apparently so. [01:08:01] Speaker A: So are you two. [01:08:06] Speaker B: Um I mean, I don't know how this works, so I don't know. But as far as I'm concerned, artemis has taken me under her wing. So all of my gifts, my powers, my abilities, everything, they come from Artemis, because I am a scion of Artemis, and that's how it works. [01:08:29] Speaker A: This stuff is so weird. [01:08:31] Speaker B: Yeah, it is. So I said I think we have, like, 1% of all of the information that we actually need to be able to make a proper decision on things. [01:08:44] Speaker C: Either way. That being true, from what I at least know somewhat of Norse mythology, albeit that's not a whole lot you telling us that is something I imagine would be fairly dangerous in this world. And it's very courageous of you, Mr. Strong. And thank you for trusting us with. [01:09:10] Speaker B: Mean, I don't want to hide shit from you about stuff like this, because this is important. [01:09:25] Speaker E: Cool. [01:09:26] Speaker A: Well, yeah. If anyone comes to you well, I can't really talk too much yet, but at the very least, just watch. When I get into my abilities, if someone comes to you saying, oh, he's the god of Loki, apparently, I'm going to kick their teeth in. I'm going to kick their scion or Titan spawn teeth in, and then kick their ass as well, so they don't even got to worry about it. Well, I guess you could, too, because you're a hunter now. The fox and the cat hunting the wolves, right? [01:09:55] Speaker C: Sounds like couldn't make a good song or a comic as well. [01:10:04] Speaker A: Run these tank aches. Come on. [01:10:07] Speaker E: You guys are all brought your food as your food arrives, and I forgot to mention this earlier. Chris, part of the little package that you were given was also a brand new smartphone. Same model as what you had. And when you turn it on, it's like all of your information has been transferred to it. And it's just a little note that says, we couldn't salvage the phone. Sorry. And your ID is also there. [01:10:37] Speaker B: Oh, brilliant. Thank you. [01:10:42] Speaker E: There's no explanation as to where your guns or anything like that might be. One could assume that given that the house was literally busted open on both sides, somebody probably lifted them if it was left alone long enough. That being said, food arrives. And as you were sitting there, Chris, your phone chimes. And there's a text message. [01:11:10] Speaker B: What's it say? [01:11:16] Speaker E: It says, technically speaking, I'm not supposed to give you my number, but in case you have any questions or need anything, don't hesitate to reach out. Moira. [01:11:29] Speaker B: I'll say the number into my contacts. I'll show the text to the rest of the group. Just hold the phone up. [01:11:42] Speaker C: Very helpful person then. Moira she reminds me of someone I once knew. But upon seeing Chris's new phone, it sort of reminds me to I just sort of want to covertly check Teddy's phone to see if there's any new messages for him. [01:12:15] Speaker E: Yeah, there are a rather significant number of messages from his daughter, but it's clear in all of them that she knows that he's gone. And this is like her processing her grief, where she's, like, having a conversation with him via text message, telling him about her day and about how everybody is reacting to the news that he's dead, that she is going. To stay with some friends of the family for a little bit while grandparents get her room and everything put together and her promising him that she's going to be okay and not to worry. But she really misses him and she prays for him every night and just all of that. It's very clearly a young girl's attempts at processing her grief. [01:13:24] Speaker C: I'm going to try to keep my expression as neutral as possible as I put the phone away. Just look up. I'm going to go use the bathroom really quick. [01:13:38] Speaker A: All right, I'll allow it. [01:13:42] Speaker C: And that I'll just go to the bathroom and have a little bit of a meltdown. Not too terrible of one, but definitely have good cry. Yeah. Lock myself under stall. [01:13:57] Speaker E: Understandable. Okay. [01:14:01] Speaker C: All that emotion has passed. I'll clean myself up and then head back out and enjoy my food. [01:14:07] Speaker E: Were there any conversations that you guys wanted to have before he came back? [01:14:15] Speaker B: No, not for me. [01:14:16] Speaker A: No. Okay. [01:14:19] Speaker E: Wanted to make sure that everybody had the ability to say yes or no before we moved on. Okay. You all are able to finish your breakfast and relative peace. Mr. Cat is very grateful for his food. Munch is pretty good on that salmon. [01:14:56] Speaker A: When we're in the car, can I actually ask him about what Bess said and him were talking about being able to take me between worlds, whatever that means. [01:15:12] Speaker E: He sort of kind of draws a deep breath. Well, I can't do it yet. I can pass between worlds on my own. And if she decides to lend me a bit more power than I currently have, I could possibly take you with me. It's not something I can do easily, nor something that I would want to do often. I know that I personally can pass between the overworld, this world and the underworld for the pissaget. I can't do it for the other pantheons. [01:15:52] Speaker A: I see. So let's just say, so Teddy's in a different underworld then. So you wouldn't be able to go to him because he's in a different correct. Okay. Okay. I think I'm starting to understand this more. So every single one of these pantheons all have their own underworld and overworld? [01:16:22] Speaker E: Yes. [01:16:24] Speaker A: So what's our world? [01:16:27] Speaker E: The world is what we usually call it. [01:16:30] Speaker A: Okay, so there is the overworld. Is the overworld above the world, or is the overworld within the same plane as the world? [01:16:40] Speaker E: Think of it as adjacent. It's the god's world. It's the god's realm. They can't really exist here long term without impacting things too much. [01:16:53] Speaker A: Okay, I understand now. [01:16:55] Speaker E: Cool. [01:16:55] Speaker A: Thank you. And she's going to scratch his head. She's fully having this conversation in the car, mind you. [01:17:02] Speaker E: Just a little to the right there. [01:17:07] Speaker A: And then she'll scratch him. [01:17:09] Speaker C: Does the car have, like, an aux cord or like, bluetooth or anything like that? [01:17:17] Speaker E: It does, yeah. [01:17:19] Speaker C: Oh, I know something really good we can listen to, and I'll plug it in and then begin playing the audiobook of Moby Dick. [01:17:27] Speaker E: Oh, dear. [01:17:28] Speaker A: Okay, so we're going to have to vote. [01:17:33] Speaker C: Oliver? I'm smiling. I'm having a great time. I think this is a great choice. [01:17:41] Speaker B: Are you high? [01:17:45] Speaker C: It's an entertaining book. It's humorous. It's about adventure. We're going on an adventure. I thought it was apt. [01:17:52] Speaker A: Right, okay. [01:17:53] Speaker D: Immediately, Sarah has her phone out, and she's looking at memes. [01:17:58] Speaker E: Oh, my God. [01:18:00] Speaker C: So, no, I can play something else. How about Journey to the center of the Earth? [01:18:10] Speaker D: How about or I have an idea. Drum. You know a lot more about the place we're going, any of us. So if you wanted to give us a lowdown about what we might be expecting or walking into oh, no, I. [01:18:29] Speaker B: Have literally no idea. I mean, I know as much as you do. [01:18:37] Speaker D: Well, you know more about the culture, I suppose. [01:18:44] Speaker B: You mean the Norse dwarves? [01:18:49] Speaker D: Yeah, that. [01:18:52] Speaker B: Well, it's folklore. I mean, what do you want to know? I thought this was all kind of bullshit. There's a lot of famous dwarves within Norse history. Mythology. The Volsinger Saga and full nodalga and ruto. Sarasoga. These are events after Loki steals the treasure from one of the dwarves to pay for the Virgilt, which is the guilt money, the fine, the penance for the killing of Otra, who was, well, resembled a dwarf according to mythology. So, I mean, don't know much else, really. [01:20:03] Speaker D: Well, it's more than we knew before. [01:20:05] Speaker A: And it's not. [01:20:09] Speaker C: I can turn something else on. I have Treasure Island, Ramstein. I have Frankenstein on here. Actually, that's one of my favorite. [01:20:19] Speaker B: It's not what I said, Rammstein. [01:20:26] Speaker C: I thought we were still talking about books. So I heard. Frankenstein, of course. [01:20:30] Speaker B: Yeah. [01:20:33] Speaker A: Okay. Maybe one book per trip. I'll live through that and maybe do my studying during it because I'll probably focus more during that. [01:20:44] Speaker C: I won't force you all to listen to something you don't want. We can just put on regular music if you'd like. [01:20:49] Speaker B: How about Brave new world? [01:20:52] Speaker C: We can do brave new world. I'm quite fond of that one as well. [01:20:55] Speaker B: Let's do that. [01:20:56] Speaker A: Sure. [01:20:58] Speaker C: Although I hope we don't have the same ending. [01:21:04] Speaker A: Right? Coda's going to start pulling out her book and start doing her assignments for her classes. [01:21:14] Speaker C: I would explain what the ending is, too, but then I would spoil the whole thing, so never mind. [01:21:18] Speaker A: I guess we'll find out by the end of our trip. [01:21:24] Speaker C: Hopefully. I'll put on brave new world. [01:21:28] Speaker E: All right, you all continue your drive. Unless there's anything specific you all want to talk about on the way there, we can skip ahead to when you enter Maine. [01:21:47] Speaker B: Okay. [01:21:49] Speaker E: You're able to kind of take turns as you are know. Chris takes the first leg, oliver takes the second. At some point, there is another swap, and Sarah takes over. And by the time Chris is back to being the one who is driving, you all manage to get close to the mountains of Maine. And you've stopped off in a very small town in the valley at the base of one of them and trying to figure out where to go. All you know is that it's in the mountains. And I would like everybody to make me a perception and awareness, but Chris and Sarah get two extra dice. I got three successes. [01:22:57] Speaker C: That is two from me. [01:22:59] Speaker E: Four. [01:23:01] Speaker B: No, sorry, three. Three misread. [01:23:06] Speaker A: One. [01:23:08] Speaker E: Hey. Coda and Oliver kind of get a chill along your spine as you guys are kind of driving through this small town, headed towards one of the few roads to take you up into the mountain. Up onto the mountain, I should say, but Chris is the only sarah, you also feel the same thing, obviously. And as you get closer, you kind of start to notice little ripples in the. Air here and there where it's almost like there's a heat mirage. Even though it's definitely January and there's definitely snow on the ground, you're not entirely sure what they mean, but you can see them. But it is Chris who spots it first as he is driving on one of the trees, or on a few of the trees as they are going up this kind of winding road, you see runes carved into some of the trees. They have a very, very faint glow to them for you. [01:24:41] Speaker B: Okay. [01:24:44] Speaker E: Um, and given that you can read them, they kind of guide you along and give warning when you need to slow down. Okay. And you realize very quickly why, because there is a turn that looks like it should take you off and straight down into a ravine. But as you slow down, that ripple in the air that Sarah could see gets a little bit more intense and then sort of settles, and you can see that it's actually curling off into more forest, that the ravine isn't there. [01:25:25] Speaker B: Well, looks like we're going this way. I don't know if you guys saw, but the trees have runes on them. Futok. I could read it, so I know where we're going. [01:25:37] Speaker D: Bless you. [01:25:40] Speaker A: That's what I was going to say. [01:25:44] Speaker C: Very helpful, Sean. Thank you. [01:25:47] Speaker B: You're good. [01:25:49] Speaker E: There's still a good bit of driving once you get onto this road. It's like cobblestone, but not as narrow as you would expect from a cobblestone street. There are definitely places where grass has begun to grow up between the stones. It's obviously been here for a good while. And as you continue on, you see moments where there are very obviously modern metal structures built here and there. You can see them through the trees, and they're kind of staggered around. They almost look like what you would expect for a weapon turret to be braced behind or something like that as, like, a defense mechanism. This is something you would expect to see around, like a highly secretive military base, not something you would expect to see around a town. It is rapidly growing to be closer and closer to night. The sun is beginning to set, and as you break through the treeline, you find yourself pulling into a very quaint town or village. It looks like it might be home to half a thousand people, tops. The buildings are built in a very quintessential, like, early American colonial style, with wooden columns surrounding small porches and thrust style doors that you would assume could lead to, like, a foyer. As you are as you are kind of driving through, there are no people. This place looks completely empty, but it looks like something straight out of, like, an old movie, except that there are also, like, gas powered gas and electric powered lamps along the sides of the road. It's just anachronistic enough to feel odd, but somehow perfect all at the same time as you pull into the center of town, there is a largeish town hall with gargoyles where gargoyles would normally be have been replaced with busts of winged women wearing helms and holding rounded shields. The whole town just feels like it's holding its breath, like it's waiting for something to happen. And as you pull into one of the parking spot, what you what you realize are parking spots along the edges of the road, they're barely marked out with, like, chisels in the cobblestones themselves rather than being painted. You climb out of your car, and just in time for the sun to fully set and night to descend over the town. And at the same moment, all around you, shutters begin to open up on buildings, and lights come on inside of the different houses. And people that look like grown men and women in terms of how they carry themselves, how their faces are formed, that sort of thing, but are very, very short. And all of them look to be in various shades of stone and rock like gray begin to walk out of the buildings around you. Dilgrim, why don't you go ahead and describe yourself? [01:30:33] Speaker G: Dilgrim reagan's son is about maybe 4ft tall at best, a full beard across his face, very short cropped hair, much not like what you'd expect from the tales of long bearded. He's dressed in a very, very kind of Militaristic style. Short cropped T shirt, black pants, black leather gloves on his head and he's also carrying an ammo vest on it over his chest and such. So he looks very as if a how to put this nicely a person with issues with height, decided to go to war, but then also stepped straight out of a sweatshop with charcoal grease and coal dust and metal shavings just blasted across his shirt and such. This looks like he's been in either a forge or a coal mine for a good solid, like, 10 hours or so. [01:31:44] Speaker E: Pilgrim, you see the assembled scions climb out of the car. Coda has a elegant and proud looking cat on her shoulder. [01:32:02] Speaker G: Lovely. I assume you four are the ones that are the escapees. [01:32:14] Speaker A: Survive ease. [01:32:15] Speaker C: Yes, we go by beige and Confused now. Yes, we do. [01:32:23] Speaker G: Right. All right. Which one of you wants to start this off? [01:32:36] Speaker C: Start what off? [01:32:39] Speaker G: You came here for your gifts, right? [01:32:43] Speaker A: Yeah. [01:32:44] Speaker B: Right. [01:32:44] Speaker A: But also, like a know, like, who are you? [01:32:50] Speaker G: Pardon me. Pardon me. Dulgen Reaganson. And, yes, he looks directly to Chris and says, that Reagan from the myths. [01:33:04] Speaker B: Well, shit. [01:33:08] Speaker A: So do we call you Reagan son? Is there, like, a respect thing here? Sorry, it's my first time meeting a dwarf. [01:33:19] Speaker G: Goldgram is fine, dolgrum all right. [01:33:22] Speaker A: Yes. We're here for our gift. [01:33:25] Speaker E: You can also always just call him Mr. Mayor. [01:33:32] Speaker B: Yeah, that's probably better. Mr. Mayor. [01:33:35] Speaker E: And who said that there is a Dwarvish woman just behind him in the doorway of the town hall. She's got her arms folded over her chest. She is wearing a leather apron like you would expect to see on a blacksmith. Her face is not smudged the way his is, but there is a light beating of sweat around the edge of her hairline. Her hair is an incredibly pale blonde and is in two long braids on either side of her face. Belgium. Aren't you going to invite them in? [01:34:19] Speaker G: Yes. Betty, come on. And he'll turn abruptly on his heel and weigh them all to follow him into the main hall. [01:34:30] Speaker E: Sarah follows eulot must be hungry and tired and thirsty. [01:34:37] Speaker A: Yes. [01:34:39] Speaker B: Yeah. [01:34:40] Speaker E: Well, you are welcome in our hall. And she'll kind of eye Dolgram. My husband may not have the best manners, but I do. She'll kind of turn and shuffle off into, like a back room. [01:34:58] Speaker G: Which point you find Dolgrim sitting down in a chair just inside of the main hall and just says, my wife Betty is correct. I apologize. I should be a better mattered. Please welcome to the hall. You are honored guests here. If you need anything clothing, food, shelter, hell, if you need a pocket knife to scratch your own ass, I'll be able to provide it. [01:35:28] Speaker A: I'll take that. [01:35:29] Speaker C: Thank you for your hospitality, Mr. Mayor. [01:35:32] Speaker G: Which point, without looking at her, dolgrim just pulls a knife out of his boot and hands it off towards Coda. [01:35:41] Speaker E: As you all walk into the hall I'm not going to make anyone roll for this. Passing by the very clearly now that you are up closer, hand carved wooden pillars and things, you realize that the wood is not quite as rustic as you thought it was. From a distance, it looked like it was all pock marked and messed up and really old. But as you get closer, you realize that those aren't pock marks, those are carvings. And there is everything from what look like Ogum marks to elder Futhark runes to Greek lettering and Egyptian hieroglyphics. And it's all over. Every bit of wood in this place seems to be marked Chris, because you can read the foothark. Some of it is recitations of the epics. Others doesn't make a whole lot of sense. It looks like it might be poetry, might be verse of some sort. It's difficult to tell because you're having a hard time reading a bigger meaning into any of it. [01:37:04] Speaker C: Yeah. [01:37:11] Speaker G: So he'll actually, from the side of the chair, bring out a small chest, and by small chest it's 4ft wide by like 3ft tall, easily. The dang thing is nearly as tall as he is and puts a hand and slaps it on the top of the chest and says, who wants to go first? [01:37:40] Speaker B: Why don't we do it in the order that we did it the other day? [01:37:46] Speaker D: All right, then that means I go. [01:37:48] Speaker E: First out of character. Technically, that would mean that Oliver goes first. [01:37:54] Speaker C: I will not say anything if Sarah is the one speaking up to go first. [01:38:00] Speaker A: Okay. [01:38:03] Speaker G: All right. Sarah, Vida's daughter open the chest and inside he'll pull out a case about a foot in width and about eight inches deep. Promptly clicks open the one big lash in front, opens it up, and inside is a blue Steeled revolver with a bone grip. And then he promptly removes the top tray. And underneath is some 50 rounds of ammunition, each one carved with an elder Futhark rune. Damien, you being not too far away, you would actually recognize these as the runes of Vidar. [01:38:54] Speaker B: I will kind of just lean in. Those are vidaran runes. [01:39:00] Speaker C: Right? [01:39:00] Speaker E: Right. [01:39:01] Speaker G: Putting the top tray back on top, he'll simply say, this is solid vengeance. As long as you're using your dad's ammunition, you will not hear a thing. When that gun goes off. [01:39:20] Speaker D: Sarah is almost literally drooling. [01:39:24] Speaker G: Looks like a absolutely beautiful cult revolver. It's yours. Take it out. Try it. Maybe we can set up a target for you to practice upon, even. [01:39:45] Speaker D: It's so beautiful. [01:39:49] Speaker G: Glad you like it. I had my brother Sven work on the carving of the actual rifling. And the gun itself should be good and accurate for you. [01:40:10] Speaker D: So, like, hug it. [01:40:17] Speaker G: And who's next? [01:40:20] Speaker A: Coda, I guess that'd be me. What did my mom get me? [01:40:26] Speaker G: Coda. Bastest daughter open it up. And from inside we'll draw a very, very long cope of black metal in the bolster, which is the handguard. And the blade itself are golden hieroglyphs. And the grip is wrapped in black leather with a single cat's eye quartz decorating the pommel. [01:41:01] Speaker E: Shit. [01:41:03] Speaker G: Your mom certainly knew what the fuck she was talking about when she ordered this one. [01:41:08] Speaker A: Nobody does it like the Egyptians do. No offense. These are sexy. [01:41:16] Speaker G: Seeing as we made it, I certainly hope we know what the fuck we're doing. [01:41:21] Speaker A: Yeah. [01:41:24] Speaker G: The blade is actually long enough, and the handles also is long enough that it literally could be a long sword in your hands. Things not small, it is not one handed. [01:41:38] Speaker E: Sick. [01:41:40] Speaker A: Well, thank you. She's going to just be looking it over and holding it out to the cat and swinging it around behind everyone. [01:41:52] Speaker G: Thank heaven she has enough intelligence to at least keep it away from others before they're trying to cut something. Nothing, dear. [01:42:04] Speaker C: Okay, scoot over a few inches. [01:42:12] Speaker G: Well, now that the lady's done, what about you boys? [01:42:17] Speaker C: No, for going in order. Actually, Mr. Strom, that would go to you next. [01:42:21] Speaker B: Well, actually, if we were going in order, you should have gone first. So why don't you go? [01:42:25] Speaker C: Well, we've already skipped out, and I insist you go first. I can wait. [01:42:32] Speaker B: I'm going to glare at Oliver in actual contempt and head over to the guy. [01:42:40] Speaker G: All right. Damien. Chris, right? Chris. Artemis son. [01:42:53] Speaker B: Yeah. [01:42:57] Speaker G: Your uncle actually made this for you. Pulls out of the chest a full size guitar. [01:43:07] Speaker B: Smile. [01:43:09] Speaker G: The body is actually carved to be looking the same as a liar. And these strings look almost like moonlight. [01:43:17] Speaker B: Damn, that's pretty. [01:43:21] Speaker G: This is midnight sun. [01:43:26] Speaker B: Midnight sun. [01:43:29] Speaker G: We did a few testings with it. It's also a bow. It's a bow and knuckle dusters. [01:43:42] Speaker B: Knuckle dusters? Guitar. I mean, I could hit someone over the head with it, I suppose, but. [01:43:50] Speaker G: Wow. Okay, just ask it to change. It is yours. [01:43:58] Speaker B: Right. So I was kind of thinking that I would have to use the strings or the guitar to fire arrows, but you're telling me that it can change into an actual bow? [01:44:09] Speaker G: Yeah. [01:44:10] Speaker B: Damn. Okay. Thank you. [01:44:13] Speaker E: Eddie returns at about this point, and she's got a tray laden with large looks like hand carved wooden mugs, and drinking horns and the whole nine and plates heaping with food. There's everything from roasted pig to grilled vegetables, depending on what takes your fancy. And she sort of walks over and sets it up onto this table. That's just slightly too tall for her. It's all about will. And you have to say the word. What word it is depends on you, really. My understanding from talking to your uncle when he delivered it, is that it was designed to be responsive to you. But once you set the word, you have to remember it or you'll never be able to use it again. If you forget. [01:45:09] Speaker B: I understand. Okay. Thank you. [01:45:12] Speaker E: Yeah. [01:45:16] Speaker G: I don't know exactly how good knuckle dusters are from a cut of poetry, but the bow damn, it shoots nice. [01:45:29] Speaker B: Excellent. Well, you know what they say, the penis mightier than the sword. [01:45:33] Speaker G: Sorry? [01:45:33] Speaker B: The pen is mightier than the sword. [01:45:37] Speaker A: That's who love. [01:45:40] Speaker G: You. See? Just yes. Yes, indeed. They do say that, actually. [01:45:49] Speaker C: Our friend Sigmund Ford would agree with you. [01:45:58] Speaker G: And then turning to Oliver oliver OGMA son. [01:46:07] Speaker C: That is me. [01:46:12] Speaker G: Yours is a little special. [01:46:22] Speaker C: Right. [01:46:25] Speaker G: He'll reach in and pulls out a roughly two inch square box, hands it off to him. This is Warmaster's sight. [01:46:43] Speaker C: Warmaster site. As in the box itself? Or is there something in it that makes the most sense? Yes. I'll open it. [01:46:56] Speaker G: Inside is a silver monocle. [01:47:02] Speaker C: Ah. Well, this does seem quite half, doesn't it? Does it go on the good eye or the bad eye? [01:47:11] Speaker G: Yes, as in either eye depends upon you. Do you want to see? Well or do you want to just put it on an eye? It'll still give you the same bonuses. [01:47:33] Speaker C: I'm going to assume putting on the good eye would look less silly to outsiders, so we'll go with that. [01:47:42] Speaker G: I'll also say your old man is very, very good. [01:47:51] Speaker C: As in he made this? [01:47:53] Speaker G: No, he asked us to make that, so we made it. However, he was the one that you had predicted that you all would arrive here. At the time you did. Not sure how he did that, but I can tell you he's not a seer. But sometimes brain beats out that. [01:48:25] Speaker E: Oliver, do you put on the monocle. [01:48:27] Speaker C: I will look at it hesitantly for a moment, turn to the others, and then just slowly put it on. [01:48:40] Speaker E: As you put it on and you kind of adjust to having this lens in front of your eyes. You look around the room and you realize it's slightly delayed. It takes a moment for your brain to catch up. But as you look around, you realize that all of those markings in the wood that you were seeing earlier, that you couldn't understand, you can read all of them. [01:49:05] Speaker C: I can read those now. That's spectacular. [01:49:16] Speaker E: You also realize as you're looking around and your head is turning one way and the other, you're not holding the monocle in place anymore. [01:49:26] Speaker C: And it floats or locks into place. [01:49:33] Speaker E: Definitely touching your nose, but it's not falling. [01:49:37] Speaker G: Locks into place where you put it. [01:49:41] Speaker C: Fascinating. [01:49:49] Speaker A: Interesting. You think you can look at books and stuff? Do you see anything? We see us. Do we look like are we, like, glowing? [01:49:58] Speaker C: I'll look to each of them. [01:49:59] Speaker E: Do they look they are not glowing. [01:50:02] Speaker C: You are not glowing. [01:50:04] Speaker E: I'm afraid you get the feeling that what this does is specifically language oriented. [01:50:14] Speaker C: I get the sense, though, that languages that I could not read before, which were a majority of them, I should be able to read now, maybe. Hopefully so. Lots of uses there. [01:50:30] Speaker G: Well, I certainly hope it's of good quality. Betty. Over here. Made it for you. [01:50:36] Speaker C: Thank you, Mrs. Smiles. [01:50:39] Speaker E: She smiles and nods. My gift has always been with hammers, but on the rare occasion we get asked to make something a little bit more delicate, I enjoy getting my hands dirty. It does have another thing that it does. It's a little less obvious if you are in the heat of battle and need to give an order to, I don't know, soldiers that are following you or your companions to convey a message. You can put the full force and power of your bloodline behind that order. [01:51:17] Speaker C: I take it all. Understand what that means if the time comes to use it? [01:51:23] Speaker E: I suspect so. You'll understand it when you need it. [01:51:29] Speaker G: Let's just say Sunzu himself would be jealous of that monocle. [01:51:35] Speaker E: She looks quite proud of herself. [01:51:40] Speaker C: This is a fantastic gift, ma'am. Thank you very much for it. [01:51:45] Speaker E: Of course. Okay, so there are a few people who are waiting to talk to everyone. [01:51:56] Speaker G: A few. [01:51:59] Speaker E: Needless to say, you all being the first ones to survive the type of encounter that you had has certainly made quite a stir and made the summit all the more interesting for those who have shown up. Oh, dolgram, dear. Guan Yu arrived a few minutes ago. He's already gone in with the others. [01:52:28] Speaker G: Of course, he never was one to wait for things. [01:52:33] Speaker E: My understanding is that your friend is here with his mother at the moment and will be out to see you shortly. [01:52:45] Speaker G: Brigitte is here? [01:52:48] Speaker E: Yes. [01:52:50] Speaker G: Good. Need some help down the forges later. [01:52:54] Speaker E: My understanding is she's working on helping to strengthen some of the carvings in the outer fortifications. [01:53:10] Speaker A: When you say our friend, are you talking about a young Teddy? [01:53:15] Speaker E: I can't see him, but I'm told he's huh. [01:53:21] Speaker A: That must be like the traveling between worlds thing, right? [01:53:26] Speaker E: Well, he is a ghost, so one would assume that yes, he travels between worlds or he may just be traveling with his mother who travels between worlds. It's hard to say. It varies from God to God. Ghost. Ghost. [01:53:40] Speaker A: Okay, understood. Still learning. [01:53:44] Speaker E: Understood. Is there any questions we can answer for you? [01:53:51] Speaker A: So when does our powers kick in? I mean our ability, I mean, our purviews kick in. [01:53:57] Speaker E: Oh, I'd imagine within the next few hours. Now that most of you have your gifts, my understanding is that Mr. Bright here has one more gift to yes, but your father was adamant that he and your she had aunt. At the very least, he would be delivering it. I don't know if your aunt will be present or not. [01:54:31] Speaker C: I possibly don't understand. Is this normal? Everyone else only got two, and I too have two as well. I don't need anything extra. [01:54:40] Speaker E: It varies depending. It's usually based more on strength and what they think you can handle. I don't know what your other gift was to know whether it was a. [01:54:51] Speaker C: Particularly powerful so this and I kind of reach down and pull up the singing stone from around my neck. [01:55:01] Speaker E: Are you going to hand it over? [01:55:03] Speaker C: Yeah, I'll let her inspect it. If she would like, she'll take it. [01:55:07] Speaker E: And she'll kind of turn to dulgrim and the two of them will kind of spend a moment kind of turning it over and muttering to each other. In old Norse, which you understand, it's mostly like there are basically a couple of geologists who are discussing the fighter points of the stone that's in their hand, but they're also talking about magic stuff that's a little bit above your head, like you understand every word, but that doesn't necessarily mean you understand what those words mean. [01:55:40] Speaker C: Oh, like I can hear the words that they're saying for me. [01:55:44] Speaker E: Yeah, your mind is translating for you. [01:55:46] Speaker C: I hear new languages as well. That opens a lot of doors. [01:55:52] Speaker A: Oh, good. [01:55:53] Speaker E: It's more that you understand the languages that you hear. It's not like you wouldn't be able to hear this normally. Everybody hears them speaking it. But you can understand what's being said now. [01:56:02] Speaker C: Yes. [01:56:06] Speaker E: And after a moment, she kind of comes away with it and turns back to you and hands it to you. Well, that's a very special gift, but it's a different it doesn't pack the same amount of punch as, say, the boots she's wearing. And she points at Sarah's. At Sarah. [01:56:35] Speaker C: I see him. Thank you. However put it back on. [01:56:40] Speaker G: However, that doesn't mean it's special or not special. [01:56:45] Speaker E: Oh, no, it's very special. And I suspect that to imply otherwise would be a great insult to your family. [01:56:54] Speaker C: It was given to me by a friend. No matter what it did, it would be special to me. [01:57:01] Speaker G: Best gifts are given by friends. [01:57:05] Speaker E: Yes. All right, well, I am glad that you all have enjoyed your gifts. Please feel free to indulge in the food. Oliver, whenever you are ready, we can take you to meet your father, and you all can hang out with Dolgram, who can answer questions or whatever. I have a forge to get back to, else my apprentice will let it die and I will have to beat him with a what's better than the hammer? Last time it was the hammer, and she kind of turns off. [01:57:46] Speaker D: They do not mess around here. [01:57:48] Speaker G: No, we don't. Let me put it this way. You are not the first science that will come into these stores. You are not the last ones that will come into these doors. Every single one of these gifts has been made, forged, welded, crafted, carved, melded by our hands or by the gods themselves. It's a lot of work, and it's a huge responsibility and an honor for us. [01:58:23] Speaker D: And they're spectacular. [01:58:26] Speaker A: Thank you. Koda's like tossing up apples and trying to just slice them on the blade of her what is it called? Copesh. Yeah. Yeah. It's like super sleek, coda's playing Fruit Ninja. [01:58:42] Speaker C: Yeah, actually, another couple inches away. [01:58:51] Speaker G: I may need to give her some manuals on how to actually use that. Speaking of using things, one last gift for all of you. He'll reach down into the chest and pull out for each one of you what looks to be a smartphone. [01:59:15] Speaker A: I already have one. [01:59:17] Speaker G: Does yours receive signal anywhere? [01:59:23] Speaker A: No. [01:59:27] Speaker C: Unlimited data, so no. [01:59:30] Speaker E: For what it's worth, if any of you bother to look at the phones that are in your pockets, none of them have signal here. [01:59:38] Speaker A: Wow. [01:59:39] Speaker G: This will give you signal even in the underworld. [01:59:42] Speaker A: Wow. [01:59:43] Speaker C: Really? [01:59:45] Speaker E: How so what you're saying is we could order Uber eats? [01:59:52] Speaker G: You could order from Amazon Prime. From the actual Amazons? Yes. [01:59:58] Speaker C: Are they tied up with that at all? [02:00:02] Speaker G: Some. [02:00:03] Speaker A: Why are we not making money from this? [02:00:06] Speaker G: Because usually you're getting eaten instead. [02:00:13] Speaker C: Interesting. Is there a way for us to transfer our data over? Are we starting from scratch with these new phones? [02:00:21] Speaker E: There is a way, yes. [02:00:23] Speaker C: Okay, good, because I have notes on lesson plans and things of that nature on my old one. [02:00:31] Speaker G: These are all eye gallers. So you have your iPhones, these are your eye gallers. Chris, you would actually remember that the galler comes from the term gallerhorn, which is actually what heimdall carries. [02:00:50] Speaker C: Okay, so eye colors. Are these still Apple products, then? Was Steve Jobs. A scion. [02:00:58] Speaker G: No comment. [02:00:59] Speaker E: Jobs is not a scion. No. [02:01:07] Speaker G: We named that to be ironic. [02:01:11] Speaker A: Okay, there's still humor here. Okay. [02:01:16] Speaker G: If we didn't have humor, her work would be a lot more boring. [02:01:24] Speaker A: Are there like training dummies here? Like in Hercules? Can I go slash some stuff up? [02:01:30] Speaker C: Technically it's heracles, but you know yeah. [02:01:33] Speaker A: On Hercules. [02:01:37] Speaker G: You also have been slashing some things too, and he looks to these small offerings of half cut apples on the ground. [02:01:47] Speaker A: Yeah, but I need something more like body shape or I guess giant wolf shape to practice on. [02:01:57] Speaker G: We can get you an animated wolf. [02:02:01] Speaker A: It's not like a real animal though, right? [02:02:03] Speaker G: No, it's a construct. [02:02:06] Speaker A: But it doesn't have a soul, right? [02:02:09] Speaker G: No. [02:02:12] Speaker A: Okay. [02:02:13] Speaker G: We're dwarves, we're not heartless. [02:02:16] Speaker A: I'm just making sure. I'm just making sure. This is a new world. I don't know what your roles are here, so I don't know if you guys are like, yeah, we just kill animals, like it's nothing, or something. I don't know, I just have to be sure about that. [02:02:30] Speaker G: The greatest rule of the dwarves is one you're actually partaking in right now, which is hospitality. [02:02:39] Speaker A: Okay, well, I would love to fight some construct wolves to practice fighting the real things, if that ever comes to be, which I'm sure it will be. [02:02:53] Speaker G: Fair enough. I'll go see if my brother Sven finally has finished it up. Meanwhile, eat, drink, rest. He will actually go off to find his brother. [02:03:14] Speaker E: Sven is where he usually is. He is probably the best runesmith you have. So he is at his workbench and working meticulously at carving his runes. And while you are off doing that, there is a knock at the door and a young question mark person kind of sticks their head in the room. Sorry to interrupt. Are you all ready for visitors? [02:04:07] Speaker C: I'll look to the others, see what they have to say. [02:04:10] Speaker B: Sure, I think so. [02:04:12] Speaker A: Yeah, sure. [02:04:14] Speaker E: Oh, good. Okay. And he kind of opens the door. He looks like he couldn't be more than like 14 or 15, but he's also a dwarf, and from what you have seen, it's really hard to judge just how old they actually are by how they look. But he opens the door and in walks a ghostly see through figure that you all immediately recognize. [02:04:48] Speaker D: Oh my God. [02:04:49] Speaker E: Shit. [02:04:52] Speaker F: Yeah, I'm a ghost. [02:04:57] Speaker D: Just kind of like with a trembling lip, sarah's going to say, well, how's that going? [02:05:03] Speaker F: Going as good as being a ghost can be. So lots of ups and downs, mostly down. [02:05:15] Speaker C: Right? Yes. [02:05:19] Speaker F: How you finding the dwarves? They're really there. They're nice people. [02:05:26] Speaker A: Yeah. [02:05:30] Speaker C: They'Ve given us some nice things. [02:05:33] Speaker F: Looks like they've given you some. She has a sword. Why did they give her a sword? [02:05:40] Speaker C: I am asking myself the exact same question. [02:05:43] Speaker A: I'm sorry, where's all this coming from? Who's the person that hit a big wolf thingy in the face of a bat? If I had a sword, I would have cut them. So I'm not sure why you guys are so I'm sorry. ODA. [02:05:59] Speaker E: As you talk about hitting the wolf with a bat. The sword in your hand seems to shift and looks like a black metal bat lined with golden hieroglyphics. [02:06:20] Speaker A: She was about to stop and talk about something else, and then she's going to look at the sword in her hand and then see the bat and be like, no fucking way. Did she give me this? Wow. [02:06:37] Speaker C: Shift weapon. Strangely, I'm more comfortable with her having the bat rather than the sword. [02:06:47] Speaker A: There's so many things wow. That just turned into a bat. Wow. Okay, but also, did you feel yourself dying? Is that rude to ask you? Did you feel yourself dying? [02:07:04] Speaker F: Kind of, I guess. [02:07:08] Speaker A: Do you want to come back? [02:07:12] Speaker F: Of course I want to come back, but I don't think I can. I don't think it actually is possible to come back. [02:07:22] Speaker D: But why not? [02:07:25] Speaker C: Some of the other silence mentioned that it's possible that there are certain avenues to go down. It's just difficult. [02:07:39] Speaker F: I'm here in the way that I can be here. Yeah. [02:07:48] Speaker A: So if there was a way to bring you back, you wouldn't be, like, upset if it was attempted, right? [02:07:58] Speaker F: God, Snow. I'd be very happy if you guys could try, but like I said, I don't think I can come back. [02:08:08] Speaker A: I'm just thinking anything's possible, right? [02:08:15] Speaker C: Yeah. [02:08:16] Speaker F: You're a ghost. There's certain benefits to being a ghost. Not many. I can walk through walls now, but ask. [02:08:29] Speaker C: How's that penthouse haunting going? [02:08:33] Speaker F: Pretty good. They've already had two victims move out, so fight the patriarchy. One step at a time. [02:08:44] Speaker C: Excellent. [02:08:47] Speaker F: Yeah. Sorry I've got ghost, COVID. Yeah, I thought you can still get sick. [02:09:00] Speaker A: What? [02:09:02] Speaker C: That's. [02:09:05] Speaker F: Very I don't make the rules. I got COVID. [02:09:12] Speaker C: Why are there ghost diseases? How does that work from a biological standpoint? [02:09:21] Speaker F: Well, the diseases are dead. [02:09:25] Speaker A: That's not true. Diseases aren't dead. [02:09:28] Speaker F: They're very much the ones I can get. [02:09:31] Speaker E: They're dead. [02:09:32] Speaker C: Maybe that's what happened. Like, the bacteria dies and it comes back as a ghost and infects the other ghost. [02:09:42] Speaker F: Apparently ghosts get that quite often. [02:09:46] Speaker A: So we heard that you're here with your mother. What's she like? Who was your wait, so you're Zion? Well, you're a ghost Zion now or just like a ghost? What? [02:10:01] Speaker F: I think I'm just ghost. I don't really think the scion part comes in, but yeah, I guess I am here with my mother. Not that I would call her that. I did have a mum. She's nice. She's god of a forge, I think. [02:10:30] Speaker C: Yeah. [02:10:32] Speaker F: Pretty cool, though. She's taking it slow with me and not pushing me too far. All big thing to adjust to going from one life to an unlife. [02:10:57] Speaker C: But yeah. [02:11:03] Speaker F: I guess you guys have all met your parents riot. Apart from you, obviously. [02:11:09] Speaker C: Oliver, yes. [02:11:12] Speaker F: He's here, by the way. [02:11:14] Speaker C: I know. I was told that when I'm ready, I can speak with him, and I am sort of stalling right now. [02:11:22] Speaker F: You shouldn't. [02:11:23] Speaker E: He. [02:11:26] Speaker F: Seems like a very wise. Person. I think you'll get along with him. If not, well, just get adopted by a different god. Yeah. [02:11:45] Speaker A: Teddy. [02:11:47] Speaker F: Yeah. [02:11:51] Speaker A: So, not that we really could have done too much, and I'll keep reminding myself this, but sorry we couldn't save you, I guess. [02:12:08] Speaker F: I mean, I know your you don't need to apologize. You did the best you could. And if anything, I'm actually kind of glad you guys were there when it happened. Because way scarier if you guys weren't. [02:12:27] Speaker A: Right. Cool. Just felt like I had to say that. So it wasn't just like sitting on my chest. So if I die or something, it's not like I died of a guilt or something, that I let another guy die. And now your kids is out there without a parent. [02:12:49] Speaker F: All right, I got my parents will take care of her. [02:12:55] Speaker C: Right? She's been messaging you. I have the texts here if you would like to see them. [02:13:09] Speaker F: No. Once I can I'm going to go see her for a bit, so I'd rather not actually see the messages. [02:13:21] Speaker C: I understand. [02:13:26] Speaker F: Yes. There's some weird coping mechanism in my mind I'm still alive for her, but I know I'm not. [02:13:37] Speaker A: Well, you are. Like, alive means different things now for us because you're definitely walking, I think, or floating. [02:13:51] Speaker E: Well, you're not. [02:13:53] Speaker F: I know. [02:13:54] Speaker A: You're still a being right now. So you're alive in a way, but you're just not alive like us. But you're still alive in a way. [02:14:08] Speaker F: Not in the way that I can actually interact with her, unfortunately. [02:14:12] Speaker A: Yeah. [02:14:18] Speaker F: How was the trip up here? Did you guys drive? Train, plane? [02:14:28] Speaker C: We drove. Apparently, I am no longer allowed to use the radio. [02:14:35] Speaker A: No. [02:14:37] Speaker F: What did you do? [02:14:39] Speaker C: I thought I would play a nice, enjoyable audiobook and no one cared for it. [02:14:45] Speaker F: What book did you put on the giant whale? [02:14:49] Speaker B: Moby Dick. [02:14:51] Speaker C: I started Moby Dick. It's an entertaining book. [02:14:55] Speaker A: Sure to sleep to. [02:14:59] Speaker F: You're such a fucking English teacher. [02:15:04] Speaker C: It's got some very nice humor in it, too. [02:15:07] Speaker A: But like dick jokes. [02:15:09] Speaker F: No, not like about a big fish. That's it. It's not interesting. [02:15:17] Speaker A: Mammals, I mean, whales are actually mammals. [02:15:21] Speaker F: It's a book about a big mammal. [02:15:23] Speaker E: Yes. [02:15:24] Speaker F: Not that interesting. [02:15:25] Speaker C: And about some man's obsession with said mammal and the trials and tribulations that puts him through and everyone else along with him. It's a very interesting dynamic. [02:15:36] Speaker A: You know what's actually a good book? 20,000 Leagues Below or under the Sea. I can't remember how it goes. That's actually a good it's under the Sea. Under. [02:15:44] Speaker F: There you go. [02:15:45] Speaker A: That's a good book. Not that I would want to listen to it during a road trip, though. [02:15:50] Speaker C: Jules Verne is very good. [02:15:53] Speaker A: Who? [02:15:54] Speaker C: The author of the. [02:15:58] Speaker A: Yeah. Yeah, right. She totally didn't just only watch the movie. [02:16:06] Speaker E: Oh, God. [02:16:13] Speaker F: I'm sorry. [02:16:13] Speaker C: That really killed me. [02:16:19] Speaker A: Yeah. We did that and we talked of. [02:16:24] Speaker C: It. We have a team name now. [02:16:26] Speaker A: Yes, we do. [02:16:29] Speaker F: Team name. That's good. It is. [02:16:34] Speaker C: Who wants to say it? I said it last time. [02:16:38] Speaker D: Beiged and confused. [02:16:42] Speaker F: Pretty good. Pretty good team name. Pretty good. [02:16:52] Speaker D: I'm talking to a dead guy. [02:16:55] Speaker E: Yeah. [02:16:59] Speaker F: It's something to get used to. It's different. Very different. [02:17:03] Speaker D: Well, the worst part about it is that it's all wrong. You should be with us. And. [02:17:17] Speaker F: I know I could never have actually been here and done this. I had a kid to take care of. I don't think I would have actually been able to come here anyway. [02:17:29] Speaker D: And until you get back, I'll make sure she's okay. I think we all will, right? [02:17:37] Speaker C: Most certainly. And I don't mean to speak for everyone, but as far as I'm concerned, you are and always will be part of Beige and Confused as well. Teddy? [02:17:51] Speaker F: Yes. I guess I can be the confused part about it, then. [02:17:54] Speaker C: I think we're all a little bit the confused part. [02:17:58] Speaker A: And we all read the Beige Squad. Did you ever read that? [02:18:08] Speaker F: Are you kidding me? Of course I read page Squad. Oh, my see, I went to the midnight premiere of the movie, made a movie. [02:18:18] Speaker A: There's a movie? [02:18:20] Speaker F: Of course there's a movie. It's base squad. [02:18:23] Speaker C: Do you know they have theaters here in Anvil? [02:18:28] Speaker E: They do not have theaters in Anvil. [02:18:31] Speaker F: Unfortunately, they don't. They should have theaters. What are they going to do for X? [02:18:36] Speaker E: What are they going to do? Kind of theater. [02:18:39] Speaker F: Yeah. [02:18:42] Speaker C: Another time. [02:18:45] Speaker E: Well, we did just get phones with. [02:18:47] Speaker D: Service that goes anywhere. [02:18:52] Speaker A: Maybe we play that while we're driving back. Or I guess wherever we end up going next. I actually don't know what we're doing next. [02:19:05] Speaker F: Good question. I know where Oliver's going next. But you are the free. [02:19:13] Speaker A: Right? You probably shouldn't keep your father or, sorry, your godly supplier. [02:19:21] Speaker C: Don't phrase it like that. [02:19:23] Speaker A: Do you want to call him dead? [02:19:26] Speaker C: I don't know what to call yet. We'll find out. [02:19:28] Speaker A: Godly supplier. So you're a godly supplier. Probably shouldn't keep him waiting. [02:19:34] Speaker C: You're right. I probably shouldn't test patience for too long. Otherwise they'll make a very bad first impression on my part. [02:19:46] Speaker A: Well, he's a couple of years late, so I think. [02:19:50] Speaker C: Yes, I think you're right. I owe a little bit. Or he owes me a little bit of time. [02:19:56] Speaker E: Yes. [02:19:56] Speaker A: Walk into rooms like you own the place, Mr. B. I don't own the. [02:20:02] Speaker C: Place, though I rent them at best. [02:20:05] Speaker A: Okay, so walk into the room like you own the like you owe me an explanation, which, I mean, they're going to give you an explanation anyways, but you shouldn't walk in there being like, oh, my God, I'm so sorry to be here. Should I close the door? Should I leave it open? No. Walk in there saying, I need an explanation. I'm your son. Kind of give me the information I need. But I guess you could be polite, too. [02:20:32] Speaker C: Exactly. I wouldn't want to come off as. [02:20:34] Speaker A: Rude, but do because we are owed something. All of us literally almost died just because we were born. Walk up there, your shoulders a little up. I don't know what this hunch thing that you're doing here is, but walk in there like you're old something, because you are mr. B. It feels weird to call you Oliver, so I'm not going to say that. [02:20:59] Speaker C: But you don't have to. [02:21:00] Speaker A: Yeah, Mr. B. Walk in there like you deserve something, because you do. You deserve, I don't know, like an MLA format, 15 page essay from him or something like that. Yeah. Walk into the room like he owes you an essay. [02:21:17] Speaker C: Walk into the room like he owes me an essay. [02:21:20] Speaker A: Yes. [02:21:21] Speaker E: In the middle of Coda giving Oliver a lecture that Dolgrim returns with the news that it is actually about that time, and his wife has given him very strict instructions that he is to give the others a tour while Oliver spends time with his father. [02:22:00] Speaker C: Well, here we go. [02:22:04] Speaker F: Good luck. [02:22:08] Speaker C: 15 page essay. I'll keep that in mind, Ms. Master Quay. Thank you. [02:22:16] Speaker E: Looks like Tolgram may not be able oh, there we go. [02:22:23] Speaker G: All right, Coda, Sarah, Chris, I think we need to give Oliver some time alone. [02:22:34] Speaker F: Very well. [02:22:36] Speaker A: All right. [02:22:37] Speaker G: If you'd all like, though, seeing as you've done new weapons, sven and I have arranged a little challenge for you all to have some fun with. [02:22:49] Speaker D: That's the best news I've had my whole life. [02:22:54] Speaker G: Into the courtyard. He leads you all where there are a quartet of bronze wolves all the sizes of vans. [02:23:07] Speaker E: As you all are leaving the building, you pass by a set of large double doors that are open to a room beyond. The room looks like it has a big round table in the middle, but the table has structure and levels. It looks like a 3D map almost. And there are a collection of people circled around it. Every single one of you feels a pulse of power as you walk by. Among them is a tall, tall, pale, older man with gray hair and an eye patch over one eye, and he's wearing a dark gray suit and is leaning on a cane. There is a stunning woman with blonde hair and a curvy figure, but she's wearing, like, a power suit and kind of olive toned skin. There is a man who looks like he might be from Northern Africa, the Middle East, like that area of the world with a wide, toothy smile. There are several people kind of crowded around this table and they are all talking in various languages, but none of them seem to have a hard time understanding each other. But Dolgram kind of hurries you by that doorway as quickly as he can. [02:25:02] Speaker G: It's not wise to interrupt the guards. [02:25:14] Speaker E: Back in the dining hall, Oliver, another door opens nearby, and a tall man walks through. AGMA. Would you like to describe yourself? [02:25:41] Speaker H: Yes. So, AGMA looks a bit like a better version of Dr Jones, Indiana Jones, except he's got long hair, he's wearing glasses and things like that. He's rocking the professor look. And so, yes, he's got the weed suit jacket type thing going on and he's very stately. Walks in, has that air of irridition about him. He looks just to look at him and his face and his eyes especially, you know that there is an intense intelligence thinking about all sorts of things at a very rapid pace, but he carries it off well. He's very stately and calm about it, as you might expect an ideal scholar to be like. He does this all the time. [02:26:52] Speaker C: My former student said that I should demand a rather lengthy essay from you, but I think a simple conversation will do. [02:27:02] Speaker H: Yes, 15 pages, was it? MLA format? [02:27:06] Speaker C: Correct. [02:27:12] Speaker H: That girl, Coda, she's pretty quick. I quite like her advice for you. You taught her, right? [02:27:23] Speaker C: I did. She was a phenomenal student. [02:27:28] Speaker H: It definitely seems that way. Before I begin, do you have questions for me? I imagine you do. [02:27:38] Speaker C: I have many, or at least a good couple that come to mind right now. [02:27:47] Speaker H: And he's going to gesture to basically kind of beckon it. Well, of course, you don't want to keep me waiting. I believe you've done that plenty already. Although I did calculate exactly the amount of time you would take to arrive here and to have this conversation. So, naturally, I am ready for you to ask your questions in your own good time. [02:28:14] Speaker C: I did some menial research on you once. I found everything out, and they say that your elegance or eloquence is so pure that your words chain people's ears to your very tongue. How true is that? [02:28:35] Speaker H: Let's just say that my students don't fall asleep. And when I propose plans for important strategic affairs, such as the ones that we are currently dealing with, the gods themselves do listen. [02:28:58] Speaker C: Noted. Very good to know. A rather more important question I have is for discussions about bringing people back from the dead. Do you know how we could potentially achieve this with Mr Abernathy? [02:29:19] Speaker H: It's an interesting question. There are avenues, I'm sure, that we might explore, but at this time, we have other matters to consider. I know. And I see that you have received a couple of your gifts. [02:29:42] Speaker C: I have. [02:29:43] Speaker H: What do you think of them? [02:29:46] Speaker C: I find them fascinating, especially the monocle here. Although I am rather fond of the implications that this stone might have in general, both items. There's a lot that can be done with them. [02:30:04] Speaker H: Do you know where the stone comes from? [02:30:07] Speaker C: I would like to be enlightened. [02:30:12] Speaker H: There is a speaking stone, Stone of Destiny, in Ireland, known as the Leo Fall, and it is actually a part of that. It served as a coronation stone for the high kings of Ireland. And you are actually descended from those kings and queens you're one of the Duata de Donnen, or a descendant of them, at least. So you come from a line of kings. That stone can only be given and can only be worn by one of that line. [02:30:57] Speaker C: That's a lot to take in. [02:31:05] Speaker H: That's the way you're going to feel for a lot of things. [02:31:09] Speaker C: Oh, I've gathered it. [02:31:12] Speaker H: You may note, or perhaps you have already thought about the fact that your companions have already had, in a manner of speaking, a personal introduction to their respective parents. And it has taken until now for us to speak to each other. [02:31:43] Speaker C: It has. But I wasn't doing much complaining in that regard. [02:31:48] Speaker H: You weren't? You were taking it well. I appreciate that about you, Oliver. You're patient. As am I. There's a time and place for everything. I, of course, was called away to this particular location because well, let's just say that we need all the best minds to deal with this current problem. And naturally, well, you'd be hard pressed to find a mind better than mine. However, you may also note that you're a little older than some of your companions. [02:32:33] Speaker C: Mentally. I'd say so. I'm 27. [02:32:36] Speaker H: Yeah, certainly older than, for example, Coda. [02:32:43] Speaker C: It's true. [02:32:46] Speaker H: Normally we would such as we do, we would introduce ourselves to our scions at an earlier point in their life. But I waited with you. [02:33:11] Speaker C: Intentionally. [02:33:16] Speaker H: I waited because well, it's one of the reasons why you've been selected as well and one of the reasons why you actually fit very well for this time and place that you have been chosen for. I know you probably don't think of yourself as maybe perhaps fit for battle or combat. He looks to Oliver for confirmation of that. [02:33:50] Speaker C: My weapons of choice consist of floppy rulers that I tell my students are swords. [02:33:58] Speaker H: But you're quite adept at wielding, of course. And. [02:34:04] Speaker C: Copies of Hamlet by Shakespeare. [02:34:07] Speaker H: That was a prize. Really? I couldn't even believe it when I heard about that. That is the stuff of stories and legends right there. So you've already demonstrated a certain prowess in battle. But, Oliver, we both know that just even in your day to day life, you've been engaged in your own war. A war for the minds and the hearts, the betterment of those who attend your classes, perhaps the noblest war of all. A war to set them on a better path, a war to develop them, to make them stronger. Even the companions you have now will need that from you. And it is in this way that you are perhaps one of the most essential members of your current group and why we need you now in this war. You see, while others may come to battle with shapeshifting swords and guitar bows and things like that, blue steel guns, it is minds, it is the best minds that win wars, soldiers fight wars, but it is minds that win wars. And, Oliver, it is essential that we have such minds helping us to win this war and to raise the minds of the future. So you are, even though I know you have your doubts, and that's perfectly acceptable, reasonable, understandable, even. You are exactly where you belong, where you need to be at this time, in this place. Believe me, I did all the calculations. And I do not make too many errors just to say, not any at all. [02:36:28] Speaker C: I understand my place. I understand what my merits are and how they can be of use. But something I just want to make clear is I don't want the glory of it. I don't want my name sung in songs and stories. They can change it, say someone else. Heck, they can say that it was Coda or Sarah or Chris that did it. Instead, I'll do what I need to, but I don't need to be in the record books. Just achieving the job itself is good enough for me. [02:37:06] Speaker H: You wear your humility well. The fact of the matter is, nobody really gets to determine their fate or how they're remembered or anything like that. But I guarantee you, the kinds of things you will do will be remembered. They already are going to be remembered. I guarantee you that. I mean, you keep doing those things you did with Hamlet, and it's unavoidable. Completely. I have one more gift to give you. [02:37:43] Speaker C: I've been told. [02:37:47] Speaker H: It isn't a gift. That's just from me. You may have heard of the Morrigan. [02:38:00] Speaker C: Morrigan? [02:38:02] Speaker H: Yes, the morrigan. Are you familiar with the Morrigan? [02:38:10] Speaker C: I confess that I'm not. My knowledge isn't boundless. I know what I know, and I'm okay with that. And I'm okay with learning, so please, enlighten me. [02:38:20] Speaker H: Morrigan is a goddess of many powers. She has capabilities that span across the purviews of war and fate and death. She can change her shape. She typically is often seen associated with or in the form of a crow. She was a member of a Tuata. Dadana, again, that line of kings and queens that you are a descendant of. She has had a number of battles with many mythological figures and famous legendary figures, especially in Irish folklore. And she is most notably known for her capability to she's a seer, a seers of war. She can imagine for a moment are you familiar with the game of chess? [02:39:32] Speaker C: I was the chess captain back in high school. [02:39:35] Speaker H: Of course you were. Imagine for a moment that you had the power to see every move from the first to the last in a chess game before the game ever began. That's what the Morgan can do. She can see every move. She knows them all before the game even begins. That's the kind of sight and power she has. [02:40:08] Speaker C: In terms of chess. Sounds like it takes some of the fun out of it, but on scales of wars and disaster, sounds like something handy to have. [02:40:21] Speaker H: Indeed. And were it that such powers came into play exactly like that in these situations. We might well have this situation completely resolved already. [02:40:38] Speaker C: But the thing isn't where the chess pieces in this scenario. [02:40:42] Speaker H: Indeed, indeed, more than you may realize. And he is going to go over to a bookshelf that has seemed to materialize out of nowhere here, and he's going to pull forth a book and turns around and he is going to walk over to you, Oliver, and hand you this book. This is your third gift. [02:41:19] Speaker C: Before I take that, may I ask one more question? [02:41:24] Speaker H: You may. [02:41:28] Speaker C: What or should I say, who was my birth mother? What was she like? [02:41:40] Speaker H: That's a good question. [02:41:46] Speaker E: Well, I suppose the first question is, is this a question that AGMA would feel like answering? It's a fairly personal thing you're being asked. [02:42:06] Speaker H: I think he would want to answer it in general details, but would also emphasize that time is of the essence. So maybe some general details about Oliver's birth mother. [02:42:26] Speaker E: Oliver's birth mother was a archaeologist who was investigating some ruins found in Ireland. You approached her in a pub. After a long day, the two of you got to talking and one thing led to another. It was not a particularly emotional relationship. It was as close to an emotional relationship as you think a god of your stature and bearing could get without having a far longer amount of time than a mortal lifetime could provide you to get to know them. You found her mind fascinating, as she did with yours. You talked for hours at a time about history and art and the parts of folklore that were lost when the the English invaded in the 15 hundreds, all of that sort of thing. She never knew the truth about who you were. Getting pregnant for her was bittersweet. She was happy to know that you would be the father of her child. But it was also not. She knew that she was not suited to being a mother. And you promised that you would find a good family to take Oliver and raise him in her stead because she felt that she could not provide him the life he deserved. [02:44:30] Speaker H: He relates these details to Oliver enough to give you a general idea and picture of who she was and how it came to be that she was your mother. [02:44:50] Speaker C: Thank you. That's, of course, all I wanted to know. I will take the book. [02:45:01] Speaker E: Oliver, the book in your hands is made of carved wood. The COVID is carved wood, and it is graced with both augum symbols and imagery of what look like ravens and crows perching on the lines of the Ogum like they are branches. The pages inside are thick and coarse like early versions of paper, long before we had the ability to process them down, to be as thin and light and smooth as they are. You immediately notice when you open it that they are blank. And as you are looking this very obviously handcrafted, almost ancient feeling but not looking book, a woman is standing in the doorway nearby. She is leaning on one of on one shoulder. Her arms are crossed over her chest. She is wearing a pair of black fatigues and matching combat boots and a tank top. She has long black hair that is so dark that you think in some lights it might be blue. Other lights it might have a shine of purple to it pale skin and almost quick silver eyes. She has this kind of air of intensity and focus to her that you can tell that if she were to walk through a room, people would part for her. [02:47:16] Speaker H: Oliver? [02:47:19] Speaker C: Yes? [02:47:20] Speaker H: I give you the Morgan. He's going to motion towards the woman standing in the door. [02:47:32] Speaker C: Nice to meet you. [02:47:35] Speaker E: Evening, sion of. Okma. [02:47:41] Speaker C: That would be me. [02:47:44] Speaker E: Yes, it would. Did not foresee you surviving the wolf attack. Curious thing, you and your friends. I am the morrigan. I am Nimain and babbed and Maha, and I helped fashion that book. It will grant you a bit of my power. [02:48:30] Speaker C: I see. [02:48:32] Speaker E: Understand that my power is tied to the mysteries of the universe fate, life and death, battle. It is a dangerous thing you hold in your hands when you need to know something, when you need to go looking for the knowledge that tries to elude you. In normal books, this 1 may be able to help you, but it will always come with complications and a cost. Every time one of you or your friends tries to wield the powers of the gods that made you, it will bind you a little tighter to fate and those around you. But this most of all, I entrusted it to you because she'll kind of glance toward OGMA. Your sire insists that you are wise and you will understand what you are holding in your hands. [02:49:49] Speaker C: It's an honor to simply be holding it and have that level of faith put upon me. I'll try to wield it. Well, good. [02:50:08] Speaker H: See that you do. [02:50:13] Speaker E: I will not at your father's request, I will not put it on you tonight, but I will visit you tomorrow and I will bestow upon you your. [02:50:30] Speaker C: Come again. [02:50:33] Speaker E: All heroes of the Toaha, much to their chagrin, frequently have a rule by which they have to live. Kuhlain had a rule that he was never to eat dog meat, and it was his undoing because he was tricked into it. But before it happened, he was a hero of renowned, had the power of the gods on his side. You too, will have a rule, a gaia that you must hold to. But I will need time, now that I have met you, to decide what it shall be. And again, at your sire's request, I have agreed not to bestow it on you tonight to give you one night without that weight around your neck. [02:51:41] Speaker C: Well, I hope that you'll go easy on me. [02:51:50] Speaker E: It is unlikely. [02:51:53] Speaker C: I figured as much. [02:51:56] Speaker E: Each hero has at least one. Gaius grants you a piece of power in addition to what you would normally get. It is the reward that you get for living to the rule that you have been bound to the oath you have sworn. But you will swear an oath. [02:52:25] Speaker C: I understand. [02:52:30] Speaker E: Do you have any questions for me? [02:52:36] Speaker C: As of right now, no. But if I formulate any, I'll let you know. [02:52:43] Speaker E: Kind of lets out a dismissive little scoff. You will have to get better at thinking in the moment, Oliver Bright. [02:52:55] Speaker C: I have occasional moments of it, but things like these, questions that need answers, they deserve to be sat down with and properly thought out to make sure you get everything you want out of them. Questions asked in the moments normally don't receive answers worth having, at least not as well as they could be. [02:53:23] Speaker E: He kind of turns like she's looking towards AGMA, and as she does, Oliver, you could swear you catch a glimpse of her. You think it might be her. In her place is a woman covered from head to toe in blood, but as quick as you notice it, it's gone. Fate and magic are powerful weapons, Oliver Bright. You and your friends have been touched by fate. Without the aid of the gods to bring it to you, do as your ancestors would do. Meet the challenge. Don't shy away from it, or it'll eat you whole. [02:54:32] Speaker C: Understood? [02:54:36] Speaker E: She'll look back towards AGMA. Is there anything else you want of me? [02:54:41] Speaker H: I think you've said everything he needs to hear. [02:54:45] Speaker E: Good. The Allfather challenged me to a drinking game, and I have no intention of losing. [02:54:52] Speaker C: She'll, get up. [02:54:56] Speaker H: OGMA is going to turn back to Oliver and say everything that she has told you is as important as it is correct. I know that in these past few nights and days, all this has come upon you, perhaps faster than you might have wished or wanted. But fate and this battle that we face, this war that we are fighting, waits for no one. It does not act according to schedules that we design. We simply must be ready to act and to think at the speed at which we are required. And I suspect that you can do that. This is your time now to make sure that you are able to act with that alacrity and speed, to act with the intent and purpose with which you've been invested. And, of course, the best teachers are always great learners as well. So be freer with your questions if you have them. And do not concern yourself with the answers you may or may not receive, but simply follow them up with more questions and more answers and more action. [02:56:25] Speaker C: In that case. She mentioned that all like me have a Gaius, a rule. Do you have one? [02:56:36] Speaker E: You do, but the gods are not in the practice of sharing their gaius. It would be a very dangerous thing. [02:56:47] Speaker H: As she mentioned, we all have that responsibility and that rule. [02:56:56] Speaker C: Understood. I didn't mean to pry. I didn't wish to know it. I just simply wanted to know if the gods were above that or not. [02:57:06] Speaker H: Just like fate, we are invested with our own roles and responsibilities, our own gaises. [02:57:18] Speaker C: Then I'm also going to kind of just squint at him a little bit. And another question, by all means. You were one of my lecturers in grad school, weren't you? [02:57:31] Speaker H: I did a guest lecturing tour a stint from time to time. You can find me in many such positions in many different places of scholarship and education. [02:57:45] Speaker C: I have a feeling you looked familiar but wasn't sure if it was due to that or some sort of parental link or something. Getting very new with all this silent business. [02:58:00] Speaker H: Your instincts weren't off. They weren't wrong. It you said you had a question. Was it beyond that? Or simply that you may have received a higher quality education than you may have expected? [02:58:17] Speaker C: It was just that. [02:58:23] Speaker H: Are there any other questions that you have for me? [02:58:30] Speaker C: You said that you would calculate everything. Our entire trip up here, the entire conversation, how long this would take, everything. Seemed to think very highly of your ability to think cognitively, and I don't doubt it either. So I wish to know, was there a way we could have saved Teddy in the moment? [02:58:58] Speaker H: No. [02:59:01] Speaker C: I still don't regret trying. [02:59:07] Speaker H: Nor should you. [02:59:11] Speaker C: I know he would have died either way if we left him behind or went back for him. But I really don't think it's about the endpoint. I think it's about the steps we take to reach that endpoint and the decisions we made that reinforce who we are and help us grow into who we are because we went back. I now know I can trust everyone else in my group to come back for me if I'm in danger. I don't know if I could say the same if we all ran. [02:59:42] Speaker H: He's going to nod, smile. This is one of the reasons this is one of the reasons that this is just what you said is one of the ways that I know that you're one of my children. It is that kind of insight and that kind of wisdom that will help you in the coming days. You and your current companions, as you just said, how things happen, the choices you make in the moment, they are every bit as important as the end and as the outcomes. They are no less so for that, even if the outcome is already determined, it is how you make your decisions, how you act in the moment, what choices you make that matter most. Couldn't have put it better myself. [03:00:40] Speaker C: Any other pieces of wisdom to give on to me, then. [03:00:46] Speaker E: You. [03:00:47] Speaker H: Mentioned earlier. Well, before I begin, I want to ask you I think it's only fair are you ready to receive this bit of knowledge that I'm about to give you? Because I could tell you something more about this situation. But as you know, knowledge can weigh heavily on us, and it can come with great responsibility. I would not simply lay that upon you already without asking. I can keep that to myself and not burden you with that. However wish to offer you that option. [03:01:37] Speaker C: Well, it sounds like you don't want me to know. [03:01:40] Speaker H: Oh, no, that is not my intent. If you want to know, it should be yours to decide. [03:01:51] Speaker C: I'm trying my best to learn to handle responsibility better. So lay it on me. [03:02:00] Speaker H: Well, very well. I mentioned before that Morgan had a clear sight for all the moves in the game. However, this particular game that we play, well, her vision is not as clear as it normally is. That's unheard of. [03:02:36] Speaker E: It'S. [03:02:37] Speaker H: And it's one of the things that is rather deeply disturbing about this particular battle that we face. Know that even best of us, I with my calculations, her with her visions. We're playing a game that we don't quite know the end to here the way we normally do. And you're part of that. This is a very unusual situation. [03:03:12] Speaker C: If we're being honest with one another. I already suspected that's the moment she said that she didn't foresee any of us surviving. [03:03:23] Speaker H: He will nod. That's what I have to tell you about this situation. If you have nothing further to ask of me, he will come over, place his hand on Oliver's shoulder. I trust that you will use your gifts wisely. I hope that you find them meaningful and helpful to you. And that you will use them to benefit not only yourself, but those who accompany you in the coming days. [03:03:58] Speaker C: OD. I'll try my best. And just because we can't see how the game ends, doesn't mean we can't study our end games. [03:04:10] Speaker H: Indeed. And I certainly shall be. You can count on that. [03:04:20] Speaker C: Best of luck to you. [03:04:22] Speaker H: And to you. [03:04:26] Speaker E: As AGMA is standing and making to leave the room, the woman that the others saw, with the blonde hair and the curves and the power suit kind of walks in, pauses for a moment, realizes that she has interrupted something, and gives a little smile. Sorry, OGMA, wasn't aware the meeting was happening in the middle of the main. [03:05:01] Speaker H: Oh, yes, I nearly forgot where I was. [03:05:06] Speaker E: Apologies. You must be Mr. Bright. And she'll kind of walk over and extend a hand. Athena. How do you do? [03:05:17] Speaker C: I'll take it and shake it. Miss Athena. It's quite the honor. [03:05:24] Speaker E: Indeed. My apologies for interrupting your meeting with your father. I was looking for someone and she sort of looks around. Goodness, you would think gods would be easier to find. Sorry. And she'll kind of turn around and leave. [03:05:42] Speaker C: That was Athena. [03:05:46] Speaker H: Indeed. We have all the brightest minds here gathered among us. [03:05:53] Speaker C: She's my favorite in the Greek pantheon. [03:05:59] Speaker H: OGMA's just going to smile. He's got kind of like this smirk that kind of turns up his lips at the end is know, acknowledging Oliver's very visible excitement here. Well, as you can see, I am quite busy, and we do have quite a lot of plans and moving parts to keep track of. Even Athena is having trouble keeping track of everybody. So if there is nothing further, I will get back to the task at hand, the great game, as it were, engage in further planning for the days to come. [03:06:51] Speaker C: And I should get back to my friends. [03:06:58] Speaker H: I'll be watching over you, Oliver. [03:07:04] Speaker C: That's appreciated. [03:07:07] Speaker H: And with that sorry. [03:07:09] Speaker E: Go ahead. [03:07:10] Speaker H: That's okay. With that. He is going to make his way from the room. [03:07:16] Speaker E: Betty appears in the doorway at about the same time that you are on your way out. Sort of steps to the side and gives a low bow as OGMA passes before looking in towards Oliver. How are you feeling? [03:07:38] Speaker C: All things considered? Quite well. [03:07:44] Speaker E: Good. Well, good to see that you got your other gift. Saw the Morrigan prowling around, so I assume you met her. [03:07:57] Speaker C: I did. He was. [03:08:01] Speaker E: Yes, she she is that. [03:08:05] Speaker C: My father was oddly approachable, so it caught me off guard a little bit. [03:08:11] Speaker E: Oh, he is a delight when he's not plotting your doom. He is wonderful. [03:08:20] Speaker C: A little bit full of himself, I'll say that much. [03:08:24] Speaker E: They're only full of themselves if they can't back it up, which you'll forgive. I'll beg you to not tell the All Father that I would say that that one of all of the ones in that room could. [03:08:41] Speaker C: I think I believe you. [03:08:45] Speaker E: Well, come on. Your friends are with my husband. [03:08:49] Speaker C: Yes. Either way, ma'am. [03:08:53] Speaker E: And she will get up and she'll kind of pause and look back at you. And just a reminder, your gifts are technically indestructible, but do try not to lose them. [03:09:14] Speaker C: Understood. [03:09:17] Speaker E: If they are taken by someone on the opposite side, they can steal the power from your parent or the god that made them. And she'll kind of look at the book pointedly. That is not a gift you want other people using. [03:09:36] Speaker C: I figure as much. So I will keep it close at hand often as possible. [03:09:43] Speaker A: Good. [03:09:44] Speaker E: Excellent. This way. And she will lead you outside to the courtyard with the giant bronze. Were they bulls? [03:09:57] Speaker G: No, they were bronze wolves. [03:09:59] Speaker E: Wolves? Where I assume your friends are in the process of learning how to use their gifts. You walk outside in time to see coda leap into the air easily higher than some high jumpers in the Olympics can go, especially without the aid of a pole to help push herself up. And she'll come down with a crash on the head of one of the wolves with the copech and split it almost cleanly in two. Sarah looks like she's firing a gun, but it's not making any noise. You can still see the smoke rising from it. And you can see the what do you want to call it? You can see the kick from it every time she squeezes the trigger. Teddy is hovering nearby. [03:11:09] Speaker F: Teddy's giving the best ghost laugh again. [03:11:16] Speaker E: And Chris looks like he is kind of off to the side and examining his gift. For the moment, he does not appear to be fighting. He looks deep in thought. [03:11:40] Speaker C: Well, seems like everyone's enjoying their new. Hmm. [03:11:45] Speaker G: Oliver, welcome back to the bunch. [03:11:50] Speaker C: Thank you. [03:11:53] Speaker F: How did it go with your dad? [03:11:57] Speaker C: Surprisingly well. [03:12:04] Speaker F: Did he give you anything interesting? [03:12:07] Speaker C: I got a book tied to fate itself that can be very helpful but should be used very wisely. [03:12:21] Speaker F: Given it to the right person. Then, I suppose. [03:12:25] Speaker C: It was made with the help of another god, apparently, who I also met, and she scared the absolute bejesus out of me. [03:12:33] Speaker G: Which one? [03:12:35] Speaker C: Morrigan. Shite. [03:12:41] Speaker E: Yeah. It's never good news for your town when the Morrigan is here. [03:12:48] Speaker G: Don't like that one. She gives good hospitality, but. [03:12:55] Speaker C: You can. [03:12:55] Speaker G: Tell the mention of the Morgan has actually broken him out of his normal, somewhat Midwestern accent straight into the brogue. So just the mention of her name has actually visibly disturbed him when she left. [03:13:12] Speaker C: She mentioned, I think, getting involved in a drinking contest with the Allfather, therefore Odin. [03:13:27] Speaker G: All right, we'll be cleaning up the room for the next week. [03:13:37] Speaker F: What's the worst they could do? They just drinking. [03:13:41] Speaker G: It's a god and a goddess. Just drinking for them is swimming pools with alcohol. [03:13:51] Speaker C: Oh, didn't Thor almost drink the ocean once? [03:13:55] Speaker G: Yes. [03:13:57] Speaker C: Yeah. [03:14:04] Speaker E: Chris, it's about this time where you finally settle on your words of power, and the beautiful, very obviously handcrafted electric guitar shifts from the guitar into a bow of this polished, beautiful reddish wood that is accented with silver metal. And the string looks like spun moonlight, much as the guitar strings did. [03:14:45] Speaker B: I will sit down with it and just pick out a couple of simple tunes. [03:14:53] Speaker E: Oh. Back to the guitar, then. Okay, cool. [03:14:56] Speaker B: Yeah. [03:15:00] Speaker E: I love that. Chris is providing the background music while the rest of his friends beat the shit out of some bronze wolves. It's great. [03:15:10] Speaker B: Yeah. They didn't say what the challenge was. [03:15:16] Speaker G: Arthemisund? [03:15:23] Speaker B: Yeah? [03:15:25] Speaker G: Have you ever been shot? A bow? [03:15:30] Speaker B: I mean, a very long time ago, but yeah. [03:15:36] Speaker G: All right. Thought you might want to at least get some practice in. [03:15:47] Speaker C: It. [03:15:49] Speaker B: Let me work through this in my own way. I want to make sure the guitar plays a good sound first. [03:15:59] Speaker G: Fair enough. Fair enough. [03:16:03] Speaker A: It is a pretty good backing track to us fighting these things. [03:16:10] Speaker G: The bronze wolves that Koda had instantly split beforehand with one swing slowly starts fusing back together to prepare itself for more swings of her sword. [03:16:24] Speaker E: Bidar's daughter. [03:16:29] Speaker D: Sarah will come out of her shooty. Shoot trance. [03:16:32] Speaker E: Yes, I know the gun is fun, but I've heard stories about what those boots can do if they're anything like your father's. [03:16:45] Speaker D: Children down. [03:16:47] Speaker E: Why don't you try giving them a shot? Kick one of them in the jaw. [03:16:57] Speaker D: She does as instructed. [03:16:59] Speaker E: One of the wolves kind of gets down and these things move in a way that almost makes them look alive despite the fact that they are obviously made of metal. This is engineering on a level that humans could never hope to achieve. The metal bends and flexes and the wolf kind of crouches down and then jumps at Sarah at the same moment that Sarah kind of jumps up in order to try and meet it. And she brings her foot around in like a roundhouse and the back of her heel connects with its jaw on one side and the bottom jaw comes clean off and the neck very obviously snaps. [03:17:43] Speaker A: Holy shit. [03:17:46] Speaker C: Very nice. [03:17:48] Speaker D: Well, I will be using that. [03:17:51] Speaker E: Won't always work that well against living things, mind, but very handy if you're up against something that was crafted to mess with you. [03:18:08] Speaker C: While watching everything. I'll also kind of go up to Coda and say very quietly, he'll have his essay to me by Tuesday. By the way. [03:18:18] Speaker A: That's what I'm talking about. And she's going to hold up a hand for a high five bit of. [03:18:26] Speaker C: Hesitance, but then there's very awkward high five getting in return. [03:18:30] Speaker A: Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. So what was he like? Just like you. Not like you. [03:18:41] Speaker C: We have very similar senses in fashion and very similar in other cases, but he was far more confident in his capabilities, I suppose, or less reserved, I should say. I did learn from him, though, that I'm technically a descendant of royalty. [03:19:02] Speaker A: I think. [03:19:06] Speaker C: It'S confusing. [03:19:11] Speaker A: Well, yeah, but I think it checks out for you. [03:19:19] Speaker C: Checks out for me? As royalty. [03:19:26] Speaker A: And how is that an aura to you? [03:19:28] Speaker C: An aura of just kingliness? [03:19:38] Speaker A: No, there's more that you could be doing. Not that you're not doing enough, because obviously you did a lot when you were teaching at our school. But my former school I don't know. I feel like there's just more to you that could come out. And I guess you could say, like, kings just have, like, a power to them. And maybe some of them misuse it, and I'm sure maybe some used it well. And I feel like you've got that in you. You could be a really good leader, I think. I mean, if you bucked up a little bit. But you know what, I will say it's probably also good that you're the way you kind of are because it makes you not forget the little people when you still consider yourself one of the little people. [03:20:31] Speaker C: I appreciate the kind words, Ms. Mesakoy. I also appreciate the kind actions you've done for me in the know we'll just kind of give her a wink. [03:20:43] Speaker A: Like what? [03:20:47] Speaker C: Do you remember Eli Lacroix, I believe his name was. [03:20:54] Speaker A: Yeah, I remember him. I broke his arm. [03:20:56] Speaker C: You got suspended for it as well? [03:20:58] Speaker A: I did get suspended for it, and I would get suspended for it three times over. But how do you know about that? [03:21:06] Speaker C: When the cause of suspension involves me in some way, I get a copy of the suspension report, Ms. Masakoy. [03:21:18] Speaker A: Oh, so you know about what he was saying then? [03:21:26] Speaker C: I do, and I greatly appreciate what you did for me, but keep in mind I went to high school as well. I was a teenager once, albeit that might be hard to believe based on everything about me, but I heard everything that could be heard about myself, about my appearance, about my handicapped. And they don't hurt me. I am quite happy with how I am, and I've learned to work with it. So what you did, it's very kind, but just know that I was never in any danger. [03:22:08] Speaker A: Yeah, but if some snot nosed kid is calling you cyclops when you're here trying to help us, I'm going to break his arm. I told him to shut up, and then he said it again, so I broke his arm. But I know I'm much older now. It's been a while and I know. [03:22:22] Speaker C: Maybe I could have you need to follow through of your well, I hesitate to use word threats, but you need to follow through of your promises. [03:22:31] Speaker A: Okay. Didn't expect that, but okay, cool. My threat. It is about discipline. Thank you, Mr. B. You can't have people walking around talking shit about you. Sorry, excuse me? Talking? [03:22:47] Speaker C: You could say that you want. I'm just not going to right. [03:22:51] Speaker A: You can't have people walking around talking shit about you. You're a good guy. We've had worse teachers who could give shit about us, so we got someone coming in, making us fight with rubber rulers or whatsoever. I mean, I didn't really partake in that, but it was cool. And I actually learned as much as I've forgotten it by now because of substances. But you give a shit about us, so I'm not going to have some idiot kid thinking he's funny for, like, two minutes, calling you a cyclops, walking around drawing pictures about you. You don't think cyclops are real now, right? [03:23:25] Speaker C: They likely are. But in the case that they are, you should probably get pretty good with that weapon of yours. So imagine that bronze wolf over there is Mr. Lacroix, and go beat the dookie out of him. Don't tell any of the others I just said. [03:23:48] Speaker E: Definitely telling everyone. And that comes from Mr. Cat as he kind of sits in the little spot of moonlight that he's been bathing in. But now that he realizes that there is a shoulder that is not fighting, he makes his way over to Oliver, jumps up, climbs up the back of Oliver's jacket and has now settled on his shoulder. [03:24:14] Speaker A: He says he's telling everyone. [03:24:18] Speaker C: Don'T only you hear him? [03:24:20] Speaker A: Yeah, but he's a little king, so I got to do what the king. [03:24:26] Speaker C: Tells me, I suppose. I'll beg for mercy, and I'll kind of scratch the Cattern of the chin. [03:24:32] Speaker E: He allows it. [03:24:34] Speaker C: From there, I'll step back and let Koda continue her training. [03:24:39] Speaker A: Yep, you're a good guy. And then she's going to run and start beating up something again and kind of like, yell to the others and be like, guys, check this out, and then go do something. [03:24:54] Speaker E: All right. Well, it is getting on in the evening. You all have been in Anvil for a few hours now. You've had time to talk with Teddy. Speaking of, as you all are hanging out, dolgrim notices her first and Teddy shortly afterwards. A woman with pale skin littered with freckles, long, long red curls that look a little just a tad bit frizzy with smudges of soot and things on her cheeks stands nearby, and she's kind of watching you guys go at these bronze wolves. You know, I'll never understand why hephaestus agreed to give you dwarves the trick to these things. [03:26:21] Speaker G: It wasn't hephaestus, but all right. If you remember correctly, in the Editors, there was actually the brothers E three Sinderi and Broch that made the bronze boar. We just changed the shape. [03:26:43] Speaker E: But I also know what the inner workings of these look like, and there's definitely some Greek in there, even if they're not entirely Greek. [03:26:52] Speaker G: Fair enough. [03:26:53] Speaker E: But your secret's safe with me. Dolgrub. [03:26:58] Speaker G: As many other things, my lady. [03:27:02] Speaker E: She'll kind of smile. [03:27:06] Speaker G: Don't tell my wife, please. [03:27:10] Speaker E: Not a word. [03:27:12] Speaker G: Thank you. [03:27:16] Speaker E: Teddy, are you going to introduce me to your. [03:27:22] Speaker F: You know you're a god. I don't really think you need an introduction. [03:27:28] Speaker E: No, but it would be the polite thing to do. [03:27:34] Speaker F: Well, everyone, this is Brigad, goddess of something, the forge, and I guess my mother. And this is Chris Strom, coder massacoy. Sarah Baxter and Oliver Bryce, all the children of other gods. [03:28:06] Speaker E: Evening, all. [03:28:11] Speaker D: Sarah will give a polite nod and say, good to meet you, ma'am. [03:28:15] Speaker B: Hey, there. How you doing? [03:28:16] Speaker C: Likewise. Very nice to meet you. [03:28:19] Speaker A: Hey. [03:28:24] Speaker E: I thought I'd stop by and say thank you personally. I know how hard you fought for him. [03:28:36] Speaker C: I just wish we could have done more. [03:28:44] Speaker E: And unfortunately, fate had its own ideas for my boy. Delivery has been made. I believe there's a handful of Ashi who would very much appreciate a place to stay for the night before they get back. [03:29:15] Speaker G: All right. I'll show them to the Kawata house. I should enjoy it enough, at least. [03:29:23] Speaker E: Thank you. Did you want to stay in the house that's dedicated to your pantheons, or would you rather find rooms together? [03:29:37] Speaker A: Well, I mean, will anything special or different happen if I stay in a house that has hieroglyphics on it? [03:29:46] Speaker G: No, cool. [03:29:48] Speaker E: You might run into someone from your pantheon there, but that's about it. [03:29:55] Speaker A: No, I'm staying with the group. I can meet other people in my pantheon in the years that hopefully I. [03:30:01] Speaker E: Have left, according to where you're concerned. [03:30:07] Speaker C: Look around. Bayesian fused always sticks together. [03:30:12] Speaker E: Agreed. Oh, that's good. I'm not sure that Fastette would approve of Koda running into sobek so soon anyway. [03:30:23] Speaker G: That would be horrible. Yes. If you don't like, you can either stay down in the backs down below where there's good beds, clean sheets. Otherwise, we could find a townhouse around here somewhere. [03:30:38] Speaker E: If you go down below, you're going to be near the forges. It'll be awful hot. Just warning for those of you with a more gentile disposition, she'll kind of glance towards Oliver. [03:30:51] Speaker C: I had a feeling you were referring to me. Yes, a townhouse sounds quite nice. [03:30:59] Speaker G: I will be quieter for you all too. We don't really pause the work here, for obvious reasons. [03:31:08] Speaker E: I can't go out in the daylight, but that doesn't mean they can't work during it. All right, well, go on. [03:31:22] Speaker A: Thank you. [03:31:26] Speaker E: She'll sort of kind of walk by Teddy, and she'll pat him on the shoulder, and you guys will notice that her hand does not go through him. [03:31:40] Speaker A: So ma'am, just make it short. There's definitely no way for us to I mean, I know there's a way, but there's no way in your pantheon to bring them back. [03:31:51] Speaker C: Father. I asked my father. He said it's doable, but we don't really have time to right now. [03:31:57] Speaker A: Says who? [03:31:58] Speaker C: The fates, says Oguma, the very intelligent god who calculate our entire. [03:32:06] Speaker E: Says the enemies that will send their wolves to each a whole if we don't figure out how to stop them. [03:32:12] Speaker A: Okay. Right. Big war thing going on. Okay. All right. Off to our townhouse. [03:32:19] Speaker E: To answer your question, there are always ways, but you should know that dealing with death gods is tricky and difficult and takes a high toll that may not be worth paying. No offense to Teddy or anyone else, but sometimes that toll is worse than death itself. [03:32:40] Speaker A: Yeah, I just want to know still, just in case. I'm curious. [03:32:44] Speaker E: It is certainly a goal that you can work towards, but it's not something I would suggest brand new baby scions try and take on their shoulders. [03:32:52] Speaker A: Understood, ma'am. [03:32:58] Speaker E: Oliver, if you ever want a real weapon, you let me. Yeah? [03:33:02] Speaker C: Yeah. I don't think I've ever picked up a real weapon in my life. [03:33:10] Speaker E: I suspect Koda's never held a real sword before. [03:33:14] Speaker C: She's held a bat, though. [03:33:19] Speaker G: If you're calling a sword and a bat the same damn thing, you've got another thing coming. [03:33:22] Speaker C: Mr. They're both weapons. [03:33:24] Speaker E: All right, it's time for bed. Everyone. Off tolgram get these people into a townhouse before this becomes a debate. [03:33:35] Speaker C: Trying to start a debate? I was just saying that I meant them as both being weapons. [03:33:39] Speaker E: Aye, but craftsmen are horrible peasants. Myself, included. [03:33:45] Speaker C: My apologies for any offense, then. [03:33:48] Speaker G: All right, come on. He will actually then lead you guys to a very lovely brick and mortar townhouse with a lovely column set with a front scale out porch for Oliver and Chris. You'll actually be able to read, like, on the writing on the various columns, there being its protection and good sleep and happiness home on the runes and the EDAs. [03:34:22] Speaker C: Okay. [03:34:27] Speaker G: Now, if you need anything to drink, there's actually a tunnel system underneath, so there's a small dumb waiter you can send down whatever you need in your order. We can't really give out too much crazy stuff, but if you want, like, a good drama of weed, of mead or whiskey not weed or whiskey. Miskey. God, I'm going to need a drink after all this. [03:34:51] Speaker A: His eyes widened. [03:34:53] Speaker C: I assume you were just being genuine when you said that you could deliver weed. [03:34:57] Speaker G: Well, we can do that as well. It's not going to be probably the stuff that you get in Baltimore, though. [03:35:04] Speaker A: It doesn't do anything anyway. Doesn't matter. [03:35:11] Speaker G: Can also deliver better than what you have in the car as well. If you want some good food, does. [03:35:18] Speaker C: The house have an oven or toaster or anything? Please just use that for your toaster. Strudels, I beg you. You're not going to never mind. [03:35:31] Speaker G: If you want the pastry, my wife makes amazing pasties and pies. [03:35:40] Speaker A: We'll take it all. But not all because that would be unhospitable. Inhospitable. [03:35:47] Speaker C: It would be inhospitable. [03:35:49] Speaker A: Inhospitable. [03:35:53] Speaker G: Moth girl. Right there. [03:35:55] Speaker E: You are provided well kept and well appointed rooms. They are not lavish, but they are comfortable. And you're not sure if it's the runes that were carved into the wood or if it's just the overall feeling that you might finally be settling into where you belong for the first time in your lives. But you fall asleep quickly and without issue. And that is where we are going to end for the night. Before we go, we are going to have our guest stars introduce themselves. Then we will be done. [03:36:57] Speaker G: I guess I'll start this off then. I'm Alarig, and I am playing the role of Dolgum or Egenslan, the mayor of Anvil. [03:37:10] Speaker H: I guess I'll go next. I am Diver, and I was playing the role of OGMA, and quite enjoyed it. [03:37:26] Speaker F: And I'm Swifty, and I'm playing the ghost of Teddy Abenafi, everyone's favorite dead bastard. [03:37:35] Speaker E: Thank you for joining us. We hope you all had as wonderful a time listening as we did playing.

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