Episode 4

October 16, 2023


S1 Ep4: Bones

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Hallowed Haven Studios
S1 Ep4: Bones
Apotheosis : A Scion RPG Actual Play
S1 Ep4: Bones

Oct 16 2023 | 03:34:00


Show Notes

Oliver meets again with The Morrigan to swear his geas, Sarah gets some hints about where to go and who to speak to to try to help Teddy, and the group sets out to find an Oracle.

Coda Massaquoi - Sticker
Kris Strom - Damien Gerard
Oliver Bright - Gary
Sarah Baxter - Cyan

Dolgrom Reginson - Alereg
Gwendoline Chambers - Termite

Storyteller - Bloodied Porcelain

Opening Theme: Black Sun by C.K. Martin

Character Art Commissioned From: https://www.instagram.com/lufelufa29/

Listener Discretion Advised. This show is intended for a mature audience.

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:32] Speaker A: Hello. I'm Sticker, and I'll be playing Koda Massacoy, the scion of bestET. [00:00:39] Speaker B: Hello, I am Damon Gerard and I will be playing Chris Strom, the scion of Artemis. [00:00:46] Speaker C: Hello, I'm Gary, and I will be playing Oliver Bright, scion of OGMA. [00:00:52] Speaker D: Hello, I'm Sian, and I'm playing Sarah Baxter, the scion of Vidar. [00:00:59] Speaker E: I'm bloodied porcelain. I will be your storyteller for the evening. Hello, players. When last we left off, you all had arrived in the small mountain town of Anvil, where you met Dolgram Regenson, the mayor and foreman of the dwarves who live here. You received the rest of your birthrights. Most of them were mighty weapons with which to fell your enemies. You all had the opportunity to meet once more with your friend Teddy in his ghost form. You had the opportunity to meet up. [00:01:59] Speaker A: With. [00:02:02] Speaker E: Brigid, the Tiwaha, goddess of the forge. And Oliver finally came face to face with his divine father OGMA, who then in turn bequeathed him not only with a magical monocle that allows him to read all languages, but introduced him to the Morrigan, a powerful and frightening figure who helped him create the book that Oliver now calls one of his birthrights, and explain to him that access to fate itself is a dangerous and potent tool, not to be taken lightly and only to be used when absolutely necessary. He was also informed that she would return to him the following morning to bestow upon him a Gaius, a rule by which he must conduct his life going forward. And in return, he will receive some added benefits. You all had the opportunity to utilize some of your gifts to try them out against bronze wolves. And then you retired two separate rooms in a small colonial style house together. Likely, perhaps out of worry that if you split up and went to houses intended for your independent pantheons, you would encounter figures that none of you are quite ready to deal with. Or perhaps simply because you feel safer in numbers. It is the next morning when you all wake. The night was perhaps not as peaceful as you had hoped. You weren't kept up all night, but there was occasionally a clang of something loud voices out in the street. If at any point anybody had bothered to look out their windows, they would see dwarves scuttering here and there, going from building to building, taking advantage of the precious hours when they are allowed outside without risk of the sun turning them to stone. Wakes up first. [00:05:24] Speaker C: I imagine it would still be me. I'm still very used to being up early. So unless anyone else is up a booty for 630 or so. [00:05:35] Speaker A: Definitely not before 630. Bakota does actually wake up early this time to practice with her weapon a little bit more. [00:05:44] Speaker E: Good to know. Good to know. [00:05:47] Speaker D: Sarah also gets up pretty early to stay outside and smoke a cigarette while also sending off a couple of messages to family just checking in. [00:05:59] Speaker E: Well, it is quite early, so you haven't gotten any answers yet. Chris, do you sleep in? Do you also wake up early? [00:06:08] Speaker B: I won't wake up as early as that, but I mean, I'll probably be up about eight ish, something like that. [00:06:14] Speaker E: All right, well, those of you who are up early have some time in the early morning to kind of collect your thoughts, get yourself together. In Coda's case, maybe have a couple of tepid lukewarm toaster strudels that she refuses to put in the toaster or the oven. [00:06:45] Speaker A: It just tastes better like this. [00:06:47] Speaker C: I don't believe you. [00:06:49] Speaker D: It's really not safe. [00:06:51] Speaker C: It's not. [00:06:52] Speaker A: We're literally pretty much kind of practically, almost immortal. So what is atosha Shootle going to do to me that a wolf hasn't tried to. [00:07:05] Speaker E: Failed? [00:07:09] Speaker D: Indigestion, mainly. [00:07:11] Speaker A: Do we feel that? [00:07:14] Speaker D: Are you trying to find out? [00:07:16] Speaker C: We still use the bathroom. [00:07:18] Speaker A: This is the time to find that's true, we do still use the bathroom, but this is the time to find out if we feel these things. Not in the middle of battle where suddenly my stomach is hurting. This is the time to figure it out. When we're kicking back our feet in, like a dwarf house neighborhood town. [00:07:36] Speaker C: Ms. Mascoe, I applaud you for the sacrifice you're committing for the rest of us. [00:07:41] Speaker A: You're welcome. And she'll go back to eating one and switching her bat back and forth between a sword and a bat and swinging it around, carefully swinging it around. [00:07:58] Speaker E: So as you're eating, you hear a thunk come from the kitchen. [00:08:10] Speaker C: What was that? [00:08:13] Speaker E: And then another thunk. [00:08:17] Speaker C: Mr. Strom? [00:08:20] Speaker E: No answer. [00:08:24] Speaker C: I imagine we should investigate. [00:08:26] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:08:27] Speaker D: Sarah's going to start walking towards the source of the noise. [00:08:30] Speaker A: Same. [00:08:31] Speaker E: You all walk in just in time to see Mr. Cat pushing a bowl off of the counter and onto the floor. And there are already two cans of tuna fish next to where the bowl landed. [00:08:49] Speaker A: Right. [00:08:52] Speaker E: And he sort of yawns. Took you long enough. [00:08:58] Speaker A: Oh, my goodness. Aren't you supposed to be like a smarter cat? Not that I'm calling you dumb or anything, but you're like, smarter. You could just come to me and. [00:09:07] Speaker E: Say, hey, Coda, I shouldn't have to. [00:09:14] Speaker A: Were you like this with my mom? [00:09:17] Speaker E: Your mother never forgot to feed me. I didn't forget to feed you. [00:09:20] Speaker A: I just woke. Okay. [00:09:21] Speaker E: Anyways, you fed yourself just fine. [00:09:24] Speaker A: Oh, my gosh. Here you go. God. [00:09:27] Speaker C: We only receive half of this conversation, right? [00:09:30] Speaker E: Yes, you receive exactly half of the conversation. [00:09:35] Speaker C: I'm just going to kind of give Sarah a knowing look as I pour myself a cup of coffee and then indicate if she would like one. [00:09:46] Speaker D: With a bit of a grin, she'll. [00:09:48] Speaker C: Nod one for her as well. [00:09:51] Speaker E: As Coda bends to transfer the tuna fish into the bowl, the cat perches on the edge of the counter with his little chest puffed out like, yes, I am a tiny god, you would do well to remember this. [00:10:09] Speaker A: I hope. [00:10:09] Speaker E: No words, just all attitude. [00:10:13] Speaker A: She'll give him food and then pet his head. [00:10:22] Speaker E: You get one of those, like, he kind of eyes you. He side eyes you pretty hard until you get that perfect spot behind his ear that he reluctantly leans into you and purrs. [00:10:38] Speaker A: There we go. That's what I'm talking about. [00:10:41] Speaker E: And then eventually jumps down and begins to eat. While Sarah and Oliver are finally able to get to the coffee maker because he's out of the way. [00:10:54] Speaker D: What kind of kitchen setup are we looking at? [00:10:57] Speaker E: I mean, fairly simple, but all the necessities are here. There's coffee, there's a decent coffee maker. It's one of those ones that can do either, like, a full pot or, like, single cup, that sort of thing. And there's coffee in the cabinets. It looks like they kind of put a little bit of everything as far as just staples, so that people always have always have access to the basics, at the very least. But you do get the feeling that this is not a place where you're, like the intention is not for people to cook and eat all of their meals here. A very simple breakfast could maybe be pulled off. But if you want something more in depth, you're going to have to go to town hall, which is essentially treated as, like, the main hall. [00:11:52] Speaker D: Sarah will look around and see if she can find the stuff just to fix up some eggs or something else simple. [00:11:59] Speaker E: There's eggs, because in our world, bird flu hasn't happened. [00:12:07] Speaker D: She'll look over to Oliver and Coda and motion to the eggs. You guys hungry? [00:12:14] Speaker C: I can take a few. [00:12:16] Speaker A: I can eat. [00:12:19] Speaker E: All right. [00:12:21] Speaker D: Do you need help making eggs? [00:12:25] Speaker A: I don't know. Sure. [00:12:28] Speaker D: If you can help me find a whisk, sure. [00:12:30] Speaker A: She's going to try to help. Looking for a whisk. [00:12:35] Speaker D: Sarah will start cracking eggs into a bowl. [00:12:41] Speaker E: So while you guys are cooking, mr. Cat kind of apparently has eaten enough for right now. There's still some in the bowl, but he seems content, and he sort of noses the bowl kind of off into a corner where it won't get kicked across the room and then disappears while they're cooking. [00:12:59] Speaker C: I'll clean up after. [00:13:03] Speaker E: Like, I think it's obvious when you watch him that he's moving his bowl out of the way so that he can come back to it. He's just not ready to eat the rest of it yet. [00:13:11] Speaker C: In that case, I'll leave him be. [00:13:15] Speaker E: Although, knowing Coda, there's probably, like, empty tuna fish cans, like, on the counter that could be thrown away then. Chris? [00:13:32] Speaker B: Yes? [00:13:33] Speaker E: Could you roll me a perception and awareness, please, with a let's do a minus three because you're asleep. I remember you. If you have epic perception now I do. That's a question mark, not a yeah, I know. [00:14:04] Speaker B: Let me try that again. [00:14:09] Speaker E: You can't do it as an edited thing. You've got to do, like, a whole new thing. I'm sorry. [00:14:14] Speaker B: Lesson learned. Difficulty? Yeah. It's one, then. [00:14:19] Speaker E: It's one. It takes a hot minute for you to kind of surface from your dreams. Why don't you tell me about what you were dreaming about last night? It's been a weird couple of days. This is the first truly kind of low key, low stress night you had since everything happened. [00:14:45] Speaker B: I was dreaming of being stripped to the waist, but wearing a pair of camo trousers, bare feet, and just running through the woods and jumping over fallen trees. And I was chasing an animal, but the animal was never in sight. I never knew what animal I was chasing, but I knew I was chasing one. And the dream just went on and on and on and on of me without tiring, just running and jumping like some impossible jumps and some fast speeds just through the woods. It was a snowy landscape so close to the Arctic Circle. It was cold. My breath was definitely condensing as I was breathing out quite heavily. [00:15:27] Speaker E: I love that. Okay, you wake and it's slow, but you wake to to something against, like, your cheek. Oh, do you just put your hand up? [00:15:47] Speaker B: I'll open my eyes and kind of put my hand on my cheek as if I'm feeling something there. Something must be there, right? [00:15:52] Speaker E: So you bring your hand up to touch your cheek to see what's there, and at the same time, your eyes open and there's a cat sitting on your chest and he had his paw on your cheek. Like he was, like, maybe doing that thing that cats do where he was, like, tapping you to try and wake you up. [00:16:14] Speaker B: Hey, Mr. Cat. What do you want? [00:16:19] Speaker E: He sort of gives one of those incredibly wide mouthed, hard cat yawns, gives you a little indignant, like mew, and then gets up, kind of circles on your chest for a minute and then hops down and heads for the door. Kind of pauses at the door and looks back at you. [00:16:43] Speaker B: I'll look at him and nod and chuckle. Yeah, I get it. Okay, I overslept. Give me five. [00:16:51] Speaker E: You get a meow and this little flick of a tail that you can almost imagine as a salute. And then he disappears through the doorway. [00:16:58] Speaker B: I'll just pull a T shirt on and head out, putting a brush through my hair as I go. [00:17:05] Speaker E: You enter the kitchen in time to find your companions making. [00:17:14] Speaker C: Good morning coffee. [00:17:17] Speaker B: Oh, yeah. You said the magic word. Thank you. [00:17:20] Speaker A: Good morning, Chris. [00:17:23] Speaker C: We'll pour him one and kind of slide it across the counter. [00:17:26] Speaker B: You're a lifesaver. How are you guys doing? [00:17:30] Speaker D: Actually, I think I feel better than I have in maybe ten years. [00:17:36] Speaker B: Right. Yeah, I had a really good night's sleep. [00:17:41] Speaker C: Oh, that's good for you. I had the opposite. The clagging and such kept me up a few times, but in general, I feel quite well. [00:17:51] Speaker B: Clanging. [00:17:53] Speaker C: Yes? I think the dwarves were working on things outside. [00:17:58] Speaker B: Shit. I didn't hear a damn thing. [00:18:02] Speaker D: Well, you want some eggs? [00:18:05] Speaker B: Yeah. You got any bacon? [00:18:07] Speaker D: Sarah will look around for some bacon. [00:18:09] Speaker E: There is bacon in the yes. [00:18:12] Speaker D: Yep, looks like we do. [00:18:14] Speaker B: Oh. Will you marry me? [00:18:17] Speaker D: She'll just turn around and raise an eyebrow and then go back to cooking. [00:18:21] Speaker B: I would love to make some bacon. [00:18:23] Speaker E: Thank you. There's a voice from the hallway outside of the kitchen. Well, if it's a wedding you're after, we could probably make that happen. But you should know we're a bit busy. We've got a bit of a waiting list for things like that. [00:18:43] Speaker B: It's okay. I think we'll wait. [00:18:47] Speaker A: Morning, Betty. [00:18:49] Speaker E: Morning, dears. Coated arlen. Would you be very kind and pull the shades over that window over there, please? [00:19:02] Speaker A: She'll just go over and do it in the most extra way ever. [00:19:09] Speaker E: Like coda, like Mr. Cat. As you cover the window, Betty sort of makes her way in, and you guys get a chance to kind of realize for the first time, because last night her outfit didn't really show it off very much, but today she's wearing capris like cutoffs, and you realize that one of her legs is actually like a prosthetic. How did you all sleep? Well, I hope I hope we didn't make too much noise for you. [00:19:53] Speaker B: No. [00:19:55] Speaker A: Yeah. Didn't hear a thing. [00:19:57] Speaker E: Oh, that's good. That's good. [00:20:00] Speaker C: Like some coffee, Mrs. Mayor? [00:20:03] Speaker E: I would love some coffee. That's very polite of you. [00:20:07] Speaker C: I am on it. [00:20:10] Speaker A: So is the group of or the gaggle of gods still here and talking, or have they all left? [00:20:18] Speaker E: Some of them are still here. Well, the old father left at about five, six this morning. Athena left a little while ago. [00:20:39] Speaker C: I look just a little bit disappointed at that. [00:20:42] Speaker D: Sarah also looks disappointed. [00:20:49] Speaker B: I'm just looking at the bacon and eggs. [00:20:57] Speaker E: There are still a few around. Oliver, you have a meeting with one of them, I believe. [00:21:04] Speaker C: I do indeed. [00:21:07] Speaker E: Well, that ought to be interesting. I had half expected that my husband would have been up here meeting you already. [00:21:16] Speaker F: And at that point, the short form of dolgrim finally crests through. And he looks tired. [00:21:31] Speaker E: Oh, good morning, dear. [00:21:33] Speaker F: Morning, Betty. [00:21:38] Speaker D: Would either of you like anything to eat? [00:21:45] Speaker E: Nothing to eat from you. But I am going to very much enjoy this lovely coffee. [00:21:50] Speaker C: And I'm already pouring a mug for thanks, Pilgrim. [00:21:54] Speaker F: And he'll actually pull out a hip flask and pour a good portion of what you can only assume to be some sort of very strong liquor into the coffee. [00:22:08] Speaker A: Good idea. [00:22:10] Speaker F: Want some? [00:22:14] Speaker E: Um you might want to wait until you're sure that your gifts have blessed you in that arena. [00:22:27] Speaker A: Right. [00:22:28] Speaker E: For a point. [00:22:32] Speaker D: You're already toeing the line with the toaster strudel. [00:22:35] Speaker A: Oh, my goodness. It's going to be fine. It's bread. Preserves, maybe. [00:22:44] Speaker E: Processed. What? [00:22:46] Speaker F: If you actually want something good, you should get it handpicked. [00:22:53] Speaker D: Sarah will start passing plates around to everyone. [00:22:57] Speaker E: I make a lovely turn. [00:23:01] Speaker A: I'll gladly eat it. [00:23:03] Speaker F: Honestly, if I wasn't working so hard, I'd probably be at least 300 pounds right now. Without what could she makes? [00:23:15] Speaker A: What were you working on? Or what were all of you working on last night? Or is it a secret? [00:23:20] Speaker E: Oh, a great number. [00:23:21] Speaker F: Damage control. [00:23:24] Speaker E: You're not the only scions who need weapons or upgrades. A lot of the gods have put in orders for things for children that haven't even had their visitations yet. [00:23:37] Speaker F: The drinking contest between the Morrigan and Odin Olafather. [00:23:48] Speaker E: It caused quite a stir. [00:23:52] Speaker C: Who won? [00:23:55] Speaker F: Technically, it's a draw, but whatever. I won't speak bad of any of the gods in this house, especially not once. Quite a few of them are still left here. [00:24:09] Speaker E: Certainly not ones who have such a direct influence on our fates. Do you all have a plan? [00:24:24] Speaker D: For what? [00:24:29] Speaker E: Well, what you're going to do next. [00:24:34] Speaker A: Well, I thought we were going to get our brains picked by the gods to figure out how do we survive. And then we were going to get puppeted to do whatever was the next thing we're supposed to do now that we're super magical and have soul. [00:24:52] Speaker F: You're not puppets. You still have free thought. [00:24:59] Speaker A: For now. [00:25:01] Speaker E: Oh, no. The gods aren't in the business of mind controlling their children. That's the thing that the Titans do. [00:25:13] Speaker D: Well, is there any agreement on what needs doing? We could probably focus some of our efforts there. [00:25:22] Speaker E: When? I mean, perhaps the Morgan could shed some more light. We weren't exactly privy to the big meetings that happened last night. My understanding is that you all were quite the topic of conversation. But if it were me, I'd be looking into figuring out who attacked you, how they found you. Supposed to be impossible that you could find someone who has the potential to be a scion when they're not actually one. Yet none of you. My understanding is that none of you were even on the eve of your visitation, so it's not like your acre was up. [00:26:11] Speaker C: Certainly food for thought. [00:26:15] Speaker A: And then what? We go and find them and fight them? [00:26:19] Speaker E: That is generally how it works when you find the bad guys. Yes, fight them. Or at the very least, put the fear of you into them enough that they don't want to keep doing what they're doing. [00:26:33] Speaker A: Not to be rude, and I don't ever mean to be rude to you, Betty. You've been nothing but kind to us. But yeah, that's the thing to do when you've been in the business for longer than a day and a half. I just learned that I can jump high. Well, actually, no, I learned it when we were running from the things in the first time. But now I can do it willingly. Let's say we did find out all of this stuff. We're not going to all high five and suddenly become an well oiled machine. [00:27:15] Speaker E: Of course not. No hero ever starts out perfect. [00:27:21] Speaker F: Heroes? [00:27:23] Speaker A: I don't want to be a hero. [00:27:26] Speaker E: And I hate to break it to you, darling, but you've got the makings of a hero in your blood, whether you like it or not. And that life is going to find you one way or the more of. [00:27:35] Speaker F: A question of when. You'll be forged into one, and as. [00:27:46] Speaker E: A mate, has a way of pulling the things that you least want to you when it comes to this sort of thing. Beowulf was not always a hero of. [00:27:58] Speaker F: Legend, nor perseus modicius. [00:28:04] Speaker E: Right, et cetera, et cetera. They were all well, perhaps not normal, but they were all like you once. No matter what the stories say, they all thought that they were just normal people, until one day they found out that they weren't. And then they got pitched headlong into fighting monsters and saving damsels and slaying dragons. That sort of thing. Now, Barbe, it for me to be the one to give you orders. I'm not giving you orders. I'm just saying fit for me. I'd be looking into who did this and why. [00:29:00] Speaker C: Good suggestion. I guess we don't really know where to begin with that. [00:29:05] Speaker E: Well, there's one thing that always happens at the beginning of any good quest, and she'll look over it her husband oracle. Not that I don't have the utmost faith in your abilities, Oliver, but you are new. Might benefit you to see someone who is tied so intimately to fate. [00:29:36] Speaker C: I was thinking the same thing. I apparently possess the abilities to seek out pieces of fate myself now, but apparently I can only do it sparingly, and we might need it later on. So there's an oracle about. Suppose it would be wise to seek them out. [00:29:56] Speaker E: There's not one here, but there are some out in the world. We could certainly get you some directions to the nearest one. [00:30:10] Speaker C: I think that would be helpful. [00:30:13] Speaker E: But you can't go anywhere until you've spoken to the Morgan. She'd have my hide if I let you leave. Yes. [00:30:19] Speaker C: I'm certainly not putting that one off. She scares me far more than my father. [00:30:24] Speaker F: Good. [00:30:27] Speaker E: That's wise. [00:30:31] Speaker F: To be honest, of all the Irish gods, she's really the one that you fear the most. [00:30:38] Speaker C: I've only met two, but so far, I agree with this sentiment. [00:30:43] Speaker E: You've met three. [00:30:45] Speaker C: I did meet three. You're right. [00:30:47] Speaker F: It's not as if he wise to count out Teddy's own mother now. [00:30:53] Speaker C: No, not by intention, I assure you. I was just more wrapped up in the encounter I had with my father and the Morgan, and it slipped my mind. I did not mean to counter out most certainly. [00:31:08] Speaker E: Of course not. [00:31:09] Speaker F: Be careful, though. It's not wise to forget things when details can be very, very much a matter of life and death. [00:31:20] Speaker E: MMM. [00:31:23] Speaker C: You speak truly. [00:31:27] Speaker F: Well, if I had to speak to you like you were children, then you might as well just step out of town, lie down and be eaten. However, you're an adult. You've got a good brain on your shoulders. [00:31:45] Speaker C: Most of the time. [00:31:46] Speaker F: Don't disparage yourself like that. [00:31:53] Speaker C: I'm trying my best. It's not going to happen all at. [00:31:57] Speaker E: Once, and you should try harder. [00:32:02] Speaker C: How about we enjoy our breakfast? [00:32:05] Speaker E: The two author are great many things, but they are not terribly tolerant of people. Well. [00:32:16] Speaker F: That is, putting it down. [00:32:19] Speaker E: Down? Talking their bloodlines. Let's put it that way. Pride is very important. [00:32:31] Speaker C: I suppose you're right. And I by no means intend to talk down on my plumb line. I'm sure everyone who came before me were wonderful, majestic individuals. I'm just still trying to come into my own place. [00:32:46] Speaker E: Oh, goodness, no. Bukulane was a daft fool, as far as I could tell. One of their greatest heroes, but also kind of. [00:33:01] Speaker F: A wise yet. [00:33:03] Speaker E: Let's just say that my great grandma met him in person and said that he was nowhere near as wise as people. [00:33:09] Speaker F: Tried to make many kisses. [00:33:15] Speaker C: So you can talk down on my bloodline, but I cannot. [00:33:20] Speaker A: There you go. [00:33:21] Speaker E: And I have benefits. They need me. And I'm old. Too old to care. [00:33:31] Speaker C: That is very fair. [00:33:38] Speaker E: You lads still have a lot to prove. I've proven myself many times over. All that being said sarah, dear. [00:33:49] Speaker D: Yes? [00:33:50] Speaker E: I have something I need to speak to you about. If you could walk with me. [00:33:58] Speaker D: Sarah will put her fork down onto her plate and head over. [00:34:08] Speaker E: She will lead you kind of away from the group and down into. [00:34:17] Speaker D: I. [00:34:17] Speaker E: Guess, a basement, basically, is what it is. But it doesn't look like any basement you've ever seen. There's doorways that seem to lead off well away from where, like, the foundation of the house actually is. And it's warm down here rather than cold, like most basements are. Listen. Okay, I'm going to tell you this because you lot seem determined to find answers. [00:34:59] Speaker D: Have we done something wrong? [00:35:01] Speaker E: No, not at all. But you keep asking the wrong people the right questions. About your friend Teddy. [00:35:23] Speaker D: Well, I assumed we'd need to come to some sort of agreement with one of the gods who had domain over death rebirth. [00:35:33] Speaker E: You will. But there's a great deal more that goes into bringing someone back than just making a deal with a death deity. [00:35:41] Speaker D: Well, any advice you could give me on the matter would be appreciated. [00:35:47] Speaker E: I can't make any promises. I need you to understand that. And I also need you to understand that I'm probably going to get myself into a fair bit of trouble with your father if he ever finds out that I told you this. [00:35:59] Speaker D: But you are saying there's a chance. [00:36:02] Speaker E: There'S a chance that I might know of a direction that I could point you in to a god who could maybe help you. It's not the god that will automatically that would necessarily be the one to release him at last, but could help you with the pesky problem of you not having a body to put him back in. [00:36:31] Speaker D: That's a start. [00:36:34] Speaker E: I also need you to understand that going to see this particular god is very serious. It's not to be trifled with, and it will probably cost you and your friends dearly to make it happen. I don't know what he'll ask of you, but I know it will be serious, even if it doesn't seem like it in the moment. [00:37:03] Speaker D: But with that, there would be a chance. [00:37:06] Speaker E: Of course there's always a chance. And if there's anyone who could potentially do what you need them to do, undo it successfully, it would be him. [00:37:19] Speaker D: Then that's good enough for me. [00:37:25] Speaker E: She sort of shifts. She looks slightly uncomfortable and she leans in. Have you ever heard of the Baron? [00:37:36] Speaker D: I don't think so. [00:37:41] Speaker E: In New Orleans and other parts of the world. But New Orleans is the closest place you'll find. There's a pantheon of gods. One of them was here yesterday. There's a god named the Baron. Baron SMEDI. They are voodoo gods, blowa. But there is no one more talented with animating a body and helping to put a soul inside of a body than the Baron. [00:38:34] Speaker D: Sarah actually pulls out her phone and starts taking notes. Okay, New Orleans, Baron Smetty. How do we find this Baron? [00:38:48] Speaker E: He'll be hard to miss. If you can't find his bar right off the bat, hit up Bourbon Street on a Saturday night, then he'll definitely be there. And if you're very, very lucky, his wife won't be. What if she is? Well, then it's going to be a very interesting time for you. [00:39:25] Speaker D: Could you elaborate on that? [00:39:30] Speaker E: Maman Brigid is well, she's a handful. And you should be aware that she's, let's say, an aspect of Tedy's mother. [00:39:59] Speaker D: Wouldn't that help us? [00:40:01] Speaker E: Yes and no. She's not like the Brigid you met. She is her own version, but you'll find that there's an uncanny resemblance. And she's got all of Bridget's fire and attitude and capability, but a much more harsh and in your face style of bringing it to bear. I don't know if she'll be aware of Teddy, because technically she's an aspect. She's not the same god. She's like a mirror to the Bridget that you met. [00:40:53] Speaker D: That's good to know. Definitely don't want to piss off any wives of death gods by mistaking them for someone else. [00:41:01] Speaker E: She's in her own right to death god in their pantheon. But her husband is the death god. My understanding is that people who belong to their pantheon can't die unless he digs them a grave. That's the level of control he has. If he digs you your grave, then you're dead. But if he doesn't, you'll live. [00:41:33] Speaker D: Okay, I'm beginning to understand the hesitation. [00:41:40] Speaker E: But he's generally willing to make deals if you've got something he finds value. I just can't tell you what that'll be or how hard it'll be for you to fulfill his request, because I don't know what he'll ask. [00:42:03] Speaker D: Okay, well, I'll tell the others about this and see what they say. [00:42:09] Speaker E: Might want to wait until after you're out of town to have that conversation. [00:42:14] Speaker D: Okay. [00:42:15] Speaker E: I spent 3 hours this morning warding this particular room so that we could have this conversation without certain ears picking up on it. So get well away from here where the gods have far too many ears to listen. [00:42:32] Speaker D: She looks around a little bit frantically. [00:42:36] Speaker E: You don't notice anything particularly unusual about the room? She doesn't seem stressed that anybody can overhear you as long as you're here in this area, but you do know that she did not utter a word until you got into this room. [00:43:02] Speaker D: Never thought that gods would have so much in common with the NSA, but yeah, outside of town. [00:43:08] Speaker E: Where do you think the NSA got it from, dear? Your father alone. [00:43:18] Speaker D: That's oh, no. [00:43:24] Speaker E: You've really got to read more, darling. They're literally gods were, like, half of their powers. The fact that they could see and hear everything. [00:43:35] Speaker D: That'S not something I want to think about. [00:43:41] Speaker E: But I take your point. All right. Get up and finish your breakfast. [00:43:50] Speaker D: Yes, ma'am. And she'll put her phone away and head back upstairs. [00:43:59] Speaker E: She will follow you up as she walks into the kitchen. Along or behind Sarah, she just kind of gives Dolgrim a kind of grim nod is the best way to put it. [00:44:26] Speaker D: Well, we do have some things to talk about after we head out, but in the meantime, I think Oliver has a meeting, and we should talk tactics while we're waiting. [00:44:42] Speaker C: That would be smart. [00:44:43] Speaker F: Among other things. [00:44:44] Speaker C: It's a good idea while I'm away. Among other things. [00:44:53] Speaker E: I am going to get back to what I was working on. Dolgrum, you should stay and take a little bit of a rest. If you keep running yourself ragged the way that you have been, you're not going to be of any you stand. [00:45:06] Speaker F: Betty. [00:45:10] Speaker E: I mean it. She'll sort of waggle a finger at you as she's like. hobling for the door. [00:45:16] Speaker F: Betty. [00:45:20] Speaker E: Yes, dear? [00:45:22] Speaker F: Make sure to rest yourself, all right? [00:45:27] Speaker E: I'll be fine. You children have a lovely breakfast. Shall disappear down the stairs, back into the basement. Well. [00:45:48] Speaker C: That certainly gives us a lot to think about. We at least sort of have an idea on our next steps. I was under the impression that the gods would be telling us what to do, but we're on our own. Then I guess we should find out what these wolves are about and how to stop them in case they find other people like us who aren't aware of what they are and are in danger. [00:46:18] Speaker A: I guess they want us to. Find an oracle or we're going to be told when oracle is seer. [00:46:24] Speaker F: Yeah. Is that seer is the dodeca catheon's version, if you will. [00:46:37] Speaker E: Right. [00:46:38] Speaker F: Do you not know of the Oracle? [00:46:43] Speaker A: I know what the word means. And the newspaper. [00:46:49] Speaker B: There is no spoon. Is there any oracle I can avoid that. [00:46:55] Speaker F: And he'll actually look to Oliver and say, can you assist in teaching this or do I have to tell them about the Oracle of Delphi myself? [00:47:06] Speaker E: I was going to mention the Oracle of Delphi. [00:47:14] Speaker A: Oh, I know. Who that? Oracle of Delphi. I've heard that before. I actually have. [00:47:24] Speaker C: You promise? [00:47:25] Speaker A: Don't ask me to explain it. [00:47:27] Speaker C: You educate the class then, ms. Master. [00:47:29] Speaker A: Coy I'm on break from school. Please and thank you. Yes, and that is all. She's going to start shoveling her food into her mouth. [00:47:42] Speaker F: Estet's daughter school is never out for Scion. [00:47:49] Speaker A: Yes, well, at the moment I'm on my lunch break, so this is cafeteria time, so I'm going to eat angle. [00:48:02] Speaker C: It'd be a breakfast break. [00:48:04] Speaker F: He has you there. [00:48:12] Speaker A: Wow. I love my teachers. So we're looking for a seer and they're going to tell us what, exactly? Well, I guess that's the whole point of us here. They're going to tell us something and then we're going to work with that. [00:48:34] Speaker C: I'd imagine it. [00:48:35] Speaker A: But then how is that going to I don't know, we can't just walk around the town a little bit and maybe talk to is it frowned upon to talk to a god or something? [00:48:52] Speaker F: It's not exactly wise if they do not like your pantheon. [00:48:58] Speaker A: Right, because that's still a thing. But aren't they all foaming at the mouth to find to talk to the Scions that survived the Titans? [00:49:06] Speaker F: You also assume that they are so inclined to work together more than they already have been. Yes, but they're gods. [00:49:21] Speaker D: If they don't want to talk to us, wouldn't they just not talk to us? [00:49:25] Speaker A: Yeah, so why not try? [00:49:29] Speaker F: The other option then is that they view you as a nuisance and decide to send you off as a rat somewhere. [00:49:39] Speaker A: And then how does that but. [00:49:41] Speaker F: They'Ll be satisfied for a moment. [00:49:47] Speaker A: Authority? [00:49:48] Speaker C: I think our first step is indeed finding directions to the nearest seer, as was suggested to us. And then from there, depending on what they tell us, cryptic, straightforward, or otherwise, we use what we're given to then form a plan on how to handle these wolves. [00:50:10] Speaker F: So the closest Seer that I know of is in Georgia. It's a place called Elian's Cave. Woman by the name of Sybil. And you'll need some climate gear to get to her. [00:50:32] Speaker E: Sybil is a title, not her name. [00:50:42] Speaker F: E-L-L-I-O-N apostrophe s. [00:50:53] Speaker E: Climbing gear. [00:50:56] Speaker D: I guess we'll be making a stop at five below. [00:50:59] Speaker C: Yeah, seems like it. Or we could get some here. I'm sure the Dwarves make far better climbing gear than Five Below. [00:51:08] Speaker F: Cheaper. [00:51:09] Speaker D: Well, I was just assuming there wouldn't be any surplus with all the orders you guys have coming in. [00:51:16] Speaker F: We have some leftovers. [00:51:21] Speaker A: Oh. [00:51:23] Speaker D: Is there any chance you have some other types of leftovers? The kind that would help protect against say, teeth and claws? [00:51:36] Speaker F: He simply reaches over to his vest, pulls a red cord, and it turns into armor on him. Like his entire tactical vest actually turns into a full suit of armor. Fresh out. [00:51:59] Speaker D: Okay, but that's impressive. [00:52:07] Speaker C: Very. It's a very fascinating piece of equipment. [00:52:17] Speaker A: Okay, so no armor. We have to go rock climbing or rock diving. Cave diving. Do you know the temperament of this seer Sybil person? Do they hate new scions? Do they hate scions of orange hair? Do they hate scions that don't read books about Delphi and oracles? [00:52:49] Speaker D: Well, they require tributes. [00:52:51] Speaker E: Dulgram. You know that most Sybils don't even know that they're oracles? They are frequently believed to just be crazy ladies who don't like their power is tied to a specific area or a specific wonder or cave or whatever. They don't generally know that there are oracles or Sybils. Sybils are always female and they don't even realize that they're speaking a prophecy until like, when they're doing it, everybody else around them realizes that it's a prophecy because they just feel it in their bones. [00:53:45] Speaker F: It's not unwise to bring tribute. I do not believe they will discriminate against you for your lack of knowledge of them, though. [00:54:00] Speaker C: Just to clarify something, you said there is Georgia, correct? Are we talking the state or the country? Okay, that's better. Although that is still quite the road trip for us. [00:54:16] Speaker F: Well, it's a good thing you have a large mud of cash and a good car then, don't you? [00:54:24] Speaker C: It is. [00:54:28] Speaker A: Sorry, this feels like a very silly question, but we're just allowed to leave? You don't have to have a car go off in another direction so we're. [00:54:37] Speaker F: Not tracked or they can certainly try. [00:54:39] Speaker E: To fucking find you here. [00:54:40] Speaker A: I guess I'm just concerned. That's true. I'm just concerned that we might get, I don't know, get the descent of these Titan spawns. And then what if we lead them to this Sybil and then we ruin another person's life like we're the reason another person dies? [00:55:02] Speaker F: Then you better be ready to fight. [00:55:09] Speaker A: What I didn't want to hear. But also I'm down for a fight right now. Okay. [00:55:17] Speaker F: Yes, Sarah? [00:55:18] Speaker D: Before that, we should probably prepare. [00:55:22] Speaker E: How? [00:55:22] Speaker D: With medical equipment. Does anyone here have knowledge of, like, first aid? [00:55:28] Speaker C: I know a few things from living in a household with a mother who is a surgeon, but not enough to be incredibly proficient. I can help of a few things. I know how to use a first aid kit effectively. [00:55:44] Speaker D: Well, it's better than nothing. [00:55:50] Speaker A: Storyteller? [00:55:53] Speaker E: Yes, dear? [00:55:55] Speaker A: So I know about medicine for animals. Could I apply that somewhat to humans? [00:56:03] Speaker E: You could. There would probably be like a negative to the number of dice that you can roll. [00:56:10] Speaker A: Okay. [00:56:11] Speaker E: But yeah, you can absolutely kind of cross apply that. [00:56:17] Speaker A: Okay. Coda will rub her chin a little bit and go, well, I know about animals, and anatomy is anatomy. I mean, we have to take anatomy and physiology and did we also kind of translate that to animals? So I'm pretty sure I could help medically wise. Right. Yeah. [00:56:45] Speaker C: As far as I'm concerned, I think that's a very good thing to have. [00:56:52] Speaker D: Better than to have it, not need it, and need it and not have it. [00:56:55] Speaker C: Indeed. Anyway, I'll let you all gather supplies, make plans and such while I'm away. And if I can squeeze any information out of the Morgan, I'll try my best. Although I feel like if she just glares at me once, I will burst into flames. [00:57:15] Speaker A: Remember, ten page essay. [00:57:18] Speaker C: I'm not doing that with her. Not at all. [00:57:21] Speaker F: Dogma son. [00:57:22] Speaker A: Okay, two paragraphs. [00:57:26] Speaker F: No. [00:57:29] Speaker C: Yes, Mr. Mayor. [00:57:30] Speaker F: Please, just call me Dog. Don't flinch. Look at her respectfully. She is a warrior s. All right. [00:57:51] Speaker C: Thank you for the advice. I will do just that. [00:57:54] Speaker F: All right. Anyone else have any questions for me? Kind of looks across Chris, who's been mostly eating this entire time and hasn't spoken up a whole lot. [00:58:10] Speaker B: I'll look and just shake my head and say, yeah, I got a lot of process right now. I don't think I got any questions. [00:58:19] Speaker F: Looks Dakota. [00:58:26] Speaker A: No, there's no special maintenance I need to do with this. Right. And she's going to adjust her to sword bat? [00:58:33] Speaker F: Not particularly, no. [00:58:37] Speaker A: All right, so then nothing. Thank you for it. [00:58:41] Speaker F: I'll nod and then look over to Oliver. [00:58:47] Speaker C: You've been very helpful towards us since we arrived here, and as of right now, no questions come to mind for. [00:58:55] Speaker F: Me and looks over to Sarah. [00:59:02] Speaker D: Just if I could add some more bullets to our supply list before we head out. [00:59:07] Speaker F: Sure. I can take you with me to my forge and carve some more runes onto some. [00:59:16] Speaker B: Oh, yeah. I better get some arrows. [00:59:22] Speaker F: I don't remember exactly if Apollo specified if you needed arrows with that bow, but that might not be a bad idea either. [00:59:33] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:59:39] Speaker C: If we have to masquerade as normal people, carrying a bow around that suddenly spawns arrows into existence might not be very good to keep that illusion. So having some normal ones would be beneficial for situations such as that. When we're around more, you're having to. [00:59:56] Speaker F: Draw these weapons in the middle of public, it's already gone very wrong. [01:00:04] Speaker C: That's true. But never know the situations we might find ourselves in. [01:00:09] Speaker A: Chris, do you have a guitar case? Maybe like, the ones that they, like, strap over their backs stuff? [01:00:15] Speaker B: I mean, I've got a guitar case for my PRS, but that's back in the house, along with my driver's license, guns, and God knows what else. [01:00:26] Speaker E: You have your driver's license, remember? [01:00:29] Speaker B: I've got a replacement. Yeah. [01:00:35] Speaker A: Well, I guess that's something we could stop at a store and get, like, another guitar case. So your bow and arrow, it's kind of like a Tommy gun but only thing yours is actually a guitar. And then it turns into literally everything else. [01:00:51] Speaker B: Well, the good thing about my guitar is I can carry it in my pocket. Right. But I can't carry arrows. [01:01:00] Speaker D: Though I'm going to add that to the list of things I never thought I'd hear. [01:01:05] Speaker F: That list is going to grow longer and longer before the day is out, I guarantee you. [01:01:13] Speaker D: Charlie, I could publish a book. [01:01:15] Speaker F: No doubt. [01:01:19] Speaker E: There is a tapping at the front door. [01:01:29] Speaker C: I'll get it. And I will indeed go up and answer the door. [01:01:36] Speaker E: Outside of the door is a tall, finely featured figure with long kind of strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. He is one of the most beautiful people you've ever laid eyes on, but it's entirely unnatural. It's too pretty. Very borderline, uncanny valley. And he kind of turns to look at you and his eyes kind of do one of those. Like, he meets your gaze, and then he kind of looks down at your shoes and then back up at your gaze. I take it you're Mr. Bright. [01:02:28] Speaker C: That I am. [01:02:32] Speaker E: The Morgan is waiting for you. [01:02:35] Speaker C: I was just on my way out to meet with her. Sort of turn around, turn back to the others. Wish me luck. [01:02:47] Speaker E: Hello. [01:02:55] Speaker C: Appreciate it. I'll turn back and look to this individual. [01:03:01] Speaker E: Follow me. And he'll turn and kind of lead the like lead away from that house and towards another house. As you get closer, you notice that the woodworking on this place is incredibly intricately crafted. It's not work. And there's agum and depictions of great battles with crows flying over the battlefield, that sort of thing, just everywhere. And he sort of, like, leads you to the door, makes his way inside and steps aside to hold it open for you. [01:03:49] Speaker C: Thank you. And I will step in as you. [01:03:54] Speaker E: Make your way inside. You can see the Morrigan is standing with what looks like a cup of coffee in one hand, like a mug. And there are crows and ravens, like, everywhere throughout the room. They're perched on every piece of furniture, and you're pretty sure there's at least one on the ceiling fan. And they're all just sort of watching you. [01:04:34] Speaker C: From what I heard, your drinking competition went quite well. [01:04:41] Speaker E: It usually does. Did you have a good sleep? [01:04:53] Speaker C: I had a lot on my mind that kept me awake during portions, but in general, I very much did. [01:05:04] Speaker E: I suspect SIS Soul. Your father was quite impressed with you. Not quite your self doubt, but we'll break you of that. [01:05:22] Speaker C: Though people are very fond of telling me. [01:05:31] Speaker E: Did you bring your book? [01:05:33] Speaker C: I reach into my jacket and pull out the book. I keep it on me at all times. [01:05:42] Speaker E: Good. Should not leave your side until the day I take it back. [01:05:55] Speaker C: Made out to be a very powerful artifact. I would not imagine ever doing so willingly. [01:06:06] Speaker E: Your father had to pay quite a price for me to help fashion it for you. But it is not the only price that must be paid for you to wield the power of your bloodline. Of my bloodline. And she'll kind of glance at the book. There is an oath you must take. All of our scions, all of our gods, everyone who belongs to our pantheon, swears their oath. These are not normal oaths. These are not paltry, petty promises. Failing to keep them can get you killed. [01:06:58] Speaker C: I understand. I understand. [01:07:07] Speaker E: It was left to me to decide what your oath would be, what you would be expected to uphold in order to wield the power in your hands. One day, there will be a second vow that is asked of you. But for now, I will only force you to swear the first. You're not ready for the second one yet. [01:07:44] Speaker C: I trust your wisdom. [01:07:56] Speaker E: She sort of she sets aside the mug in her hand and kind of walks towards you, folding her or tucking her hands behind her back. And she sort of circles you slowly. And she has one of those intense, focused gazes that reminds you of the birds that surround you at the moment. [01:08:36] Speaker C: I'm going to try my best to follow the advice that Dolgrim gave me and stay still. Do not flinch or buckle under the pressure and just remain upright. Good posture and just looking forward. [01:08:51] Speaker E: It'll kind of pause in front of you. There are a great number of things that you could improve on to be the scion you are capable of being. You will vow to improve yourself until you while you work to become everything you are capable of being. And you will start by learning to defend yourself and those around you. Your father is quite fond of using his fists, so we'll start there's. [01:09:44] Speaker C: So my vow is to work out? [01:09:48] Speaker E: Your vow is to learn to throw a punch. And only when you have mastered it will you find a student and teach them to do the same. [01:10:13] Speaker C: It want you stand quietly for a moment and think that over. [01:10:20] Speaker E: You are entering into a life of violence, Oliver Bright. There is no avoiding it. You have to meet the challenge or you will die. [01:10:36] Speaker C: That is fair. I I can do this. I can take this vow. [01:10:56] Speaker E: We shall see. You you will hide your story and your life going forward to the effort of improving yourself. This will be the first way you do so. If you live up to it, you will find it. You will find that you have an easier time producing the effects that your bloodline allows you to tap into my gifts and your father's. If you fail to do so, however, you will find yourself depleting your reserves of energy. Quickly, we gain power, and we are able to amplify our gifts by living up to our vows, by embodying the things that we are meant to be. Do you understand? [01:12:25] Speaker C: I do. [01:12:30] Speaker E: Very well. Oliver bright, I lay this gaze upon you. From this day forward, you will make an active effort to learn to protect yourself physically with your hands, to devote yourself to the task of becoming the warrior that your blood makes you capable of being. And on the day that you have mastered that, you will set out to find a pupil, and you will train that pupil at least once a week until they themselves have become masters. [01:13:30] Speaker C: I accept this. [01:13:33] Speaker E: You so swear? [01:13:37] Speaker C: I swear. Upon my name, my pantheon, and my bloodline. [01:13:44] Speaker E: Oliver you feel and see something new, something you've seen hints of before, but nothing so intense. Stretching between you and the goddess before you is a thick, golden thread. You know, it's not physical, but it feels more tangible than any physical thing could ever be. You have the feeling that if at any point you were to reneg on your vow, not only would she know, but it would feel as if this thread stretching between you might wrap itself around you, as if it were trying to strangle you. You have just earned out of character. So you, the player, are aware you have just gained a rather potent fate bond. [01:15:19] Speaker C: All right? [01:15:24] Speaker E: You have also been given a potent gaius of the legendary variety. And the gaius itself is the skill gaius. You are required to work towards maximizing your hand to hand ability. Your melee or brawl? I apologize? Not melee. Brawl. All right? When it is full, you will have to find yourself a pupil, and you will have to train them at least once a week. [01:16:08] Speaker C: All right? [01:16:10] Speaker E: For those at home who may not be aware of what a legendary gaius does, those bound by the legendary gaius regain legend at double the normal rate for as long as that gaius is upheld. Additionally, each time, he upholds his gais in such a fashion that his life is made more difficult or there is some sacrifice involved for doing so, he regains a point of legend. Woe to the hero who breaks a legendary gaius. However, for until he regains enoch, he loses a dot of legend, reducing his legend pool and denying him access to boons that require a legend of that level. So, essentially, if you break it until you have fixed it, you are stuck at one dot in any of your epic attributes or perfuse. [01:17:04] Speaker C: Understood? So I feel this sensation happen to me, and I can see it. [01:17:22] Speaker E: You can physically see the fate thread. You felt yourself kind of drawn to your companions because you've been through so much and you could kind of tell. Now that you've got access to the fate purview, you can kind of tell that there's a little bit more going on than you realized between the four of you. But this is altogether more potent. This is ten times stronger. This is if you fuck up, it could genuinely end your life. [01:17:56] Speaker C: And I still see the thread right at this moment. [01:17:59] Speaker E: Oh, yes. [01:18:00] Speaker C: Can I try to touch it just to see what it feels like? [01:18:04] Speaker E: You reach out to touch it and it's like I'm trying to think of the best way to explain it. Have you ever done that thing with nine volt batteries where you put your tongue against them to see if they've still got a charge? [01:18:20] Speaker C: Of course. [01:18:21] Speaker E: And your tongue like, tingles but also goes a little bit numb at the same time? That's kind of what it feels like, except bigger. Way bigger. [01:18:35] Speaker C: In case I'll run my hand along it for a few moments, then pull away. [01:18:41] Speaker E: I see he kind of glances at it and then back at you. And now that you're a little bit more focused on her and you're a little bit more focused on the fate threads, you realize that there are outless threads coming off of her in all different sizes and colors and shapes. Some look almost like chains, some look like gossamer, barely there. And then she moves and you don't see them anymore. You can only see the one tied between you and her. [01:19:21] Speaker C: Is this going to be visible every time we interact? [01:19:28] Speaker E: Until you've learned to control yourself, no one expects you to know how to make this work, how to cope with this extra sense within 24 hours of receiving it. [01:19:45] Speaker C: Understood. [01:19:51] Speaker E: Amuses me that you ask that. Like you expect to see me again soon. Most scions who have met me, even my own children, don't want to see me anytime soon after the first time. She does not seem put off by that. She seems amused. [01:20:12] Speaker C: I will not lie to you. You do frighten you. I was going to use the word intimidate as frightened implies dehabilitation, when in my case I find it odly rejuvenating. Your presence reminds me of what I have in store for me and what I have to lose and forces me to consider what I would do to protect those things. So in a sense, I enjoy your company, although I don't always look forward to it. [01:20:56] Speaker E: That must be a very conflicting position to find yourself in. [01:21:02] Speaker C: I find myself in a lot of conflicting positions and then I wince. I'm very glad Bispassquave was not around to hear that. Or anyone, actually. [01:21:14] Speaker E: Well, not anyone. And she'll kind of gesture and are reminded with that single like, wave of her hand that not only is she here, but so are, like, hundreds of birds. Maybe not hundreds, dozens. She sort of tucks her hands behind her back again. I'll find you in the coming weeks and I'll test you to see how you're coming along in your practice. [01:21:57] Speaker C: I hope I rise up to the challenge. [01:22:03] Speaker E: If you want a word of advice, talk to the son of Artemis. Of anyone in your group, he's the most likely to be able to help you learn. I think. [01:22:21] Speaker C: I was debating between him and Miss Baxter. [01:22:31] Speaker E: Miss Baxter has a history. Control has not always been her forte. Mr. Strom seems like he has the temperament to be a good teacher. And if he ever seems reluctant, I think you could ply him with alcohol. [01:23:01] Speaker C: That I probably could. Or cigarettes. Although I think he has a trove of those right now. [01:23:14] Speaker E: Well, I had best be getting back. [01:23:20] Speaker C: Before you go, may I ask a question? [01:23:22] Speaker E: Of course. [01:23:24] Speaker C: It seems that our next step is to locate a seer, and the mayor suggested one in Georgia. And I was wondering if I could get your opinion on the matter, if that's our best outlet or if there may be other avenues that could be more efficient for us as time seems like it's of the essence on our particular case. [01:23:49] Speaker E: Sort of pauses and looks thoughtful when whoever suggested that you go to see an oracle wasn't wrong. Beginning of most great stories and myths begin with a trip to asir a wise one for the Norse. It was usually a woman who could throw bones and rocks. [01:24:28] Speaker C: The one we're being directed to is referred to as a sybil. [01:24:34] Speaker E: Yes, I'm aware. A thing to know about civils. They don't know that they're seers. That tends to make them erratic. Most people don't realize that what they're listening to is prophecy. But most people aren't scions. She'll tell you what fate wants her to tell you. It'll be cryptic. Fate always is. Don't expect to be spoon fed any information you want. Expect riddles, expect difficulty. This will be good practice for you. Because when you try dabbling in fate and try looking forward into the future or even the past, I suspect you'll have similar difficulties. There are other oracles, other agents of fate, but they are varying degrees of dangerous and varying degrees of crazy. There's a radio host. I don't know if you've ever heard of him. He's a radio host and opinion columnist. The bell tower, I believe he's what we call a Cassandra. Most people think he's just angry and a doomsayer, but most of what he says comes true because it is what. His effect on those around him can be difficult and negative. If it were me and I was going to see an oracle and I didn't have a scion to consult, a symbol would probably be the safest bit. But you should be aware alien's cave is not an easy place to traverse. [01:27:21] Speaker C: We were told as much that we should prepare climbing gear. [01:27:25] Speaker E: You'll have to descend down into it and then find her. Once you're in, don't try to remove her from the cave. Most civils derive their power from their locations. Oracle Delphi couldn't have told you what you were going to have for dinner the next day. If you'd taken her away from her home. [01:27:56] Speaker C: Understood. [01:28:01] Speaker E: You could seek out Bell Tower, but you should be aware that he is raving and angry and might be a trifle bit more difficult to get hold of, given that he is minor celebrity. The civil adelians. Easier to get to. Well, less security to get to him. Her. [01:28:36] Speaker C: I will take it up. My group, although I'm leading in the same direction that you posed for us, that the Sybil might be our better option. [01:28:49] Speaker E: Beyond that, what we decided during the meeting last night is that your group has I couldn't see a lot, but what I could see of the four of you is that you've got unique ties to this unfolding situation. You're the only Scions who have ever survived one of these attacks, and that you did it without relics. [01:29:21] Speaker C: Well, it was a close call and we didn't all make it out. But. [01:29:30] Speaker E: You made it further and in more a more stable situation than most anyone, really. We are stretched thin. We have other Zions trying to find the children that haven't been awoken yet, to gather them, to take them somewhere safe, keep them safe. We need a team that can start looking into things. Go see the Oracle, see what she tells you. That should hopefully point you in the right direction. [01:30:14] Speaker C: Then that's what we will do. [01:30:18] Speaker E: Very well. Go on. Sign of OGMA. [01:30:26] Speaker C: Thank you, The Morgan. And with her permission, I will take my leave. [01:30:36] Speaker E: She watches you go as you get back to the house across the crossing, just down the street. You glance back towards the house where she was in time to see her step out of the front door. And all at once, her body seems to melt away and is replaced by a massive flock of ravens and crows, which take off into the sky. [01:31:02] Speaker C: Shiver a little bit, but then return to the townhouse that we were allotted. [01:31:13] Speaker E: While he was away, was there any discussions? Anything that you guys want to talk to dolgrom about, or are you just enjoying your meal in silence and waiting for Teddy or for Oliver to arrive? [01:31:30] Speaker B: I mean, we're probably chatting, but there's nothing that I particularly need to ask, I don't think. [01:31:37] Speaker A: Yeah, nothing to ask. Just talking. [01:31:40] Speaker D: Sarah would have kind of looked around, wondered out what? How do you all feel different today? From yesterday, I mean. [01:32:01] Speaker A: I don't know. I feel like I can see things better, maybe. Like my legs feel stronger. I don't know, I feel, like, looser, which I haven't in a while. Obviously, I can't feel any of my drugs anymore, so I might as well just throw them away or sell them. You didn't hear that last part. Besides that, not much else. Well, actually, I don't know, I feel kind of more like what's the word? I don't want to say. I have more of a presence to me, but I don't know. I already usually felt tough, but I feel tough, I guess. I don't know. [01:32:56] Speaker B: Yeah, well, as you said, I don't feel I don't feel any aches. I don't feel any pains. I feel like, fit, strong. I don't feel clumsy. Not that I did before, but I just feel in touch with myself, like my physical limitations have got bigger. There's more I can do. I don't know. I can't explain. [01:33:28] Speaker F: More you can do. [01:33:34] Speaker D: Is there a definite way for us to find out what our new limits are? Because I'd rather not find out in the middle of a battle of creatures trying to kill us. [01:33:43] Speaker F: You can always test them. I mean, yesterday yesterday best at stalter here literally jump over a van sized bronze wolf to smash it in the face. [01:34:05] Speaker A: Yes, I coda did do that. I'm more than just her daughter. [01:34:15] Speaker D: Well, anyone down for a bout of fisticuff. [01:34:23] Speaker E: Do? [01:34:23] Speaker D: Our own little testing. [01:34:27] Speaker E: Code is going. [01:34:28] Speaker A: To grin so widely. [01:34:31] Speaker D: See at least one take a boxing match. [01:34:34] Speaker F: The kitchen is not exactly the best place for it. [01:34:39] Speaker D: Not in here. [01:34:42] Speaker A: Yeah, you only fight in well, you no, never mind. Yeah, no fighting in the house. [01:34:50] Speaker D: It's either the ring or Denny's parking lot. [01:34:53] Speaker A: Yeah, the know or, like, under the stairwell or something like that. [01:34:58] Speaker F: Ironically enough, the ring's actually under the stairwell. [01:35:03] Speaker A: Oh, see, I know the good places to have a fight. Are you in, Chris? [01:35:13] Speaker B: No, you go ahead. I want to go outside and try this bow. [01:35:18] Speaker E: All right. [01:35:23] Speaker A: She's so excited right now. [01:35:27] Speaker D: Sarah will, like, saunter over underneath this stairwell and look for an entrance to this so called rim. How many? Okay, look around for another one. [01:35:40] Speaker F: How would you follow me? And he'll lead them down into the basement where Betty went with Sarah. And there is an extra doorway beyond that room that also leads to another set of stairs that goes down fairly deep. And you come out. And just like the storyteller was saying earlier, it is very warm down here. It is akin to a sauna in just how hot it is, but it's not a wet heat. It's a dry, fiery heat. He'll lead you down this stone pathway curving down, and then it opens up into a large underground cavern. There are miners. There are forges going on. There are a number of blacksmithies all set up along here. There's tinkerers folks going across the ceiling via zip lines. It is a bustle of activity. [01:36:55] Speaker E: There are more Dwarves down here than you guys have seen in the entire time you've been in Anvil. [01:37:02] Speaker A: This is where. [01:37:05] Speaker F: The above ground is about maybe 10% of the actual size, taking a swift turn left. The stairway that you were coming down is actually a fully enclosed, almost tube now that you see it, that leads down from the surface. And there's a number of these from various points that lead down. So it's obviously. That other houses in anvil the surface world actually have these coming down from the basements that are hidden and buried into the rock. And it's actually beneath this stairwell that there is a large open ring. Does this work? [01:37:57] Speaker E: Oh, yeah. [01:37:59] Speaker A: I would say before we came down, she did lower a shoulder for Kitty Cat to come down with her. You could be my referee. [01:38:07] Speaker E: He's with you. As you guys are walking into this room, you hear this weird noise and kind of instinctively look up and there is a dwarf who is in a harness and hanging kind of half upside down. And he just comes whipping through the room and then manages to somehow stop very close to where you are and reaches out or hands over a clipboard to dolgrim. All right, signatures. [01:38:50] Speaker F: All right. [01:38:52] Speaker E: It's a new requisition form for the passage. [01:38:54] Speaker F: What now? More scimitars, more copashes and bows. And it looks like a chariot and a whip with snake's heads for the tails. Lovely. [01:39:13] Speaker E: This particular dwarf looks young, but not like a child. Like somehow he's more diminutive than Dolgrim and some of the other dwarves that you've seen. And he is wearing what look like coke bottle glasses, except that it looks like there's multiple lenses and some of them are like, up right now and some of them are like, in front of his face. It gives him a uniquely almost bug eyed appearance and he's literally hanging upside down, so his hair is just in all different directions. [01:39:48] Speaker F: Furiously pulls off his signature and then hands it off. Make sure that you have Bargrim on that chariot. He's the best one with the vehicles. Right. [01:40:01] Speaker E: Got it? Got it, boss. Hi. And he'll kind of look at Sarah and put on this kind of bright, friendly smile. Is this a normal mode of transportation down here? [01:40:19] Speaker F: It's one of the faster ones. [01:40:23] Speaker E: Oh, it's mine. I came up with it. Do you like it? I could take you around sometime. [01:40:27] Speaker F: War room still small. Not now. [01:40:35] Speaker E: You're getting flirted. [01:40:38] Speaker F: I know she's pretty, but we just had those requisitions in. Really think Silbek and Sekmat are going to wait? [01:40:49] Speaker E: I suppose not. Fine. But when I get my time off, I'll take you to dinner. And he'll kind of wink at you, but it's one of those overly his whole head turns with the effort of winking with the glasses. Just makes it look all the more comical. All right, I'm going, I'm going. I know what I'm not wanted. He'll just sort of give Dolgrim a kind of mock annoyed look and then reaches up and flicks a little switch on his harness and then it takes off across the room again. [01:41:32] Speaker D: You all don't rest much, do you? [01:41:38] Speaker F: No time to nowadays. [01:41:41] Speaker D: We've had unfortunately, I've had some breaks. [01:41:46] Speaker F: But they're not the kind of breaks we want. [01:41:53] Speaker D: Well, hopefully our actions will have something to do with helping with that deed. [01:42:01] Speaker E: As if timed to the comment, we've had some breaks, but not the kind of breaks that we want. There is a very loud crash from somewhere off in the distance in these crazy, twisting caverns that Dolgrim oversees. It doesn't sound good. Dolgrim you hear shouts and chaos? [01:42:29] Speaker F: Pardon me. [01:42:34] Speaker E: Good luck, Chris. As you are working with your bow, you find that if you focus your will on it, it will produce arrows for you. Those arrows do not look normal, however, so if your hope is to ever be able to use it in bow form around mortals, you might want to have normal arrows, okay. Which Dolgrim could very easily assure you they have plenty of stockpiles of gotcha. But in a pinch, if you ever don't have arrows, it will produce them for you. The arrows look like if somebody took moonlight and turned it into metal, and then somehow, if they were able to fly fast enough, little it looks like little wisps of flame kind of crawl off of them as they fly through the air. Eventually, however, you are all kind of escorted back up into the house. And Betty kind of tells you that, as welcome as you all always are in Anvil, if you don't get going, it's going to be too late for you to leave today. And that there is snow on the horizon. So it would be good for you to get a move on now before you get stranded. Because while you all might be special, your car is very much mundane. She hands you a basket, just laden with food. [01:44:43] Speaker B: Thank you. [01:44:45] Speaker E: Of course, dearie. Of course. I put some drink in there for you, but please don't drink while you're on the road. [01:44:54] Speaker F: And I would also advise not drinking too much at once. It's still potent, even for Godlings. [01:45:10] Speaker D: Right? No DUIs during the epic adventure. Got it. [01:45:16] Speaker F: Idols. [01:45:18] Speaker E: Have fun in Georgia. Of course. I believe my husband put both of our numbers in your phones before he handed them over. So if you need anything from the Dwarves of Anvil, you give us a call. We'll do what we can to fit you in. Thank you. [01:45:55] Speaker F: You can also ask questions as well, if you come up with them later. [01:46:05] Speaker E: Definitely useful. [01:46:06] Speaker D: Again, thank you for everything that you all have done. [01:46:12] Speaker E: Our steer, she'll kind of reach over and give your hand a little pat. [01:46:18] Speaker D: She'll smile back. [01:46:21] Speaker E: Well, off with you. [01:46:25] Speaker D: Okay, who's got the keys? I'll take first shift. [01:46:29] Speaker C: Have I rejoined with them yet or am I still, like, on my way back? [01:46:32] Speaker E: You're back. They've had time to train and whatever. In fact, you probably had time to hang out outside and watch Chris work with his bow before other people started getting Shepherded back upstairs. [01:46:47] Speaker B: I did the last driving shift, so I got the keys, I'll throw them over to you. [01:46:53] Speaker D: She'll catch them and unlock the car and wait for everyone to get in before heading out. [01:46:59] Speaker A: I can navigate. [01:47:05] Speaker D: You should also control the music. Should I give a side eye to Oliver? [01:47:11] Speaker C: I was going to suggest we listen to Finnegan's Wake this time. [01:47:15] Speaker A: Oh, yeah, we can listen to that. [01:47:19] Speaker C: That was a joke. Because it's not a very easy book to listen to or read in general. [01:47:25] Speaker D: I was going to ask if your suggestion was The Old Man in the Sea, but no. [01:47:38] Speaker A: Coda. Slowly plugs her phone in while this conversation is. [01:47:44] Speaker D: In the driver's seat. [01:47:46] Speaker C: As we're loading up, I will kind of hesitate and not so much pull Chris aside, but stop him from getting in. Mr. Strong, before we continue on, I wanted to apologize. I feel as if I had offended you yesterday when we were receiving our birthrights. And I just want you to know that it was not my intention in the slightest. [01:48:14] Speaker B: You don't worry about it, ma'am. [01:48:17] Speaker F: We're good. [01:48:17] Speaker C: Thank you. Thank you. And seeing as we're going on a potentially very perilous situation or adventure, and we will be in such straits for, I feel like, our entire lives now, I would like it if you could do me a favor, if it's all right. [01:48:42] Speaker B: What? [01:48:44] Speaker C: I would greatly appreciate if you could teach me how to throw a punch. [01:48:52] Speaker B: Well, not yeah, I can do that. We got to look after each other, right? We got to need each other. So, yeah. I can teach you to fight. [01:49:02] Speaker C: Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate that. [01:49:05] Speaker B: Hey, no worries. Maybe you can teach me to, I don't know, do shape with books, because that invades my skill. [01:49:13] Speaker C: I have a lot of suggestions and weirdly. I don't know, when I was passing by the buildings early, I read some of the scripts. It was uncannily quick for me to skim over them and digest it all. I feel like it's going to be a lot easier for me to read things and suggest them this point going forward. [01:49:43] Speaker B: Nice. [01:49:45] Speaker C: Yeah. But I suppose we should load up. Chris. [01:49:53] Speaker E: Oliver, as you are having this conversation and you two returning to climb into the car, you settle into the seat next to Chris and realize that there are thin golden threads extending between everyone in the car, as if all four of you are tethered to one another. [01:50:21] Speaker C: I'm just going to smile a little bit. [01:50:28] Speaker E: You all pull out of anvil as you are in the drive and pulling out, you kind of glance up at the house that you were pulling away from. And while you can't see him or make out any details, you can see the outline of what you are relatively certain is dolgram standing in front of one of the windows, except that the window has curtains drawn over it to protect him from the sunlight. And you could tell from his posture and his stance that he has an arm over his chest and a fist up near his shoulder, and he's saluting you as you go. The drive out of town is relatively silent. You don't see any dwarves. You do see Oliver, that tall, too beautiful man that led you to see the Morrigan earlier. And he sort of watches you go before you manage to leave, pull back out onto the mountain roads and head back down towards the valleys. [01:52:12] Speaker D: Is it bad that I kind of didn't want to leave? [01:52:17] Speaker C: No, I think it's sane. And what we're doing is quite the opposite. [01:52:26] Speaker B: We're on that hero's journey, you know that we are. [01:52:32] Speaker C: Speaking of which, hear me out. Dune. [01:52:38] Speaker B: Yeah. [01:52:40] Speaker D: Finally, something decent. [01:52:43] Speaker C: It's what effectively jumpstart modern science fiction. So I enjoyed it. [01:52:48] Speaker D: Yes. [01:52:49] Speaker E: And it won't put me to sleep. [01:52:53] Speaker A: All right. Doing it. [01:52:59] Speaker C: Oh, good. And I am going to giddily play that. [01:53:06] Speaker E: I love Oliver. This is what Oliver lives for. Oliver is like I'm a demigod and I am excited to get other demigods to listen to Dune. [01:53:23] Speaker C: There's a book for everyone. [01:53:25] Speaker E: Well, you all have a good amount of time on the road before you hit Georgia. Are there any conversations you all would want to have? Any news? Anyone wants to convey? Thoughts, theories. [01:53:43] Speaker C: Along the way? I'll sort of be sitting there and eventually chime in. You know, during one of those periods where I was lying awake from all the noise the doors were making. [01:54:00] Speaker E: My. [01:54:00] Speaker C: Mind strangely turned to morality. I don't necessarily know why, but morals and ethics was on my mind. And how typically. I don't see the world in black and white just in shades of gray. But this situation we've been put into is suddenly a world of black and white where the side we're on is good and the Titans are evil and that cut and dry. [01:54:30] Speaker D: Not really. [01:54:32] Speaker C: I know. That's what I think as well. It's posed to us as such. And it made me think of something my father would always say. He repeat it time and time again to the point where it's drilled into my head. He'd always say that the law isn't moral. We are. And we are now in a place in our lives where mortal law isn't really much of an importance for us. It's still a factor, it still exists. But in many ways, we're above it. So now all we have guiding us is morality itself? I think. [01:55:17] Speaker E: So. [01:55:18] Speaker D: If a cop pulled us over right now, you don't think we'd be beholden to mortal law? [01:55:22] Speaker A: Yeah. We still hang on the situation. [01:55:25] Speaker C: If we're on our way to kill a bunch of wolves from murdering a family of six, I would say screw the police. But if we're just going to stop for some gas, we accidentally go five over the speed limit and we get a ticket for it, then, yes, I imagine we're still beholden to pay it. [01:55:43] Speaker B: Oliver, did you just say Screw the police? [01:55:47] Speaker A: Yeah, dude. [01:55:50] Speaker C: Yes. [01:55:50] Speaker A: Be still my beating heart. [01:55:57] Speaker C: What is that strange? [01:55:59] Speaker D: You almost said it. [01:56:01] Speaker B: I mean, you don't like to say anything, but that's even adjacent to being. [01:56:06] Speaker C: Rude, so I just find the act of cursing to be uncomfortable in my mouth, like gargling ash. I don't know why. I don't mind if other people do it. It just doesn't seem to suit me. [01:56:24] Speaker B: Fair enough. [01:56:25] Speaker A: Okay. Interesting. All right, maybe that'll be my goal. [01:56:33] Speaker C: To get me to swear. [01:56:35] Speaker A: I'm going to get you to swear. [01:56:37] Speaker B: You know, I think I'll be down for that, too. [01:56:40] Speaker E: Count me in five, everyone. [01:56:44] Speaker C: Should we put some money on this, then? [01:56:46] Speaker B: One day we are going to get you to say, Fuck. [01:56:50] Speaker E: Yeah, we are. [01:56:53] Speaker B: Yes, it will. [01:56:59] Speaker C: What are the terms? Do I have to willingly say it or can you trick me into saying it? [01:57:03] Speaker D: Both. [01:57:04] Speaker C: Both. [01:57:05] Speaker D: Anything's on the table. The most important thing here is the end goal. [01:57:10] Speaker C: What's the time limit, then? Until we all die. Or we all die. [01:57:15] Speaker E: Yes. [01:57:17] Speaker B: Yeah. [01:57:18] Speaker E: Oliver, darling? [01:57:20] Speaker C: Yes, you. [01:57:21] Speaker E: Make me a stamina check, please. [01:57:23] Speaker C: Stamina check. Stamina plus anything or just stamina. Stamina. [01:57:33] Speaker A: Actually. [01:57:33] Speaker E: Do you have any epic stamina? [01:57:35] Speaker C: I do not. [01:57:36] Speaker E: Okay, then make me a stamina check. [01:57:42] Speaker C: Make sure I got those dice right. [01:57:43] Speaker E: I did. [01:57:46] Speaker C: That'S one success, I believe. [01:57:49] Speaker E: Okay. There is something. Very sharp pricking at your shoulder. [01:57:57] Speaker C: Mr. Cat. Why are you ow. [01:58:01] Speaker B: Even he's getting involved. [01:58:04] Speaker E: Mr. Cat, like, slowly withdraws his claws, puts them back into his paw, and all Koda hears is had to try. [01:58:16] Speaker A: You're brilliant. I love you. [01:58:18] Speaker C: Clever cat you have there. A very clever cat. [01:58:21] Speaker A: Of course. She's going to hold out her arms to take him in. [01:58:26] Speaker E: The cat will climb from the back window into your arms and kind of curl himself up, um, and give one of those playful little, like, love bites to your hand as he goes, before he sort of, like, settles in. Gives a very long, loud purr. [01:58:52] Speaker A: Yeah, we're going to make this happen, that's for sure. [01:58:57] Speaker C: We shall see. [01:58:59] Speaker B: I think I got some NWA here somewhere. [01:59:08] Speaker E: Let's play that. [01:59:10] Speaker C: Or listen to Dune. [01:59:13] Speaker D: We're at a stopping point. [01:59:17] Speaker C: All right? [01:59:18] Speaker D: The duel isn't that important to the plot. [01:59:21] Speaker C: It's fun. [01:59:26] Speaker D: Ox chord. Here you go. I'll hand it back to whoever's playing song. [01:59:35] Speaker E: It was Chris who suggested it. [01:59:39] Speaker B: Bit of NWA. [01:59:41] Speaker E: Love it. Any other conversations you all want to have? [01:59:48] Speaker D: Yeah, once we all get a decent ways away from Anvil, sarah will just say so. We might have a method of sort of resurrecting Teddy, or at least a way in a way forward. [02:00:09] Speaker C: Really? [02:00:11] Speaker D: Yeah. You guys know much about the Lola. [02:00:18] Speaker C: Loa? [02:00:19] Speaker B: You mean like voodoo? [02:00:21] Speaker C: That's what I was thinking, yes. [02:00:24] Speaker A: Yeah, I know voodoo, and I know. [02:00:27] Speaker E: You don't mess with so well. [02:00:31] Speaker A: Nice. But in real, you don't mess with voodoo. That stuff always comes back and bites you in the butt. [02:00:41] Speaker B: Oh, that's the guy from the James Bond movie. Baron saturday, I think it's. [02:00:50] Speaker E: Is, yeah. [02:00:51] Speaker B: Saturday. [02:00:53] Speaker A: I'm sure they got multiple names at this point. All of our gods or parents or the gods, whatever. [02:01:01] Speaker B: Oh, wait, are you saying that this guy is a god as well? [02:01:05] Speaker E: Yes. [02:01:06] Speaker B: Well, shit. [02:01:09] Speaker D: And it was heavily suggested that he's the one who can help us. Not just get a body for Teddy, but well, just get a body for Teddy, which is kind of what we need first, I think. I don't know. I don't think I've ever resurrected someone before. [02:01:25] Speaker B: I don't remember doing it. [02:01:28] Speaker E: Don't think. [02:01:31] Speaker B: There was that one time after I got really drunk. [02:01:34] Speaker C: When was this? [02:01:38] Speaker B: After we did whack him. About eight years ago. We try to resurrect the dead. Who doesn't? Am I right? I think it might have just been the alcohol. [02:01:53] Speaker D: It could be both. Probably both. [02:01:56] Speaker A: Yeah, probably. [02:02:00] Speaker D: Anyways, some of my coworkers at my. [02:02:04] Speaker C: School once invited me to a seance. I declined. [02:02:07] Speaker D: That's not the seance you did. [02:02:10] Speaker C: It was for a Halloween party. [02:02:13] Speaker A: Like when people play, the stuff like that. [02:02:18] Speaker D: Well, I mean, definitely is dangerous. That was very clear. [02:02:26] Speaker A: Well, where how do we it's just in me to not want to do. [02:02:34] Speaker B: Wait, we're serious about this? [02:02:37] Speaker C: It's for Teddy. [02:02:39] Speaker E: Were you. [02:02:45] Speaker D: Like were you not serious? There's, like, a way to bring back the dead and you don't want to try? [02:02:53] Speaker C: I think the option we have here is risky, but I think we owe a detainee to at least attempt it. [02:03:05] Speaker B: What's the cast going to be? [02:03:07] Speaker D: Yeah, we don't need known as of right now, probably will remain that way until we actually get to talk to the Baron. [02:03:20] Speaker C: We can spend some time to think on it, but for now, we have a bit of leeway ahead of us before we need to truly make a decision on the matter. My position stands firm, but I understand that it does come with risks, and I'm not going to attempt to strong on the matter. If we're going to decide this, we should do it as a group. [02:03:46] Speaker A: With Teddy. [02:03:48] Speaker C: With Teddy. I agree. Next time we come across him, we should get his opinion on it. [02:03:55] Speaker D: While I agree, I feel like I should point out that rarely is ever anything worth doing and easy simultaneously. [02:04:05] Speaker A: That ain't the truth. [02:04:06] Speaker C: That is true. [02:04:10] Speaker A: Well, how about we revisit this after we decide? Or figure out how the dogs were sniffing us and finding us and hunting. [02:04:19] Speaker E: Us and all that good stuff? [02:04:23] Speaker B: Yeah. [02:04:28] Speaker D: All right. [02:04:30] Speaker A: But are you allowed to tell us who told you this? [02:04:39] Speaker D: When I was taken down to the basement, we spoke about it. [02:04:45] Speaker A: Okay, cool. Perfect. I just want to check our sources. [02:04:49] Speaker E: Just making sure. Okay. [02:04:55] Speaker A: Speaking of where we're going so are we really about to go dive into a cave to go find and talk to an oracle? Seer? [02:05:08] Speaker E: Seer? [02:05:08] Speaker A: Oracle sybil. [02:05:10] Speaker D: Maybe not all of us at once. That seems bit excessive. [02:05:15] Speaker C: I spoke to the Morgan about it a bit. She mentioned an alternative option, although I'm not keen on it. I think the sybils are a better choice between the two, and once we reach her, it'll be somewhat difficult, but we could theoretically get what we're looking for. And then we also shouldn't remove her from the caves as that's where she draws her power. [02:05:45] Speaker D: Good to know. [02:05:50] Speaker C: Okay, in case you're curious, the other option was some man who worked on a radio show that was I don't know, use the terms angry and raving to describe them. I think the bell tower is what was mentioned. [02:06:08] Speaker E: Oh, no. [02:06:10] Speaker B: Yeah, let's not do that. [02:06:11] Speaker C: I agree. [02:06:13] Speaker A: Okay, well, to the caves, then. [02:06:21] Speaker D: And Sarah will just pedal to the metal, accelerate out the. [02:06:31] Speaker E: It takes it takes a bit. Eventually, you guys do end up stopping for the know. There's the thought of, well, we could just drive through the night, but the reality is, if you do that, you're just going to arrive in the middle of the night, and then you're just going to have to wait because it's too friggin dark for you to try to go splunking. So you get a room, or a couple of rooms in a seedy little motel off of the highway. Does anybody have anything that they want to do as they turn in, or shall we skip ahead a little bit? [02:07:10] Speaker C: Is there a specific room situation we're doing? Like, each person gets their own, or are we doing two per? [02:07:16] Speaker E: That is entirely up to you guys. [02:07:18] Speaker C: Also asking that for the group. [02:07:20] Speaker E: Oh, sorry. [02:07:23] Speaker A: Yeah, I don't mind. Maybe we maybe we should share just in case something happens. Yeah, one of us try to get snatched. Yeah, that's. [02:07:36] Speaker C: We have money to burn, but best to keep it as burnable as possible. [02:07:42] Speaker A: Should never have money to burn. All right, sharing rooms. I call Sarah. Obviously. [02:07:53] Speaker E: Appropriate. [02:07:59] Speaker C: I guess. Let's pick a room. Chris? That one great option. [02:08:11] Speaker E: All right, you all settle into your rooms for the night. I would like I would like Oliver to roll me an intelligence plus. Your total dots in your fate purview. [02:08:38] Speaker C: And does epic intelligence apply to this? [02:08:41] Speaker E: Epic intelligence adds automatic successes. So you tell me. I assume you have two dots in epic intelligence. [02:08:48] Speaker C: I do indeed. So there'll be automatically two successes in. [02:08:50] Speaker E: The matter, and then you roll your int plus. There we go. Well done, sir. [02:09:01] Speaker C: Seven successes. [02:09:02] Speaker E: Yes. [02:09:02] Speaker C: Thank you. [02:09:05] Speaker E: Goodness. Okay, so as you all settle in for the night and begin to pass into dreams, oliver, you feel yourself in that twilight space between waking and dreaming, where you're aware that you're dreaming. [02:09:41] Speaker A: But. [02:09:41] Speaker E: Not entirely sure how much of what you are experiencing is only in your head and how much is real. And you hear drums, rhythmic beats that come from what sound like hand drums of some sort. You can smell smoke from some sort of a fire. You can feel your body sing and burn all at the same time with the effort to keep up with some sort of wild frenetic dance. It feels good. You can feel yourself sweat, and the sweat feels clean rather than it's the clean sweat of a good workout rather than the anxiety that you are accustomed to feeling. And you kind of turn. And as you turn and this blackness is surrounding you, you catch sight of a flash of green eyes for just a moment and then you wake up and you wake up just in time to hear the long, high howl of a wolf. [02:11:46] Speaker C: Can I, like, quickly check see what time it is? [02:11:49] Speaker E: It's about two or three in the morning. [02:11:53] Speaker C: Chris. Chris. Dude, what did you hear? Wolf. Wolf. [02:12:04] Speaker B: Shit. [02:12:05] Speaker C: Yeah. We should wake the other two. Could we just be nothing but from our experience, I'd rather not risk it. [02:12:17] Speaker B: Do we have adjoining rooms? BP. Do we have, like, an adjoining wall? [02:12:22] Speaker E: You have an adjoining wall, but there isn't like, a door between of it's a motel. So you'd have to go outside into their door. [02:12:29] Speaker B: I'm going to just hammer on the wall, basically, wherever it is, whichever adjoining wall it is really hard. Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam. [02:12:37] Speaker E: You have epic strength, right? [02:12:39] Speaker B: Yes, I do. [02:12:40] Speaker E: How many dots? [02:12:41] Speaker B: Two. [02:12:42] Speaker E: Yeah. Okay, so you go to bang on the wall and realize that you're way stronger than you used to be and you just put your fist through it. Okay, so there's now a hole between your room and their room. [02:12:55] Speaker B: Shit. [02:12:56] Speaker E: But I'm not even going to make them roll to see if they hear you. They're awake. [02:13:02] Speaker D: What? [02:13:02] Speaker B: Holy guys. [02:13:04] Speaker E: Wolf. [02:13:05] Speaker B: Wolf sounds. Wolf sounds. Get up. [02:13:07] Speaker A: Okay. Oh, my God. [02:13:11] Speaker E: I would like everybody to roll join battle, please. Okay. And if you do not, this would be a good time to make sure that that cheat sheet I made you is open. Yes. Just as a reminder, your Join Battle is your base wits plus awareness. And you get to add your epic. [02:13:43] Speaker C: Wits auto successes after you roll three from me. [02:13:49] Speaker E: Do you have any epic wits? [02:13:51] Speaker C: I do not. [02:13:52] Speaker E: Okay. [02:14:00] Speaker B: Six for me. [02:14:02] Speaker E: Good Lord. Okay, so we're going to say Coda is the top. [02:14:10] Speaker D: I think mine was. [02:14:14] Speaker E: Are they separated on your screen? Because mine it's Coda and then you and then the dice roller did both. [02:14:21] Speaker D: Yeah. If they're not separated, should we reroll? [02:14:28] Speaker E: No, it's fine. We'll just say that Coda's is the top and yours is the bottom because you rolled the same number of dice and you both win. Okay, so it's fine. [02:14:40] Speaker D: I got two and two epic wits. [02:14:45] Speaker E: Hermite, darling. Yes. I need your join battle, please. [02:14:57] Speaker G: So that's three. [02:15:01] Speaker E: Does that include your epic wits? Yes. All right. Very nice, ladies and gentlemen. Very nice. Okay, so I'm going to have everybody give me your numbers one more time because I just accidentally deleted them. Oliver, what did you get? [02:15:24] Speaker C: Three. [02:15:25] Speaker E: Three. Chris, 6766. Coda got no, sorry, 51234. You have one epic wits. Yeah, five. Sarah got one, two. Do you have any epic wits, Sarah? [02:15:52] Speaker D: I have two. [02:15:53] Speaker E: Two epic wits plus the two that you had since four. And Termite got three total. Three successes. [02:16:09] Speaker G: Three total. [02:16:11] Speaker E: Excellent. Excellent. That means that Chris gets to go first, coda gets to go second. Sarah's third. Gwen, what's your dex? [02:16:32] Speaker G: Dex is four. [02:16:36] Speaker E: Coda, what is your decks? [02:16:39] Speaker A: My dex is three. [02:16:42] Speaker E: Okay, so Gwen gets to go before no, wait, I'm sorry. Gwen gets to go before Oliver? I'm 99% certain that Gwen has more decks than Oliver, not Coda. My bad. [02:16:55] Speaker C: I have three. [02:16:56] Speaker E: Yeah. Okay, cool. Your order is Chris Coda. Sarah Gwen and The Baddies. And then right. All right, Chris, you've heard another howl outside the motel after accidentally putting your fist through the wall in your haste to wake up the girls. [02:17:33] Speaker B: So I'm going to grab my bow, which is probably in knuckle duster form. [02:17:39] Speaker E: Yeah. [02:17:40] Speaker B: And I will say blixed, and it immediately changes into bow. [02:17:47] Speaker E: Excellent. [02:17:48] Speaker B: And I'm not going to go and get an arrow. I'm going to use one of the gossamer moonlight arrows and I will knock one ready to go, and then I'm going to go and crouch down at the window and have a look and see what we've got. [02:18:02] Speaker E: All right, give me perception and awareness, please. [02:18:07] Speaker B: I do have subliminal warning as an epic perception knack as well. [02:18:13] Speaker E: Remind me what that does. [02:18:15] Speaker B: So basically, if we are going to be ambushed, then I get a role to detect. It basically dice equal to my epic perception on the stand and wits and awareness role to detect any kind of ambush or things like that. [02:18:35] Speaker E: All right, excellent. Well, there is no ambush because Oliver had a good enough role with his vision that he woke up in time to hear them coming. But that is good for me to know for later because this is certainly not going to be the first time somebody tries to catch you off guard. [02:18:55] Speaker B: On the back of that. I also have predatory focus as well, which allows me to track people. [02:19:02] Speaker E: Excellent. [02:19:04] Speaker B: But if I look at the window, what do I see? [02:19:07] Speaker E: Well, right now it's quite dark. So did you make me a wits and awareness? Did I have you roll that? [02:19:14] Speaker B: You did not. [02:19:15] Speaker E: Could you please do that? I apologize. I thought I had told you standby. If predatory focus gives you any bonuses to that, this is the time to use those. I don't know if it enhances your night vision or something. [02:19:33] Speaker B: No. What happened? [02:19:41] Speaker E: You forgot you type R D instead of R? [02:19:49] Speaker B: My bad. Sorry about that. Plus two dots of epic width. [02:19:54] Speaker E: So that's four. It's pretty good. So at first you don't see anything, and then you see a large black shadow dart from one car to the next out in the parking lot. It's about I'd say about 40 to 50ft no, 40 to I'm sorry, closer to, like, 30 to 40 yards from Europe. [02:20:24] Speaker B: And can I make out what that shape is? [02:20:27] Speaker E: It's very, very big. It's hard to tell exactly what it is, but it's not human, and it's very dark because it's nighttime. That's the only reason why you're not 100% sure. But it's about the right size to be one of those wolves. [02:20:44] Speaker B: Okay. I will tell Oliver what I've seen and where it is, and then I'm going to aim on that area for it to show its head. [02:20:54] Speaker E: Excellent. Are you taking the aim action? [02:20:56] Speaker B: Yes, I am. [02:20:58] Speaker E: All right, so everybody is aware the aim action means that you are basically sacrificing your spot in the turn order to go to the end of the turn order because there are so many people between you and the end. If you manage to make it through the end without getting interrupted or anything like that, you get three extra dice coda. [02:21:25] Speaker A: Yes. So picking up with everything that's happening, coda is going to kind of try to peek through the little front window areas, through the curtain and look out. But above to I'm going to do smoking mirror and try to look at the moon and see a reflection through the moon, a bird's eye view of the surrounding area up to 9 miles. [02:21:53] Speaker E: Very handy. Yeah, there a role associated with that. [02:21:57] Speaker A: It's just one of my necks, so I just do it. But I have to spend one legend. That's it. [02:22:03] Speaker E: That sounds like a boon, not a neck. Sorry. [02:22:06] Speaker A: Neck. [02:22:07] Speaker E: So spend one of your legend points. [02:22:10] Speaker A: Yes. [02:22:11] Speaker E: So out of your pool of nine, you'll spend one of those see, and then just read it to me one more time. I apologize. [02:22:19] Speaker A: By looking up at the moon and spending the requisite legend point, which is one the character sees reflected in a bird eyed view of the surrounding terrain, this perspective allows a clear view of a radius in a mile equal to the scion's legend. The scion may focus on any point in the reflection and see it clearly, but cannot see through physical objects. This boon doesn't function on new moon nights, but it can see down through thick clouds on any other night. If the moon is visible during the day, the Cyan can use this boon as well. [02:22:57] Speaker E: Excellent. [02:22:58] Speaker D: Okay. [02:22:58] Speaker A: I meant I can see 3 miles, not 9 miles. [02:23:01] Speaker E: That's fine. That is an easy mistake to make considering that you have nine legend points. Okay. So what you see from where you are, number one, you see what definitely looks like one of those big, hulking black wolves in the area that Chris has his bow trained on, you can't necessarily see Chris because he's inside. That being said, you also see another wolf that looks like it is circling around towards the back of the building. You all don't have, like. A door on that side or anything, but there are windows, so that's something to be aware of. And you see the figure of a woman with blonde hair. She's kind of standing somewhat distant from all of this and just watching. Seems unaware of you. Okay. [02:24:16] Speaker A: Can I? Okay. Cool. I'm going to relay this information to the group, but I'm going to try to say it quietly and go specifically Sarah, because she's closer to me. And hopefully the others eventually can hear this to Coda is going to be like, okay, so there's definitely one out in the area where you said it was initially. There's another one coming around the back of the hotel, so we should keep an eye on that. And there's a woman out there, she's blonde. She doesn't realize I've seen her through the moon. I can't believe I'm seeing someone through the moon. But does she seem like she's just whiff them? I'm assuming, right? [02:25:02] Speaker E: It's hard to tell. All you know is that she's watching. [02:25:05] Speaker A: Okay. And she's kind of just watching what's going on. Don't know. What's the deal with that? Are we fighting them or are we running? [02:25:17] Speaker E: Fighting. All right, that was your turn. Yes, Sarah. Yes. [02:25:28] Speaker D: So with the information given, she's going to aim her revolver out of whatever area she can. But I'm gonna yeah, I have a I do have a question. How does one, like, speak during combat? [02:25:51] Speaker E: You have a couple of seconds. You basically have about five to 6 seconds. So I cap how much you can say, but I'm not going to keep time or anything like that. I'll just kind of cut you off when it seems reasonable, like I did with Sam or yeah, sorry, sticker. [02:26:14] Speaker A: I'll survive. [02:26:17] Speaker E: Sorry. Go ahead. [02:26:19] Speaker D: Yeah, so she'll try to spot the wolf out back and aim at it. [02:26:24] Speaker E: Make me a perception and awareness. If you have any powers associated with darkness or moonlight or whatever that could give you heightened senses or help you overcome how dark it is, this is the time to use them. [02:26:40] Speaker D: I do have a dot and epic perception. [02:26:43] Speaker E: Okay, well, that'll give you an automatic success. We'll see if that's enough. [02:26:49] Speaker D: Okay. [02:26:54] Speaker E: Yeah, you're fine. Jesus. Okay, that's five just on the dice with another one from your autos auto success. So that's six total. You very much like you can't see details, but you definitely can see where it is. You could see its big furry body. It's kind of hunched down in the what do you call it? In the shadow of a big pickup that's parked out back. Okay. Do you want to take a shot? Is that what's happening? [02:27:33] Speaker D: No, she's aiming, waiting for it to get closer. [02:27:36] Speaker E: Okay, so you're at the bottom of the list then. And you're going to go after Chris. So if you don't get attacked before you come up in the turn order, you'll have two dice for aiming. When my darling, you get to make decisions about what the wolves are going to do. I will handle the mechanics for you. [02:28:04] Speaker C: Oh, boy. [02:28:09] Speaker G: Well, first, is there any chance that the wolves notice that people are awake and prepared for anything? [02:28:20] Speaker E: Let me look at their stats of that. There's at least one person don't they don't know everything. They don't know that everybody is up, but they heard the thud from Chris's fist going through one of the walls. [02:28:56] Speaker G: All right. Yeah. So I think they're going to start closing on the motel. [02:29:06] Speaker E: Okay. Would you like them to attack now, or are you trying to flush out the scions inside? [02:29:14] Speaker G: We're going to try to flush them out for right now. [02:29:17] Speaker E: All right, well, that sounds like. [02:29:27] Speaker A: It. [02:29:28] Speaker E: That sounds like I'm going to have one of them use battle cry. Chris, the one that you have had your sights set on, lifts his head and lets out a long, deep howl that seems to almost make the walls reverberate. And he is quickly answered by another howl. [02:30:00] Speaker B: He doesn't stick his head up far enough to see. [02:30:04] Speaker E: Oh, you can see him. You've been able to see him. Yeah, but I thought if you're aiming and you want your full effect of being able to hit him, you have to wait until you come back up in the thing. All right, that's fine. I am finding the thing for this battle cry. This is really something I should have had written down, and I apologize. I had everything else written down. [02:30:36] Speaker C: I also have it, so I got you Valkyrie. Is that all of us on the enemy team lose one, die on all tack rolls for a number of rounds equal to their legend rating. [02:30:48] Speaker E: Okay, so they have to roll Charisma and Presence in order to try to use that. [02:31:09] Speaker C: And is that combined by our mental DVS? [02:31:14] Speaker E: Yes. So I'm going to need everybody's mental DV here in a moment. Ah, Gwen, could you please roll me five dice them, but that gives them three successes. What's everybody's mental DV? [02:31:56] Speaker C: 1 second because I need to look something seven. [02:32:04] Speaker B: I didn't do the changes to mine after adding points on what was it before? It was four before. [02:32:11] Speaker E: Well, then you're fine. They can't break that anyway. [02:32:15] Speaker B: Okay. [02:32:19] Speaker E: I assume that yours is really high right now. [02:32:23] Speaker C: I might have also accidentally forgotten make the changes, but right now it's six. But then I also have blockade of reason, so if I wanted to use it, I could add some extra to it, but I won't for now. [02:32:37] Speaker E: Got you. Okay, well, everybody passes, so nobody loses any dice. Lucky you. The second one, on the other hand, is going to charge one of the windows at the back almost straight for Sarah, and he is going to use Holy rampage to try to break down the wall and the window around her. Duh duh. That is strength. Plus, I guess we'll do athletics so that's ten dice, please, if you will. Termite with two automatic successes. Goodness. One, two, three. So that's five automatic successes. So, Sarah, if you would roll me decks plus athletics to see if you can get out of the way. The wall is done. It's just going to barrel through the fucking wall. This is to see if you manage to get away before you get caught up in the middle of it. [02:34:10] Speaker D: I have one epic decks, but okay, awesome. [02:34:17] Speaker E: Roll me a Stamina plus Fortitude. [02:34:36] Speaker D: And then I also have two epic Stamina. Okay. [02:34:44] Speaker E: So that's 6789 plus your, your two automatics. So that's eleven total. Okay, so here's what happens. This massive black wolf charges the window that you're at and charges the wall and just barrels through it. You are not able to move in time to avoid the debris and the brick and everything else that comes crashing at you, but instinctively you bring an an arm up. Your gun drops for a moment, but you bring an arm up to block all of that debris coming down at you and you realize you're, like, prepared to get crushed and to end up underneath of this thing. But you realize as it happens that what ends up happening is you get hit by all of this debris and it knocks you like you slide backwards on your knees, but you're fine. You're dusty and like, your elbow might be bruised tomorrow, but you barely felt it. And there is now a massive wolf in your face. You have the option to shoot. Now, you've effectively lost your aim action because you got attacked, but you can shoot now if you would like. [02:36:13] Speaker D: Am I able to shoot and use a neck? [02:36:17] Speaker E: If the neck impacts your shot, yes. [02:36:21] Speaker D: Okay. Then just for now, she's going to look the wolf straight in the eyes and say, Freeze. And I want to use overt order, which is sometimes the direct method is more effective than the cleverest of intricate schemes. With this knack, a scion barks out a command that the target must obey. Doing so costs one willpower and the command must be one that scion can give and the victim can perform in a single action. [02:36:47] Speaker E: Okay. Is there anything regarding a role that they would have to roll to make to defend against that? [02:36:59] Speaker D: No, only that it can't last more than one action or one round. [02:37:07] Speaker E: Okay, well, he freezes. I know that he's not going to be able to. Do you have a role that you have to make for that? No, it just costs one willpower. It just happens. Okay. It's one of those I have a hard time keeping track of which ones are roles and which ones just happen, so he pauses. His legend is at least equal to yours, so you just stop at deadness tracks. He's Snarling and it's the first time you've really gotten a good look at one of these things. The teeth on this thing are almost as long as your forearm. He is salivating, he is ready. Eyes are blazing. And there is something in your gut that feels like leaded, certainty, but also the cold finger of fear at the base of your spine. Like you are supposed to fight these things. This is what you were born to do. But also you recognize that if there is anything out there that is truly a threat to someone like you, it's this. And you are reminded by your father's words that it'll be him who kills the Fenris Wolf when Ragnarok comes. Okay, Gwen, is there anything you would like to do? Are you going to continue to watch? [02:39:01] Speaker G: I think she'd get a bit closer, but still just watching. [02:39:07] Speaker E: Okay, Oliver. [02:39:12] Speaker C: Yes. [02:39:14] Speaker E: Your turn, darlin. [02:39:16] Speaker C: I want to come up next to Chris, kind of look out the window. That wolf by the truck is still there. [02:39:25] Speaker E: Oh, yeah. The head is, like, up where Chris can see it. Chris is taking aim on it. [02:39:31] Speaker C: I'm going to turn to Chris really quick. How powerful would you say that bow is? [02:39:37] Speaker B: Very. [02:39:38] Speaker C: I have a better idea. And I'm going to reach into my satchel, pull out my vegetable oil and my lighter, aim for that truck's fuel canister or wherever the fuel stored. And if I can, I would like to douse his arrow with the vegetable oil and try to light it. [02:40:02] Speaker E: Oh, Chris, are you using the gossamer arrows or the real arrows? [02:40:06] Speaker B: No gossamer ones. I didn't have time to grab a real one. [02:40:08] Speaker E: Oh, boy. Okay, Oliver, let's go ahead and make this what kind of role would this be? [02:40:19] Speaker C: Command. [02:40:21] Speaker E: Well, yeah, let's go with intent. Command. [02:40:24] Speaker C: Okay. [02:40:26] Speaker E: And I believe you have something that helps you with those, don't you? [02:40:30] Speaker C: Yes, I do. First of all, two automatic successes from Epic intelligence. So where's the yep. And I will spend one legend point from Warmaster's site to give myself an additional die to. This goes up, then four successes. [02:41:08] Speaker E: Plus how many automatics? [02:41:11] Speaker C: Two. So six successes, actually. [02:41:15] Speaker E: Okay, cool. So effectively what I'm going to do, Chris, is that we're going to say that that would normally add to the damage that you do, and it would normally add seven lethal because he's literally, like, helping you to create a fireball to blow this thing up. So that's effectively going to just wipe out the wolf's. Soak the wolf just doesn't have soak anymore. So any damage that you do is just full on damage. There's nothing that it can do about it. [02:42:03] Speaker B: Okay. [02:42:03] Speaker C: Aim for the fuel stored, and I'm sure whoever owns that truck has insurance. [02:42:10] Speaker E: Excellent. Okay, well, that makes it Chris's turn. [02:42:14] Speaker B: And I will do that. I will let loose my arrow. [02:42:19] Speaker E: All right, so go ahead and roll me your to. Okay. [02:42:27] Speaker B: Nine successes plus two automatic. [02:42:32] Speaker E: What just happened? Holy crap. Okay. Yeah. Plus how many automatics? [02:42:43] Speaker B: Two automatic. I got an epic decks of two that's eleven. [02:42:49] Speaker E: Okay, cool. Well, you wiped out a soak. [02:43:00] Speaker D: So. [02:43:00] Speaker E: So here's what happens, Oliver. You put this oil all over the tip of this arrow, and you're not even sure that it'll stick, because, frankly, this isn't a normal arrow. You're not even sure that this arrow is physical. But you hit it with your lighter just before he lets it fly, and you can see that what you expect to be a relatively small flame that'll kind of creep up the shaft of the arrow immediately becomes this almost burning white and gold light on the end of it. And Chris draws a deep breath, and as he is exhaling, he releases. And this arrow flies truer than anything you've ever seen. You don't really have an opportunity to make out the moment of impact, but you see it pass through the metal of this truck and it embeds in the gas can. And there's a moment where nothing happens, and you both kind of go, well, fuck. And then there's a boom, and it's massive. And the truck goes up in just this huge fireball. You don't even hear, like, a yelp from the Wolf, mostly because as that fireball goes off, the two cars on either side of the truck go up with it. You're not sure what happened to the Wolf. You just know you can't see it anymore because there is fire and shrapnel everywhere. [02:44:54] Speaker C: Turn to Chris, give a thumbs up. [02:44:59] Speaker B: I'll nod and then keep scanning for another target. [02:45:03] Speaker E: Chris, it's your turn again. We're back at the top of the turn order. Your side of the building, as far as you can tell, does not have another one. You did hear mention of a woman, but I'm going to say that Gwen is so far away that there's no way you could make her out from. [02:45:20] Speaker B: Where you are now. There is a wolf in the room next door, right? [02:45:24] Speaker E: Yes. [02:45:27] Speaker B: And I put a hole in the wall because I punched through it. So I'd like to fire through that hole in the wall at the Wolf. [02:45:34] Speaker E: All right, I'll allow it. I'm going to say that because you are having to do this through just a fist size hole and you're not entirely sure where the wolf is, and you're doing it on the fly, you're going to be at, like, a negative two dice. Not that that should be a big deal, mr. I have a million dice on archery checks. [02:45:56] Speaker B: I only have ten dice at the moment. Then. [02:45:59] Speaker C: Only ten? [02:46:00] Speaker E: Only ten. [02:46:01] Speaker B: That's five successes plus two automatic. [02:46:05] Speaker E: All right, so that's seven versus its defense value. It meets, it beats it sorry, one moment. [02:46:38] Speaker B: Defense always wins if they're equal. [02:46:40] Speaker E: Yeah. Okay, so you basically rolled exactly the number that it has at its Dodge. Got you. You do have the option to reroll an attack roll if you want to spend a legend point. [02:46:54] Speaker B: Yeah, let's do that. [02:46:55] Speaker E: Okay. Go for it. [02:47:05] Speaker B: There we go. [02:47:06] Speaker E: Much better. [02:47:07] Speaker B: That's nine. And that's nine plus two. That's eleven. [02:47:12] Speaker E: Okay, so that's 911. Cool. So his his Soak or not his Soak. His his Dodge was seven. So go ahead and take your excess what do you call it, successes, and roll your damage. [02:47:45] Speaker B: So the Gossamer bows, what's their base damage? Because I don't think we talked about that. [02:47:54] Speaker E: The arrows themselves don't do anything extra. They're just like you just essentially have unlimited ammo. But the bow itself is the long bow stats, which I can find if you give me one plus whatever the I believe I gave you, like what your extra stuff is in the description. Come on. I apologize. This will get faster in the future, I promise. Guys. BA BA BA BA BA. [02:48:38] Speaker B: I should rolled an extra dice as well. [02:48:43] Speaker E: You can roll it now if you would like that'll. Give me a second to find your all right, so we're going to use a dieq. [02:48:54] Speaker B: That's an extra two successes. That's 13 successes. [02:49:00] Speaker C: Chris, chris. [02:49:01] Speaker E: Chris. [02:49:04] Speaker B: Eleven successes plus two automatic. So 13. So that's a thing that happened. [02:49:10] Speaker E: Do you think that Chris would use a bow that is nearly his height or slightly smaller than him? We'll give you the option. [02:49:21] Speaker B: Slightly smaller, definitely. [02:49:22] Speaker E: Okay, so that's a Hong kyu. So you get a plus one to your accuracy. Just like a base normal, mortal version of this. You get plus one to your accuracy and plus two lethal. And they have a range of 30. So roll your did the wrong thing again. It. [02:49:56] Speaker B: Four. [02:50:06] Speaker E: Don't believe they have any hardness. I'm sorry. I'm scrolling back and forth at the book trade to look everything up. I know that I had notes on all of this, but I can't find them. [02:50:26] Speaker A: These wolves are so easy. [02:50:30] Speaker C: Blow up a car on top of them. It's easy. [02:50:32] Speaker A: Yeah, just blow up cars, commit a. [02:50:36] Speaker E: Small act of domestic terrorism. [02:50:38] Speaker C: Yeah, like I said, I'm sure they have insurance. [02:50:42] Speaker A: Yeah. [02:50:45] Speaker E: Because insurance is what you have to worry about. [02:50:48] Speaker A: Just insurance. [02:50:50] Speaker E: Come on, where is it? Just had okay. BA BA BA. And this is lethal, correct? [02:51:06] Speaker B: That's correct, yes. [02:51:08] Speaker E: Okay, so I fucked up. So let me look at your role. Because typically in the rules, what you would normally do is you would take your your damage dice, you know, your damaged dice and you'd roll them and then you would subtract soak from that or hardness from that. No, soak. Yes. Soak I think that's dumb. I think that we should just use soak to remove dice so that you still have chances of hitting things and it just doesn't negate everything. So what I would like for you to do is reroll that, but subtract four dice from my or you could take it from your last roll, which just means that you give up one of your damage. I'm giving you the option. You can either lose a damage or you can just reroll period with five dice instead of nine because I fucked up. [02:52:06] Speaker B: I'll just lose a dice off of what I've got already. I'll be quicker. So that's three. [02:52:09] Speaker E: Okay, cool. Three. So you let this thing fly and it's kind of insane, right? Because Sarah is like looking at this wolf that is frozen in place, cannot move. And Sarah all of a sudden you see a silvery arrow with little licks of flame coming off of it embed in this thing's like shoulder and you hear it kind of yelp and it staggers a little bit, but it is still very much standing and looks more annoyed than genuinely hurt. Okay, cool. Next person. I apologize for how long that particular turn took. This is just growing pains. Coda, there is a massive wolf in your room and there's a hole in the wall and Chris just shot it with an arrow through a oh, Coda. [02:53:23] Speaker A: Is grinning so widely and she's going to slash this thing. [02:53:30] Speaker E: Coda's gotten manic. Okay, I'm going to assume you're doing this with the copesh. [02:53:38] Speaker A: I sure am. [02:53:39] Speaker E: So roll your to hit that's melee. [02:53:44] Speaker A: Correct. [02:53:44] Speaker E: That is melee. Yes. [02:53:48] Speaker A: Okay, so that's seven. Do I add anything or it's just whatever the formula we did before. [02:53:57] Speaker E: It is your formula. Your base attack pools for melee are strength plus decks divided by two, plus your melee, and then don't forget your epic. [02:54:14] Speaker A: And then my epic. [02:54:20] Speaker E: Epic strength or epic strength? [02:54:23] Speaker A: Epic strength. So then that's 1234-5678 successes. [02:54:33] Speaker E: She roll already. Yes, you did. Jesus. Did you say seven or eight? [02:54:39] Speaker A: Eight. [02:54:41] Speaker E: Cool. Versus it's dodge, which is seven. So you have one excess thing, what do you call it? Success. Jesus. Unfortunately it soak is just going to eat that one die that you would normally get to roll. Oh, wait, hang on. You have one plus your decks, plus your decks and strength, your auto successes and decks and strength. So how many is that total? [02:55:30] Speaker A: So one, plus my decks and strength, auto successes. [02:55:36] Speaker E: So your epics. [02:55:38] Speaker A: Oh, I see. So 12344. [02:55:45] Speaker E: Okay. Plus whatever damage is on your weapon. [02:55:49] Speaker A: Damage is plus six lethal. [02:55:53] Speaker E: Okay. [02:55:58] Speaker A: Ten. [02:56:00] Speaker E: Okay, ten. And we're going to subtract his soak, which is four, which brings you down to six. Roll me six dice, please. [02:56:06] Speaker A: You got it. [02:56:09] Speaker E: I'm getting faster. [02:56:11] Speaker A: You're doing great. I can't wait to smash these stupid things in the face. Code is also saying this in her head. [02:56:20] Speaker E: 610. [02:56:29] Speaker A: Two successes. Two I believe. [02:56:33] Speaker E: Yes, that is two and those are lethal. [02:56:41] Speaker A: Yes. [02:56:44] Speaker E: All right, done and done. We're getting there. Sarah. [02:56:54] Speaker D: I want to shoot it. [02:56:56] Speaker E: Shoot it? [02:56:58] Speaker C: Yeah, shoot it. [02:57:00] Speaker E: Cool. [02:57:14] Speaker D: I do have an auto success for. [02:57:17] Speaker E: Decks, so that's 12345 plus your decks, which makes that six. And unfortunately his dodge is seven. So you don't break you don't break his dodge. [02:57:40] Speaker D: Okay, can I use a legend to reroll? [02:57:43] Speaker E: You can absolutely use a legend to reroll. Don't forget, if you have anything that kind of adds to this stuff. This is when you use it. 234-5678 and then nine with the epic decks. No, it's eight with eight. Okay, I already included that. Okay, so you have one auto success, right? Yes. All right, cool. So you bypass his dodge. So take your plus one from that and then add any auto successes you have from perception and decks. Okay, that's two. So you have two auto successes from perception index. [02:58:49] Speaker D: Yes. [02:58:49] Speaker E: So that gives you three total and then add your damage from your weapon plus five lethal. So that's eight, right? [02:59:02] Speaker D: Yes. [02:59:03] Speaker E: And then his soak is four. So roll me four dice. [02:59:13] Speaker D: Yeah. One. [02:59:14] Speaker A: One. [02:59:15] Speaker E: Hey, you know what? Every little bit counts. You all are getting into the point where you are giving him negatives to his roles. [02:59:24] Speaker D: If I can, I'd like to move out of the way as well. [02:59:29] Speaker E: You can move, but you can't move very far. Basically, you can free up a little bit more space for coda, but generally moving is considered its own form of action. Unless you want to go, like you know what I mean? Unless you're only going like a couple of feet. If you want to go long distance, it basically takes your turn. Okay, Gwen, what are the baddies going to do? You've got one wolf who is no longer frozen. The other one is a charred mess. [03:00:06] Speaker G: The other one very crispy. [03:00:09] Speaker E: Yes. [03:00:13] Speaker G: I think the one wolf is going to probably go after the person that just tried to hit it with well, successfully hit it with a fucking sword. [03:00:23] Speaker E: Okay, coda, my darling. Okay, so melee should and I have lost my I lost my notes, so I have to relook at my homebrew stuff. My bad, my bad. Where are you? Base tack rolls. This is going to be a brawl. Strength plus decks, nine divided by two is four plus its athletics, which is five. That's nine divided by two, back down to four, plus its epic epic decks and epic widths, which is one. Okay, so that's five. Yes. No, wait. Oh, my God. I was looking at dodge DV. I'm so sorry, guys, wrong line. Strength plus decks is nine divided by two is four plus its ability, which is brawl. So that's nine. Yes. Okay, so I'm going to roll nine dice. Could you roll nine dice, please? [03:02:08] Speaker G: Yes. [03:02:09] Speaker E: Jesus. I'm so sorry, guys. 12356 successes, you said? [03:02:25] Speaker G: I believe so, yes. [03:02:29] Speaker E: Okay, six plus its epics, which is three. So that's nine. Coda, what's your dodge? Or Perry. Whatever is higher. [03:02:45] Speaker A: Dodger. Perry it's plus 310 is dodge. [03:02:54] Speaker E: Eight is parry, n is your dodge. [03:02:56] Speaker A: Yes. [03:02:57] Speaker E: Okay, well, he tries to snap at you, tries to reach over, and it honestly is trying to take off the hand that has the sword, but you are just too nimble and light on your feet. You kind of dance backwards slightly and kind of spin out of the way is Gwen doing anything. [03:03:25] Speaker G: So first I do want to ask just to make sure that I'm understanding things properly when it comes to the extra successes from epic stats for attacking it's. The two relevant epic stats added together and then divided by two no, not. [03:03:44] Speaker E: The epics, just the base. Okay, I see your epics give you auto successes. [03:03:51] Speaker G: Yes, I was just making sure. So it's the full number from both. [03:03:54] Speaker E: Is applied from your epics. Yes. [03:03:59] Speaker G: Cool. Does that also apply to Dodging and Parry? [03:04:05] Speaker E: No, the calculation for that is in the thing. [03:04:10] Speaker G: So I only ask because this came up before. I mostly just want to make sure that I have because it's listed differently in two different places. [03:04:22] Speaker E: Yes, it's this stuff. I will copy paste it. [03:04:27] Speaker G: Yeah, because the one you sent me has it all halved. Yes. [03:04:39] Speaker E: Not all halved. [03:04:40] Speaker G: Okay. I was just making sure because in a previous message I'm so sorry to be causing problems. [03:04:47] Speaker E: No, it's okay. I may have, like, copy pasted from something old. I'm not sure, but I don't remember it ever all being half okay. [03:04:57] Speaker C: I. [03:04:57] Speaker G: Need to update something. [03:05:05] Speaker E: Growing pains. Sorry, guys. First combat. [03:05:11] Speaker A: This is great. [03:05:14] Speaker E: You all are like, we're badass, we're okay with waiting. Pew pew. So are you looking to get closer. [03:05:28] Speaker G: Or yes, definitely getting closer. [03:05:32] Speaker E: All right, well, I think that with that in mind, this is a good time for me to change the scene so that our audience could see what Gwen looks like. [03:05:49] Speaker A: I have a question. [03:05:51] Speaker E: Yes, dear. [03:05:51] Speaker A: With my purview that I used or the boon that I used for the moon, it doesn't really say when it ends. It just says whenever I look at the moon. So is it still happening as long as I just look at the moon? [03:06:07] Speaker E: If you turn and look back up at the moon, yes. [03:06:09] Speaker A: Okay. Cool beans. Thank you. [03:06:11] Speaker E: But you have been attacking things, so you are obviously not looking at the moon right now. [03:06:15] Speaker A: Yeah. [03:06:18] Speaker G: And we're also going to go ahead and I'm going to do my end. [03:06:25] Speaker C: Sure. The legend points marked download. [03:06:43] Speaker E: I am deeply enjoying watching the chat. People's reactions to art being revealed aren't always pretty. [03:06:54] Speaker G: Okay, so I will be activating untouchable opponent. [03:07:00] Speaker E: Okay, good to know. Does it super do anything right now? Because nobody is attacking you, but good to know. Just in case. All right, Oliver. [03:07:16] Speaker C: All right. [03:07:16] Speaker E: You are last in line, good sir. [03:07:19] Speaker C: I'm going to try to sort of back up deeper into the rooms that I'm also nearby that hole and that way that Chris can hear me and so can the other two. I'm just going to call out, the bill has come due. This is for Teddy. And I'm going to use blessing of bravery to give everyone a temporary point of willpower and then two temporary points of valor. [03:07:45] Speaker E: Oh, love. That awesome. So even those of you who do not normally have valor as one of your value or your virtues. You now have two points, so remember that you have that in case you want to do something special to get like, extra dice and whatnot. Very nice. [03:08:10] Speaker C: And I believe we can do that one for free. So that's perfect. [03:08:15] Speaker E: Perfect. Chris, we're back to you, good sir. [03:08:20] Speaker B: Okay, well, we still have a wolf the other side, right? [03:08:24] Speaker E: Yeah, it's hurt, but it's still up. [03:08:29] Speaker B: That's really got to be my focus because it's on my friends and I don't want it to kill my friends. And I already have valor. I also have loyalty as a virtue and vengeance. I'm kind of all three of them playing, so that's what I'm doing. [03:08:42] Speaker C: Now you have two more color. [03:08:43] Speaker B: It's true. So I will do the same thing again. I'll try and fire at it, actually. Can I aim because I'm aiming through a small hole or is that not going to work? [03:08:54] Speaker E: You can absolutely aim 100%. The only thing that would necessarily stop you from aiming is if it attacked you directly, would interrupt your aim. [03:09:06] Speaker B: But I could fire at it. If it decided to come through the wall, I just lose the aim bonus. [03:09:10] Speaker E: Yes, exactly. [03:09:11] Speaker B: So I will aim up on it with a proviso that if it decides to come for me, then I will shoot it before it does. [03:09:20] Speaker E: Yes, obviously. Okay, for those of you who maybe need to look up what the virtues do, 117 is a good place to look. They list the things that you can use your virtues for. You have loyalty and vengeance. [03:09:44] Speaker B: Yeah, I'm valor. [03:09:47] Speaker E: Okay. Would you where's vengeance? Right here. Would you like to use your vengeance virtue in any of this? [03:10:12] Speaker B: Especially, I think, now that Ollie has mentioned, for Teddy, I'm like, fuck yeah. [03:10:18] Speaker E: For, right. All right. Very cool. So once per story, per dot. [03:10:30] Speaker A: That. [03:10:30] Speaker E: Your character possesses in vengeance, you can spend a willpower point to add a number of bonus dice equal to the virtue rating of the character's dice pool for actions that relate to that specific virtue. Okay. So you can spend a point of willpower and add the number of dice that you have in vengeance to your attack roll. [03:10:52] Speaker B: I will do that very thing. [03:10:54] Speaker E: All right, so you are aiming. So remind me after Oliver goes, unless you have been interrupted. Sure. Hoda. [03:11:09] Speaker A: Can I use Crushing Grip and Grapple? Pretty much choke out this wolf. [03:11:22] Speaker E: Can you read me? Crushing grip. [03:11:24] Speaker A: Yeah, sure. Give me 1 second. I just hopped onto virtues crushing Grip. Okay. It's a knack. The Scion is a fearsome wrestler and grappler not to be trifled with. When locked in a cinch and has taken control of it. The character can not only inflict the normal amount of damage, but that damage is now lethal as well. A character can still choose to hold an opponent without inflicting damage, or they can choose to break the. [03:11:54] Speaker E: Hold. [03:11:55] Speaker A: They can even soften their touch and inflict bashing damage instead. The damage the character can inflict when their temper gets riled, though, is tremendous and often quite messy. [03:12:08] Speaker E: Okay, so the first thing you have to remember is that this only works if you are in a clinch and have won. [03:12:14] Speaker A: Okay, so then never mind. I'm going to just hit it with my bad again. [03:12:17] Speaker E: I mean, okay, I'm like we can totally do that, but it means that you basically have to grapple them first and win that contest before anything else happens. [03:12:28] Speaker A: Yeah, they were near me, but yeah, I'm going to just stab them again or slash them, whatever. [03:12:33] Speaker E: All right, do it. Roll your dipole. [03:12:37] Speaker A: All right. [03:12:38] Speaker E: That is. [03:12:48] Speaker A: There we go. That is three successes. Oh, wait. Four successes. [03:13:21] Speaker E: Okay. Any automatic successes? [03:13:28] Speaker A: Yeah, that was the one. [03:13:33] Speaker E: Okay, cool. So that does not beat his dodge, unfortunately. So you kind of swing and miss, maybe take off a few bits of fur, a few hairs, but you don't manage to really catch him because you don't hit him square. Could I would you like to spend a willpower and reroll? Or is it Legend? Whatever it is, is it Legend or. [03:14:05] Speaker G: Is it Willpower it's Legend to reroll? [03:14:07] Speaker E: Legend. Thank you. [03:14:08] Speaker A: Sure. Legend. I'll do it. Why not? Let's see what happens. [03:14:15] Speaker E: All right. Because I got to get Legend back at some point. That's pretty good. That's four. Five. But you still don't beat his dodge, unfortunately. [03:14:28] Speaker A: Well, that was it. [03:14:31] Speaker E: That's okay. Even with his negative, his dodge is too high. All right. Sarah. Sarah. [03:14:47] Speaker D: All right, I'll go ahead and use that Valor booth. [03:14:54] Speaker E: Okay. [03:14:54] Speaker D: That gives extra dice on the attack roll, right? [03:14:57] Speaker E: Yes. [03:14:59] Speaker D: Okay. [03:15:02] Speaker E: Don't forget yes. [03:15:04] Speaker C: Which you get an extra one of those as well from me. [03:15:07] Speaker D: Oh, cool. [03:15:10] Speaker E: So basically you're going to use your temporary willpower and add your Valor ranking. [03:15:22] Speaker C: And everyone else has that extra willpower as well, by the way. [03:15:25] Speaker E: One, two, three. Only four. Okay. Five. Unfortunate. Would you like to reroll anything? [03:15:40] Speaker D: No. [03:15:42] Speaker E: Okay. Then we will move on to Gwen and the Wolfie Wolf. [03:15:53] Speaker G: Well, I think Wolfie Wolf is gonna is he more tired of being shot at or being stabbed? [03:16:07] Speaker A: I mean, he could just leave. [03:16:10] Speaker E: He can't. [03:16:15] Speaker G: Wolfie Wolf's not going anywhere. [03:16:20] Speaker C: I hear this motel as a hot tub. You can enjoy that if you want to. [03:16:24] Speaker G: I think he's too big. No, wolf is going to go after Coda again. [03:16:32] Speaker E: All right, do strength plus decks divided by two is four. So it's nine dice for a space attack pool, please. [03:17:00] Speaker G: And then does it because it's injured, it loses dice? [03:17:03] Speaker E: Oh, yes, it loses one. I apologize. All right. [03:17:09] Speaker G: Well, that's a solid three plus. [03:17:15] Speaker E: Four. Five, six. Does that beat your dodger, Perry? [03:17:21] Speaker A: Nope. [03:17:22] Speaker E: Okay. They're in a hot standstill. [03:17:27] Speaker G: Yeah, they really are. [03:17:29] Speaker E: What's Gwen doing? [03:17:32] Speaker G: How far away from that front door is Gwen now? [03:17:37] Speaker E: I mean, you're as close as you want to be. Like, you haven't really been doing anything for three turns. You've just sort of been like, kind of, I assume, meandering as fast or as slow as you want to. Like, you could have been sprinting and been here already if you wanted to be. [03:17:51] Speaker G: Well, that would be too quick. But I think now she will go ahead at this point. Fuck being subtle. Can she dive through the front doe if there is one? [03:18:09] Speaker E: Absolutely. 100%. I'm not even going to make you roll for that. [03:18:15] Speaker G: Yeah. So she's going to go ahead and dive through that front window. [03:18:19] Speaker E: Are you diving into the same room where the wolf is or the room where Chris is? [03:18:26] Speaker G: We'll go the room where Chris is. [03:18:29] Speaker E: Oh, boy. Okay, actually, I am going to need some roles. I would like Dex and athletics from you, Chris. I would like the same if you want to move, if you want to avoid her coming through the window and potentially hitting you. [03:18:57] Speaker C: Okay. [03:19:00] Speaker E: I'm going to say that you see her coming. So there's no negative or anything like that. Because you have that knack. Yeah. How many Epics do you have, Gwen, for Dexterity? [03:19:14] Speaker G: Four. [03:19:15] Speaker E: Oh, good Lord. Okay, so that's eight. Can you beat eight, Chris? [03:19:22] Speaker B: Yes, I can. [03:19:24] Speaker E: All right, well, let's give it a shot. [03:19:26] Speaker B: And I'm also going to spend a willpower point for an automatic success as well. [03:19:30] Speaker E: Oh, boy. [03:19:32] Speaker B: Well, why not? [03:19:37] Speaker E: Jesus Christ. You were on fire. What the hell is going on? [03:19:41] Speaker B: I got eleven. [03:19:42] Speaker E: Yeah, you did. All right. So, Gwen, you crash through this window, and it's like this swan dive, and you're prepared to potentially have to hit this guy on your way down. But Chris, for a big guy, moves really fast. He does this awesome spin thing on his knees where 1ft comes up, and he kind of uses the pressure from that to pull himself around and into a spin just in time to get away from you. And as he comes around, the bow and the arrow are like, on you. I hope that that made sense to everybody else. The way that it went in my head was very cool. [03:20:30] Speaker B: I would like to take my held action as well, because I've been holding an action. [03:20:34] Speaker G: Gwen is also going to draw her. [03:20:39] Speaker E: Right. [03:20:40] Speaker A: All right. [03:20:40] Speaker E: So you've come through, you've drawn your daggers. That was your action. Chris had a held action. You lose your aim, but you can fire at her or at the wolf, depending on what you would prefer her. All right, do it. [03:20:56] Speaker B: And I will also spend another point of willpower for automatic success as well. [03:21:02] Speaker E: Oh, Jesus. Okay, everybody's burning so much willpower. [03:21:08] Speaker C: I gave extra. [03:21:09] Speaker B: I'm just going to work out how many dice sets? [03:21:22] Speaker E: 123-4567, plus your three automatic. [03:21:29] Speaker B: Two for my Epic and one for the willpower. So that's ten. [03:21:32] Speaker E: Does that beat your dodge or Perry? Gwen? Whichever is higher. [03:21:37] Speaker G: She's being shot at, so technically she can't use Perry, use Whirlwind Shield. [03:21:43] Speaker E: Because. [03:21:44] Speaker G: This is a ranged attack. But it doesn't beat either of them because defender wins ties. [03:21:51] Speaker E: Right. Okay. [03:21:52] Speaker G: Oh, wait, never mind. Her dodge is twelve. Yeah, it definitely doesn't. [03:21:57] Speaker E: Okay, so you let off an arrow at her, at this mystery woman, and she brings up these daggers and just I don't want to say it was casual, but she kind of brings it up and slices in opposite directions with the two daggers, and they cut the shaft of the arrow and it just dissipates in midair. [03:22:19] Speaker B: Okay. [03:22:22] Speaker E: That was hot. I like it. Oliver? [03:22:28] Speaker C: Yes. [03:22:29] Speaker E: There's a woman in the room with you and Chris, and she just chopped an arrow in daggers. [03:22:40] Speaker C: I'm just going to kind of clear my throat and then call out around the room, make sure my voice carries through the hole into the next room as where'd it go, if that will needs Mary, marry a fool, for wise men know well enough what monsters you make of them. That's from Hamlet, by the way. And that's going to be my battle cry. [03:23:05] Speaker E: Oh, my. [03:23:09] Speaker C: Um, I gotta spend that for believe. Uh, yes, that burns a legend point, but that reduces their attack rolls by one for three rounds because that is my legend rating right now. [03:23:25] Speaker G: All right, you got a roll for that, don't you? [03:23:28] Speaker C: I believe so. 1234. [03:23:41] Speaker E: Versus mental DV, I believe, which means I have to do math because, again, I don't have my notes on these guys because I don't know where they went. Permanent willpower plus integrity divided by two. And what do I have to beat or what did you roll? [03:24:21] Speaker C: Four. [03:24:23] Speaker E: Yeah, the wolf is fine. [03:24:26] Speaker G: Gwen is also fine. [03:24:31] Speaker E: That was very fast. Um, okay. Anything else? Oliver, do you want to move? Do you want to maybe hunker down? Because there's, like, shooting happening in your. [03:24:42] Speaker C: Room, like very sharp dagger. So I'm going to kind of just backpedal a bit. [03:24:48] Speaker E: Going to put Chris between you and her. Yes, that makes sense. Chris, it's your turn. [03:25:01] Speaker B: I would like to move back and fire again. [03:25:06] Speaker E: Okay, do it to it. [03:25:19] Speaker B: Only three. Well, three plus five, plus my two. [03:25:24] Speaker E: Yeah, it's not going to come close to her defense, which is twelve. [03:25:30] Speaker B: I mean, none of my attacks so far, even my good attacks have been more than that. Twelve, dodge or defense. [03:25:41] Speaker E: It's almost like the bad guys are meant to be fought as a group. Okay. Coda. [03:25:48] Speaker A: Yep. I'm looking at this wolf. I'm going to spend a point in legend and use Sakeem. Blaze. [03:26:05] Speaker D: Should I just read what it does? [03:26:07] Speaker E: It's sakham and yes, thank you. Or SAKEM and yes, you can just read it. [03:26:13] Speaker A: That's fine. SAKEM is the light, the power and energy of the cyan soul. With this boon, they channel that powerful light through their gaze to intimidate a foe. Such a foe can be an animal, person, Cyan, or even one of the Titan spawns. And the Cyan need only look it in the eye and spend a point of legend. An animal who seeks the SAKEM blaze, who sees the SAKEM blaze in the scion eyes, immediately ceases any aggression towards the Cyan and flees. A mortal or ghost so affected calms down and remains cowed for the rest of the scene. A scion, or a Titan spawn with fewer dots of legends than the scion using the boon is as affected as immortal. But a scion of Titan spawn with an equal number of dots may spend a point of willpower to counteract the effect. Anyone with more dots of legend remain unaffected. A scion can attempt to affect only one victim per action with his boon. If the scion attacks a victim thank you. [03:27:08] Speaker E: All right, so it has an equal legend rating to you, so it is going to burn one of its points of willpower to not look like a coward. Okay, these are Titan spawn from the Acer. They're not just going to turn and run unless ordered to. [03:27:28] Speaker A: Go on, get. [03:27:31] Speaker E: Up. Okay. Goodness. Sarah. [03:27:44] Speaker D: Shoot. [03:27:47] Speaker E: Shoot. Do it. [03:27:50] Speaker D: I do want to use a willpower to use courage for extra attack dice. [03:27:55] Speaker E: I'm very down for that. Rotator. Six. Seven, plus your autos. [03:28:20] Speaker D: Yeah, just so eight. [03:28:24] Speaker E: Okay, that's cool. So you get over the Dodge, which is awesome. So you have one over his Dodge. So you're going to now tell me how many damage dice you have also? [03:28:39] Speaker D: Same as last time. So eight. [03:28:41] Speaker E: You have eight damage dice. Yes. Roll four, then. [03:28:49] Speaker D: One. [03:28:50] Speaker E: One. That's fine. That's fine. You guys are still technically baby scions. I know that it seems like you're like these epic badasses because Chris took one out in one turn, but it's just because it was crazy Rolls and. [03:29:06] Speaker C: A car blew up. [03:29:07] Speaker A: Yeah. Three cars. [03:29:09] Speaker C: Three cars. [03:29:16] Speaker E: Okay, who is next? Gwen. Gwen. They're fighting back and they're fighting really hard. What's happening? Your wolf buddy, by the way, can maybe take one more hit before he starts getting into serious wound territory. [03:29:42] Speaker G: Gwen would like to give a whistle to signal for it to retreat. [03:29:51] Speaker E: Okay. [03:29:54] Speaker G: And then she's going to look Chris in his eyes, smile, hold up one of the daggers, and in the reflection, Chris can see that half of her face, instead of the face that he can actually see, is rotting flesh peeling away, teeth fully exposed. And I'm going to use dreadful mian. [03:30:27] Speaker E: Oh, fuck. Okay. [03:30:30] Speaker G: So overwhelmed, the victim runs for his life and hides somewhere until the next sunrise. [03:30:38] Speaker E: Is there a role associated with this? [03:30:40] Speaker G: There is not. [03:30:43] Speaker E: Jesus. Okay, for the sake of expediency of the story, we're going to say that Chris definitely backs the fuck off, but he's not actually going to run away until the next sunrise because that would be ridiculous. Yes. [03:30:55] Speaker G: Gwen is then going to make her own retreats. [03:31:00] Speaker E: Okay, so the wolf is going to activate lightning sprinter and jump back out of the hole that it made in the wall to get into the other room and is just gone. Just fucking takes off into the night faster than he can necessarily be. [03:31:20] Speaker C: For. [03:31:21] Speaker G: Before running off, I will say, Well, I'll be seeing you again, Miss Baxter. [03:31:28] Speaker E: Before disappearing, can I respond? You absolutely can respond with words. [03:31:37] Speaker D: Yeah, she's just going to say, EW, gross, and then I want to activate opening salvo. The character's tongue is sharp with it. She can wound a foe to the quick. When the character says something witty or just caddy to a person and that remark is designed to trip him up or humiliate him, the victim loses. One willpower point inflicting the sting with such a venomous put down, even if it's just a tired Yo Mama joke the player came up with on the spare of the moment. Costa user one legend point. The only caveat to the snack is that the player must come up with something. The jive in question doesn't have to be good. She just has to say something. [03:32:11] Speaker E: There's no roles it's not based on, like, legend ratings, nothing like that? [03:32:15] Speaker A: No. [03:32:16] Speaker E: All right, so Gwen loses a point of gross, the wolf goes out one hole in the wall, and Gwen goes out the opposite. And they are gone. And combat comes to a close. I know that was a little rough. I apologize, guys. I will make sure that I find my notes before next week, I promise. I don't know where they went. I had them open and then I accidentally closed them, and now I'm not sure where they are. Okay, you all are in the aftermath of your first major battle as Scions. [03:33:05] Speaker C: I'm going to peek out the window, the one that shattered in our room, see the destroyed walls, the smoldering cars, then lean back in. We should probably leave, right? [03:33:21] Speaker B: Yeah. [03:33:23] Speaker D: Oh, yeah. [03:33:24] Speaker A: Holy shit. [03:33:25] Speaker B: Yeah. This GTFO, I don't think we should stay here no more. [03:33:30] Speaker E: And on that note, we are going to call it for the evening. It is damn near midnight on the dot. Thank you all for joining us. Thank you for tuning in.

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